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The Collapse of Financial System is well underway! Rishi Sunak & co are plunging the 70yrs of hard work of 10’s of millions of hard working Citizens up the spout! You will own Nothing as they say👇🏼 The collapse has began! Soon all will be dependent on the state! Wake up Stand Up! ImageImageImageImage
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Next steps to handle #climate #crisis
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Climate change transition keeps going. To be able manage new and upcoming challenges/crisis we as #civilizations needs to thinking about rebuilding our life in new more sustainable #zero #emissions way.
To increase global efforts for making #environment more friendly for upcoming generations @setcoingroup launching @dseinnovations Infratech fund structure for investments primarily into #Greenfield projects and #Brownfield (operational) #assets
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Of #smart #cities, advanced #transport solutions #Hyperloop, #renewables energy facilities, renewable storage batteries, #solar roads constructions etc

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#innovations #environnement #Sustainability #esg #green #economy
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What key 8 difference between permissioned #blockchain #setcoin & public blockchain #bitcoin?
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#investing #Finance #finanstwitter #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptoart #defi #altcoin #CryptoNews #ethereum #Dodgers Image
1. #ESG Compatible with limited energy usage to deploy and run ledgers and nodes.
2. #Scalability: much faster validation, and transaction execution;
3. Generating income from real sector #assets;
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#fintech #banking #cbdc #CryptoTownEU #DigitalCurrency #NFTgaming
4. Advanced #identity system for #digital #assets owners #validation;
5. Facilitating #green & #cycling economy transition
6. Diversification between income of green buildings, #renewables, #smartcities, #agtech, vertical farming, technology sector private equity assets
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/02/2021…
Israeli scholars find millions-year-old human traces in ‘Miracle’ Cave…

#israel #HumanHistory #caves #archaeology #discovery
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@mbaldin @joaoamoedonovo Diferencie as coisas e atribua algum senso de #prioridades para uma nação continental, tal qual 👉🏿🇧🇷🔫:

"@ArthurLira_ minimiza troca na @petrobras e destaca apoio do @govbr à autonomia do #BC @BancoCentralBR"…
@mbaldin @joaoamoedonovo @ArthurLira_ @petrobras @govbr @BancoCentralBR #RespostaPadrão #DiscoRachado #PrerrogativadoPR

"Rodrigo Pacheco @rpsenador diz que #Bolsonaro tem prerrogativa para nomear #militares" | #Prerrogativa toma precedência sobre #estratégia de recuperação da nação? 🤔 É só concordar ou ponderar?… @Enfoque MS
@mbaldin @joaoamoedonovo @ArthurLira_ @petrobras @govbr @BancoCentralBR @rpsenador @Enfoque #RespostaPadrão #DiscoRachado #PrerrogativadoPR

“Não entendo isso como movimento de #militarização, mas de uma escolha de pessoas que, dentro da #confiança do presidente, possam exercer esses papeis. Se eu estivesse no lugar do presidente, meu governo seria composto...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/20/2021…
The mathematical case against blaming people for their misfortune | Psyche Ideas…

#risk #misfortune #mathematics
Unlocking 'the shape of water' in mechanisms of antibiotic resistance…

#shape #antibiotic #resistance #water
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We started investing in #NFT's in 2018 with the strong belief that gaming will drive blockchain mass adoption create a new digital economy some of our thinking in tweet style below $REVV $SAND #animoca @animocabrands @TheSandboxGame share/comment if you like this format for more
Quick reminder of the "traditional" gaming industry with 2.6 (some say 2.7) billion gamers in the world today that last year spent over over 150 billion dollars
that is more than film and music combined
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Read this book at the time of #CAMS #IPO.
A brilliant read to know about the #growth trajectory of the #company & why it's only starting.

@YMehta_ @finthusiasts @nid_rockz @manurishiguptha @MadrasMobile @MarketScientist
@AnyBodyCanFly @ipo_mantra

Thread coming.👇 Image
Foreword by- Mr. Deepak Parekh, Chairman @HomeLoansByHDFC

He writes about India's #economy post #Liberalization & how #companies that have come up have one thing in common- #knowledge.

#CAMS began as a #software development & #computer education firm, moved to share registry services handling #IPO's, later became a Registrar & Transfer Agent (#RTA). It now also handles documentation requirements in #banking, #insurance & #microfinance.

