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USAID/Metabiota/EHA megathread Image
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Study shows that COVID-19 was present in five U.S. states in December 2019, even before the first reported case in China

#SARSCoV2_timeline #Fall2019 #Winter2019 #serology #US…
Serologic Testing of US Blood Donations to Identify Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)–Reactive Antibodies: December 2019–January 2020

Clinical Infectious Diseases, Vol. 72, Iss. 12, 15 June 2021…

#SARSCoV2_timeline #Winter2019 Sridhar V Basavaraju,  Monica E Patton,  Kacie Grimm, Mohamm
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This is generally a good article, but I would like to note this statement about Euro formulas "the safety standards are arguably higher. (European formulas cannot contain corn syrup, for example, and require higher levels of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA.)/1
I'll leave the corn syrup issue for others, except to note that there is no strong reason to believe this is actually a safety issue for infants, rather lets look at the DHA part of it /2
First, DHA is not mandated in formulas in the US at all. There is no RDA for DHA and the evidence for benefit is mixed in full-term infants. DHA was first added as a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) additive by the FDA in infant formula 20 years ago /3
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Problem Child

Long Covid is a problem for Fauci and the NIH.

If they recognize it, it means scrutiny of possible causes,
one is the presence of the S1 subunit of the spike protein remaining in the intermediate monocytes. The same spike protein they urged millions to 💉with.>
The (virus/vaxx) S1 remains in the cells for years causing
micro clots, inflammation, and neurodegeneration.
People with Long Covid are disabled, some of them permanently.

Promising meds for Long Covid are HIV meds.

All of this a problem for the NIH.
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Fernando Polack un héro pour #Pfizer
Le miracle, en 3 semaines Fernando Polack va parvenir à recruter 4500 volontaires pour les essais #Pfizer là où une grande université comme Stanford par exemple, peine à recruter un volontaire par jour en moyenne..
A terme nous ne sommes plus qu'à une semaine de l'échéance des essais #Pfizer.
Fernando Polack est professeur de pédiatrie au centre médical universitaire Vanderbilt et consultant pour la #FDA. Lors d'une de ces interventions voilà sa déclaration d'intérêt 👇
En creusant un peu voilà ce que j'ai trouvé. Fernando Polack a par le passé été financé par la fondation Bill & Melinda Gates et le #NIH d'Anthony Fauci
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"The Viral Delusion: The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2 and the Madness of Modern Virology (1 of 5) - Behin"

#pandemic #pfizer #pfizerdocuments #mrna #vaccine #covid19 #virologists
How can anyone trust the science, if the science cannot be questioned?

Censored Science:
#Fauci #Evil #Science #Censorship #NIH #Pfizer #Polio #Covid #AIDS #VAED #BigPharma #Microbiology #Biology #MSM #Journalism
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on parenteral #antiplatelet therapy in #neurovascular interventions. Our expert author is Fawaz Al-Mufti MD @almuftifawaz, interventional #neurologist Interventional Neurologist @NYMedcollege @WestchesterMed @neurocritical @svinsociety
2) This program is intended for #healthcare providers & is accredited for 0.5h CE/#CME for #physicians #PhysicianAssociate #nursepractitioner #nurse #pharmacists and is supported by educational grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, and Chiesi.
3) Be sure to see prior tweetorials on #antiplatelet management, still available for credit, at…. Faculty disclosures are listed at
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🧵1/5 Imagine you leave home in the morning and discover that your phone has only a 5% charge, and you dont have a charger. It’s going to have to last you all day. What will you do to get the most out of your tiny bit of battery life?

#MEcfs #LongCovid
2/5 You might dim the display as low as it goes. Turn off the ringer. You definitely wont play any videos or audio. You’ll disable any apps that are running in the background bleeding charge. And limit communications to only those most essential, probably via text messaging.
3/5 This is what it’s like to live with the energy-limiting disease #MEcfs. All energy-intensive activities are off the table. Even little exertions: a shower, getting the mail, making a phone call, are all carefully calculated & paced. And still, you’re probably crashed by noon
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👩‍⚖️ I'm Condemned 👩‍⚖️

Keep copies.

