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Pretty sure you’ll be on the wrong side of history here, Sarah...then forgotten. 💯🤷🏻‍♀️ #hollywoodjustfoundout Didn’t you once suggest the military could overthrow President Donald Trump? How’d that work out for you? #QuarantineDiaries #GreatAwakening
In 2016, you switched allegiances from #Bernie to #Clinton by stating: “As for the Vermont senator’s diehard supporters refusing to crossover, “To the Bernie or bust people, you’re being ridiculous.” How’d that work out for you?
In 2015, weren’t you exposed for wearing blackface? How’d that work out for you? (How many times have you called President Trump racist?) Hi, Pot!
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Ignorance prevails: @WhoopiGoldberg Grills Bernie Sanders on 'The View': You Don't Have a "Path to Victory"…
He most certainly does have one, & ABC needs to muzzle both her & @SaraHaines for one of the most biased, unfair interviews I've ever witnessed.
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#SANDERS CONCEDED THE RACE 3/11, said millions decided his "friend Joe #Biden" was more likely to beat Trump. No blaming the #DNC, no cries of rigged election. He began: my #1 goal is defeating Trump. Time for ALL #Sanders fans & #dems to unite.…
#Bernie counted on overperforming w/ young voters, but nearly 3% fewer people under 30 voted in 20 compared to 16. This was the only demographic group where Sanders had an advantage. The drop in youth vote & the surge in ALL OTHER groups (who voted #Biden) cost Sanders the race.
#Sanders earned LESS of the vote in EVERY RACE in '20 when compared to '16. On average, he underperformed by 17.6%. He did 35.4% worse in VT. He was down 10.9% in #DemocratsAbroad primary this weekend.
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In EVERY state, #Sanders has done less well in 2020 than he did in 2016, underperforming by an average 17.6%.

In Vermont, for example, he won only 50.7% of the vote in '20, a drop of 35.4% from his '16 win. / thread
#Sanders' underperformance is partly explained by his failure to get new & young voters to the polls. In nearly every primary thru early March, fewer of those voters turned out than they did in '16.…
.@CNN exit polls show nearly 3% fewer voters under 30 voted in '20 than they did in '16. #Bernie Sanders needed to overperform with this demographic.
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Email to #Bernie shows campaign's pollster predicted he was within 4 points of #Biden in South Carolina. 2 days later, Biden blew out SC by nearly 30 points, turning the race around.

How Sanders' run came undone: thread…
In Jan, @ZephyrTeachout, a law prof allied w/ #Sanders, wrote an op-ed alleging #Biden had “a big corruption problem," & the campaign sent it to everyone on its large email list.

✔️ #Sanders "put a stop to it. 'It is absolutely not my view that Joe is corrupt in any way.'"
In Feb, VT Rep @PeterWelch implored #Sanders to "ease up" on his attacks of #democrats. Welch believed it "sounded exclusionary to ordinary people backing other candidates, ... a lot of voters who are just everyday voters, who decided to vote for other #Dems" (NYT 3/21).
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You want #NotMeUs to listen to you? Here's how:

1. No consolation prizes (as in "aww thanks, you moved the conversation left.") The progressive movement wants to overhaul a corrupt system, not settle for cosmetic language changes.
2. Stop treating them as a monolith of "bros." #NotMeUs is multi-generational and highly diverse. Enough erasure. Enough reducing them to Twitter trolls. Appreciate who they are: working people for whom the status quo (perpetuated by both parties) can be a death sentence.
3. Acknowledge their concerns about #Biden and the entire party leadership. You may see no problems with Democratic leaders, but to #NotMeUs (myself included) they have failed to effectively oppose GOP extremism and have normalized Trump. And we're all paying a steep price.
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I'm solidly with #Bernie and #NotMeUs, but I'm relieved to see #Biden this sharp at the #DemDebate. I deeply disagree with his policies and have opposed his candidacy, but if he's the nominee, I hope this is the Biden who shows up against Trump. Our future depends on it.
And let me reiterate: I am vehemently opposed to perpetuating the status quo and rewarding the Dem leadership that has allowed GOP extremism to flourish. #Bernie represents the future of the Democratic Party and I will strongly support #NotMeUs no matter what the primary outcome.
Let me elaborate: I'm using "sharp" as a contrast to the GOP talking point that #Biden in serious cognitive decline.

#Bernie is both sharp AND right on the issues.

