@BillClinton setting priorities from BBB would have been better. Work requirements make sense. But there are also #PelosiPoisonPills the $275 Billion SALT tax cut for the rich and disturbing trend in many areas by this administration, surveillance of individuals bank accounts.
Surveillance of #Parents after calling #Moms #DomesticTerrorists calling for @TheJusticeDept to invoking #PatriotAct to have @FBI surveil, investigate #Parents is Orwellian. #MerrickGarland is harassing, intimidating ordinary people legitimately concerned about their children.
I know some of these folks in NoVa concerned about their children. They are NOT the #Jan6thInsurrection crowd @BillClinton No one is herding the cats.
Cabinet secretaries are acting, making very bad decisions - @SecMayorkas at the border,@SecCardona in Ed. #MerrickGarland - COI
#Bernie & extreme left basically authored BBB with #BernieBudget, no detailed budget provided - Sinema got Excel spreadsheets to see what was in it. Senate version of BBB was unintelligibly written. It is sloppy work by Dems in Congress tho @amyklobuchar wrote 2nd voting bill.
There's overreach by leftists in the administration, all being observed by the Supreme Court, so the vax mandate decision did not come out of thin air. It is Dems, or cats, running wild, with no cat herd. BBB contains a plan to surveil individual bank accounts. It is Orwellian.
What I am saying is the same thing @JamesCarville said in the @voxdotcom article. Democrats have a WOKE problem that I've described with some specific examples of the extreme left, #bernie & his crowd, plus the Left Coast & SanFrancisco Socialists,being in charge.
They seem to think Bernie won. NinaTurner demands, "our agenda" - the socialists -who lost! That extremism damages the party. I frankly suspect Russian #activemeasures since #BernieIsARussianAsset certainly gets help and with his minions seems to take action helping Putin.
Pelosi is dependent on them to remain Speaker. Half the CA delegation are in that group, plus the Bernie/AOC crowd. Putin doesn't like Joe, whom he can't control . He disliked Hillary too. He has his assets & their minions cause trouble, to sabotage US leaders he can't control.
However, not all of this is his sabotage. The left lane & Woke crowd are out of control. Trying to push through these massive bills with the thinnest of margins is on Hill leadership. Massive blunderbuss bills, w WAG Bernie budgets they try to ram through on the thinnest margins.
The problem I believe is that this legislative approach - it is not really a strategy- of pushing these massive bloated Kitchen Sink bills, badly written, Bernie budgets, with poison pills- including PRO Act text trying to sneak all this through under reconciliation is NOT viable
I would not vote for those bills either. Sinema & Manchin are not the only ones who don't want to vote for BBB or voting bills with Democrats alone. There are several. They are the moderate Senators in red leaning states, who, by the way, are the ones who make Dem majorities.
I think you get the picture.

• • •

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23 Dec 21
But I wonder what Ayers thinks about The Huguenot lovers: a tale of the Old Dominion?
He's become more of a fabulist, rather like @RTDMPW Sorry, no lost cause or Confederate memorabilia in Capt Ahab Northam's white whale. No morbid picture of Lincoln's casket. All #lies by contemporary tabloids reported as fact, without checking historic references.
And by the politically motivated who created this fantasy thinking black voters would believe the #lies they and select journos fed to them. It's cruelly insulting.
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23 Dec 21
@8NEWS @CBS6 @NBC12 @myVPM The fictional film McAuliffe created "How the Monuments came down" needs to include Northam cutting the fiber optics cable with the insane dig. McA got that story pulled. Ruined his narrative, but the truth will come out. @patrickmwilson
To "historians" Brumfield, Eric Wilson & others so obsessed with their fictions they deny reality, I'll try to provide some #facts concerning statements from the die hards who cannot accept that the contents of the box ARE the correct, & that IS the right box @CBS6 #RVA
1. It was not in the ground- to protect from water damage is why. Placing it encased in concrete elevated in the pedastal kept it drier. 2. The "real" box was copper. Lead oxide is a copper color. Pb+2 PbO is this color, same as color on box found. Another myth @CBS6 @myVPM #RVA Image
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22 Dec 21
I know Bernie has never heard of this, nor @SpeakerPelosi maybe @Sen_JoeManchin has as a business man, @SenSchumer ? @JoeBiden no, #BratPack NEVER! But in major corporations where managers are ACCOUNTABLE for programs/funds managed, the #ParetoPrinciple always sets priororities.
#ParetoPrinciple states that 20% of the issues cause 80% of the problems. Therefore for prudent use of resources, managers identify the "Critical FEW issues to tackle, not the irrelevant (and unmanageable) many" That 80/20 rule is real & related to probabilities. @PressSec
@PressSec This most succinctly explains what's wrong with this bill. It is the opposite of the #ParetoPrinciple It goes for the irrelevant many instead of the Critical Few. THAT's why it's unworkable, unmanageable and does not solve America's most pressing problems & wastes resources.
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20 Dec 21
Get rid of the SALT tax cut for the wealthy and the bank surveillance and someone write an intelligible bill. I support child tax credit permanently with work requirement. Incoherence does NOT sell. @JoeBiden @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi
Did any of YOU read the Senate bill? It is gobbledygook. Shame on you "legislators" for such sloppiness. NO FED FUNDING AGENCY WOULD FUND YOU. You make it embarrassing to be a Democrat. Make bills focused, limited scope and paid for! SALT is 2nd most expensive item in bill.
The bipartisan #InfrastructureBill was exemplary and is HOW our government should function. Pelosi & Schumer have created this partisanship. The WORST ever, except Newt. Don't reward them with tax cuts for the rich. Orwellian surveillance of small business & ALL bank accounts.
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16 Nov 21
1. There are no naturally gifted children. 2.#Math is #WhiteSupremacy 3. #DNAdoesntMatter 4.#whiteness is evil 5. Asians are white because of their high scores,(for academic admissions purposes. @jaketapper @MaxBoot @PostOpinions @CNNPolitics
We went through this cycle late 50s-70s, lowering standards. By 1980, Harvard, Stanford returned to standards, @urichmond looked to lower theirs. Chem Dept faculty said, No, others are returning to standards! By our slowness we've avoided a grave mistake! #RVA @NBC12 @RTDNEWS
#Science learned how to bridge achievement gaps. Answer: Very hard work, summer STEM camps, remedial summer work as needed; summer research programs. @NIH @NSF both fund these. Young black female sci from rural NC who made 1st mRNA vax is an #NIH program alum. It was late 60s-70s
Read 7 tweets
5 Nov 21
@tribelaw He's too busy surveilling #Parents & sending half dozen DHS, DOJ, FBI cars & a helicopter to monitor dangerous #Moms at #FairfaxCounty school board meetings & helping his son-in-law & Zuckerburg data mine children to bother with that. I'll send you photos & Ed article
@tribelaw Here is the stake-out, complete with helicopter circling above that terrorist hangout, #FairfaxCounty School Board. #Moms are unhappy about sexually explicit books data mining their children by Garland son-in-law & Zuckerberg company. 2 HS girls assaulted, schools deny, coverup
@tribelaw It's in NJ also, why Murphy just squeaked through. Zuckerberg is a partner with Garland's son-in-law in profiling, data mining children Democratic women are turning to Republicans because Democrats will NOT do ANYTHING to protect these children, instead harass/arrest #Parents
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