Powerful, when the jurors are shown that HCQ and IVY are not just potent medicines for COVID but also for the vaxx-induced cancers they or their family members have acquired from the mandated COVID mRNA gene therapies.
😉From the NIH's National Cancer Institute:

"Drugs used in chemotherapy, such as HCQ, work in different ways to stop the growth of tumor cells, either by killing the cells, by stopping them from dividing, or by stopping them from spreading."
If this NIH evidence is censored, it will show who is colluding in the RICO scheme to hide effective off-patent medicines and to sell expensive new ones to the dupes they effectively poisoned. It'll also show who is shielding their advertising partners.
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.@WHCOVIDResponse briefing coming up at 10:30amET with someone different today: #HHS @SecBecerra, who's joining @CDCDirector Walensky, #NIH Fauci, Jeff Zients to discuss a roadmap to enable US to move forward safely & sustain/build on progress #COVID19😷
.@WHCOVIDResponse #COVID19 briefing seems to be running a bit late to get started.

#COVID19vaccines #MaskUp #HHS #NIH #CDC
#HHS @SecBecerra, @CDCDirector Walensky, #NIH Fauci & Jeff Zients together in same room today at #COVID19 briefing! That's a change, too!

#MaskUp #COVID19vaccines 😷💉😷
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"Throughout our history we’ve learned this lesson – when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos. They keep moving. And, the costs & threats to America & the world keep rising.

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"American diplomacy matters."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"#Putin’s war was premeditated & unprovoked. He rejected efforts at diplomacy. He thought the West & @NATO wouldn’t respond. And, he thought he could divide us here at home.
Putin was wrong. We were ready."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden's #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia
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Just a friendly reminder @moderna_tx told the @SECGov that the @US_FDA defines #mRNA as gene therapy. And called it an unprecedented new category of #medicines tho they really want that #vaccine classification anyways for liability protections & fear the public wouldn’t take it.
They know the #COVID19 #vaccine isn’t a vaccine but human #gene #therapy.
The @US_FDA #fda reaffirmed their definition of modified viral #nucleic acid that alters #CELL Jan 30th 2020 #COVID ImageImageImageImage
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What is happening now mirrors 1984+
While they experiment on our children, I harken back to when the same main players did it to orphans in 1994- This is after the dose-ranging tox studies in pregnant women that caused horrific death. (We normally do dose ranging tox in animals)
Written off because of a faulty test for a harmless target, he moved from pregnant women to orphans in a NYC Catholic orphanage.…
@BBC Did a documentary which barely scratched the surface of the horror these children experienced.

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Republican House Oversight published new open letters with to some participants of the 1-4 February 2020 Covid Conference from Fauci for the Origin Investigation

They demand ALL emails/communication since 31/12/2019 for their further gov-investigation 🧵
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#HearstCorp (#StevenSwartz - CEO)
- Fitch Ratings (Finance)
- First Databank (Health Care)
- A&E Networks (with #Disney including: History Channel)
- ESPN (with #Disney)

#APNews - "Non-profit" cooperative (#StevenSwartz - CEO)
Content: #Disney
. CBS Dream Team (5 hours)
. The More You Know (3 hours Kids)
. Weekend Adventure (3 hours Kids)
. One Magnificent Morning (5 hours teens)

They OWN your children.
How do we let a for-profit CEO also be CEO of a non-profit that "regulates" themselves (#APFactCheck).

Non-Profits are great places to dump undisclosed #expenses and pay #salaries.

#theft. #fraud
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*COVID-19 breakup song lyrics*
[sung along with the abcdefu song]

Fuck you, and your jab, and your vaxx, and your masks
And these fake mandates, and this shit we all hate

Fuck you, Fauci, and Rochelle Walensky,
Bill Gates, FDA, you can all fuck off
Two weeks to flatten the curve
before it ended

Even tried to bite my tongue
watching CNN

Now Ron Johnson, friends,
asking questions

never even believed
this in the first place

Started inflating
cases for attention

What a sick connection!
It’s like adverse events
came with submission

You’re going all about it in
the worst ways

I was into Cuomo, but
I’m over him now

And I was trying to be nice
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204. Trying to catch up now with news stories and mentions of #DRASTIC since "the split" on Halloween

It's been relatively quiet over the last two months but I found some articles to add.

