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BTW, I try to ignore anti-Semitic trolls, but I am deeply concerned by their proliferation. Canary, coal mines, some assembly required.
What I mean is that anti-Semitism is the bellwether of societal paranoia, a fear-based reaction to the loss of cultural coherence.
Confident, optimistic people who have faith in a better future do not surrender to the scapegoating paranoia of anti-Semitism.
When I see anti-Semitic trolls pointing out that some controversial figure is Jewish, as if if that alone suffices as explanation, I worry.
My young conservative friends need to read Norman Podhoretz's "Why Are Jews Liberals?" amzn.to/2id7or3
The point being that there IS a political/social problem in the Jewish community, a problem recognized by Jewish conservatives.
It's not that the problems to which anti-Semites call attention are non-existent, but rather that prejudice and paranoia are not solutions.
The dog-whistle sneering at "neoconservatives" undermines efforts of Jewish conservatives to address these problems in their community.
If by "neoconservative," you mean "the GOP open-borders bipartisan compromise lobby," OK -- I'm against those people, too.
But those who use "neoconservative" as a synonym for "Jew" (nudge nudge, wink wink) are not helping build a conservative coalition.
Some of the fiercest fighters against Cultural Marxism are Jewish -(e.g., @horowitz39) a fact that anti-Semites deliberately ignore.
This is AMERICA. We have a two-party system in which winning requires coalition politics. Conservatives must "grow up," to quote AuH2O.
It is one thing to admit that the GOP needs votes from people whose opinions might be politically incorrect (to put it mildly) ...
It is something else, however, to remain silent about the swarms of Jew-baiting trolls who have proliferated in social media.
Do I want to litmus-test every blue-collar Trump voter in Michigan? No. Politics is war. You take the votes you can get, however you can.
I have long felt that the GOP should be more populist. That's why I supported the Tea Party. It's why I liked @THEHermanCain -- populism.
Trump is not my ideal of a populist Republican, but he proved that populism could win in states that were formerly "blue."
Trump's victory in 2016 might signal a shift -- a turning point -- toward a more effective political resistance to Cultural Marxism.
The evident panic among liberals -- the frantic scandal-hunting, their idiotic hashtag campaigns -- is a very encouraging sign. #MAGA
Yet conservatives will need an all-out effort to consolidate their electoral gains, and to take on Cultural Marxism in the institutions.
Academia, news media, the entertainment industry -- these are the strongholds of Cultural Marxism. Conservatives must fight a two-front war.
Conservatives must, on the one hand, maintain political hegemony -- defend Trump and the GOP congressional majority. ...
On the other hand, conservatives must wage an offensive against Cultural Marxism in media, in education, in entertainment.
The task before us as conservatives is daunting, and success is by no means assured. Conservatives must be united, not divided.
It is in this context that I call attention to the problem of anti-Semitic trolls swarming around the fringes of social media on the Right.
Who is behind these anti-Semitic accounts? Is it possible they are false-flags, hired by some Soros-type operative to discredit the Right?
The recrudescence of anti-Semitism in social media disturbs me, both as a conservative and as a student of history.
"Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools," as Bebel said. The anti-Semite is not a friend of what Kirk called "ordered liberty."
In "God and Man at Yale," WFB identified the worldview to which he was opposed as "collectivism." Anti-Semitism is such a worldview.
Mankind is tribal by nature. We are social creatures. There is nothing offensive in a reasonable concern for the well-being one's own tribe.
Burke spoke of "the little platoons" of society as the building-blocks of the political order. Ethnic loyalties are part of this.
Is it "racism" for Irish-Americans to celebrate St. Patrick's day? Is such a variety of "identity politics" harmful? Absurd!
In Federalist #10, Madison spoke of the pursuit of self-interest as an ordinary and expected aspect of political life.
Conservative abhor "identity politics" because this has become a mechanism by which Democrats organize anti-American resentments.
Al Sharpton-type race-hustlers are harmful to society because they exploit hateful resentments for votes and money.
Democrats have been doing this for decades -- foment division by scapegoating Republicans for "racism," "sexism" and "homophobia."
Trump was elected in large measure because so many Americans are fed up with the hateful identity-politics rhetoric of Democrats.
Hillary's defeat was like Star Wars episode IV: "A New Hope." Patriotic Americans now have every reason to be optimistic. #MAGA
Because we do have hope for a better future, conservatives ought to rebuke the doomsayers, fear-mongers, and conspiracy theorists.
When we see swarms of anti-Semitic trolls on social media, conservatives must think: "This isn't helping. We don't need this.."
Like I said, I don't want to litmus-test every Trump voter, to organize a purge of everyone suspected of Bad Ideas. But these trolls ...
... Well, trolls are gonna troll, I guess. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, trolls gotta troll and, alas Jew-baiters gotta Jew-bait.
Conservatives should be proactive, rather than reactive, in dealing with such problems. Don't wait for the next Charlottesville.
