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#PrimeMinister #NarendraModi congratulates #BhupendraPatel on taking oath as CM of Gujarat.

"I've known him for years & have seen his exemplary work, be it in the BJP Organisation or in civic administration and community service," PM tweeted

@narendramodi @PMOIndia #GujratCM
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Himself Will Take Charge of the Election Campaign.

Along With Modi Ji, #AmitShah & Rajnath Singh will also visit #UttarPradesh fiercely.
The PM Will Go to #UttarPradesh Every Month to Participate in 2 Government Programs.

During This, Along With Giving Many Gifts To UP, #Modi Will Also Lay The Foundation Stone & Inaugurate Many Projects. #UttarPradeshElections2022
While the #PrimeMinister will make more than 30 Visits, Amit Shah, who has been In-Charge of #UttarPradesh in the past, will have more than 50 visits before the announcement of the Elections & during the #UttarPradeshElections2022
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BJP is reportedly planning a three-week-long campaign to celebrate PM Narendra Modi's 71st birthday on September 17. The campaign seeks to motivate BJP's officers—left disillusioned by the COVID-19 second wave—ahead of Assembly elections in several states.… Image
Previously celebrated as 'Seva Saptah,' the birthday celebrations will be expanded to 'Seva aur Samarpan Abhiyan.' At a recent meeting, BJP National Gen. Secy. Arun Singh unveiled the details of this campaign to the party's top functionaries at the national and state level. Image
Some key features of the campaign include 14 crore ration bags printed with Modi's picture, five crore "Thank you, Modiji" postcards mailed from booths nationwide, identifying 71 spots for clean-up in rivers, etc. #NarendraModi Image
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- Govt approves Zydus Cadila's COVID-19 vaccine for adults, teens
- Taliban search India, others’ consulates
- How’s the josh? High, ma’am
- 13 killed after truck hits pothole & flips
- Why can’t state govt share docus, HC asks

Read more: Image
Govt approves Zydus Cadila's COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use for adults and children above 12 yrs

#COVID19 #COVID19India #ZyCovD #ZydusCadila #COVID19Vaccination…
Taliban searches foreign embassies, including India’s: All you need to know

#Afghanistan #AfghanistanCrisis #Taliban #Kabul…
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From #Unacademy to #Swiggy ⁠— Prime Minister #NarendraModi gets a request from founders of India’s biggest startups…

By @Krittiiii Image
@Krittiiii The leaders of 22 Indian #startups and venture capital (VC) firms jointly wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on July 29, urging the Indian government to allow direct overseas listing of companies based in India.

@Krittiiii The industry leaders, in a copy of the letter seen by Business Insider, have highlighted that many successful Indian #startups have continued to be at the forefront of driving massive tech transformation in India & building globally competitive products & services.

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ये है @AamAadmiParty और @asadowaisi की पार्टी की रैली, देखिए न तो इन्होंने मास्क पहना हैं न तो सोसिअल डिस्टनसिंग का पालन किया हैं... तीसरी लहर आई या कोरोना बढ़ा तब यही लोग मोदीजी से वेक्सीन और वेंटिलेटर मुहैया कराओ का दुखड़ा रोयेंगे।

ये तो साला गलती करे कोई भरे कोई जैसा काम है। ImageImage
समान नागरिक संहिता समय की मांग : दिल्ली हाई कोर्ट
HC का कहना है कि आधुनिक भारतीय समाज धीरे-धीरे धर्म, समुदाय और जाति के 'पारंपरिक बाधाओं' को खत्म कर रहा है, और इन बदलते प्रतिमानों को देखते हुए एक समान नागरिक संहिता कानून जरूरी है।
जीवन के हर प्रसंग में सच्चे बने
जहां अवसर मिले वहाँ बच्चे बने...

@narendramodi जी 🙏
#PMModi #NarendraModi Image
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With #StanSwamy's death, there are now 15 accused in jail for alleged involvment in #BhimaKoregaon case, alleged conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister #NarendraModi, overthrow govt & wage war against India.
This THREAD takes you govt claims, evidence & profiles of accused
The 15 are charged under 10 sections of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, and the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967 (UAPA), whose legal processes, as @abhinavsekhri10's July 2020 analysis showed, render a person’s guilt or innocence irrelevant.…
#NIA never sought #StanSwamy's custody, alleged he was "a member of the CPI Maoist” & recd Rs 8 lakh. It said an org for prisoners, which he set up with #SudhaBharadwaj, was a Maoist front. @ChitrangadaC wrote how he served dispossessed for 50 yrs…
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India administered over 8 million #COVID19 vaccine doses yesterday,the 1st day of central gvmnt taking over vaccination from states.
It was the highest in a day yet.
Vaccination drive in India under PM Narendra Modi has been unprecedented.
Funfact Thread 1/
India administered almost entire Switzerland yesterday with vaccine dose
On average India administers around 5 million vaccine dose every day which is equal to entire population of NZ,who has administered only 10%of its population yet with 1st dose.
49million+ Indians r fully vaccinated with 2 dose, which is double than the entire population of Australia,while Aus has only vaccinated 3% of population yet.
280 Million single dose vaccines administered in India,while Aus has only 6million.
Reason?Not able to secure stock
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BJP has failed hindus. So I have decided to vote UPA back in power. What are the benefits:

1. Communal Violence Bill will become a law. Then what will happen, you all know.

2. Terror attacks will resume in trains, temples, markets, office areas, etc.

1/5 Image
Remember, its not islamic terror, because then terror will have no religion.

