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I don't know if #Fauci is dissembling, or if he was unaware of the 2018 & 2019 grants to Peter Daszek of EcoHealth Alliance by the #NIH for gain of function research on coronaviruses, that Daszek subcontracted to Dr. Shi at the #WuhanLab. Daszek spoke about this in December 2019:
Link to the Nicholas Wade article posted at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on May 5, 2021 which revealed the #NIH grants to Ecohealth Alliance that were subcontracted by it's President Peter Daszek to Dr. Shi at the #WuhanLab:…
I'm no fan of #RandPaul. No doubt many of his questions are misleading or disingenuous. Nonetheless, it's clear Fauci misspoke when he claimed the #NIH never funded Gain in Function research on coronaviruses, since the evidence is in the public record.…
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Did US Gov't help create conditions that led to the release of Covid from a Wuhan Lab? Maybe so. read Nicholas Wade's article in posted at Bureau of Atomic Scientists:…
2/ We've been told by #WHO and many scientists and US government officials that the lab leak hypothesis was impossible. But ...
3/ So, why, after no one tracked the coronavirus back to natural emergence, i.e., it's source in the wild, did authorities continue to downplay the possibility of a leak from the Wuhan Lab? Maybe because they were afraid of what a thorough investigation would reveal.
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For decades, receipt of multi-million $$ R01 @NIH grants has been crucial for med school research-focused faculty to gain promotion/tenure. **But this harms individuals & institutions** THREAD on why we must drop this “R01 Golden Ticket” mentality. (1/7)
Why is the #R01GoldenTicket a problematic promotion criteria? First, ⬇️⬇️ in NIH funding paylines has raised the bar ⬆️⬆️ over time. Success rates for R01 proposals were 25%-30%; now hovering far lower: (2/7) Image
This scarcity of funds has predictable results:Recent analyses by Mike Lauer @NIHgrants @NIHDirector showed that fewer than half of NIH Career Development Grant Awardees (a highly selected population) had received an RO1 grant 10 years later. (3/7) Image
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Watch @NickHudsonCT from @PanData19 talk about the “Ugly Truth of COVID-19”
Actuary and data analytics expert.

The false narrative
The unjustifiable fear
The reality

#timetoreopen… Image
2/- #Tedros from @WHO presented a false #Covid19 and #Flu mortality comparison on 3 March 2020 by conflating Case Fatality Rate CFR of Covid mortality with Infection Fatality Rate IFR of Flu mortality which created worldwide fear and panic. This was deliberate. Image
3/- #JohnIoannidis @StanfordMed debunked and refuted #Tedros statement saying CFR 3.4% figure causes horror and was meaningless.
He proved this clinically and @WHO had to publish his paper in Oct 2020.
His results #Covid19 IRF 0.23% and 0.05% for those below 70.
@NickHudsonCT Image
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@adamcifu - the idea that doctors should not be political is why the entire field of #pediatrics walked out on the rest of #medicine. Children don't have the luxury of "every man for himself" mindset. Also, Muslim patients' or atheist patients' autonomy at #endoflife : political
All of us are trained, in residency, on "political" dollars from #Medicare and much of our #EBM is funded by tax dollars from #NIH and elsewhere. Tax dollars are public money, managed by elected officials, who are put in place and held accountable by the political process.
Then there are seemingly extreme examples, but are they so extreme given how often horrific things happen in history & even uptick of violence in the U.S.? Should doctors opt out of protecting vs this? These camps, if formed, may utilize doctors/nurses…
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On #FaceTheNation, Trump's #WarpSpeed chief Moncef Slaoui now trying to claim credit for @POTUS @JoeBiden's success w/ #COVID19vaccinations.

Reminder: Trump wanted much lower $$ for #vaccines R&D. Congress went higher with $8.3B/rejected Trump's $2.5B.…
Another reminder: Trump had no idea #NIH & $MRNA had started on a #COVID19 vaccine in mid-January 2020 based on research funded by the @BarackObama administration.…

Trump himself claims he first heard of #coronavirus in late January.