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@JoeBiden Don’t let pompous ill informed Bernard get away with being a BULLY. #Bernie is a LOUDMOUTH ANGRYBULLY,
JUST LIKE TRUMP. Two sides of the same angry coin. Why hasn’t Bernard actually passed any legislation in his years in Congress. Angry yelling doesn’t get work done.
Ask for plans not slogans. Plans not pipe dreams. @JoeBiden His ideas are fantasies. Make him explain 3 things on each idea. 1 What is his PLAN for each? (ya gotta have a
plan- a game plan to move the ball) 2. How will he pass it?
3. How will he pay for it?
And 4. How will he implement the plan. Angry shouting makes him feel like he's doing something, but it's only making noise, NOT making a difference. @JoeBiden @JenGranholm
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#BernieIsAFraud A money laundering FRAUD, takes micropayments in Rials & Rubles via UAE digital laundromat. A multimillionaire w 3 houses, paid $600,000 cash 4 one, classic $$ laundering tactic, a US Senator @SenSanders IS THE ESTABLISHMENT @TheDemocrats #BernieIsARussianAsset
Since #BernieSanders has not suspended his campaign, he DOES NOT get to ask questions of @JoeBiden #Bernie is the guy who has questions to ANSWER, starting with his campaign finances. Secondly, #Bernie needs to give some PLANS & COSTS for his ideas, NOT JUST SLOGANS! @JenGranholm
Questions #BernieIsARussianAsset MUST answer: 1. Explain 510 p FEC campaign finance violations letter, incl foreign donations. 2. Thousands of $27 donations fr 1 DC zip code 3. Outline a PLAN & COST breakdown for health care plan. 4. Ditto for climate plan. 5. How to PAY 4 each.
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it backfire. (11/11)
correction. The Bernie supporter account we used was @meaganmday, not @MeganDay. Our apologies for the errant atting
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There's now going to be a tremendous pressure on #Bernie supporters to back Biden. I don't tell people how to vote. But if it were me I'd flatly refuse to swing in behind. Centrist, corporate liberalism is not the right wing of a movement that socialism is the left wing of 1/
They are dramatically opposed world views. Rather, Biden is a wing of the same establishment as Trump. Their policies are largely the same, and the intended consequences of their policies are the same 2/
You will remember the howls at #Bernie supporters to back Biden last time. So it's worth asking, would Clinton have made the global situation less dangerous than Trump in the last few years? I very much doubt it 3/
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Polls show an overwhelming majority of #Bernie supporters would vote for #Biden over Trump.

As for me, I've never voted for (or donated to) a Republican in my entire life. And I never will. It's a party of rightwing extremism.
Given the choice of Biden or Trump, I'd vote for Biden in a heartbeat.

That said, unthinkingly supporting anyone who puts a D next to their name is a recipe for moral and electoral disaster.

It is how the establishment maintains power and prevents change.

Don't fall for it...
In my 20 years in politics, the SAME Dem leaders, including #Biden and #Pelosi, have utterly failed to stop the march of GOP dominance/extremism.

They went along with Bush's war crimes, then rehabilitated his image. They have been dangerously inept against Trump and his cronies.
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I don't believe in armchair diagnosis and I've avoided discussing Biden's mental state.

But Dems MUST acknowledge attack lines against potential nominees.

With #Bernie, it's socialism.

With Biden, it's that he's not well enough to be POTUS.
A cursory look at rightwing media indicates #Biden's mental state is Hillary's emails. (It's NOT Burisma, though that will also be an attack.) And the corporate media will amplify it if Biden is the nominee, just as they did with Hillary's health. EVERY slip-up will be magnified.
Every testy exchange will be played and replayed if #Biden is the nominee. Every pause, every bungled phrase, every instance of forgetfulness, no matter how innocent.

Trump will be prepped to goad Biden at debates into slipping up.

Dems MUST be ready for what's coming.
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#CAPrimary: There were massive lines, almost all #Bernie voters. How did they pull that off? Registered Dems got the ballot with the presidential candidate and didn’t have to wait in line. So who’s waiting in line? People who got those crazy NPP ballots!…
Here's the trick. NPP voters had to wait in line to exchange their ballots for a Crossover one. And if you don't have your ballot with you, they give you a provisional ballot.… #CAPrimary2020 #CaliforniaPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #SuperTuesday
In 2016, #California gave out 1.3 million provisional ballots — that’s half of the provisional ballots in the entire U.S. Then they disqualified 407,000 of those ballots.… #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary #BernieSanders
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Sweet lady on the Bridge to O'Hare???
You decide.
#TheMoreYouKnow thread to share my experiences from the Milwaukee Rally, several Chicago Q Meetups, & someone's past that might not be in this for the right reasons as most Anons.
Have you heard of #ThePeoplesBridge?
Or the #BerniesBridge?

They might as well be one & the same.
Let's start with something recent that should explain to our Q community about this person's character & her true beliefs.

