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1/124 This thread is going to examine & dissect the very specific behavioral-patterns, underlying market-architecture, fraudulent scientific methods, orthodox rituals of the vast pharma-wasp nest set around the queen wasp Christian Drosten (@c_drosten). #wild #ride #PCRGate
2/124 We'll examine the inner circle arranged around Christian Drosten's real time #PCR-test-religion; key wasp nest stakeholders are: Olfert Landt (@tibmolbiol), Andreas Nitsche (Tib-Molbiol, now @rki_de), @MarionKoopmans, @MackayIM, @DrTedros (@WHO), @wef and many more.
3/124 My prior thread scratched the surface when it comes to huge 'conflicts of interest' in regards to undeniable scientific bias & staggering commercial partiality, also already tracing the international scheme-vector Berlin to Australia.
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You may know this:
UK #InternalMarket Bill has arrived @UKHouseofLords.
But prob. no debate til after crunch EU Council, i.e. week after next.

But what you may not know:
It looks quite different to way it did before, inc. *big* amendments to part on N.Ireland #Protocol...
1/8 Picture of Part 5 of the UK Internal Market bill first page
Eagle-eyed viewers among you will have spotted the first change.
The clauses have different numbers #⃣
Part 5 now starts with 42, not 40.

So the contentious clauses (which, "yes, do break international law") are now:
44 [export declns],
45 [state aid]
& 47 [law? schmaw!].

The amendments made in @HouseofCommons (covered here) were proposed by the UK Govt.

Clause 42 (GB to NI) no change.

Clause 43: changes to allow new checks to occur NI to GB for certain purposes.

These amendments allow such checks for
* VAT & Excise
* GB biosecurity

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First reaction to this UKG statement on the 'Notwithstanding' clauses:

It is quite the opposite of reassuring.

TL;DR Less of a climbdown than a feint.


The statement shows the UK Internal Market Bill was only the half of it...

At the end it promises more such moves to come in the Finance Bill,
"inc. the same Parliamentary process that the Govt has committed to for the UKIM Bill" to related to "tariffs on GB-NI movement"...

This is a statement for those not familiar with the NI/IRL Protocol - i.e. it is aimed at MPs who may still have niggles about the whole 'putting law-breaking into law' thing.

It is certainly not one intended to address the key matter, or to rebuild necessary trust with EU.

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N.Ireland is once again the rope in the UK/EU tug of war.

(we've been here before, several times 🙄😩)

Both claim to be acting on the grounds of the Good Friday/Belfast 1998 Agreement.

Both have a point…

But it’s complicated.

A twitter thread.
#Brexit #GFA
The Belfast/Good Friday #Agreement has 3 strands.

These strands represent the lines of division that gave rise to the #conflict:
* unionist/nationalist within NI,
* north/south across the border, &
* British/Irish.

The B/GFA formalised cooperation across these lines.
Crucially, all are #interdependent.

Underpinning it all is the British-Irish relationship

That relationship was improved & became closer as a result of being ‘partners in the EU’ 🇪🇺

The EU was also a go-to model for some of that cross-border & multilevel cooperation.
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40 year old male - presented with chest pain and one episode of loss of consciousness at home from which he recovered in few seconds spontaneously. Came to ER with ongoing chest pain and hypotension. ECG - SR, extensive AW STEMI #MedTwitter #cardiotwitter #COVID19 #SCA
Given Heparin, loading doses of DAPT and Tirofiban started. Shifted on nor adrenaline infusion to Cath lab. Angio done from RFA. #femoral pt in pulmonary edema .. angio showed thrombus in distal left main with slow flow in LAD
Stented from LMCA to LAD. Intubated and put on ventilator as pulmonary edema worsened. Stable. Pressure 90-100 systolic on Dopa and noradrenaline. EF 35% AW Akinetic. IABP inserted.
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The #Brexit #Protocol Press Release from UK Gov today was titled
“Major £650 million investment for Northern Ireland” 💸
Which is one way of putting it.

Another might be: “This is costing us a pretty packet… & we’re only warming up”.

Thread (containing a beautiful SLIDE!)
Most of that £££££ is to fund a Trader Support Service #TSS to help businesses manage the new regime for getting goods into NI from GB & RoW.

The TSS is "new & unprecedented".

See @AnnaJerzewska's razor sharp analysis of quite what that means.


Never been done before.
It's only being announced now.
Still at procurement stage.

Yet UKG promise it will be operational in September.

Movement of goods from GB-NI will be depending on it come 1 January 2021.

Let’s just say, we are cutting it fine.

