That there are so many of the old ecosystem who hate #NarendraModi is known. But let's dig deeper to understand their hate more. 1) Is it that there's no corruption? No, India still has corruption but corruption is not the one & only objective like before. Today projects must get
implemented, progress shown, work done which is a new expectation 2) Is it there is greater or lesser caste/religion divide? No, it's as it always was before. Today there's parity being brought in with equal emphasis on minority community to progress & develop. The ghetto
mentality is being broken slowly 3) Is it that relationship with Pakistan or China has dramatically worsened? No the same things like before have been happening but suddenly India & it's armed forces are being given freedom to stand up with dignity, honour & courage to fight back
The border is suddenly being protected better & no more whispering sweet nothing's & bringing dead bodies home 4) Is it that on the world stage India is suddenly disliked or liked so much more? No, but suddenly there is Respect. World realises that India can stand up for itself
5) Is it that global business suddenly find India the most attractive destination? No they still have the same old concerns but today they see clarity & consistency & the ability to take unpopular decisions which brings respect 6) Is it that suddenly there are many development
works happening or not happening? No, projects are conceived like before but they reach a end point, reach the beneficiary, don't remain on paper waiting for cost escalation.
One can go on & on. So what is the REAL issue? 1) People are now equal participators in every challenge,
problem, crisis, development, progress, etc. People are now a part of the SOLUTION & no longer waiting for a solution to be offered in benevolence. They are equal stakeholders even in the problems & not carry that burden alone. Above all theres an expectation created, a benchmark
set. A communication & connection established. The govt & people are not like up & down positions but on the same ground, same level. See the new #centralvista design & the psychological impact in the design - the entire seat of power from UP the hill looking DOWN on the people,
from people having to climb UP to the seat of power the entire edifice of power is coming down to the plains so to speak. The hill will now become a public area, a museum etc. The govt will be within the people in the crowds so to speak. A huge mental barrier will be destroyed.
Now just imagine what this can mean to any new govt? They may try to change things but they will get caught easily, the differences will be shown up like warts on the face, the expectation of the people needs to be met at least partially which means the opposition needs to
perform, work hard, show results & stay connected. For most this is a scary experience. They have never faced this. This is an existential crisis like never before. No more daddy & mummy to carry them high. If they don't stop Modi they are finished. That's the reason for hate.

• • •

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23 Oct
90-92 period, Yashwant Sinha was FM & Tejinder Khanna handling import/exports. The IAF in Hyderabad was losing crores in engine damage due to bird hits becoz of many abattoirs there. DANIDA offered to donate a abattoir waste processing plant worth over 10 crores free of cost to
the Hyderbad municipal corporation. DANIDA would also fund free training of their team to work on this sophisticated plant in Denmark. IAF contributed 1 lakh as a token contribution. The HMC gave the land/building free. The above 2 gents insisted that import duty at 130% must be
paid on this free plant & equipment being imported. The state govt, municipal commissioner sent request letters to these two gents seeking duty waiver for something being given free/grant. They said no. The arrogant reply was that if DANIDA was really serious & wanted to donate
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22 Oct
Any celeb who thinks that only one faith system - #Hinduism - needs change, modernisation, reformation, however right they maybe will only attract negative publicity & create a deeper divide in #India. If they fight & talk of the weaknesses in other faith systems ALSO they gain
credibility. However the fact which nobody will dare to mention is that the slightest criticism of other faiths will attract such instant retribution that these celebs get crucified literally. Their fear is so real the only faith they can preach about is #Hinduism. Even this
would be acceptable provided they didn't act uppity & deride this faith as intolerant. They should be appreciating the tolerance & telling others to emulate. But then for decades esp under the @INCIndia eco system they believed truly that the #Hindus were lambs that could be used
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22 Oct
Folks like @INCIndia @rssurjewala @RahulGandhi @ShashiTharoor @JhaSanjay need to read this to learn how to connect with people - by CO-OPTING them as a part of your efforts. A leader is supposed to inspire confidence & positivity esp when facing challenges. Cong with its churlish
immature responses to the achievement by INDIA - REPEAT INDIA - by making it an attack on Modi due to their hate end up looking as usual looking like they hate India. 19 years since they initiated the harebrained communication strategy of anti Modi = anti Gujarat = anti India &
the result is they have strengthened @narendramodi at every stage & never weakened him. A young upcoming aspirational India with a youthful population brimming with self confidence, optimism, seeking to achieve greatness will never accept those leaders who come across as negative
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9 Oct
As @airindiain comes home to family @TataCompanies I was reminded of this brilliant advertising booklet that the airline used to give out to passengers when the world was normal, people could laugh at themselves & unlike today not take offence & outrage at the slightest imagined
insult or slight. Today these 2 booklets would have led to riots inside parliament & someone like even #JRDTata termed as anti-national, being asked to leave the country, heads would have rolled. But back then we were humans with the ability to laugh at the incongruous not idiots
I share the entire booklets in 2 series. This was called #FoolishlyYours & genius admen/ marketers like #BobbyKooka conceived this. The woke leftlib secular idiots would outrage at the plethora of racism while the equally idiotic right would do so on the insult to nationalism.
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9 Oct
A brief history of #AirIndia
1) #JRDTata creates a airline that has 30% market share & had one of the highest best in class reputation globally
2) #Nehru derails it by nationalisation
3) #Morarji kicks out JRD Tata & sending it diving down
4) #RajivGandhi thinks #RatanTata will
avoid crash landing & makes him chairman. Later #AnandMahindra is made chairman. Nothing helps becoz both have no control
5) #UPA/#SoniaGandhi/#PrafulPatel/#MMS decide crash landing inevitable & they encash on it by spending 11 billion $.
6) To soften crash landing they further
merge it with #Indianairlines & #AirIndiaexpress so more employees can share the pain of the crash
7) Airline approaches crash point & #NarendraModi looks for a new pilot without success
8) Modi govt finally bites bullet, jumps out without parachute thus reducing the excess load
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26 Sep
For all the apparent bonhomie during the #ModiInAmerica visit the following stand out. 1) As critics gleefully pointed out #kamlaHarris tweeted the visit very late 2) #Modi did not wear a suit even once & only Indian ethnic dress 3) #NarendraModi refused to speak in English even
in the meeting with #JoeBiden using a interpreter 4) A hug was rejected & limited to holding hands 5) #Hindi, #Sanskrit, #IndianCulture, #INDIA INDIA INDIA at every stage with a determined espousal as the Mother of all #democracies, #Vaccine, #Chanakya, #DeenDayalUpadhyaya he
snubbed those who lectured with a slap 6) #NarendraModi bluntly told failures of world orgs without taking names about origin of vaccine & #Afghanistan 7) The most self confident assertion was when he said "When India grows, the world grows, When India reforms world transforms"
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