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.@NIHDirector to testify today at 10:00 am ET w/@CDCDirector & @BARDA Gary Disbrow before Senate Appropriations LHHS Subcommittee on Operation Warp Speed – developing a safe & effective #COVID19 Vaccine. @NIH will live tweet his remarks. Watch LIVE here:
.@NIHDirector on the Hill: #NIH is at the forefront of research to address #COVID19 public health emergency. We need answers to many urgent questions about how to diagnose, treat&prevent this disease. NIH’s mission to help find those answers, using best science&tech in the world.
.@NIHDirector on the Hill: When it comes to new infectious diseases, knowledge is power. #COVID19 is a novel coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2. The distinctive array of spiky proteins on its surface open the door to infection. Once inside a cell, it takes over&begins replicating #NIH
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@Walmart @WalmartInc All the so called 'educated' in #Bentonville must have never read the packaging on these #Mask. Does not protect from #coronavirus #COVID19 or any other viral-bacterial germs. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump this Social Stupidity must come to an end. CONTD -->
USING THE FAKE NEWS TO PROVE MY POINT: They do have it right on this.
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#BREAKING B.S. : #FDA REVOKES emergency approval for #HCQ to treat #coronavirus patients after Trump touted its benefits.

Because 50 + years on the market is NOT enough.…
With that said, from a functional medicine perspective, i go the natural route. But this is #NIH politics.


The FDA primarily pointed to the results of a clinical trial of #hcq performed at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.
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Fauci's wife, Christine Grady heads Human Subject Research unit at NIH! #HumanExperiments #MedicalMafia #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide


#Scamdemic #Fauci #NIH #ChristineGrady #Plandemic

Christine Grady, wife of Coronavirus Task Force's Dr. Anthony Fauci, was on the US's Medical Ethics Commission from 2010 until 2017.…
Grady is all up in the #COVID-19 response, of course.
She trains nurses, just as she was doing in Brazil when she met Fauci.
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Fauci's wife, Christine Grady heads Human Subject Research unit at NIH!
Here's the happy couple in 2016
Christine Grady, wife of Coronavirus Task Force's Dr. Anthony Fauci, was on the US's Medical Ethics Commission from 2010 until 2017.…
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"The live SARS-like coronavirus SL-CoV-WIV1 has been isolated for the first time from bat droppings; and such virus has been confirmed to invade the host cells through the ACE2 of human beings..." ImageImageImage
Bat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Like Coronavirus WIV1
Encodes an Extra Accessory Protein, ORFX, Involved in Modulation of the Host Immune Response. (2016) #ZhengLiShi #PeterDaszak #EcoHealth
Funding: #NIAID 110964 ImageImageImageImage
In this study, we have developed a fast and cost-effective method
for reverse genetics of coronaviruses by combining two approaches developed by others..As the genomes can be divided into multiple short fragments, mutations can be introduced into individual
fragments easily. ImageImageImageImage
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Did the #NIH scrub the Nuremberg Code PDF from the internet?

The Nuremberg code of 1947 is generally regarded as the 1st document to set out ethical regulations in human experimentation based on informed consent.
"New research, however, indicates that ethical issues of informed consent in guidelines for human experimentation were recognized as early as the nineteenth century."…

The Nuremberg Code: Hippocratic ethics and human rights -$33…
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@bsw5020 1/ Several independent points. 1. As a "PROGNOSTIC" biomarker, a single baseline measurement can predict rate of decline and survival probability at a given later time-point - enables more reliable detection a treatment effect with a smaller number of patients enrolled.
@bsw5020 2/ Serum to CSF neurofilament concentrations were strong, particularly for NfL on the Simoa platform - so can potentially use a blood test instead of spinal fluid.
@bsw5020 3/ To use a measurement as a "PHARMACODYNAMIC" biomarker of changes due to a treatment, you need to characterize their longitudinal trajectories. For example, if a measurement stays stable over time as disease progresses, perhaps an effective treatment will lower it. Or, if
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La décision controversée du #NIH d'arrêter son étude majeure sur le #remdesivir dans #COVID19…
"#Gilead a publié une bombe il y a 2 semaines : Une étude menée par une agence gouvernementale américaine a révélé que le médicament expérimental de la société, le #remdesivir, était le premier traitement à avoir un effet, bien que minime sur Covid-19."
Derrière cette lueur d'espoir se cachait l'un des dilemmes les plus difficiles de la médecine : comment concilier la nécessité de tester rigoureusement la sécurité et l'efficacité d'un nouveau médicament avec l'impératif moral de fournir aux patients un traitement qui fonctionne
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It's time to get over your cognitive dissonance & comprehend that #covid19 is a trojan horse.

