Imagine a group of people imprisoned in a huge palace. There is only one exit door. That soor is closed from outside. You will need a key to open the door. There are Ten holes in one of the palace wall. Only one hole has the door key. No one knows which hole it is. 1/15
The calculation is very simple, isn't it? Once you search all the holes and find the key, the problem is gone.

Yes, the calculation is straightforward. But there is a complication. The key is in one of the ten holes, but there are poisonous snakes in the other nine. 2/15
Because of this complexity of simple equations, no one is daring to come forward. Everyone is sitting idle. Some have chosen a relatively comfortable corner of the palace and started arranging the beds. Everyone seems to have accepted captivity as their destiny. 3/15
At last one stood up. The firmness of steel in the eyes. He walked confidently to the holes. He chose a hole and put his hand in his expressionless face ... the snake bit him. The man died almost immediately. 4/15
Another stood up. He wrapped a piece of cloth in his hand as a precaution. Carefully avoided the first-chosen hole. Then he chose a hole from the remaining 9 .
There was not much benefit in that piece of cloth.
The second died of snake bites. 5/15
The third stood up. Then the fourth, then the fifth. All tried their best to save their hands from the snake's bite. But they died one by one. 6/15
Throughout the time most people sat as passive spectators. When they were dying for each other's release, the passive spectators were spending their time in jokes and criticism. Some joked, some scolded as fools, donkeys, idiots, passionate and over enthusiatics. 7/15
‘It didnt matter, as long it wasn't them who had to give up their life trying to find the key ’, the rest of them sat smiling with this satisfaction.

Nine people died one by one.
Only one hole remaining. 8/15
Raising his hand, the tenth man took the key out of the last hole. He walked slowly and opened the door of the palace. So long inactive viewers and critics were overwhelmed with joy. Gathered around, everyone is clapping, praising, cheering, crying emotionally. 9/15
The man holding the key in his hand is being swept away by the flood of praise ...

Now come out of the realm of imagination.
There is a question for you.
Tell me, who actually brought this victory? 10/15
What is the contribution of the tenth person in this victory? Or the contribution of the previous nine people was more? Isn't his contribution greater than that of the man who stood up first, unhesitatingly putting his hand into the snake's pit, those who came after him? 11/15
Like the captive people in the palaces of our imagination, the Muslim Ummah is going through captivity today and is truly defeated, who prefers to spend the life in captivity rather than take risks. Who does not seek liberation for fear of being bitten by a snake. 12/15
But those who stand up without hesitation, fearlessly. Those who strive for liberation, for victory, in spite of all adversity and risk. Those who, knowing that they will not be able to see victory, squander their lives and property in the way of Allah Azza wa Jal 13/15
for victory, are the successors of glory. They are the leading forces of the Ummah.

I have posted the article above many times. Today I am doing it again, this time for Sheikh Rahimahullah. For that Arab saint who dreamed, taught to dream. 14/15
Allah Jalla wa 'Ala has fulfilled the dream of His servant. Abu Abdullah, you have succeeded, may Allah grant you Firdaus Al-Ala.

#Mirrorhouse #Aynaghor
Asif Adnan Hafizahullah


#Islam #Muslim #Ummah

• • •

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Do you remember #Janabi? Abir Al Janabi. A 14-year-old #Iraqi girl. In 2006, Janabi's father stopped sending Janabi to school in fear of the #US Army's focus on his daughter. The Army who was establihing "#democracy" and "#human rights" in Iraq. 1/32
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You know, #CNN lies, whole media lies and manipulate ,, yet you cointinue to believes their stories. This is their success. Even if you don't believe it, many around you blindly trust it. These are their main strengths.

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As a result, our thinking is often unrealistic and depends on imagination.

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For 20 years, #America ruled, #killed people, #looted, I did not see such compassion then... but now when #Afghanistan it is free, and it's time to run the country under #Sharia rule ... people's compassion is overflowing !! 1/10
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