3. Article 35A and 370 will be back.

4. What will happen to Ram Mandir? Forget it. It doesnt matter.

5. UCC, CAA, NRC, PCB, etc will become a dream.

6. Bengal and Maharashtra Model will get replicated pan-India

7. Recent High Court order calling for use of temple funds only for temples and regaining control over 47,000 acres land will be reversed.

8. Forget about any changes in education.

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🧵Hmm, notice the latest trend of manipulative bullshit coming from the #CPC? You know, where they’re suddenly pretending to be centrists caring about others because their nonstop messaging of hate & divisiveness wasn’t working? #cdnpoli
Let’s start with Mr “Barbaric Cultural Practices” himself, Stephen Harper. Harper goes around the world undermining democracies through the #IDU & supporting far right authoritarians like Muslim hating ethno-nationalists like #ViktorOrban & #NarendraModi. #cdnpoli #CPC
Next, we have #ErinOToole, who, along with all other #Conservative MP’s, except Michael Chong, voted against @iamIqraKhalid’s 2017 #Motion103 condemning #Islamophobia. Now he’s attending a vigil knowing Trudeau is away on state business? Quite a change in tune🤔. #PRscam #cdnpoli
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Prime Minister commences his address.

The Government made all efforts to get all medicines from all over the world. Government did not leave any stone unturned to procure Oxygen, Medicines. #PMNarendraModi
There are very few vaccine manufacturers in the world. Imagine if there were no vaccines that were manufactured in India.

For the past 50-60 years, vaccines used to take decades to get vaccines from around the world.

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Education enables us to make effective decisions about ourselves, our surroundings, and our societies.
Suffice to say #Education as an institution is notably significant in a civil society. And more so for #Kashmir.

@AdityaRajKaul @LtGenGurmit @AsimKhanTweets @MirYanaSY Image
In #Kashmir, the importance of structured #Education increases manifolds due to the dynamic nature of this region. Lack of education has a severe cascading effect here, eventually leading the gullible young people towards unlawful activities.
@kakar_harsha @neeraj_rajput Image
#Pandemic has restricted movement all over. With every public institution closed including schools and colleges, the Govt of #Jammu and #Kashmir have introduced initiatives to help students continue their studies, even in such uncertain times.
@MirYanaSY @Fayak_Wani1 @IAmErAijaz Image
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Mehul Choksi with bloodshot eye&bruised body detained in dominica
May hv gone on a date with his GF to domimica&got arrested- PM of Antigua,
Abducted&tortured for few days- Choksi's lawyer.
So what can it be?
Special ops hotstar? This was special ops all star
Thread ImageImage
Choksi secured citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda in Nov2017 under its Citizenship by Investment Programme&fled there in 1st week of Jan 2018.
Soon after PNB scam executed by choksi&his nephew Nirav Modi came to light&CBI investigation ordered,but Modi&choksi had fled by then
Soon India located choksi residing in Antigua.
31/7/18,Indian government delivered an extradition request to the Antigua government, beginning the process of getting him back.Process of extradition was long one as Choksi had already engaged legal representative.
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#WhatCongressHates 1/n
#NarendraModi of course!!
#WhatCongressHates and why I want #CongressMukTBharat 3/n
@myogiadityanath @CMOfficeUP
because of the colour of his clothes and because he headed a #Hindu temple trust
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चलिये आज जानते हैं
कौन है असली जुमलेबाज़??

कांग्रेसी या नरेंद्र मोदी!!

विनम्र निवेदन है कि कृपया यह "THREAD" पूरा अवश्य देखे ताकि एक भी जुमला छूट न जाये🙏

जुमला 1 :गरीबी हटाओ 👇

सवाल उठता है,
कांग्रेस ने वर्षों तक "गरीबी हटाओ का नारा दिया और सत्ता में रहे

क्या गरीबी दूर हुई ?