#FaceTheNation #FTN
Also, NIH & U.S. companies were long into #COVID19 #vaccines R&D before Moncef Slaoui came on the scene with Operation #WarpSpeed.

Slaoui doing a lot of rewriting of history on #FaceTheNation today.

#FTN #COVID19vaccines #COVID19 #COVIDvaccinations #OWS
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This happening today: Confirmation of @XavierBecerra to lead #HHS.

Will @POTUS @JoeBiden soon thereafter identify his nominee to lead #FDA?

#pharma #biotech
Also today, #NIH Fauci, @CDCDirector Walensky & #FDA Peter Marks are back on Capitol Hill -- virtually -- today along with @DavidAKesslerMD to testify this time at @HELPCmteDems on #COVID19 starting at 10amET… #COVIDvaccinations #vaccines #CDC
The House @AppropsDems Commerce, Justice, Science & Related Agencies Subcommittee also examines #COVID19 outbreaks at federal prisons at 2pmET… #MaskUp
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At @WNCathedral, @NIHDirector Francis Collins notes he's been at his "home office where I have essentially been a hermit for the last 12 months trying to manage the largest supporter of biomedical research in the world."

#COVID19 #vaccines #COVIDvaccinations
.@NIHDirector Francis Collins: We all need hope at this time. But hope alone is not a strategy.

#COVID19 #vaccines #COVIDvaccinations #NIH #science
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Interesting observations...

#JohnBrennan was on board with #SaudiArabia's #KINGAbdullah (who died in Jan. 2015.) FOR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. (#KAUST)… Image
This university (#KAUST) houses #Asia’s fastest super computer
(#AI)...… Image
#KAUST also has specialized laboratories…… Image
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Systemic and structural racism are a huge challenge to the health of our nation. #NIH is taking an active stance against racism in all forms. (1/3)
Toward that end, #NIH has launched an effort to end structural racism and racial inequities in biomedical research through a new initiative called UNITE, which has already begun to identify short-term and long-term actions. Learn more: (2/3)
#NIH is seeking input on this effort from the public and stakeholder groups through a Request for Information (RFI) issued today. The RFI will remain open through April 9: (3/3)
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As a clinician trained in chemosensation, early reports of taste and smell loss with #COVID19 piqued my curiosity, and I knew it was something that needed attention. Image
An NIH librarian (who knew what my lab studied) reached out and helped us tremendously by curating the literature on taste and smell. I am still using those resources to develop a #COVID19 #taste and #smell long-hauler study.
A few colleagues and I started a consortium in March 2020 to understand more on #tasteloss and #smellloss with #COVID19. Read our paper here: Image
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News: Janssen Investigational COVID-19 Vaccine: Interim Analysis of Phase 3 Clinical Data Released
Data from the Phase 3 #ClinicalTrial for @JanssenGlobal’s single dose #COVID19 vaccine shows it's 85% effective in preventing severe disease & completely protects against hospitalization & death, including from variant strains in the U.S., Latin America, & South Africa. (1/4)
Overall results showed the vaccine is 72% effective in the U.S. at preventing moderate (generally symptomatic #COVID19 that could include symptoms ranging from cough, sore throat and fever to pneumonia, difficulty breathing, & deep vein thrombosis) & severe illness. (2/4)
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1. 10/17/14 Gain of Function Research Pause per the WH- PAY ATTENTION to the FUNDING part 💴 👇🏽 #optics #Fauci #CYA
2. 10/21/14

St Judes Research Hospital #GainOfFunction #Covid

“Notice of partial stop work order”
NIAID contract # HHSN27220140006C

Dr. Malik Peiris from University of Hong Kong is one of the CC’d individuals

6 Projects specified in notice (closeup in last ss) EXPAND
3. 10/30/14
FOLLOW UP notice
to ST JUDES 👇🏽
“CLARIFICATION of notice to stop work order”

“Encouraging researchers to pause voluntarily”
“NIAID doesn’t have the exact details of the each experiment you are planning to conduct”
Sect Chief of Respiratory Diseases Branch
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A friend works for @HHSGov (agency that houses @CDCgov, #NIH , etc): they got an email from new HHS leadership within minutes after inauguration and CDC all-hands meeting scheduled ASAP.

