#capitalism optimizes for bad engineering. I don't think there's any good reason to doubt that.

capitalism—thanks to the authoritarian methods of capitalist leadership, and the extreme fixation on profiteering and wealth-hoarding, *cannot* and will not build to last.

the easiest way for corporate #management and #executive persons to increase profits, instantaneously, is by *increasing their skim*. they shave more and more and more off every budgetary item they can possibly think of—capitalists *especially* begrudge paying workers.

the ideal worker, in #capitalism, pays the capitalist to have a job.

this is essentially what "company scrip" is about—and capitalists have been attempting to reintroduce the idea of paying workers with false money via the magic of @jack's favorite thing, #cryptocurrency.

in the mind of a thieving #entrepreneur of the @elonmusk / @jack sort, every worker is a burden, someone who ought to feel grateful their #business-genius masters are hurling them a few coppers—because Elon Musk and even silly Jack Dorsey think they're the world's heroes.

without a workforce, they would be nothing—yet @jack and @elonmusk and @pmarca and @paulg and all the rest of these loathsome persons have dedicated most of their lives to imagining they're "self-made men", people who'd be rich even without any help. which is...ridiculous.

the natural tendency of corporate leadership under #capitalism is to *drain corporations dry*.

the #management and #executive persons skim as much as they dare; usually they skim off too much, and the corporation dies, and they sell off the carcass. it's nothing to them.

corporations are as fungible to the @paulg / @saylor leisure-class as human beings; #debt also means little to them.

#capitalism has learned tricks for making *profit* from debt; debt is practically an asset, to an unprincipled corporate crook like @elonmusk or @pmarca.

all this tricks involve the gradual shifting of corporate #debt to *personal* debt—which, thanks to the neo-fascıst presidency of @GOP figurehead @RonaldReagan, is now considered (even by @TheDemocrats) to be the "personal responsibility" of the individual—their own fault.

ultimately, no manager or executive in #capitalism thinks they're to blame for anything. they're "creators"—not because they create, but because they've made a great heap of #money—and therefore owe nothing to anyone. not to their workers, not to civil government...nobody.

few corporate leaders feel the slightest trace of responsibility for the well-being or livelihood either of their workforces or the general population—the people upon whom #capitalism *feeds*, hoovering up as much of their money and muscle and lifespan as they can manage.

nothing I'm saying here is news. everyone knows that #capitalism and corporate leadership cares only about money and profit at the expense of all other things—how can any reasonable person possibly expect that such leadership would lead anywhere but destruction and death?

American #conservatism is partly to blame. the fascıstic mania for censorship and violent suppression of leftist movements is partly to blame—the mere fact that the U.S. never permitted a socialist or communist party to flourish was *lethal* to its democratic legitimacy.

there are so many other failures and crimes to record, when it comes to Western civilization's terminal obsession with #capitalism and the laughable pretence that capitalism was equivalent to freedom—@RonaldReagan, or rather his scriptwriters, loved this silly fiction.

Reagan and @Peggynoonannyc and all the @GOP politicians (and @TheDemocrats contributed too) who blithered endless nonsense about "free enterprise" (which was always a lie) and a myriad other guilty parties conspired to sell us #capitalism, relentlessly, as the only way.

they have nearly destroyed us. there's no other word for it. #capitalism has very nearly destroyed us. do you know why they are permitting #globalwarming to happen? (Dr. @jordanbpeterson you may learn something...probably not though.)

they hope to *profit from it*.

it's simple.

what #capitalism plans to do with the Earth's climate is the same thing they do with a million other smaller things: they wish to make two sales in one. they wish to profit from *breaking things*, then they wish to profit from selling repairs to the damage.

consider the American #medical and #healthcare field: #capitalism has *broken it*.

they have carved up the human need for medical treatment into so many isolated and individual transactions—imposing costs and fees with every transaction—and they've *broken* health care.

*now* of course, they wish to sell us some sort of repaired or replaced version of the thing they broke—the thing that #capitalism should NEVER have gotten its destroying fingers round: the sacred human right to health and safety. (Dr. @jordanbpeterson are you attending?)

#capitalism *wants* everything broken. *continually* broken, because repairs that never end mean more "job creation"—i.e. they mean more endless profits cascading into the off-shore tax-haven accounts of people like @JeffDean and @fchollet. #AI is made to be broken.

@elonmusk's @Tesla cars steering themselves into brick walls, thanks to the magic of #AI (@WholeMarsBlog you may wish to pay attention), is incompetent and negligent and *lethal* but it's also *profitable*. a broken $TSLA, a crashed (or ashed) $TSLA, is another $TSLA buy.

