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#BREAKING: Al-Saqr (Falcon) Military Base of #IRGC backed #PMU (Hashd Al-Shaabi) in south of #Baghdad was targeted by four air-to-surface missiles. It is not clear who targeted the base, but it can be #USAF. Lots of secondary explosions are reported due to explosion of ammunition
Lots of secondary explosions is reported. Not clear how many #PMU militia members are killed or injured due to these massive explosions. Hashd Al-Shaabi is talking about mishandled weapons but locals are claiming it was a missile strike at the base.
Another video shows smoke plum over the Al-Saqr (Falcon) Mlitary Base of #IRGC backed #PMU in south of #Baghdad.
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Rasūl Jaʿfarīyān continuing with the project of publishing travelogues (especially those relating to pilgrimage) is about to publish an interesting travelogue from 1924 by Mirzā Ḥasan Iḥqāqī (b. Karbala 1900, d. Tehran 2000) leader of the #Shaykhīya #Tabriz #Karbala #Kuwait 1/
Mirzā Ḥasan was the grandson of Mirzā Muḥammad Bāqir Uskūʾī (1815-1884) the founder of the tradition, and the son of Mirza Mūsā (b. Karbala 1863, d. Karbala 1945), the scholar of the family whose Iḥqāq al-ḥaqq is the reason for the family name #Iḥqāqī 2/
He succeeded his brother ʿAlī (b. Najaf 1887, d. Kuwait 1966) as leader of the #Tabriz #Karbala branch of the #Shaykhīya moving from #Tehran to Kuwait, further cementing the relationship with political and merchant elites in #Kuwait 3/
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Chances are Rami #Makhlouf's life isn't in danger whatever may happen next . He's blood, after all.
The fall of the #Jaber Brothers, whom #Damascus perceived their actions as 'treason' (punishable by death), may be the most recent example.
The Jaber Brothers, once #Syria’s biggest tycoons and most powerful militia leaders, fell precipitously once they crossed red lines.
Tied to the #Assad family through marriage likely saved their lives and their ultimate downfall was limited to public disgrace & financial ruin.
The #Makhlouf saga is reminder that no matter how big a whale you are in #Syria, the megalodon is the apex predator.
Pieced together through insiders, at various intervals, this is the tale of the the fall of the Jaber Brothers, the ‘frog(s) that wished to be as big as the ox’.
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General Siamand Mashhadani, #Iranian Revolutionary Guards Top Commander , was killed by the #American airstrike in #Iraq.

مقتل الجنرال سيامند مشهداني أحد قادة الحرس الثوري الإيراني بالقصف الأميركي


#BreakingNews #Baghdad #Trump
General Siamand Mashhadani, one of the #Iranian Revolutionary Guards Top Commander , was killed by the #American airstrike in #Iraq.

مقتل الجنرال سيامند مشهداني أحد قادة الحرس الثوري الإيراني بالقصف الأميركي
Heavy flying continuing over the district of Karrada and Green zone in #Baghdad reported , General Siamand Mashhadani,one of the #Iranian Revolutionary Guards Top Commander was killed By American airstrike in Hezbollah headquarters in #iraq
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At least 2 #US, 1 coalition member were killed and 12 wounded by 18 Katyiuha attack on Camp Taji, 17 miles north of #Baghdad, #Iraq, on Wednesday night, a U.S. military spokesman Navy Capt. Bill Urban said.

The rockets were launched from the Rashediya area of northeast Baghdad
The anti-Trump election campaign has started. The number of Katiusha (18) indicates a serious decision of Iraqi to escalate against the #US & convince it to start negotiating serious withdrawal from #Iraq following the assassination of Soleimani-Muhandis

#Iraq asked #US forces to leave. US said it needs 14 months, a request that was rejected by the Iraqi.
Washington takes advantage of the absence of a government in #Baghdad to delay its withdrawal, thinking a newly elected parliament may alter the previous decision.
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Reading this brilliant memoir by #Iraqi author and performer @glamrou. One of these days, my good friend #Egyptian drag queen Ana Masreya and Amrou will meet and the world will be a better place for it. ❤️✊🏽❤️🌈
I am so fucking excited to be joining #Egyptian drag queen and my friend Ana Masreya and her fellow queens on March 6! Come out and see us #NYC!
With #Mexican queens Koko - also performing on March 6 - and #Egyptian queen Ana Masreya in Brooklyn earlier this month
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“A fundamental revision of existing legal foundations for military action against Iran that can be undertaken by this and future presidents.”

My take on NEW—and legally flawed—White House report on actions against #Iran and #Soleimani strike.…
2. New White House report conspicuously drops any reference to “imminence” of Soleimani threat.

