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This is his final chance to pick a winner that America will love after last year's winner had a breakdown on camera when their frosting didn't stick
He HAS to get a girl next door with a heart of gold who has the spirit of Christmas to win the competition. The station head irrationally won't settle for anything less.
There is NO one in the small town, where he has lived his whole life except one horrible trip to Manhattan where his hrandpa's pocket knife was stolen by trey thugs, who fits the bill.
Every other woman in Lawndale is old or married and therefore cannot be america's sweetheart gingerbread builder. The audience would never have it.
Shelley Anne is on her way to visit he great gingerbread museum out west when her car brakes down in Lawndale.
Shelley Anne's dream has been to manage the museum, ever since she heard about it from her grandma. She went to school for a museum management degree at a top business school
There's no job at the gingerbread museum but Shelley Anne is plucky and Very Smart. She would never throw away her dreams by not quitting her job to drive cross country for a coffee with the museum owner
The thing is...Shelley Anne loves to bake. She bakes for everyone at her business school. She bakes when those darn exams are too exam-y. She did it with her gram. Just for fun.
Blake spots Shelley Anne on the side of a road with a flat tire and suspicious yet safe smoke wafting from her engine. Blake knows one thing: Shelley Anne is a City Girl. You can't trust City Girls.
City Girls want you to move to the city where people manage gingerbread museums instead of making gingerbread houses and worst of all, the city is where thugs steal grandpa knives
The problem is a true City Girl needs help and in this town, Lawndale, we look out for each other. Plus, Blake has an auto shop in the trunk of his extended cab pick up truck
Shelley Anne has NO TIME FOR MEN. She has a non-job at the gingerbread museum to prepare for. But this Blake is...wholesome sexy. Omg did she say that out loud?!!
Shelley Anne is ALWAYS getting in trouble by blurting out her secret thoughts. She was always baking gingerbreads for her biz school profs to make up for her wacky outbursts in class
Shoot. Now wholesome sexy Blake knows she thinks he is sexy. He takes it gracefully. After all, the women in town always tell him he is a real looker with a heart of gold.
Wow. Blake doesn't think Shelley Anne's little sedan is going to make it out west what with snowfall planned and the live gingerbread contest tv show in the town square planned for that week
And the town's only B&B is full of camera people who never curse. Maybe Blake can get one of the town's charming characters to take Shelley Anne in for a few days.
There are no serial killers ever and no one is ever having a really bad period in Lawndale so Chase and Kaye immediately agree to take Shelley Anne in.
Chase and Kaye have two adorable red headed children, ages five and eight. The oldest one, a girl, is precocious. She wants to know why Shelley Anne don't got no boyfriend!
With Blake looking on and Chase and Kaye sharing bemused glances at the two of them, Shelley Anne admits that she had a love once. But he broke her heart. At Christmas.
AWKWARD. Kaye breaks this up by promising the kids they can make gingerbread cookies! Whoa, whoa, Shelley Anne can't believe this. these people make gingerbread! She does too!
What...what if Shelley Anne the kitchen? Kaye has an idea. But Blake isn't having it. This is a family show! You heard her, Kaye, she doesn't even believe in Christmas and SHE IS FROM THE CITY WHERE THEY STEAL GRANDPA KNIVES
But Kaye is persistent if always at a low volume. This is Lawndale. She pairs Shelley Anne and Blake up for the rehearsal gingerbread competition show.
When Shelley Anne sees Blake solve a crisis with the fake snow she sees a man who believes in family. Maybe that non-job at the gingerbread museum isn't the only way to love gingerbread. What if...oh no! Did she blurt out a silly thing again? ON CAMERA?!!
Shelley Anne, devastated to have blurted out during a live taping of the rehearsal gingerbread competition, runs to Kaye's house. She is out of here!
As she packs to leave under the cloak of darkness, a metaphor for her deep shame, there's a call to her large smart phone. It's the gingerbread museum owner. My god they need a VP of gingerbread art STAT.
On the other side of town Blake is kicking himself for ever believing, even for a second, that a city girl with a fancy degree and job could have been sweet enough to save the tv show. Sweet girls don't have outbursts! THIS IS LAWNDALE
Dave the camera guy runs over to Blake. "You gotta see this, man." He shows Blake footage of Shelley Anne before her outburst. My god, she is a natural. Her love for gingerbread houses infuses the show with gentle warmth
The station manager exclaims, "where have you been hiding this gem?! SHE IS AMERICA'S GINGERBREAD HOUSE CHAMPION!" Kaye arrives, "Blake, the kids sat Shelley Anne is packing m!" My god. Everything is on the line.
"But Kaye, you know I can't trust again. She will never stay in Lawndale and the know what happens there."
The old woman who owns the town square bookstore overhears. Ms. Alice asks, "you can't mean that knife? My dear, I knew your grandfather. He had many knives...but he only had one love. And he would've followed your grandma anywhere, even the city."
Blake sees it for the first time. Christmas isn't about things like gingerbread and knives. It's about love. And if Lawndale once lost soldiers in the war that is never named then surely he can love a city girl.
Blake runs off to find Shelley Anne but not before Kaye and Ms Alice share a conspiratorial whisper: "he really is wholesome sexy, isn't he?!"
When Blake arrives Shelley Anne is waiting for a cab, bags packed, ridiculous stiletto boots on her feet but not really in her heart. Her heart has changed!
"The audience loved you Shelley Anne."
"But...but I had an outburst in the town square and my dream job at the gingerbread museum is waiting for me and you deserve so much more Blake!"
"Listen to me Shelley Anne, you are my pocket knife. The audience doesn't just love you. I do too."
"But but the museum..."
"We will bring the traveling gingerbread museum exhibit here! To Lawndale! It won't create jobs but we don't use money in Lawndale so it won't matter. What matters is we are together."
A few weeks later the town square is lit for the season. Red-headed children race about a Christmas tree. As snow falls Shelly Anne smiles into a camera welcoming America to Blake-Shell-town: a new gingerbread museum reality show in the town where even city girls can find love.
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