#capitalism optimizes for incompetence. #capitalism optimized for waste. #capitalism optimizes for oppression and violence and war. #capitalism optimizes for destruction and death—death especially, which is *big money* for multiple corporate "industries", like funerals.

you'd think #journalism might have noticed this by now. perhaps someone ought to alert @Timcast or @mtaibbi or @jbarro or some other such champion of the Fourth Estate. have *they* noticed that #capitalism optimizes for catastrophe?

...maybe they have.

~Mona Drafter

• • •

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Jan 7
@WholeMarsBlog now...this sort of thing is very interesting. it's speculative and futile, nonsensical even, but these little arithmetic calculations are one of the chief preoccupations of the grifter class—the #entrepreneur class, the #investor class, the #cryptocurrency gambler class.

@WholeMarsBlog @WholeMarsBlog, @APompliano, @BillyM2k, and all the other grifting rag-tag who are wont to dangle after @elonmusk (or any other wealthy and famous person whom they perceive as blessed with #success) spend huge amounts of time with these napkin-scribblings that forecast *riches*.
@WholeMarsBlog @APompliano @BillyM2k @elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog starts out with a false assumption: @Tesla will be able to extract cash from literally every car driver in the country. this is their presumed #market, and it's deliberately chosen to be as broad as possible, so as to forecast even greater riches from extorting it.
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Jan 7
one of the most curious details about the first #Matrix film is that the machine intelligences who created the system once tried to create a Utopia within it, a perfectly harmonious world--and it failed. of course, they blame imperfect humanity for not accepting Utopia.

~Mona ImageImage
after all, machines are *perfect*, right? if a @Tesla crashes or burns, it *must* be the fault of the driver, right? @elonmusk would say so, and @WholeMarsBlog &c. and everyone else in the #ElonMusk clown show would agree with him. machines are perfectable, humanity isn't.

@ID_AA_Carmack and that @sama bigot and all the other enthusiasts for #AI have a similar faith. such superficial persons have been taught, by decades of inculcation in the superficial value system of Western #programming nerd culture, to think of human brains as weak.

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Jan 7
how does the locked-in rigidity of the social structures established by #Christianity and #capitalism play out on an *individual* level? face-to-face, person to person?

Western society applies the values of *social dominance* to individual interactions and conversations.

the central principle is very simple: whenever two people interact, one of the two is *socially superior*, and the other is *socially inferior*. person A, interacting with person B, is in some unspoken way "better" than person B: they are the *socially dominant party*.

there's an unspoken ranking, or value of social credit, attached to every single person in Western society; this social-credit score might be thought of as equivalent to an Elo ranking in #chess--a single number that ranks *all chess players* from superior to inferior.

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Jan 7
what is a #matrix, anyway?

there's lots of answers to this question, especially in these dismal days of runaway #capitalism, which uses *everything* for #marketing and #branding, even things like elementary particles and prepositions.

it's a movie franchise, for one.

there's some chat protocol called "Matrix" that we know basically nothing about. "Matrix" is a character in the movie "Commando". Martin Gardner (peace be upon him), who once wrote a popular mathematics column for @sciam, created a fictional "Dr. Matrix", a numerologist.

the matrix is a fundamental mathematical construct, a two-dimensional array of mathematical entities of the same type. one can form matrices of bits, integers, real numbers, complex numbers, functions, many other things. matrices have many uses in mathematics and physics.

(3/x) illustration of a 4 x 4 mat...
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Jan 7
there's so much that can be said about "The #Matrix". so much *has* been said--most of it has been utter garbage.

that's not a simple Sturgeonesque lament about how most things are crap. (I don't agree with Sturgeon anyway.)

it's *malicious*. it's willful misinformation.

the massed money and might of #capitalism—for "The Matrix" may as well be called "Capital", or more precisely the rigid and regimented society created by global capitalism—wishes to imitate heroism, so they've copied iconography from heroic fiction, including "The Matrix".

(2/x) publicity photograph of Elo...
this sort of thing has been going on a while.

President John F. Kennedy benefited from such conscious mythography, when he was openly compared to King Arthur (no doubt galling Mr. @dick_nixon). @RonaldReagan imitated the fictional heroism of stereotypical Western lawmen.

(3/x) book cover for "Life i...
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Jan 7
let's return to this #Matrix business, shall we? there's so much that can possibly be said about the Wachowski Sisters' "Matrix" tetralogy. I admit that we've not watched the fourth film, and our one viewing of the third film was incomplete and at a bad time in our lives.

"The Matrix" was in fact one of the first films we saw after moving to Seattle in late 1999; we saw it not long after its release, in the "Uptown" movie theater in Queen Anne. we were sixteen years at least from realizing we were trans (and plural and a CSA survivor &c.)

we existed in a state of near-constant dissociation from our emotional agonies. it is possible to exist in such a state; it's a strange one.

all physical sensations are blunted, one's memory is seriously impaired, and people call you "absent minded" and "clumsy" a lot.

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