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Among the dumber things Trump has done today, this ranks up there...

In his remarks, he inexplicably praised his own cleverness for telling Republicans not to talk about how they were deliberately “repealing Obamacare”.


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This is such a Trump Deluxe.

In true severe narcissist fashion, he could see only the opportunity to praise himself for “accomplishing” that thing Republicans didn’t manage to on their own.

Like all profound narcissists though, that utter compulsion to self-praise chokes out his ability to even remotely consider what his statement implies and what the consequences would be...

Trump just admitted Republicans hatched a plot to harm their constituents on purpose and then lied to them while doing so...

...and Trump just BRAGGED about it being all his doing.

In Trump’s fragile, severely disordered mind, being clever enough to screw people over and get away with it is an accomplishment...

Worse still, he is so entirely consumed by the endless, futile search for others’ esteem, he truly can’t process that admitting you’re a liar and scoundrel actually makes people think less of you.

In his infantile mind, it’s just “...but I won!”
I hope the guy never shuts up.

He is singlehandedly producing every campaign spot Dems will need next year.

The guy just admitted the rhetoric around the tax bill was an orchestrated fraud.

Thank you, Babyfingers. Truly.

You’re a campaign strategists best friend. <end>
p.s. please make sure to let every Repub congressman know that you heard Trump out them as willing participants in a deliberate fraud to harm American healthcare...

...especially Corker, Murkowski, Collins, Ryan and McConnell.

In Trump’s haste to brag, he outed them all.
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