1.Well You guys asked and we couldn't handle the hype of delivering our @GuildOfGuardian report 🧵

Have a GOG read⬇️

#GOG is a mobile #blockchain multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their #NFT dream team of Guardians and compete in a #guild to earn epic rewards
2.The game is developed by @StepicoGame and built on @Immutable.

#GOG ambitious goal started in early 2020 and it is set to take off thanks to these 4 main areas where the GOG team wants to focus the most when making the #blockchain game.
3.@Immutable is a #layer2 #protocol that will in fact power the core technology that allows users to trade with zero #gasfee and with much higher #TPS (transactions per second) compared to @Ethereum.

This is a key point when it comes to #gaming infrastructure ⬇️
Imagine how many transactions you have in a game, you cannot let the user pay #gasfees for each and every interaction with the #Blockchain, otherwise it will kill both the fun and the economy of the game itself.
4. The global Video Games market is mainly driven by #mobilegames.

The performance of smartphones and tablets nowadays allows for very computation-intensive applications.
Modern devices even use special graphic processor units (#GPU) and work on a very high standard hardware.
5. As @GuildOfGuardian is a mobile game, I wanted to focus this segment especially on the growth of mobile games and the main market where most of the apps are distributed: @AppStore and @GooglePlay Store.
6. @GuildOfGuardian aims to create a billion $ economy.

To do so, it needs to create a stable Business Model enabling the whole ecosystem to flourish.

The team opens many possibilities for those who are willing to build something for their core game.
7. The team said clearly they won't allow any #paytowin mechanics, so no items will be sold in their store.

I suppose the only way to obtain items in the #game is either by trading with other players in the game's marketplace (as an #NFT) or earning it via the game itself.
8. The game is set in a fantasy world where players can play as mages, warriors, elves, orcs and more!

There won't be any "open world environment", although the GoG team stated that they might look into it post launch.

Team strategy is as important as skill ⬇️
The team composition and synergies matter:

There are rumors of a combo system that would allow skilled players who dodge and time attacks correctly to rack up higher damage numbers.

The game will initially be #PVE only, with more #gameplay modes and features, added as it grows.
9. #GOG has an internal #Guild system which is for those players that love the endgame of a #multiplayer (the best in class for each item, ability and so on. Imagine like playing the game with the best items).

The only way to create NFT items in @GuildOfGuardian is from Guilds⬇️
Players can contribute to their guild to craft #blockchain (#NFT) items, which will automatically be sent to the market to be sold.

The profits will be split proportional to each player's contribution.
10. Which type of #NFT are currently available?

Most of the founder sale Hero #NFTs available are only sold via 2nd marketplace as the #minting already happened.

here is what you can buy currently:

.Energy Boosters
11. Heroes in @GuildOfGuardian are found from summoning, which can be done by purchasing a summon (buying and #minting the #NFT) or playing the game and earning summoning #shards.

Each hero will have its playstyle, strength and weaknesses.
12. Pets are creatures binded to your team that will give you various benefits:

Look at it as a companion that you can use in your fights during the dungeon, this will give you bonuses both for the resource crafting and the increased item drop chances.
13. Each hero comes with the energy stats that will decrease when entering #dungeons, the energy system implemented in #GOG works as a fatigue for the hero.

If the player enters too many dungeons in one day, the hero will get penalties such as stat reductions.

Why is it so? ⬇️
The #playtoearn economy needs to be as balanced as possible:

Limiting the amount of "earn", is a healthy way of keeping the #token price alive and not getting flooded by the inflation of those that are selling.

It can also benefit the scarcity of certain items available in game
This is a system that is well used in plenty of games, as an ex @Warcraft gamer, I knew the pain and hustle you had to go through when waiting an entire week to be able to redo your favorite dungeon and hope for the right drop to come in your hand.

What a time to be alive!
The energy booster #NFT comes into play in this case.

This will allow you with a permanent boost to the hero's energy and it will:

➡️ Remove the fatigue rate increase a hero would suffer when going into a #Dungeon.

➡️ Allow players to use their favorite Hero more often.
14. 💰 The words for the #P2E or #playandearn is pretty much self explanatory, but how are you able to do it in @GuildOfGuardian ?
15. The in-game currency called Gems ($GOG token) is an #ERC20 #token that will serve as the fuel for the economy and it's #playandearn and votes functionalities.

The #token sale made on @CoinList was over demand by 82x, with $5.3m bought by 10,000+ people across 100 countries⬇️
$GOG will be earned through certain gameplay scenarios (we suppose stuff like completing quests, defeating bosses?) 🎮

Gems will also be tradable and used to perform premium actions that involve creating new in-game #blockchain #assets (#NFT for example).
The team will also reward those that contribute to the growth of the #game and community through $GOG incentives that will increase the overall #gaming experience.

Gems are required to mint any #NFT, and fixed distribution of Gems for player will prevent unsustainable growth.
16. Honestly this is one of the most fair and well distributed #crypto gaming #tokenomics I have seen:

More than 60% of the whole supply is destined to those that will play the game or help it grow.

The supply for $GOG is divided as follow:
17. The private #investors have a tiny part of the supply (5%) which means less selling pressure from those with a fair large amount of #tokens.

Devs got a 20% allocation, remember that those will help make the #game better by translating #players ideas into an actual thing ⬇️
The overall #vesting and #cliffing strategy is clear and well balanced; this will allow the ecosystem to grow in a healthy and linear path.

What catches my eye are the three main areas that will basically receive the most #tokens, areas that will be building the overall #game.
18. The partner and investors range is relevant and not ones that are going undetected.

Just to give you few names @Ubisoft @Immutable @TheSandboxGame @coinbase @naavik_co.

We also spotted one of the most well known #P2E #Guilds such as @YieldGuild, both investor and partner⬇️
19. It was easy to sneak some data from the last YGG treasury report (Sep 2021) and the #investment made in @GuildOfGuardian #NFTs is in the 3 Million U.S. Dollars range. 💸
20. @GuildOfGuardian has also a decent media coverage which helps getting more exposure.

Other than a nice collab with @NRGgg a professional #gaming and entertainment company.
21. If you arrived here, thank you for reading through that.

Will close it shortly by saying that we had a general good feeling going through the whole analysis.

They got me (or GoG me?) when they expressed the willingness of building their game around the community 🫂⬇️
I know the key role the community plays in the process, so major props to the team for setting the focus right.

We will see what 2022 holds for us as it is the year we are supposed to see the first product coming out.
23. For the full analysis with more insights and data, please visit our medium link in bio.


This is not in any case financial advice, always DYOR.

• • •

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