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Okay who the hell is State #2 from the just released Senate Intelligence report on Election Interference. FBI told 3-4 counties they were breached & those counties refused help? Am I reading this correctly? #infosec #russiagate
State 6 is Arizona ... at least based on this Threatconnect report. The use of the Acunetix scanning tool gives it away…
Okay I am 95% sure State 14 is Wisconsin based on this DET timeline memo they sent out on 09-26-2017. Keep in mind for quite awhile the Walker admin claimed Wisconsin was never targeted. Read the memo closely & you will notice a couple alarming details. This isnt all of it either
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Let's not forget Rybolovlev the Oligarch that overpaid Trump 60 Million Dollars for a property that neither Trump nor himself ever lived in was also Flying around the world coincidentally appearing where the Trump Campaign and other players close to Trump were.
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Twitter. Please meet May Kiffmeyer. @marykiff. Mary is the former Minnesota SOS & Current Senator that is preventing Minnesota from receiving their Federal Cyber Security funds to safeguard their Elections. Mary thinks Hacking is no big deal…
Mary must have missed the Mueller report that told of how Manafort shared her Stares Polling Data with Russia. Seems like any SOS worthy of their position would have a different feeling about Securing their Elections.
But Mary has a little history regarding Elections.
Mary used scare tactics to keep turnout low.
Check this out.
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We need to stop talking about just fixing the Voting Machines. We need to talk about Fixing the Election System! I have always been more Concerned with the Tally System. Yes the Machines need to go.

We need to Safeguard the Voter Registration Files, Discuss why any Machine should store a Vote. It shouldn't. We really need to address the Tally System. If someone gets in the middle of the transmission of results to the SOS it is game over.
What you would expect to see in a Tally System Hack is a late change in how the Votes are Trending and a Win by a Very Small Margin. Sound Familiar? This draws as little attention as possible while also trying to avoid a recount.
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The number one thing we should all be focused on is Election Security and Voting Rights.

Almost everything else we are fighting is a result of having neither.

Don't treat the symptom. Find the cure.
How every Congressperson and Journalist is not beating this drum daily is absolutely startling.

We lost 18 seats in the Midterms to Gerrymandering! As well as we did. 18 seats. We can't afford this in 2020.
It's like watching a Slasher Film and you keep yelling at the screen "No Don't Do That!"

I am screaming. "No Don't Do That".

Don't Ignore This!

All hands on deck every damn day.
Stop staring at the Car Wreck.
It is there to distract us.
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Watching Hillary on Maddow I kept coming back to one word. "Strength". So composed, knowing she was robbed. Knowing that in almost three years our Country Never Checked, Won't Check and Even Worse is Intentionally Leaving it that way Helping it Happen Again!
When the GOP knowing that States were penetrated by Russia, were in our Election System stand by and Vote Down Election Security Bills they aren't just letting it happen again. They are making it happen again. This isn't just Russia. Not by a long shot. It is right here!
Russia didn't do this on their own. Russia doesn't Vote in Congress. Russia isn't working around the clock running interference on the release of the Mueller report.
Russia is not rubber stamping Unqualified Appointees and Judges one after another.
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Trump and Putin talked for more than an hour including discussing "The Russian Hoax!"…

via @GoogleNews
This Hoax includes
Russian Targeting all 50 States Election Systems
The Hacking of the DNC
Penetration of at least Florida and Illinois Election System
The Hacking of an Election Vendor
Receipt of Swing State Polling Data
A Relentless attack on our Social Media

To Name a Few.
Folks it is getting close to the time when we all show up somewhere at the same time and set up camp.
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I just want to say how saddened and angry I am at this platform. We have received a Tweet showing a young woman being beheaded! We and other have been reporting this for 3 hours and it is still up. Obviously I wont post this. This has to stop.
Even if Twitter decided to clean up the platform do they even have the resources and staff to be able to handle it. Honestly. This should have been taken down in a minute. The first report should have been all that was needed. Any account posting it should be taken off.
5 hours now and it is still up!! This is a platform that is abandoning its responsibility.
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When the Trump, Pence, Kobach Suppression Commission asked all States to provide their Voter Registration Files to them did they share these with Russia? Or Cambridge Analytica?
Let's not forget that Kobach was there and he would have had access to all the data from States enrolled in Crosscheck.
And why wouldn't he do that.
He used them to help with the Muslim Ban!

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We now know that all of the States were being targeted by Russia in 2016. Of course they were. Does anyone think that with the concerted effort Russia has been putting behind this for up to 3 years that it isn't working?

Time to ask the real questions

Ask yourself why this information is being kept from us?

Also why was the VR Systems hack Classified. During a news cycle that hacking was everywhere.
Doesn't it seem like what is really going on is that there is an effort to give us the impression that the Election System is Secure and Working. Do you really think that even now we have any idea of what really happened that they knew about? Why? How long has this been happening
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Of course they were and probably still are. Does anyone think that with the concerted effort Russia has been putting behind this dor up to 3 years that it isn't working for them?

Also ask yourself why this information is being kept from us?
Also why was the VR Systems hack Classified. During a news cycle that hacking was everywhere.
Doesn't it seem like what is really going on is that there is an effort to give us the impression that the Election System is Secure and Working.
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These people know the exactly what will happen if they allow a secure voting platform to be installed. Kemp stole his own Election in front of the whole country. Now they are going after abortion rights. The price we continue to pay for these Voting systems.
There are Politicians that are picking their Voters. Not Voters picking their Politicians.
Remember. When you Vote on a Slot Machine the House always wins.
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Bot Tutorial Thread
A Step By Step Walkthrough
How To Spot a Bot
Tools to Analyze an Account

Up to 60% of Social Media Accounts are fake (not including dormant accts).…
Since @Jack and @Twitter haven’t gotten rid of the bots, we think users should have an idea of what they look like. This thread will give practical tips on how to spot the bots.
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How Bad Has FBR Gotten?
I keep hearing that everyone Vets their Followers
If everyone was doing that then how does this happen?