इसके लिए किसी विपक्ष की,किसी बुद्धिजीवी की,किन्ही आंकड़ों की , किन्हीं अर्थशास्त्रियों की राय लेने की आवश्यकता नहीं
यह मात्र झूनझुना था जो कांग्रेस गरीब जनता को पकड़ाती थी
चौथा जुमला : धर्म निरपेक्षता

...जिसे श्रीमती इंदिरा गांधी ने अपनी सत्ता के दौरान संविधान की प्रस्तावना में डलवाया

कैसी धर्म निरपेक्षता भाई?.....👇👇
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Fact is the #CentralVista residence will be smaller than the 10 bungalows the lok kalyan marg residence uses in terms of sqft.
Fact also is the shifting of residence has more to do with security recommendations than anything else.
That said propaganda walo ko kaun samjhaye.
Today the official residences are scattered all over #lutyensdelhi . By concentrating the PM , President & VP in a close area within easy reach of all govt offices & the parliament the #CentralVistaProject will reduce security & logistics cost manifold saving well over it's cost.
Apart from that most have no idea that the total project cost of the #CentralVista is divided over a decade with no more than $150mn or ₹1050cr being the outlay in 2021-22.
This project actually began a few years ago & is necessitated by earthquake & fire norms.
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A government that rushes to take credit for every small thing is today desperately trying to shift blame for its mismanagement to states. This while it has retained control on #vaccines & #oxygen. Not that states have zero responsibility, but this is largely the Centre's doing.
Troll factories are pushing the narrative that #PrimeMinister #NarendraModi can't be blamed while he was busy holding super spreader election rallies when he should have taken charge of the situation. So expect an all out attack from the IT Cell. Accountability anyone? #2ndWave
#States too should have been better prepared. But with #vaccinationpolicy and #oxygenallocation out of their control, they could do little except prepare for the worst with whatever resources they had at their disposal. Some states did take steps and thank god for that. #Pandemic
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Thread-Vacine drama
Why US banned raw material export to India 1st?
Why now suddenly they agreed to help?
Man behind it- #NarendraModi, a leader who knows how to,Silently. The one who perform best under pressure&is master of diplomacy.
Since start of India's #VaccinationDrive ,India was emerging a global leader in #VaccineDiplomacy .
India under its Vaccine Maitri campaign started shipping its Made in India #CovishieldVaccine to world.
Till now India has provided its vaccine to more than 90 countries.
B4 Covid-19 vaccines were developed,India supplied some 100 countries with hydroxychloroquine& paracetamol,and sent pharmaceuticals,test kits&other equipment to around 90 countries.India was emerging as global pharmaceutical powerhouse&#Modiji as powerfull leader.
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Just in | I would like to thank President #JoeBiden for taking this initiative: PM #NarendraModi at US-hosted virtual climate summit.
Concrete action needed to combat climate change: PM #NarendraModi at US-hosted virtual climate summit.
We need concrete action at a high speed, on a large scale, and with a global scope: #NarendraModi at #US-hosted virtual climate summit.
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PMO Narendra Modi begins his address to the nation

@PMOIndia @narendramodi #NarendraModi
Compared to January, production of pharmaceuticals has increased now: PMO Modi

50 percent of all vaccines manufactured in India will be sent to States directly : @PMOIndia #NarendraModi
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#WatchtheState: Our weekly update on patterns of State violence in India.

Here's a quick review of reported instances of State violence. @project_polis

Follow the thread for more:
#AllIndiaRadio Has Downgraded National Languages to Regional Ones: The decision to shut down the central news units of #AIR in several Indian languages in Delhi & shift them to their state capitals is in line with the hegemony of Hindi. @thewire_in…
Following Assault on Muslim Boy Outside UP Temple, Hindutva Groups Harden Communal Rhetoric: Emboldened by Police not opposing bail to prime accused, right-wing groups are using the situation to fuel hatred. @thewire_in…
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Netizens share an image of a massive protest, claiming that the image is of a protest against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bangladesh ahead of his visit to the country.

#Factcheck #TLIFactcheck #narendramodi, #Bangladesh Image
The image is widely shared on Facebook with the caption, "Mashallah! Islamic parties protest against Modi today in Dhaka. Islamic parties have shown that patriotism and religion are at the core of their hearts! Congratulations to the Islamic Touhidi people!
Fact Check: The viral image is of anti-France rally held in Dhaka against President Emmanuel Macron for defending cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
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Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa talked about CPEC in terms of an opportunity for economic cooperation for the whole region including India and offered an olive branch to Pakistan’s eastern neighbour by @abbasnasir59 | #India #Pakistan #Peace #LahoreDeclaration |
2 - Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa talked about CPEC in terms of an opportunity for economic cooperation for the whole region including India and offered an olive branch to Pakistan’s eastern neighbour by @abbasnasir59 | #India #Pakistan #Peace #LahoreDeclaration |
1 - “ US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin’s India visit, where he praised New Delhi’s growing ties with ‘like-minded partners “ by @abbasnasir59 | Mr Nawaz Sharif with the Late PM India
Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee

#India #Pakistan #Peace #LahoreDeclaration
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