🚨#Bernie & Socialism supporter🚨
And she still supports him saying Bernie is blackmailed somehow.
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Offers end…
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Today I’d like to introduce you to the US Government’s investigation into Russian Interference in 2016

I’ve been told this proves once and for all that Bernie & the #BernieBrothers are nothing but pawns on the Ruskies' chessboard!

Shocking, I know; it's meant to be.
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Vol. 1

This is all sorts of redacted, it’s all “Russian Active Measures,” doesn’t really mention the campaigns specifically outside of repeating a planned hashtag against Hillary if she won.…
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Volume Two, all the Social Media stuff.

pp 33, 34

Bernie's, 1st Mention… Trolls on "Both SIdes" were anti-Clinton, and supported all other candidates to try to take her down.…
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Never mind what the insiders & powerbrokers tell you, if you’re SERIOUS about solving Michigan’s problems, @BernieSanders is THE ONLY real choice for
- union rights
- healthcare
- racial justice
- education
- Great Lakes protection
And SO many more...

A thread:

Nobody stands with unions like @BernieSanders. He opposed NAFTA, recognizing it would fundamentally destroy our manufacturing economy by giving corporations carte Blanche to exploit foreign labor.

He came to Detroit to picket w/ @UAW & helped put #Fightfor15 on the map.

Even after our “comeback,” economists estimate we lost 250K jobs during the recession that are NEVER coming back.

Why? Wall St played fast & loose w/ our economy.

@BernieSanders wants to hold them accountable so it never happens again.

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#Biden supporter California Secretary of State, #AlexPadilla, wins “Vote Suppressor of The Year.” By sheer numbers of ballots disqualified—with young and LatinX voters suppressed—Padilla makes Katherine Harris and Brian Kemp look like Thomas Jefferson.…
Want to know how to steal an election? Watch The Best Democracy Money Can Buy!…
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@mickstackle @FredTJoseph Joe Biden has a score of F- on climate while Bernie Sanders has a score of A. We are in #ClimateEmergency. We have 10 years to transform our ecological relationships & partner with the world in the same. Please think of our biosphere and vote for #Bernie2020. 1/
@mickstackle @FredTJoseph 2/ Add Big Polluters to the last one.
@mickstackle @FredTJoseph 3/ Please see the growing list of climate scientists supporting Bernie Sanders knowing all they do about the urgent high stakes.
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When #Bernie goes to bat for #Biden after being cheated, and asks his supporters to vote Blue no matter who, what's the response going to be?

And when #Biden loses spectacularly to Trump, who's going to be blamed?

Russians, and Bernie supporters.
Bernie stating he thinks Biden can beat Trump (laughable) and confirms he will "do everything he can" if Biden is the nominee.
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.@SenSanders' silence to Hinduphobic attacks against @TulsiGabbard👇no coincidence
@fshakir's wife Sarah Miller is part of Pierre Omidyar's network
How a Pakistani/Islamic Lobby took over @BernieSanders 2020 presidential campaign sabotaging his aspirations…
#eBay's billionaire smear campaign against @TulsiGabbard through his personally funded media @theintercept & @CivilBeat
Glenn is honest.
But read below 2 articles by @MaxBlumenthal,
who is #eBay's billionaire media monarch #PierreOmidyar, he's empire of influence and his dizzying national security state connections begins with a look at his support for neocon #BillKristol
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#Bernie donors paid in hundredsof $27 online payments via a UAE micropayments system funneling Arab Gulf donations from supporters who couldn’t vote. Why #BernieSanders got the 510p letter from FEC on finance violations. @DNC @Lawrence @SteveKornacki @OutFrontCNN @NicolleDWallace
What has been documented is that #Bernie 2016 campaign was a Russian #ActiveMeasure Ref. Mueller’s report and the indictments. IN 2020 his Director of Dyza hire is known RU provocateur, Sputnik Journo, information terrorist CassandraFairbanks(likely pseudonym) @MSNBC
Read the thread by @patribotics on #Bernie’s financial donations.
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#CAPrimary: One of the disasters this year is caused by the fact that LA and other counties cut polling stations by 90%. #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary2020 #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #BernieSanders #Bernie2020
They were replaced by so-called “voting centers “ which anyone would know were deeply insufficient and unprepared — especially as #Bernie got out the word that you had to bring in your NPP ballot to exchange it for a Crossover Democratic ballot. #CAPrimary #CAPrimary2020
There's zero question about who was hurt: Regular Democrats tend to mail in their ballots. But most NPP independent voters, who widely favor #Bernie, could not mail in their ballots because they had to do the exchange.… #CAPrimary #CAPrimary2020
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