A MAGA Troll running FBR for the Resistance!!
And it's Working!!
We don't even Vet the Leaders of the FBR!

What are we doing?

Lets start here

Handle: @FBRSquad
Name: g typa poop
Profile description: helpin other people gain!
Early Tweets show a gap between account creation and first tweet—also shows that the account is (MAGA)
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Many have commented that their accounts have some flags that we look for when checking for Bots. So let’s fix that.

You are able to get rid of the default eight digits after your name.
Here’s how.

1. Click Profile
2. Click Settings and Profile
3. Click username

See pic

So now let’s take care of the rest of your account.
Now that you have a more normal looking user name here are other things to check.

1. Use a real pic. Doesn’t have to be you but one that is not available online

2. Create a bio. It doesn’t have to give your identity away but something that isn’t generic
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What is up with @IAmJeffEmmerson? Account is being wiped. Profile pic gone. Blog has been wiped. Followers are almost exclusively Locked Bots and Tweets which now number only 405 aren’t loading Very interesting..
This is the account linked in his Twitter page. Haha.
When you see an account that’s follows accounts like this. You know all you have to. Stay away.
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Please be cautious with new followers. There is a flood of old accounts going back to 2008-2009 that are showing up in large numbers. They have very few tweets. Most follow large amounts of verified accounts. They are following us one after the other.

Take a very close look.
Look for gaps in their timelines
Look for poor grammar
Look for accounts that are mostly retweets.
Look for who they follow and see if it makes sense.
The amount of Bots being created right now is out of control. Gone are the days of the Accounts with no pic and 8 digits following the name. These look more normal. They have morphed. Old accounts are being repurposed.
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Ms. Hennessey,

I would like you to show me how vote switching is impossible.
Show me on the Voting machines that have zero paper record. The following states use Direct Recording Electronic voting machines only (no paper output on what vote was recorded).
W/O any feedback, how can you guarantee that the vote that was placed is the one recorded on the hard drive?
I say 'prove it'
Should be simple right?
Not so fast, the DRE machines w/o a paper trail have no way to perform a vote audit
Prove to me the vote was tallied correctly
Furthermore, many of the states wipe the hard drives of those machines too soon, those states don't even allow for an audit of what was on the machine's hard drive. How are audits supposed to occur if the data have been erased?

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Just remember as hard as times are. As bad as it looks. Things are changing. Even with Trump and the GOP stacking the courts. Remember. There is a higher court. Our court. The court of public opinion.

Our court organized, mobilized, energized and in the end against all of the Suppression, Gerrymandering, Russian Hacking, Votes not counted, Mail in Ballots stolen and more we Fucking crushed it in the midterms.
We have two more years. With a strong start. With people in place doing their work every day. With an army of engaged citizens who are Woke and off their Couches. Kids who are engaged. Yes it is our Court. It is the most important Court. Because in our Court we control our future
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In 2014 Michael Cohen hired an IT Firm to Rig Polls for Trump. A sign of things to come.

"In January 2014, Mr. Cohen asked Mr. Gauger [who ran an I.T. company] to help Mr. Trump score well in a CNBC online poll to identify the country’s top business leaders by writing a computer script to repeatedly vote for him."
1-1/2 minute video showing how easy it is to bot-manipulate an online vote:
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@jack. You have to be absolutely kidding me. What the hell is wrong with this platform that you send a “Does not violate” message to this man. Did you look at the damn picture. Is that what you want on your platform?
If Yair didn’t have a decent sized account and posted this to his followers it would have not been handled. Many or actually most of your user don’t have accounts this size.
There is no way to get a report of this nature and then give the response you did and frequently give until being publicly shamed. Do better. Much better.
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It will take years to flip the House and Senate. Years of Commitees soon to start. Years to get back what we have lost. Healthcare, Environment etc.

We are doing all of this for One Reason. Our Election System. It is broken. Has been for 20 years.

It isn’t just the Machines or the Tally system or the Disenfranchisement or Gerrymandering or Crosscheck. It is all of that and a lot more.

We can’t afford to not take advantage of this opportunity to fix this.
We have to hold the politicians we are working so hard to put in office accountable and demand they move this way up the agenda. We can’t fix what is there. We need to start over.

We have been losing ground for years. It took Trump and Russia to wake us up.
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So Russia has reportedly moved on from Hacking our Election Infrastructure. Moving on to other things. Don’t believe it. They are everywhere in our Election System. They know the importance of the Midterms.

And Now This!…

Parts of an operation linked to Russian military intelligence targeting the US Senate and conservative think tanks were thwarted last week. The domains were associated with the Russian government and known as Strontium, or alternatively Fancy Bear or APT28
"Hackers could have used the domains to send emails to Senate staffers or people working for the Hudson Institute or the International Republican Institute in an attempt to trick them into handing over information, like their passwords."
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Georgia to close 75% of Black Counties Precincts!! Precincts that were all open during the Primaries. They know they have a problem. Even with the Election machines that give suspect results they know they need more help.

If this stands we need to start a major effort to provide transportation in this county. We will need drivers, volunteers and people to help distribute notices and spread the word.
This is also what we should be doing in any heavily Gerrymandered area where there is a difficulty with people traveling the long distance to their polling places.
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