Seen as useless eaters, humans are being POISONED in subtle insidious sublethal ways all the way to our DEATH.
#ZIKA was another manufactured crisis using the Hegalian Dialectic & #NIH (#fauci) & #WHO arguably KNEW.

Same Storybook. Different Plandemic.

Imagine being sprayed unknowingly!

Sprayed Trailer #Craigleon
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#EXPOSED. Same Playbook. Different (manufactured) Epidemic?

"So when #Zika first came .. there was no designated Zika $$," says #Fauci

What did he do until more funding arrived?

Listen 👇

#firefauci #vaccinedeepstatedown

Go to 2nd tweet to see what #FauciTheFraud says NEXT
#fauci borrowed money from himself? Is he the #NIH?

Who is sick of this 💩?

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#COVID19 IS not a "#China not China" thing.
#BillGates & #FAUCI #BIRX #CDC #NIH FUNDED #Wuhan's #WHO accredited BSL4 Lab to do this work, AND planted staff 1 of who is now #Fakebook #Science Director banning ppl for mentioning Wuhan made or even Vitamin C.
China complicit
At the same time the above CORRUPT cabal was doing this virus work, #BillGates ALSO held the event 201 just before military games in #Wuhan outlining pandemic. #CDC hired Pandemic officers all over the country beginning Nov 15th in advance preparation for the grandstanding.
#China at same time was stealing Virus tech from #Canada, #Harvard, #France & other locations, FOR YEARS including Crisper tech. They ALSO Bought off #CharlesLieber to teach them & Set up the Lab with Crisper, MicroChip tech, Virus Engineering, etc. Vials stolen fr #Harvard
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Yes, @RudyGiuliani What An excellent Question


* July '14 CDC lab accidents involving highly pathogenic microbes are mishandled by federal laboratories.
* Oct. '14 Moratorium placed on gain-of-function (GOF) research & funding paused (no mention of coronavirus)

@RudyGiuliani the ban has seemingly grey areas built-in (shocker). It doesn't mention coronaviruses.

*'15 #NIH reportedly outsources GOF research to Wuhan Institute of Virology on coronaviruses, using a $3.7 million grant. Documents? What's #Fauci's role?

* Nov.'17 Study published:"Discovery of a rich gene pool of bat SARS-related #coronaviruses provides new insights."
* Dec. 2019 #NIH lifts GOF research…
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@smc429 @kaitlancollins @realDonaldTrump 1/ The other side also sold stock. Ask @SpeakerPelosi what her husband did in the same time frame. And @SenFeinstein did also. The media conveniently leaves out the fact that both sides have crooks. We need people of integrity.
@smc429 @kaitlancollins @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi @SenFeinstein 2/ since when giving “tide over” money stealing our money? I would say it is just the opposite. @BarackObama never gave us any help. His policies kept us in recession for 8 years!
@smc429 @kaitlancollins @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi @SenFeinstein @BarackObama 3/ Also, the @DNC was the group that passed #ObamaCare which effectively killed health care for self employed. A $10,000 Deductible and $1500 a month, means you spend $28,000/year before healthcare kicks in. Unless you are on welfare. Then it’s free.
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1 #OMRF received $48 million in Aug ‘19 from Fauci’s #NIH to study autoimmune diseases & ways to counter the effects of anthrax bacteria /study bioterrism
- The symptoms of anthrax are almost identical to that of #COVID19
- Anthrax is not spread person to person.
2 You can get it Anthrax from contact with infected animals or animal products, through breaks in the skin, transmissible: Inhalation, Ingestion

The anthrax bacteria could also be used as a biological weapon.

3 The symptoms of anthrax exposure are the same symptoms of COVID19
Only way to detect anthrax is by conducting a blood test specifically for it. Americans want the truth! cc: @cjtruth @QBlueSkyQ @realDonaldTrump @TomFitton @AlexBerenson
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#covid19 : Many speculate #GatesFoundation is linked to the research of “gain of function”. This is when scientists add deadly features to a virus. It was outlawed in US back in '15 by a moratorium but research seemingly migrated to #Wuhan.