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Xiao Gang says during 14th 5-Year Plan, China needs to carefully manage 5 relationships: that between inheritance & innovation, between the market & the government, between opening-up & independence, between development & safety, and between development strategies & tactics. 1/8
The Chinese government newly proposed that supply-side structural reforms should remain as the emphasis of efforts, while demand-side management also deserve due attention. 2/8
Xiao believes that to promote the new development pattern of #dualcirculation, the key is to balance the upgrade of the supply side and the expansion of consumer demands. 3/8
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Recently, Dr. Shiller suggested that #valuations really aren't that high once you fall in the #Fed trap of using #earnings #yields and #low #rates to justify it. The problem is it is a #rationalization to justify overpaying for #assets.…
The main problem in using low-interest rates as a rationalization to overpay for assets is that you have to also discount #future #cashflows for lower inflation and rates as well.…
"As low-interest rates went lower, the dynamic changed from using debt productively to using debt for non-productive purposes such as dividend issuance, share buybacks, and, in some cases, offsetting negative cash flows."…
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The #DeFi Summer is over, but TVLs are still high and #BTC is runnin'🏃🏻‍♂️so what's next 4 #crypto?

How 'bout the next 3 mos. of @wanchain_org - an action-packed time the $WAN team has planned for since its initial offering almost 3 years ago.

A thread 👇…
When I first met @JackLu_WAN back in early 2018, it was right after $WAN had listed on @binance. The team was proud of their sky-high valuation that had come from a global marathon fundraising tour. But the "crypto winter" was a few months away. Things got bleak.

Did you know that the word Wanchain has nothing to do with the Chinese word for 10,000 (万) but rather refers to the computer science term WAN for Wide Area Network?

Crazy, right?

So yeah, the proper way to say $WAN is with a short A sound like in 🐈. Not an ah A sound.

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Looked into #Paypal's access to #cryptocurrencies, as a lot of people in the #xrpcommunity were giving out about them not including #XRP

Would appreciate critical thinkers to give their opinion: @HamEggsnSam @galgitron @XRP_OWL @Kevin_Cage_ @MoonLamboio @WorkingMoneyCH

Here is the @Reuters article:…

2 quotes from the bottom of the article:

"cryptocurrency licence from the New York State Department of Financial Services"

"PayPal is teaming up with cryptocurrency firm Paxos Trust Company to offer the service."
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As per @IndiaRatings #banks are likely to restructure up to ₹8.4 lakh crs of loans. Over 60% of ₹8.4 lakh crs could slip into the NPAs category, it added. We must keep a close watch on #mutualfunds having high exposure to such stressed #assets. #SaarthiZarooriHai @cafemutual
In spite of the fact that the expected quantitative effect of pressure that #mutualfunds may confront isn't known, #investors portfolio can be shielded from any plausible misfortunes emerging out of the exposure to stressed #assets. Select #DebtFunds after thorough evaluation.
On the background of the macro-economic challenges, COVID-19 emergency, & geopolitical strains; have such #investment portfolio that works under all #economic situations will be a reasonable strategy. But for the same #PlanZarooriHai & #SaarthiZarooriHai. @bsindia @NDTVProfit
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1/n The foundation of #सामाजिकन्याय is based on the urge to treat all human beings as equal. #Tweet4Bharat

Img src : vocal
2/n The Nyāya Sūtras of Gotama focusing on knowledge and logic devided in five books.
1 - 16 categories of..
2 - Means & Object of..
3 - Intellect or Nature of..
4 - Rise of true..
5 - Balancing of Knowledge
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We are just starting our session @hasgeek. @abh1sek talking about data breaches and how they happen.…

Join the live stream on the webpage.