This is a big deal. This makes me feel hopeful.

2/ I realized yesterday that the public genuinely don’t realize how badly the Trump administration has botched the #COVID19 response. Here’s an example re: their vaccine distribution planning…
3/ I’ve seen lots of pundits criticize public health people & our response to #COVID19. And I thought it was partially trolling/partially willful ignorance...
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The U.S. surpassed 350,000 reported deaths from #COVID19 last night.…

And Trump, Pence & Alex Azar are doing what about it today?

Where is the accountability for these deaths?

As of yesterday #CDC says 13,071,925 doses of #COVID19 #vaccines distributed but only 4,225,756 administered.…

Recall, Alex Azar pushed back against any additional funds for states to administer vaccines. #HHS was also slow to distribute #CARESAct funds.
Fauci on #ThisWeek: "There's no running away from the numbers."
"The deaths are real deaths."

Meanwhile, Trump remains in denial & continues to undermine #CDC's #publichealth experts.

#COVID19 #pandemic #vaccines
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Azar on @CBSThisMorning insisting it's important for him to get $MRNA #COVID19 vax today b/c he's a "leader."
Azar's wife tested positive & he's refusing to quarantine & he's been at photo ops/briefings.
Today, he'll be at #NIH, putting Fauci, @NIHDirector, others at risk
Is it leadership to refuse to quarantine, claim you're an "essential worker" to get around that quarantine, hold photo ops putting others potentially at risk, not to mention stepping in front of health care workers at #NIH to get $MRNA #COVID19 vaccine?
1 month left Azar at #HHS
Would it have shown better leadership to follow #CDC's advice, #stayhome & #quarantine after being exposed to #COVID19 & wait your turn to get $MRNA vaccine rather than stepping in front of critical health care workers?

Azar claimed he gets the shot today b/c he's a "leader."
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.@NIHDirector Collins, please answer this question:

Azar isn't following #CDC guidelines. His wife tested positive for #COVID19.

What example is Azar setting by potentially exposing Fauci, others at #NIH Tuesday - so that Azar can be part of the $MRNA vaccine photo op?
Azar has refused to acknowledge the deaths of 320,000 Americans from #COVID19 on his watch. Every time he's asked about it, he finds a way to turn the question into something all about himself/personal life or just moves on & claims victory with #vaccines/drugs, etc.
Now within days of his wife testing positive for #COVID19, Azar - who hasn't been quarantining & has been doing photo ops/briefings - will be at #NIH to get one of the first shots of $MRNA vaccine, standing near Drs. Fauci & @NIHDirector Collins.

Why is NIH allowing this?
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President-elect @JoeBiden got the $PFE - $BNTX #COVID19 vaccine at @christianacare, administered by Tabe Masa, a nurse practitioner & head of employee health services at the hospital.
@DrBiden got her shot of $PFE - $BNTX vaccine earlier today.
Meanwhile, #NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, @NIHDirector Francis Collins & @NIHClinicalCntr frontline workers will get $MRNA #COVID19 shot tomorrow morning 10amET. Azar also will get the vaccine. #NIH #vaccines
Keep in mind tomorrow when Azar is getting $MRNA #COVID19 shot that he has overseen this calamity, downplayed it, sidelined @DrNancyM_CDC & #CDC experts & refuses to acknowledge 318,000 Americans are dead on his watch.
He again ignored the number of dead during today's briefing.
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