Conservatives are against the divisive collectivist rhetoric of identity politics by which Democrats seek to gain power.
Conservatives oppose Cultural Marxism. We will not tolerate this hateful ideology, nor will we emulate it in a right-wing obverse.
"What is needed is not a revolution in the opposite direction, but the opposite of a revolution." ~ Joseph de Maistre
Conservatives must oppose the attempts by anti-Semites to attach themselves to the conservative movement, like remoras to sharks.
It was always absurd for the Left (e.g., Adorno) to claim that American conservatives were akin to European totalitarians.
American conservatives are defenders of a constitutional order that has nothing in common with Marxism, Fascism or National Socialism.
WFB absolutely destroyed Adorno's "authoritarian personality" thesis in "Up From Liberalism" (1959). amzn.to/2ycaVAO
The American conservative is a friend of liberty, resolutely opposed to advocates of the Total State.
Because American conservative beliefs are the opposite of totalitarianism, the common Democrat tactic of "Republicans-are-Hitler" is a LIE.
In 1966, Democrats tried a guilt-by-association smear against Reagan, because he had been endorsed by someone with anti-Semitic ties. ...
Reagan's response was brilliant: "They endorsed me. I didn't endorse them!" Conservatives today should take note of that.
It is not necessary for conservatives to become paranoid or defensive about anti-Semites who identity themselves as "alt-right." #MAGA
Nor should conservatives ignorantly endorse the Left's accusations of "white nationalism" against Bannon, et al.
The success of populist conservatism requires a broad-based coalition, and we cannot win by shortening our right flank, so to speak.
A center-right coalition is useless, if it is always drifting leftward, toward bipartisan compromise. It must be *anchored* on the Right.
To establish a conservatism that actually wins -- both in politics and policy -- the coalition cannot forfeit voters on its right flank.
Democrats have long benefitted from, and deliberately pandered to, disreputable extremist movements on the Left. They get away with this ...
... because so-called "mainstream" media organizations are dominated by those @instapundit calls "Democratic operatives with bylines."
Conservatives have created their own media organizations to counteract the Democrat-controlled "mainstream" media.
Conservative media have been instrumental in exposing the extremist agenda of the Democrat Party's left-wing fringe.
"Mainstream" media have reacted, predictably, by claiming that Republicans are controlled by fringe extremists on the Right.
Defending constitutional liberty, however, is not an extremist agenda. Our rights are "formidable only to tyrants," as Jefferson said.
So long as conservatives remain focused on sturdy principles, we have nothing to fear from the left-wing media smear machine.
And what about those swarms of soi-disant "alt-right" trolls? Well, they have the First Amendment right to free speech.
Conservatives are against the Thought Police regime. People have a right to their own opinions, even ignorant or hateful opinions.
Here's an opinion: I think Mormonism is hogwash, a cult like Scientology. But guess what? I'm OK with Mormons voting Republican.
Here's another opinion: Anti-Semitism is both wrong and dangerous. But guess what? I'm OK with anti-Semites voting Republican.
Perhaps the principle involved here needs no explanation. Politics is a dirty business. The winners make policy, the losers go home.
Coalition politics is one thing the Democrats do much better than Republicans. Democrats are not *ashamed* to represent trashy people.
So often, Republican "leaders" act as if they are ashamed of the people who vote Republican. Trump is an effective antidote to this.
Democrats are a party in which an allegedly enlightened "elite" claims to act on behalf, and for the benefit, of the oppressed "masses."
By contrast, Republicans represent the values of self-sufficiency, entrepreneurialism, and the organic social order (cf., Weaver).
Republicans are the party of middle-class respectability -- bourgeois values -- and this is a hindrance in a fierce political combat.
Democrats can be "as nasty as they wanna be" and get away with it, while Republicans are expected to be "kinder and gentler."
Well, guys like Richard Viguerie, Lee Atwater and Andrew Breitbart knew how to take the gloves off and fight the Left. Trump does, too.
Media liberals keep pointing at the rabid "alt-right" troll swarms and saying we should be afraid. Indeed, we should. #MAGA
But I would say to liberals: "What do you think will happen if you destroy Trump? He's holding back the deluge!" #MAGA
You cannot have a Hitler until you first have a Weimar. Like all Republicans, Trump is trying to *prevent* a Weimar America. #MAGA
If liberals are sincerely concerned about anti-Semites, "alt-right" and otherwise, they should hope for Trump's succeed. #MAGA
In a confident and prosperous nation, anti-Semitism cannot flourish. Trump seeks to restore confidence and prosperity. #MAGA
And you know what? The Left's war against Christianity has helped produce these swarms of anti-Semitic trolls. Remember the "New Atheism"?
More than a few people have noticed how often the "New Atheism" is associated with the very worst types of online harassment.
Remember this guy? "New Atheist," self-declared "Anonymous" spokesman, threatened an FBI agent.
