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What is up with @IAmJeffEmmerson? Account is being wiped. Profile pic gone. Blog has been wiped. Followers are almost exclusively Locked Bots and Tweets which now number only 405 aren’t loading Very interesting..
This is the account linked in his Twitter page. Haha.
When you see an account that’s follows accounts like this. You know all you have to. Stay away.
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@FTC–Your settlement with Twitter (2011) for failure to protect user data required an independent security audit every other year for 10 yrs & a $16k penalty for each violation.
Yet what have you done about recent reports of Twitter’s user data misuse?…
A few examples:
Exposing of private data for years.…
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Bots in our Threads

What to do.

They are everywhere and what they are good at is interference. They get in our Threads and start grinding them to a halt.

Whether they give a typical Botty response or start a more negative dialogue.

What happens next is up to us. It is ok to point the account out. Ask people to Report and Block.

From there let’s steer the conversation back to the Thread and help get it back on track.

Don’t let them win.
We are going to have many Politicians declare their Candidacy. Many more Indictments.

So much news.

So many people on this platform doing so much good work.

We need to keep the Bandwidth open as much as possible.

We are inundated with Bots.

Push them aside.
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Please be cautious with new followers. There is a flood of old accounts going back to 2008-2009 that are showing up in large numbers. They have very few tweets. Most follow large amounts of verified accounts. They are following us one after the other.

Take a very close look.
Look for gaps in their timelines
Look for poor grammar
Look for accounts that are mostly retweets.
Look for who they follow and see if it makes sense.
The amount of Bots being created right now is out of control. Gone are the days of the Accounts with no pic and 8 digits following the name. These look more normal. They have morphed. Old accounts are being repurposed.
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Ms. Hennessey,

I would like you to show me how vote switching is impossible.
Show me on the Voting machines that have zero paper record. The following states use Direct Recording Electronic voting machines only (no paper output on what vote was recorded).
W/O any feedback, how can you guarantee that the vote that was placed is the one recorded on the hard drive?
I say 'prove it'
Should be simple right?
Not so fast, the DRE machines w/o a paper trail have no way to perform a vote audit
Prove to me the vote was tallied correctly
Furthermore, many of the states wipe the hard drives of those machines too soon, those states don't even allow for an audit of what was on the machine's hard drive. How are audits supposed to occur if the data have been erased?

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Bots are pushing for a violent Yellow Jacket revolt in America--just as they did in France.

@jack Please jump on the hashtags #YellowVests and #YellowJackets now

Please Retweet for all to see
First, a quick history on the Yellow Vest (aka Yellow Jacket) protests in France.
The Yellow Vests took to the streets of France in November 2018—to protest Macron’s climate change initiative, which included an increase in fuel taxes intended to decrease usage of fossil fuels.
NBC News Article here.…
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Just remember as hard as times are. As bad as it looks. Things are changing. Even with Trump and the GOP stacking the courts. Remember. There is a higher court. Our court. The court of public opinion.

Our court organized, mobilized, energized and in the end against all of the Suppression, Gerrymandering, Russian Hacking, Votes not counted, Mail in Ballots stolen and more we Fucking crushed it in the midterms.
We have two more years. With a strong start. With people in place doing their work every day. With an army of engaged citizens who are Woke and off their Couches. Kids who are engaged. Yes it is our Court. It is the most important Court. Because in our Court we control our future
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In 2014 Michael Cohen hired an IT Firm to Rig Polls for Trump. A sign of things to come.

"In January 2014, Mr. Cohen asked Mr. Gauger [who ran an I.T. company] to help Mr. Trump score well in a CNBC online poll to identify the country’s top business leaders by writing a computer script to repeatedly vote for him."
1-1/2 minute video showing how easy it is to bot-manipulate an online vote:
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@jack. You have to be absolutely kidding me. What the hell is wrong with this platform that you send a “Does not violate” message to this man. Did you look at the damn picture. Is that what you want on your platform?
If Yair didn’t have a decent sized account and posted this to his followers it would have not been handled. Many or actually most of your user don’t have accounts this size.
There is no way to get a report of this nature and then give the response you did and frequently give until being publicly shamed. Do better. Much better.
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It will take years to flip the House and Senate. Years of Commitees soon to start. Years to get back what we have lost. Healthcare, Environment etc.

We are doing all of this for One Reason. Our Election System. It is broken. Has been for 20 years.

It isn’t just the Machines or the Tally system or the Disenfranchisement or Gerrymandering or Crosscheck. It is all of that and a lot more.

We can’t afford to not take advantage of this opportunity to fix this.
We have to hold the politicians we are working so hard to put in office accountable and demand they move this way up the agenda. We can’t fix what is there. We need to start over.

We have been losing ground for years. It took Trump and Russia to wake us up.
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Hey @jack so you not only let Artem flood your platform with Bots but you let him use your platform to dictate Russian Policy to Trump. It’s hard to walk away from this. Not making a choice to do the right thing is actually making a choice. The wrong one.
@jack. As a reminder well over a month ago we posted over 40 Million of these Russian Bots. All present and still accounted for. How many more batches of 20 Million Russian Bots do I need to drop to get action?
MSM! There is a story here worth pursuing. Artem whose wife organized the Miss Universe Pageant in Russia where this all started. Artem a man that not only is crushing Social Media with Bots but has in multiple occasions used Twitter to dictate Russian Policy to Trump.
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Russian Bot Thread 2


20 Million More Russian Bots

When will you act?

We posted 20 Million Russian Bots a week ago.


@jack How is that possible?

Do your job

We demand a safe platform

Midterms are here and you have done nothing

Last week we posted up to 20 Million Russian Bots in just a few accounts.