Thank you @hasgeek for giving us this amazing platform to talk about what we love most #datasecurity #appsec
Agenda for the session
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1/5. Li Xunlei, Chief Economist at Zhongtai Securities, predicts that among all types of #assets, #bonds and #gold are more likely to continue their price hikes this year:…
2/5. For bonds, it's because the yield rate of bonds will inevitably decline as the sluggish economic growth pares down investment returns amid this long-term global #recession.
3/5. #China's Government Work Report stressed to "promote steady reduction of interest rates", which indicates further interest rate cuts in the second half of 2020. The prospering bond market in the US and Europe have also added to the possibilities of a boom of bonds in China.
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In our latest @blackrock Blog Post, we contend that in the tug-of-war between the #economic damage stemming from the #coronavirus lockdowns, and the fiscal and #MonetaryPolicy response, it’s the latter factor being underestimated by #markets:
Still, while #policy is clearly supportive of #markets in the near term, we’re concerned that the longer run #asset class returns of the 2020s might end up being considerably more meager than we’ve come to historically expect. Image
Clearly, this has a lot to do with our valuation/#yield starting point today, and we expect @USTreasury Bills to return close to 0% and longer-term government #bonds are not likely to return more than 2% annually. #Inflation rates will be lower too. Image
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Moratorium on fresh insolvency is a cause of concern as it may impact #mutualfund #AMCs. A default during this tenure cannot be recognized by AMCs. Resolution timeline relaxation for stressed #assets can be avoided as #banks are not in the position to pass the benefit. @livemint
Request @SEBI_India to create a framework for #MutualFund #AMCs in order to recover their dues. Though #MutualFunds do a thorough due diligence as mandated but it becomes awry in adverse events. Request @amfiindia also to give a deep thought on this. @NileshShah68 @Sanjay_69
What is your point of view on the matter raised? @kaul_vivek
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With my colleague Jacob Caplain, our latest @blackrock blog post contends that uncertainties still exist for the #economy and #markets, yet with #market dislocations witnessed in recent months, #investors don’t need to resort to lower-quality assets:
In fact, we think the opportunity in fixed #income today resides more in medium-quality spread sectors, than in the riskiest #assets, or in the #rate-heavy universe.
When we look at what’s happened in the past when spread makes up the majority of #yield in these regions of the #bond market, the forward 1-year spread change in IG corporate #bonds is near 70 bps tighter when spread/yield is above the 90th percentile. Image
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#California AB2510 would alter its state definition of a #security: "#digital #assets that meets one of the following criteria is presumptively not an investment contract; not purchased for fiat/digital asset, used on a fully operational network /1… Image
& used for consumptive purpose, other than as a medium of exchange /store of value; asset doesn't rely on managerial efforts of others for its success as evidenced by the absence of any identifiable person/team/management entity responsible for development, improvement, etc /2
and either: "Any changes to the software code underlying that asset may be made by network participants" or "Voting rights over the functioning of the network are conferred to each holder of the asset."
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A few weeks after the March lows in #risk asset prices, and highs in #volatility, we appear to be settling into something of a new equilibrium for #markets: FX vol has dropped recently, as has rates vol, but #commodities, EM and equities continue to swing fairly dramatically. Image
It’ll be interesting to see if less punitive cross-currency hedging costs for foreign #investors result in a greater demand for U.S. #assets in the months to come, and if so, where precisely #capital flows.
Further, the potential for greater foreign #investment is merely one #technical tailwind to risk at this stage, with another being the lower potential for position “unwinds” from here (as CTA, risk parity and #risk control funds combined to sell billions in equity already)…
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After a week that saw extraordinary policy moves from the @federalreserve in response to the #CoronaCrisis, the central bank has gone further and taken off its gloves for a bare-knuckled battle against the forces of #uncertainty and #deflation!
To support critical market functioning, the #FOMC dropped previously indicated limits and: “will purchase Treasury securities and agency [MBS] in the amounts needed to support smooth market functioning and effective transmission of monetary policy...”
Further, the #Fed has expanded the range of purchasable #securities to include agency commercial mortgaged-backed securities (#CMBS).
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As we continue detailing our key themes for the year, we’d note that in our view: 5) #fiscal policy is a right-tail #risk (not left-tail) in 2020; and 6) the negative #bond yields in #Europe and Japan may well turn to negative returns by year end.
While a thoroughly divided #government in the U.S. during an #election year is quite likely to limit the possibility of additional #fiscal spend here, the story in #Europe is a bit different.
Increasingly, we think new leadership at the @ecb, and legitimate questions surrounding the efficacy of the negative/zero interest rate policy, #NIRP, could result in an evolving focus toward #fiscal spend by governments. And Europe could certainly use the boost! Image
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