What's at stake: This means the White House is claiming authority to strike #Iran again with no threat of imminent attack (and with no prior congressional authority).
3. White House report suggests US can hold Iran directly responsible for “support” to militias.

What’s at stake: That's a heck of a low threshold and could boomerang.

Does Trump want US to be held directly responsible for support to Syrian Kurds, for Saudi bombing in #YemenWar?
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#Iraqi cleric & politician Moqtada Sadr has always been a misogynist shit. In 2005, a TV producer told me that when he asked Sadr “what’s the worst thing the US has done?”, rather than say “Invade and destroy my country,” he said “Let a woman lead prayer.” 1/
He meant historic Friday prayer March 2005 when amina wadud was imam to 100 of us in #NYC.

So fuck yes Iraqi women who today protested his call for gender segregation of protests,chanting “Revolution is my name, male silence is the real shame!" & "Freedom, revolution, feminism!"
Hundreds of #Iraqi women of all ages flooded central #Baghdad on Thursday (Feb 13) alongside male anti-government protesters, defying an order by powerful cleric Moqtada Sadr to separate the genders in the rallies.…
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Traitor Warmongering Trump IGNORANT Excuse, Inciting Possible World War.
Remove this Lunatic From Office! 🧐👏👏👏👏👏👏

‘Bombshell’: Iraqi Officials say ISIS—not Iran—Likely Behind Rocket ATTACK Trump Used to Justify Suleimani Assassination.…
“Al-Qaeda attacked the U.S. on 9/11 and we went to war with Iraq. If this report is true, ISIS attacked the U.S. and we nearly went to war with Iran.”

In a “bombshell” revelation that calls into question one of the Trump administration’s stated justificiations ..
for assassinating
Iranian Gen. Qasem Suleimani—a move that nearly sparked a region-wide military conflict—Iraqi intelligence officials told the New York Times that they believe ISIS, not an Iran-linked militia ..
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Making a new #THREAD about the activites of Islamic State
1/ An older thread about the video that released by #ISWAP on January 10th
2/IS released a footage about the 2 children were killed by drones that belongs to Egypt on January 12th
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#Iran launches 'more than a dozen ballistic missiles' at #US targets in #Iraq, Pentagon confirms
I#Iran #USA
ran’s foreign minister has said the strikes have concluded and characterised them as self-defence within the boundaries of international law – not the first shots in a war.

Trump, in his first comments after the strikes, also sought to play them down.
#Iran #USA
The attacks appear to have been carefully calibrated to avoid US casualties. #US bases in #Iraq were already on high alert.

This is a first step Iran is initiating to give the go to further attacks by Iran and its allies to exhaust US forces in the Middle East.
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Corrected: BREAKING: #Iran #IRGC announce it has fired ballistic missiles from Iranian territories, at the #US #Ain_alAssad military base, the second largest #American military base in #Iraq.
.2/ The #IRGC warns the #US from responding ”which will be met with a larger response, ” according to #Almanar tv.
.3/ The surface to surface missiles were apparently fired from #Eslam_abad, western #Iran, says #AlManar tv.
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US President #Trump believes that the #US actually owns the US bases built inn #Iraqi territories, He is demanding #Iraq repays billions of dollars when actually ut’s the US that owes Iraq billions of dollars & here's a out as to why:
1- #US owes #Iraq for the invasion & destruction of infrastructure & country during it's invasion & occupation.
2-The corruption & theft during #Bremer’s tennure when nearly #17 billion dollars shipped from the Development Fund of Iraq in the US, miraculously disappeared.
3- The US owes #Iraq, for the lives of hundreds of thousands of women & children killed during & post US invasion.
4- It owes Iraq for razing down the city of #Fallujah to the
ground, during it's offensive against #Zarqawi, & never fulfilling its pledge to rebuild it.
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Let’s have some straight talk on #Soleimani, shall we?
1. Suleimani took command of the Quds Force over 20 years ago and his job is to reshape the Middle East in Iran’s favor: thru military force, by assassinating rivals and arming allies.
2. His twenty year focus is directing
a network of militant groups that has killed hundreds of U.S in #Iraq and others.
3. I know of only ONE American who has ever met him, John Maguire, describing him as soft-spoken yet the most powerful man in the MidEast. Thoughtful, strategic, smart, charismatic - 100% dedicated
4. He personally runs #Iran’s war in #Syria and brought in thousands of #Quds Force when #Assad’s army began to fail.
5. Suleimani and #Nasrallah of #Hezbollah #Lebanon are old friends and cooperate globally where Hezbollah has performed terrorist acts at Iran’s behest.
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#Hezbollah leader Nasrallah begins speech on the killings of #Qassem_Suleimani and #AbuMahdialMuhandis.