Oh, look who was promoting the "Anonymous" spokesman -- RUSSIANS!
Gosh, I wonder why a radical ATHEIST who hates America would be promoted as a heroic martyr by RUSSIA?
Have you noticed that America's enemies ALWAYS attack Christianity? And guess what one of the predictable results is? ((( guess )))
Attacks on Christianity always produce anti-Semitism. The freshly-minted "New Atheist" is especially vulnerable to this.
Converts to "New Atheism" are usually alienated from society, in general, and thus vulnerable to the politics of scapegoating.
Atheism denies the existence of a transcendent morality. Atheism naturally gives rise to a political ideology of raw power, e.g., Marxism.
Not all atheists are Marxists, but all Marxists are atheists. And a Nazi is simply another kind of atheist.
Well, what about the "Occupy" mobs? What about the evil hacker-trolls of "Anonymous"? What about "Black Lives Matter"? What about "Resist"?
All of these radical anti-American movements are also anti-Christian movements. This is NOT a coincidence. Nor is it a conspiracy.
Social alienation among youth can take many forms, but disavowal of your parent's religious faith is a common denominator among radicals.
To quote a famous Jew: "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." biblegateway.com/passage/?searc…
The alienated young "New Atheist" is a dangerous type of fool. He often embraces a secular utopian ideology, e.g., environmentalism.
The connection between "New Atheism" and atrocious types of online trolling is not accidental. The atheist does not respect moral limits.
"New Atheism" licenses godless young punks to say and do horrible things behind the online mask of anonymity. They dehumanize their targets.
Among the godless young punks of "New Atheism," the online anti-Semite finds a field of fools ripe for the harvest. This is the danger.
The young fool is easily impressed by the "intellectual" who slings around Nietzsche, "slave morality," "will to power," blah blah blah.
Oh, it's so "radical" to quote Nietzsche! An excellent way for the New Atheist to offend his goody-two-shoes Christian friends and family!
Put a bit of Nietzsche into the mind of a radical young New Atheist fool, and you have brought him to a decisive fork in the road.
To embrace Nietzsche is to reject the Golden Rule, to forsake mercy and kindness, and ...? Welcome to Nuremberg, Herr Eichmann.
The 4chan troll mentality, the ruthlessness of "Anonymous" hackers (i.e., nothing online is off-limits) are consequences of the New Atheism.
There are moral similarities among all online trolls, for example contemptuous disdain for ordinary courtesy and bourgeois values.
The troll's penchant for obscene slurs? Yes, and the Nazis attracted to their ranks pornographers, blackmailers and sadistic homosexuals.
Atheism's rejection of religion often functions as a license to reject bourgeois moral standards. And hey, what about "hate"?
Christianity commands us to love our neighbors, and why shouldn't the New Atheist reject that along with everything else in the Bible?
Anyone can see how the Left's attack on Christianity, and on bourgeois values, has an uncanny way of giving rise to anti-Semitism.
Since the 1990s, the Democrat Party has quite specifically made the "Religious Right" the target of an unrelenting propaganda campaign.
To put it bluntly, if you hate Christians, the Democrats are your party. And every Christian with two eyes and a brain can see this.
Democrats are the anti-Christian party, in the same way (and for the same reason) Democrats are the pro-abortion party.
The Democrat Party has declared war on God, and guess what one of the inevitable consequences of that war will be? {{{ guess }}
Anti-Semitism flourishes as a conspiracy theory to explain the rising tide of cultural decadence and economic decline.
The reality of liberalism failures are apparent everywhere, The anti-Semite points at this reality and says: "BLAME THE JEWS!"
Is the anti-Semite wrong? Yes, but also, no. That is to say, the anti-Semite will always be able to find one Jew to scapegoat the rest.
For example, in the recent uproar over sexual harassment, do you think anti-Semites have ignored the name "Harvey Weinstein"?
Dear God, anti-Semites are having a field day with these sexual harassment scandals! Hello, Weinstein? Hello, Toback? Hello, Halperin?
It is wrong to blame a group collectively for individual wrongdoing, but feminists don't care: "Patriarchy!" And neither do anti-Semites.
The feminist looks at the Harvey Weinstein scandal and blames patriarchy. The anti-Semite blames Jews. Two different conspiracy theories.
Liberalism produces cultural decadence which in turn breeds many resentments. Feminism and anti-Semitism are both expressions of resentment.
Trace back the roots of our current woes, and you arrive in the 1960s. The failure of LBJ's "Great Society" and the rise of the New Left.
Within a decade, however, the conservative ascendancy of Reagan produced a triumphant revival of the American Dream.
After 1992, however, Democrats controlled the White House for 16 of the next 24 years. A return to cultural decadence was the result.
As Paul Weyrich observed in 1999, Republicans won a lot of elections, but they evidently lost the Culture War. nationalcenter.org/Weyrich299.html
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