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Anyone who is working in IT or Telecom field should be in-debt to #Rajiv75 for providing this wonderful career opportunity! Saluting the man who brought in young dynamism to India. #RajivGandhi was our real hero... let's find out how he changed India...

The policy for exports through satellite links was announced by #RajivGandhi’s government in Nov 1984 - This new IT policy enabled software specialists recognized as entrepreneurs, and software was considered as a business for the 1st time!

#Rajiv75 #SadhbhavanaDiwas

#Rajiv75 started the C-DOT, which is a government owned telecommunications technology development centre, in 1984 and became a trigger for telecom revolution.


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To those who don’t know- narrating an interesting incident so you all know this was #RajivGandhi
The occasion was the meeting of the National Integration council in 1987. The participants in the meetings were CMs, leaders of various political parties, activists, academics.1/4
All the participants were asked to give their views on national integration. C. Rajeshwar Rao, the leader of CPI (Left) said: Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, we shld give up the practice of lighting lamps while inaugurating functions as it’s a Hindu practice. It is against Secularism. 2/4
Rajiv Gandhi asked CPI Leader C Rajeshwar Rao, “But do you approve of ribbon cutting?”

Rajeshwar Rao said, “Yes we can do that, but not the lighting of the lamps”.
Rajiv Gandhi was angry & amuses by his view. He said, “Lamp gives us light. Light is the symbol of knowledge...3/4
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Since the cartoonist is supposed to be a mirror of what happened, I am tweeting a thread of what the Great R K Laxman thought of Mr #RajeevGandhi over the years. Source of the cartoons is his collection by @PenguinIndia an excellent book if anyone wishes to collect
The reluctant Son who had to be crowned after the “Chosen One “ dies tragically.
Years later this Cartoon by Laxman would turn out to be a Prophecy.. #dynasty #RahulGandhi
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@narendramodi @scroll_in @akashbanerjee @thewire_in @TheQuint @AltNews @RahulGandhi Bangaram/ Warship. Lakshadweep islands are hold a Naval Base and are surrounded by corals reefs, means water too shallow for a warship. Nothing is safer for a warship than proximity to a base. 1/n
@narendramodi @scroll_in @akashbanerjee @thewire_in @TheQuint @AltNews @RahulGandhi Bangaram/ Warship/ #RajivGandhi Since Lakshwadeep probably didn’t have an airport back then its probable their helicopter landed on a war ship and they tools smaller boats from there. 2/n
@narendramodi @scroll_in @akashbanerjee @thewire_in @TheQuint @AltNews @RahulGandhi Bangaram/ Warship/ #RajivGandhi We are getting sick of your lies, we can see you’re pretending to be smarter than you are, and SHAME ON YOU for deliberately misleading innocent village folk. 3/n
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PM Modi’s mention of #RajivGandhi and corruption in one sentence seems to have ruffled quite a few feathers in Congress ecosystem. The direct attack on first family’s halo has struck raw nerves. Let’s focus on three disasters of Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure. 1/n
Not many of us know that Indian Army had around 4000 casualties from 1987-1990, fighting a war in Sri Lanka which was never ours to fight. Yes, he paid for this with his life, but so did thousands of Indian soldiers on the whims of one man. 2/n
Contrast this with media’s treatment of Modi on Abhinandan. Entire propaganda machine was geared up to hound and blame Modi for an incident, which happened while defending the country from foreign aggression. 3/n
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Congies can scream PM Chor hai without any evidence.
Manufacture fake cases agn Amit Shah
They will abuse Veer Savarkar
Mock Vajpayee
Will drag Manohar Parrikar in their slimy politics
But one cannot Q Rajiv Gandhi.
Is the Dynasty above Democracy❓
Rajiv Gandhi was responsible for Genocide of the Sikh community carried out by Cong workers justified by Rajiv himself by comments "When a big tree falls earth shakes.

Its the Modi Govt who has reopened cases in 1984 riots n Sajjan Kumar was found guilty.
Warren Anderson responsible for deaths of 16000 people & injuring 10000 people in Bhopal Gas Tragedy. He was escorted by d state Machinery of Rajiv & allowed to escape to USA.
Rajiv G allowed safe passage to Anderson in a 'Quid pro quo ' to secure d release of Adil Shahryar
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The demand for #BogibeelBridge started in early 1960s. Even the Chinese aggression couldn't wake successive #Congress govts to move an inch towards realising people's dream of a much needed bridge.
People struggled for decades, students fought with successive Congress govts but they wont blink. Ultimately, it took the might of #AssamAgitation to take note of #BogibeelBridge demand.
1985: #Assam Accord was signed whereby #BogibeelBridge was committed by #Congress government led by then Prime Minister late #RajivGandhi. A demand - among many others - that was acknowledged after martyrdom of 855 young students of #Assam
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Remembering #RajivGandhi

राजीव गांधी और माधवराव सिंधिया भारत के दो राज घरानों के चश्मोचिराग लगभग एक ही समयकाल में ब्रिटेन (इंग्लैंड) के अलग अलग महाविद्यालयों में अध्ययन रत थे।
दोनों ही नौजवान उच्च शिक्षा निःसंदेह काबिल बनने के लिए नहीं पाना चाहते थे। माधव राव ने अपना कॉलेज एक वर्ष के उपरांत छोड़ कर दूसरे कॉलेज के पांच वर्षीय पाठ्यक्रम में दाखिला ले लिया। जबकि वहां का त्रिवर्षीय पाठ्यक्रम अधिक लोकप्रिय था।
राजीव ने ट्रिनिटी से अभियांत्रिकी की पढ़ाई की लेकिन डिग्री लिए बिना ही कॉलेज छोड़ दिया। फिर भी विदेश से मन नहीं भरा था सो इम्पीरियल में यांत्रिक अभियांत्रिकी में प्रवेश ले लिया। मतलब पूरा सोने पे सुहागा।
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#RajivGandhi Govt was responsible for bringing in a ridiculous law which still exists: Anti-Defection.

While it's a good law to prevent people from jumping parties, it's also a horrible law which binds elected representatives to the whims & fancies of party leaders.
The anti-defection law binds representatives to party whips and prevents them from voting according to their conscience. It practically & single-handedly defeats the purpose of participative democracy.

For a simple (and fun) breakdown, watch this:
It's also quite disturbing how this is not common knowledge yet & how party after party came in but nobody tried to change it.

Why, you ask? Because all of them benefit. It concentrates power in hands of the top leadership. Individual MPs are just numbers, not representatives.
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