Clerical Work can be fun during consolidation phases and winter time, and lockdowns ;)
205. While promoting their Covid origin book in Italy, Quay, Barnard & Dalgleish extensively spoke about DRASTIC
They realized that Italian MSM had given DRASTIC more coverage than imagined
"Some people in the vast audience were very aware of you guys"
206. Podcast Ep. 6 of Origins by @asterisk_double focuses on #GainOfFunction and what we know from #NIH & #DARPA documents made public.
Thanks @thackerpd for chatting
Thanks @BillyBostickson
#DRASTIC @BioSRP @joshrogin @Ayjchan for all the hard work.…
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Electronic Frontier Foundation , did you say?

It's another #Epstein 🧵...
So, connections with Edge Billionaires Dinner..

Stewart Brand , Long Now Fdn > 2010: Rockefeller's 'Operation Lockstep' Predicted 2020 'Lockdown'

> SRI International + MIT Media lab
Rockefeller's 'Operation Lockstep' > Global Business Network (GBN) > futurists Peter Schwartz, Stewart Brand > Students for a Democratic Society, and Jay Ogilvy, an Esalen Institute–associated Statfor board member ...…
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1. There are no naturally gifted children. 2.#Math is #WhiteSupremacy 3. #DNAdoesntMatter 4.#whiteness is evil 5. Asians are white because of their high scores,(for academic admissions purposes. @jaketapper @MaxBoot @PostOpinions @CNNPolitics…
We went through this cycle late 50s-70s, lowering standards. By 1980, Harvard, Stanford returned to standards, @urichmond looked to lower theirs. Chem Dept faculty said, No, others are returning to standards! By our slowness we've avoided a grave mistake! #RVA @NBC12 @RTDNEWS
#Science learned how to bridge achievement gaps. Answer: Very hard work, summer STEM camps, remedial summer work as needed; summer research programs. @NIH @NSF both fund these. Young black female sci from rural NC who made 1st mRNA vax is an #NIH program alum. It was late 60s-70s
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#ProjectGrant ll Gov #USA tramite l'Uff del Dip Salute #NIH , #NIAID "Tony Fauci" ed #EcoHealthAlliance ha finanziato l'Istituto di Virologia di #Wuhan dal 2015 al 2019… Image
Email #NIAID di "Tony" #Fauci a Peter #Daszak, boss zoologo di #EcoHealthAlliance per la sovvenzione #NIH di un progetto chiamato "Capire il Rischio di emergenza del bat #coronavirus" (2018) Image
Emails dalla #Cina dell'Ist virologia #Wuhan, Ist Ricerche avanzate #ECNU, Yunnan Isti #YEDC, Guandong #CDC... coinvolgono il #NIAD USA di Tony #Fauci, #EcoHealthAlliance #Daszak e #UNC di #Baric nel finanziamento R01 del progetto emergenza rischio bat #coronavirus ImageImageImageImage
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Il faut VRAIMENT prendre le temps d'écouter l'émission du 21/10/2021. Merci @Houdiakova @radiocourtoisie et aux courageuses victimes
Un regret: celui d'avoir à peine ouvert le chapitre des EFFETS POTENTIELS À LONG TERME
1⃣Il faut partager la réponse surréaliste & angoissante de l'AME sur les risques de CANCÉROGÉNICITÉ estimés "bas" juste car seules "2" doses étaient injectés SAUF QUE...
2⃣Je souhaite aussi alerter jeunes/enfants/parents/politiques/factcheckers/directeurs d'école/médecins/religieux sur une clé de l'avenir: celui de la fertilité...

QUELLES EXPLICATIONS pour qu'au cours de l'été, les recherches dans Google du mot "STÉRILITÉ"⤵️aient tant augmenté?
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First, read @ShawnteJamesMD’s whole thread.

It’s informative and moving…

Second, this thread especially grabbed my attention coming on the heels of yesterday’s @NIH_ORWH virtual conference on gaps in research about the health needs most particular to women…
🧵3/ One of the most stunning (and maddening?!) slides was a #dataviz that used analysis from this paper:…
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🧵 1/ I really like the idea of “test to stay” in US K12 schools

There are actually several different policies called this, but a big one is testing to reduce K12 quarantines when a person/group is a close contact of positive case. I think that’s a great use of “test to stay”
2/ One confusion I see in comments on Dr. Mina’s post is people thinking of very sensitive PCR testing, which can pick up infections in days when people are no longer contagious

“Test-to-stay” typically uses Rapid Antigen Testing: RAT finds those who are actively contagious
3/ One drawback is there will be occasional false positives with widespread use of rapid antigen tests. So a fast, easy protocol for additional testing to confirm (or refute) positives needs to be in place
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