Accounts that anyone could see are almost entirely bots

There is No Excuse for allowing this

There is No Way they don’t see it

There is no way that we can let them ignore this
Following are 15 Russian Accounts containing more than 20 Million More Bots minus duplicates.

That is an average of 1.33 Million Bots per account

Please Retweet for all to see and let @jack know that we are holding him responsible.

There is no way they don’t see this
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Form Russia With Love


Millions and Millions of Russian Bots

This is just the start

Jack there is no walking this one back.

It is impossible to believe you don’t know.

So what is going on?

These accounts need to get of our platform

A Six Month Project

Thousands of Accounts Tracked

Where Bots Originate

How They are Modified

How They get from Russia into Both the Left and the Right

Who is helping them Spread This Chaos?
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The Bots and Trolls are rampant. Twitter has done nothing. So while we continue to shine a light on what is happening we need to be smarter.

They are there to cause chaos in our threads and timelines. They want to frustrate us from getting our work and messaging out. Most of all they want us to engage.

What we all need to do.

We need to immediately block don't engage at all! Keep on doing the work.
If you are being attacked then you know you are being effective. You are making them uneasy.

Work harder. You are on the right track.

Either Twitter will get it's shit together and do it's job or after the Midterms we need to find a platform that is safe.
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So Russia has reportedly moved on from Hacking our Election Infrastructure. Moving on to other things. Don’t believe it. They are everywhere in our Election System. They know the importance of the Midterms.

And Now This!…

Parts of an operation linked to Russian military intelligence targeting the US Senate and conservative think tanks were thwarted last week. The domains were associated with the Russian government and known as Strontium, or alternatively Fancy Bear or APT28
"Hackers could have used the domains to send emails to Senate staffers or people working for the Hudson Institute or the International Republican Institute in an attempt to trick them into handing over information, like their passwords."
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Georgia to close 75% of Black Counties Precincts!! Precincts that were all open during the Primaries. They know they have a problem. Even with the Election machines that give suspect results they know they need more help.

If this stands we need to start a major effort to provide transportation in this county. We will need drivers, volunteers and people to help distribute notices and spread the word.
This is also what we should be doing in any heavily Gerrymandered area where there is a difficulty with people traveling the long distance to their polling places.
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THREAD: by now, many of you have seen posts or articles re: @defcon’s @VotingVillageDC, and the ease with which machines and websites were attacked and exploited. And now, THIS is happening....#unhackthevote #infosec #ElectionSecurity
For YEARS, advocates of election integrity have been pointing out these issues. This isn’t new. After 2000, the Help America Vote Act was passed to modernize our elections, first proposed by Robert Ney (R-OH). Signed into law by George W. Bush. So much for this theory:
At the same time, Bush’s @TheJusticeDept began an investigation into alleged #VoterFraud. Guess what it turned up? No masses of non-citizens voting, nothing that could come close to altering an election.…
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I just read this article on companies that provide voter services for states and it is worse than I thought it would be.

Spoiler Alert: I am going to break this article down bit by bit and explain why things are "bad".
The election system is decentralized. Each state runs their own elections and the federal government can't tell the states how to run their elections. There's no centralized system for someone to break into, no one way to run an election so the diversity can be a strength.
21 states (that's 42%) were hit by the Russian hackers and they were successful in at least one state. The federal government and the states have done almost nothing to prevent this from happening again.This is thanks, in part, to the decentralized nature of the election systems.
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More than 250 Trump Organization Subdomains are in Communication with Computers in Russia!!

The Trump Organization, like most large organizations, has a lot of domains registered to it. Let's take a look.
Many of these domains have subdomains - like This is a normal practice. But we found something HIGHLY unusual.
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Remote Access Software used by ES&S Voting. They finally tell the truth. At least some of it. Thank you to @KimZetter for pursuing her initial story from February. I am afraid we are missing the bigger point here.

States have given over their Election Systems to a myriad of Private Companies. The States in many cases have absolutely no idea what is happening with their Elections.
Ask yourself why did the States notified over a year after the 2016 Election not know that they were being targeted by Russia? How is that possible? What does that mean for the possibility of having a free and fair Election?
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Michigan, ES&S and the Voting Machines that couldn’t count!!

Why are States Buying and Using Machines that don’t pass testing?

It is infuriating!!

All along there have been problems with electronic voting. Again and again election officials and observers have spoken up, only to be ignored.
In 2008 an election official in Oakland County Michigan noticed something alarming.with ES&S optical scan machines. Here is the story.
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Maryland Voter Registration System runs on Russian Owned Software! The biggest problem here is that they never knew it. How is that possible? The States have no idea who is behind the companies they give the Elections over to.

We are going to be dropping a ton of research on exactly this. Why do States willfully do this. Would a state actually know if something went bad ? Let's talk more about Spearphishing.
Every company that touches a States Voting system introduces a hundred more employees that can get hacked. Companies rely on these contracts. They aren't going to disclose what happened. Just look at VR Systems.
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So what I believe we are looking at here is the hacking if Illinois and VR Systems in Florida. In Illinois they got to Voter Files and also Election Officials emails, user names and passwords.

With VR Systems we are told nothing happened. That is not true. In Durham NC that uses VR Systems Electronic Polling Books so many people were not showing up in the rolls on election day they had to throw the machines away and go to paper poll books.
No coincidence that Durham is the largest Democratic County. Where else were there problems? Who would ever tell us?
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Supreme Court Justices

Religious Fundamentalists



Oh My!

What you weren’t taught in school about how your Gov’t works.

Who appoints our Supreme Court? The President?

Or a Catholic fundamentalist who controls a network of right-wing groups funded by dark money?
A few days ago our colleague @AltDIA made an interesting discovery. An apparent botnet of Twitter accounts tweeting identical messages: "As a Hoosier, I'm calling on @SenDonnelly to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court."
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