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Good morning everyone, it’s @SDonatta on the account today, talking all things #research and #researchnurses alongside @HeatherB18 and @Sammycad77 join us @WeStudentNurse @WeNurses @UHBResearch #HCPnetwork #whywedoresearch
But first #tea . What’s your brew of choice?
My first job in #research was as a #clinicaltrialsassistant during my uni years and I quickly learnt it was different from the research taught at university as part of #nursing curriculum #HCPnetwork
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For many different reasons, it is important that our kids can return to school. And there are countries who have done so safely and successfully.
But there are several practical things to consider when our kids are going back to school. A long thread of questions on #covid :
1. How do we keep kids safe in the classroom? How do we maintain 6ft distance? Half days of kids with classes at half capacity ? Plexiglass shields around desks? Everyone wears masks ?
#covid19 #school #protocol @DShepYEG @AdrianaLaGrange @CMOH_Alberta
2. If a teacher tests positive for COVID19 they will have to quarantine for at least 10 days. What does that mean for the kids they teach?If they teach 2 classes of 20 kids each.All 40 kids would have to quarantine for 10 days too
#covid19 @DShepYEG @AdrianaLaGrange @CMOH_Alberta
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echt schandalig! 1. geen nulmeting en risicoplanning VOOR openen scholen 2. er zijn inmiddels 40 scholen besmet bizar dat @arieslob dit niet registreert. #kinderen worden niet of amper getest
Zorgen bij scholen over zicht op coronavirus…
3. en actief ontmoedigingsbeleid #testen door @GGDGHORNL 4. #kinderen even besmettelijk als volwassenen 5. GEEN gedegen onderzoek @rivm wel vroegtijdige conclusies 6. Onjuiste onvolledige niet tijdige of gewoon GEEN communicatie @rivm dus #scholen en #ouders niet geinformeerd
7. aanmoedigen met snottebellen gewoon naar #school #kinderdagverblijf8. @GGDGenV denkt ouders van #kwestbare gezinnen te gaan opleggen dat deze #kinderen naar school moeten bij een snottebel protocol?? ! 9. #kinderen vertonen andere symptomen en @RIVM verzaakt daarop te wijzen
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Ireland has a sparkling new Programme for Government on the table 🇮🇪✨#programmeforgovernment

What does it say about #NIreland & about #Brexit?

A #thread on the stand-out points.

(H/T @ConorHouston_ for the starting link!)

On #Brexit future UK-EU:
-IRL sees itself at the ‘centre of negotiations’
-Will maintain ‘constant’ contact with EU's UKTaskForce
-Wants close #UK-EU relationship
-Has all EU’s 🇪🇺priorities in there as its own…
-Notes full implementation of WA = key to an FTA
On implementing #WithdrawalAgmt IRL:
- Promises ‘active participation’ in Specialised Committee
(which means, according to UKG promise, NI Exec reps should be present too)

- Emphasis on rights dimensions of #protocol

- To seek ‘strong commitments’ from UKG to #ECHR (hmmm)

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I know you have loads to worry about right now but here’s a #Brexit one to make a mental note of for future reference.

The #IrishSeaBorder & the NI #Protocol 🌊

We've a bit of a conundrum here & we need to spell it out.
Because it cd matter BIG TIME.

[sorry 🙄]
@MichelBarnier reiterated today, the EU is being crystal clear:
The UK needs to get a move on in prepping for customs procedures for goods entering NI from GB.

This means a ‘harder’ Irish Sea border.
But it is what it agreed to in the #Protocol.
But the UK is being somewhat blasé so far 🤷‍♂️

For it does mean barriers to trade within UK internal market.

We’re talking customs declarations, checks [no point in the former without the latter] & inevitable new controls, inc. products of animal origin (mad cow anyone?)🐮

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The EU has written twice to the UK requesting an Office in N.Ireland 📝

As @tconnellyRTE reported, the UK said No 🙅‍♂️

@DPhinnemore & I looked into it.

Turns out ***SURPRISE!! *** it's more complicated than you'd think.

And ALOT is riding on it ...

The leaders of 4 NI parties wrote a joint letter to @10DowningStreet urging the UK reconsider.

They described the rejection as "a breach of trust at this critical stage".

And pointed out that the #Protocol gives the EU a "right to be present" in NI.

Sure enough, Article 12 of #Protocol is pretty explicit:
☑️EU wants a technical presence
☑️UK committed to enabling it.

As far as EU is concerned, this is pay-off for giving NI free access to Single Market.

But now UK is demurring cos seems bit of an ouch for sovereignty.
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(1/5) #TRON is about to beta-test its shielded transaction.🛡️⛓️
Shielded transactions hide:
1⃣Sender and receiver’s addresses;
2⃣Transaction input and output;
3⃣Amount transacted.
(2/5) The shielded transaction uses zk-SNARK (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) to implement a completely shielded transaction.
Zero-knowledge proofs rely on a set of public parameters👇
(3/5) We’re using a multi-party computation (MPC) protocol to construct these parameters transparently and securely, in order to prevent malicious attacks from shielded transactions.
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Of all the things I've written on #Brexit, this is definitely the most quirky. 🏏

The 'night watchman' metaphor is to emphasise that the relevant parts of the #Protocol on NI/IRL need only kick in for any period when UK-EU conditions are sub-optimal.

It's an opinion piece primed for the #Ashes.

Co-authored with Bishop John McDowell, we argue the Protocol needs to be understood/designed as an interim arrangement that may or may not be called upon.

