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Crypto Economics vs Tokenomics (Thread)

Are crypto economics and tokenomics the same thing? No. Tokenomics is a subset of crypto economics.

#economics #tokens #cryptocurrency #DeFi #blockchain #incentives
Crypto economics is about 3 things:

1. Messages in the past (through cryptography)

2. Economic incentives to be used in the present (through game theory and mechanism design)

3. Desired system properties in the future (through token design)
Tokenomics (or token economics) is a subset of crypto economics. It is basically economics of the token; aka the crypto project. It does not include the crypto-system (aka blockchain technology like #ETH, #NEO, #NEM).
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15 MG y 10 RT y explico mis razones para creer que $ADA es un gran proyecto
📅 | 14/05/2021 | #HiloInstintoFinanciero 40

Hoy vamos hablar de la deseada ( $ADA )

🔹 Definiciones
🔹 Horizonte
🔹 Cardstarter
🔹 SundaeSwap
🔹 Liqwid
🔹 Charli3
🔹 Occam Finance
¿Por qué $ADA? ¿Por qué podría invertir en este activo?

¡Acá te lo voy a contar!

🔹 Es una criptomoneda #DeFi
🔹 Tiene menor impacto medioambiental
🔹 Asegurada por el sistema proof of stake
🔹 Es una de las únicas monedas que no sufrió frente a los anuncios de #ElonMusk
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#SolarPower #GoGreen #KenyaPower #Tokens - #electricity
Kenya Power incurred Sh16 billion in system losses more than what is allowed by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra) to be passed on to electricity consumers.
The monopoly bought 11,462 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity from its main supplier KenGen and other Independent Power Producers (IPPs) last year, but sold 8,773GWh, with the rest (23.46 percent) being lost along the way or stolen.
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1/ Early-stage #crypto projects need to stop designing plain vanilla governance #tokens and start adding extra functionalities that make the protocols more valuable if they want to stay relevant. An analysis of top 5 #DeFi governance tokens below: 👇
2/ Compound’s $COMP is a pure governance token with no added functionalities, this has most likely resulted in its low market cap to TVL ratio compared to other projects. While it’s an OG project with a great product, it should do more token design work to reclaim its top place.
3/ Synthetix’s $SNX is used as collateral for minting synthetic assets and accrues fees for trading the assets on the protocols’s exchange. $SNX is a prime example a functional positive feedback loop in token design (more volume = more fees = higher collateral value of $SNX).
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@GoingParabolic #Verus is a truly free, #decentralized protocol and rent-free #blockchain framework that provides chain #interoperability that can scale to the world. It’s not just a protocol, but an ecosystem of interconnected blockchains.

@GoingParabolic Once on mainnet, the Verus #DeFi system will be a fractal, market-driven, & completely liquid worldwide network of independently valued currencies and protocol-based currency baskets that allows anyone holding Verus to perform cross-chain transactions, launch a fractional reserve
@GoingParabolic Token and merge #mine and #stake on up to 22 #blockchains at once.
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The paradox of #decentralization and team #Leadership defines the future of #Crypto ecosystem. Excited to share my perspective on progressive decentralization in this thread
It starts with the purpose of the token. Is the project using the token to enable community ownership or is it predominantly inclined towards crowd funding ? #tokenization #crypto
Tokens inclined towards #Community #Ownership are on the right path towards progressive decentralization
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Rise of the #CBDC: we just published a major analysis of drivers, #technologies and policy approaches.… [some details/thread]
We start by measuring the stance towards issuance in #centralbank #communication. We investigates the cross-country drivers, the technologies central banks pursue, and their policy approaches. #money #innovation #DLT
We examine how #centralbanks are involving the private sector in CBDC design, whether they employ a #DLT-based infrastructure, whether they opt for account-based access or #privacy-preserving #tokens, and whether their focus is on domestic or international #payments.
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I have been asked how this would work. I welcome you to join me on a journey how #cashless #casino's could operate in 2020. I'll explain it based on the example of "Awesome Casino Vegas" or "ACV" which I made up for this example.

This is the exciting future in a thread... (1/x)
ACV is a #casino in #vegas and needs to go cashless. They choose to issue a stable #token on the #CSCL. $1= 1ACVT. They have their own branded #whitelabel version of the #casinocoin #BrankrollManager. Their customers can purchase #tokens at a cash cage... (2/x)
...or via #debit/#credit (and #crypto 😉) via the wallet. Customers get #KYC'ed on the fly when onboarding during the wallet setup. All transactions can be pinned down to an individual. They know exactly who is who and who did what and when. (3/x)
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One issue w/ @HesterPeirce's proposed #token #safeharbor is what to do with platforms that do not reach "#networkmaturity." Are those #tokens then securities? Is all prior trading of those tokens impropoer? A potential solution to unscramble this egg: Force all trading of
those issuer's tokens to be conducted on a custodial platform (ATS lite?) where the issuer can freeze the tokens and if, after 3 years, the issuer hasn't reached "network maturity," and then be forced to disgorge back to buyers. /2
Is this better or worse than simply requiring the use of an #ATS? Is it more reasonable to steer folks to RegA+ rather than to require issuers to run or contract for centralized mini-exchanges? (this would be more compelling if more A+'s made it thru qualification) /3
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As a term, #SmartSecurities > Securities Tokens.
Avoids confusion around asset classes. #SmartSecurities are part of the equity asset class, but with a significantly upgraded wrapper & features-- the term, #SmartSecurities, makes that clear.
Combining "security + token" into one phrase was always a little off because it combines two asset classes into one phrase, which consistently confuses people.
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Attribute the success of Binance and that of most #tokens to people's love for gambling. Not to the tokens' present or future usefulness.
Many ICOs are for excellent ideas that do not require a blockchain, yet choose the ICO road rather than looking for equity investors, creating a useless token in the process.
Having to acquire a token to pay for the services of a company or platform is an unnecessary annoyance. Food for now, hunger for later.
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1/ Maybe, but here’s a YUGE prob for securities #tokens: do you need a securities brokerage account just to use the token? Most brokers & their custodians prob won’t integrate with a #blockchain, which means these incumbents can kill the industry simply by not integrating &...
2/ ...thus impeding the token’s use value & preventing it from ever building network effects. If every token must be a security, then @SEC_News should allow wallets to hold securities tokens for short-term, transactional purposes outside of securities brokers. Not doing that...
3/ ...would effectively give the incumbent securities industry the right to block securities tokens & the token industy would just leave the US. That would be anti-competitive, bad policy & just morally wrong. I hope the @SEC_News will get this policy right. #utilitytokens
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1/ While I appreciate the work of @CoinMarketCap & the many other token data aggregators, it’s important to recognize none of them represent the entire #cryptoasset reality.
2/ When people new to the space first realize @CoinMarketCap has ~1,500 #cryptoassets listed, many will exclaim, “Wow, that’s a lot!” But in reality, that’s just the tip of the iceberg...
3/ consider, for example, that @wavesplatform has 12,297 #tokens that have been launched on its platform and trade on its internal DEX.
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