Says Jan 2nd 2020 (day of the assasination) is the beginning of a new phase in the entire region.
Nasrallah says Soleimani got what he sought on that night: Martyrdom.
#Nasrallah says both Soleimani and Abu Mahdi confided in him that they wanted to be martyred.

Abu Mahdi did so at a meeting in #Beirut’s southern suburbs 2 months ago when they “spoke for hours.”

Nasrallah congratulates then both.
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Chaos inside #Iraqi Parliament.
#Iraqi Prime Minister attends the extraordinary Parliament session.
Pro #Iranian MPs chanting ”#Baghdad is free, #US should go out”.
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#BREAKING: Oman’s ruler Sultan Qaboos has called on the US and Iran to resolve their issues diplomatically and asked the international community to intensify efforts for peace in the region
#BREAKING: #UK Foreign Minister Raab says war in #MiddleEast is in no one’s interests
#BREAKING: #UK Foreign Secretary @DominicRaab says route is open to #Iran to engage in meaningful diplomacy
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When the Air Force (Helicopters) of a country, #Iraq, carry the coffins of those assassinated by a guest country, #US. Do you @realDonaldTrump believe your troop will be safe in Iraq after your violation of the agreement with the Iraqi government?

@realDonaldTrump The 1st of 3 expected Funerals in three cities of #Iran today and tomorrow of the most famous and loved #Qassemsoleimani General assassinated by the #US in #BaghdadAirportAttack . The US and neocon sitting in tanks all day, pretending & trying hard to think, believe he is hated
@realDonaldTrump The will of the most famous General in #Iran Sardar Haj #QassemSuleimani assassinated by the #US in #BaghdadAirportAttack:
A دثقغ simple grave with the name of "the soldier Qassem Soleimani, without any Flowery phrases (praising compliments)"
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Explosion in #Baghdad. Reports say a projectile landed in the Green Zone
Multiple projectiles (unclear if rockets of mortars) hit near the fortified US embassy compound. Explosion heard by witnesses nearby. No casualties reported so far.

Lots of rumours flying around, awaiting official confirmation from Iraqi and US security
Breaking: Another attack in Salahuddin province. According to security forces, two rockets landed on a storage compound inside #Balad airbase north of #Baghdad, without any casualties. Sirens heard inside the base.

#Iraq is on the edge tonight...
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BREAKING: Eyewitnesses just North of #Baghdad report two vehicles were struck by an air-strike targeted as they were transporting senior officials of #Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) militias. No word yet on injuries or deaths. ...Developing...
BREAKING: Reports indicate that Shbl al-Zaidi, commander of Kataib Imam Ali militia, was the likely target of this US airstrike near Taji, North of Baghdad.
BREAKING: An Image of the two vehicles targeted by an air-strike moments ago.
#Iraq #Iran #IRGC #PMU
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My thoughts for now:

- Fuck Donald Trump and his warmongering

- Fuck Qassem Soleimani and the warmongering he wrought

- Fuck all these men who bring slaughter and violence and misery to millions of people
My thoughts are with civilians who have and will suffer enormously.

In #NYC in 2003, I marched in several massive protests against the invasion of #Iraq. I stopped watching US TV news because it was so fucking “our troops” this and nationalist bullshit that. And I went to a concert by #Iraqi singer Kazem al-Saher.…
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Qassem Soleimani was killed in an air strike by the #US in #Baghdad. Equivalent to Jiang Zemin in #China, Soleimani was a dominant figure in the military, politics and oil industry of #Iran. Most of his family reside in #HongKong, #Shanghai and #Beijing.
#China’s Bank of Kunlun was established by Soleimani family in collaboration with the #CCP. The actual #Chinese main shareholders are Jiang Zemin, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu (and Zhou Yongkang before jailed). Its asset has increased from $17 billion to $28 billion.
#Bank of Kunlun is a tool of #Iran’s Soleimani, Khamenei and the #CCP kleptocrats to launder money and evade the #US sanctions @robert_spalding @MischaEDM @WarrenPlatts @geoff_p_wade @DanRDimicco @Jkylebass @BenKTallmadge @IndoPac_Info @BoycottHegemony…
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#Iran has decided to directly respond against the #US assassination of #IRGC commander #QassemSoleimani and #Iraq commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandes
#Iran #IRGC cmdr #QassemSoleimani movement was not a secret because it was understood that his killing will create a response.

He was killed in #Iraq by a #US order and #Iran will hit the #US by Khamenei order.

That will drag a wider confrontation

#Iran #QassemSoleimani commander was due to visit #Turkey President Erdogan and had a visit scheduled to #Lebanon.

His trips were known for many. The assassination will not at all affect Iran military and operationally because no one is indispensable.
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