Did #Fauci funnel millions to 🇨🇳 ?
Gain-of-function experiments on H7N9…
Human Diseases from Gain-of-Function Mutations in Disordered Protein Regions:
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1) In 2014, Obama put a moratorium on “controversial” viral research taking it out of NC. #Fauci was head of #HIV program at #NIH where they awarded $3.7m tax dollars to Wuhan BSL-4 to further study SARS-CoV-1 as a Trojan Horse to carry #HIV antigenic proteins..
2) To create a vaccine. That may have been the ultimate goal, since SARS-CoV-1 is so efficient at epithelial penetration through its spike protein adherence. This would make the perfect carrier to deposit HIV material for antibody production. Great idea on paper, right?
3) But with repeated warnings about how wreckless scientists in #WuhanBSL-4 have been with bio containment protocol, it’s not surprising that it got out. China and WHO knew they had a problem. This #Novel Coronavirus is novel because it is a SARS-1 chimera and they knew it well
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#COVID19: #NIH (headed by #fauci) gave $3.7million to #WuhanInstituteOfVirology

For What? Why is #NIH STILL listed as a partner?

@Potus blames #CHINA for virus but seemingly there are shenanigans to address.
#Covid19: Who Wants #Fauci Fired for a LITANY of Transgressions

"The Wuhan Institute, which keeps more than 1,500 strains of deadly viruses, specializes in the research of 'the most dangerous pathogens', in particular the viruses carried by bats. "
This is science folks?

"Intestinal samples from sick piglets were ground up and fed to other piglets as well."
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'The Comprehensive Timeline of China’s🦠COVID-19 Lies'

📢Excellent eyeopening read!
RETWEET🇺🇸 #AWAKENING 2 deviousness #CCPVirus #ChinaMustExplain
@POTUS @VP @parscale @GOP @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y @njc0217
@CCTTruthChannel @ReElect20…
🎲 Crap shoot What the Hell?

UPDATE: US @NIH Awarded Wuhan Lab that Studied Bat #Coronavirus a 🤮$3.7 Million US Grant -- AFTER WARNINGS ABOUT THEIR RISKY TESTS!

Disgusting stuff = RETWEET
Was @BillGates the handler?…
🔍TIMELINE: The Early Days of #ChinaCoronavirus outbreak & Cover-Up🎏 RT

*If #CCPchina had acted 3wks earlier🦠virus cases could've been reduced📉 95% geographic spread!🔎
#ChinaMustPay #BioTerrorism
*(Many news source)…
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"The Lancet‘s fraudulent concealment of genetics, and its own conflicting interests, while condemning #coronavirus conspiracy theorists, gives the appearance of “crisis capitalism,” and complicity in the COVID-19-SARS/HIV-1 #Wuhan ‘Event 201‘ biocrime." Image
The 'Scientific' arguments going on behind the scenes on #Covid_19 should be a wake-up call to the 'TRUE' dangers the world is being exposed to! 'BOTH' sides of the argument are labelling the other 'Conspiracy Theorists'. Only one of them can be! Image
The Lancet writes that "Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice...." #Covid_19 Image
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There is no justification for this response. I understand banning all international travel, but shutting the states down over a flustrain is grossly illegal. This isn’t #Ebola & the stats don’t justify it. Only justification is if they got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon deployed
Does anybody think it's odd the national guard is deployed in all 50 states & military troops moving to borders across the world over a flu strain? Shutting down the world economy basically? This isn't Ebola. Something big is going on and the troop movement & confusion is proof.
I wouldn't be surprised if President Trump and the military got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon that was going to be deployed by China. That's my new favorite theory. That they have foreknowledge of something more sinister.
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.@SecAzar on all the morning network shows making the same false claim that "We have & always have had the capacity to test anybody who's suspected of novel coronavirus."

And @GStephanopoulos doesn't challenge him on that.

#COVID19 #coronavirus
'It's Just Everywhere Already': How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response… #coronavirus #COVID19 @nytimes
How the Biogen leadership conference in Boston spread the coronavirus… @BostonGlobe

#COVID19 #coronavirus
Today, a number of #COVID19 hearings on Capitol Hill, including @OversightDems w/ #NIH/ #NIAID Fauci, @CDCDirector @PHEgov Kadlec @DeptofDefense Rauch & @USGAO Currie…
#coronavirus #CDC
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"Even if these allegations proved to be true, there was no spreading of the disease from this," @SecAzar said.

How does he know that?
In the same interview, Azar again claims he's being "radically transparent."…
#COVID19 #coronavirus #FaceTheNation #FTN
@SecAzar A number of members of Congress have said there's no reason why #HHS, #NIH #CDC officials hold those behind-closed-doors #COVID19 briefings on Capitol Hill & they should be open to the public.
@SecAzar keeps insisting he's being "radically transparent." So why close briefings?
@SecAzar .@SecAzar notes don't yet know how WA state man who died contracted #COVID19.
Yet, in same #FaceTheNation interview, Azar insists there was "no spreading of the disease" from ACF employees who may have been unprotected with proper PPE gear.
How does he know?
#coronavirus #FTN
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