Allowing for this would avoid the mistake of risking all at this stage.

The purpose of the 'night watchman' in cricket is to avoid unnecessary losses and risks. Seems appropriate.

Somewhat unusually (for half an op ed), I dedicate this to my old English teacher, J.F.T.Gibbons from Newbury - a tremendous cricket fan & a sage & cherished friend.
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Worth outlining in full Lady Sylvia Hermon's Q to the PM in @HouseofCommons this afternoon (16:59).

And his response, which doesn’t answer the Q & which presents as a ‘simple fact’ something easily provable as untrue & which only serves to fuel the fears of unionists in NI.

@HouseofCommons Lady Hermon says she thinks the PM “owes the people of N.Ireland some explanation as to why he and his govt have treated for treating the @BelfastAgmt with such a careless & cavalier manner.

That Agreement has kept stability & #peace in NI since it was signed 21 years ago.”

@HouseofCommons @BelfastAgmt “It is reported that the Crown Solicitor’s Office has advised the govt that a #NoDeal #Brexit would be in contravention of the 1998 Agmt."
Hermon calls on PM "to publish today in full -& he owes it to the people of NI & to the House- any legal advice he has received" on this.
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Who isn’t fed up of the #Brexit hell-on-wheels show?
We want certainty, agreement, realism... In fact, we need compromise!

Could the #MalthouseCompromise be the olive branch that shows sign of dry land on the distant horizon? 🕊️
(I'm thinking esp of you, @BorderIrish)
The Malthouse Compromise involves 2 Plans.
Plan A: limit transition to Dec 2021 & then go to ‘A Better Deal’.
Plan B: have a quasi transition period & prepare for WTO rules kicking in on 1 Jan 2021.
The choice is clear for the EU, right?
…it’s not.
Because the #MalthouseCompromise really doesn’t meet the challenges that the Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement tries to meet.

Let’s remember the purpose of the Protocol:

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‘A Better Deal’?

If you are looking for a workable alternative to the Protocol on NI/IRL in the #WithdrawalAgreement, & if you are worried about @BorderIrish & @BelfastAgmt, I'm afraid this isn't it.

Here's a thread that is as tight as possible.
First, don’t be fooled by the legalise & jargon.

It cannot be a serious legal text if it assumes that parties can simply “agree not to place physical infrastructure or introduce related checks and controls on the Irish border in any circumstances” (as per para 2).

It is not in the gift of these parties to make such a guarantee without proper consideration of consequences for their international trade partners + responsibilities to their own consumers.

What this proposes in terms of 'Irish border measures' doesn't cut it (more anon.).
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Here we go: Very initial impressions of the #WithdrawalAgreement's Protocol on NI/IRL #backstop, drawing heavily on UK Explainer of the same. 1/8
First, some general points I think are worth noting, mainly about how the UK is trying to frame it & what has changed in the Preamble to the #Protocol.
To the #backstop, which is now about avoiding north/south AND east/west barriers... at least at face value.
UK keen to emphasise its temporary nature & unlikely implementation.
Initial decision on whether it comes into force will have to be made by 1 July 2020 & by the UK.
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104 pages of the #Brexit #WhitePaper reduced to 10 slides.
Especially for those concerned for @BorderIrish, @BelfastAgmt,
& with more sense than time.

@DPhinnemore & I have scrutinised the WP in light of #JointReport commitments to NI/IRL & the UK's alternative #backstop.
A bit of context-setting (plus explanation of our imaginative colour coding).

The White Paper is in part an effort by UK govt to prove a NI-specific #backstop to be unnecessary. But remember Protocol for NI/IRL in the Withdrawal Agmt is abt much more than a customs border.

A reminder of where we are up to on that Protocol on NI/IRL in the draft Withdrawal Agreement.

With added stars 🌟 to identify which bits the White Paper attempts to address (or negate) most directly.

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OK - here goes! My take on the legal issues around #BIM and #winfieldrock...
#BIM has huge potential for improving collaboration, particularly early stage, in #construction and thereby reducing #disputes and #performancegap
Problem is the limited take-up particularly among private sector – reasons include lack of knowledge (of how to use and of benefits), lack of standardisation (in what BIM means and in proprietary programmes used, although moving towards #Revit – barrier for SMES)
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Critically ill Russian national is 66yo Sergei Skripal, former intel colonel/double agent granted refuge in UK after a 2010 "spy swap" between US & Russia. He and a woman were apparently poisoned in/near Salisbury shopping center.
Ex-Russian spy & daughter 'poisoned' in UK sparks fears of another Kremlin-backed hit. Investigators scrambling to identify the chemical used. Skripal feared for his life after his wife died in a car crash & his son was killed in a road incident..…
UK warns Kremlin over poisoning of ex-spy Skripal & his daughter. Recalling Litvinenko murder, FM Johnson said UK was "in the lead across the world" in trying to counteract a "host of malign activity" by Russia.

Skripal's brother, son & wife have been killed in the last 2 year.
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