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Another look back to what we knew last year about Russia's attempt to hack Voter Registration systems.
In Illinois, investigators found evidence that cyber intruders tried to delete or alter voter data. The hackers accessed software designed to be used by poll workers on Election Day, and in at least one state accessed a campaign finance database
In early July 2016, a contractor who works two or three days a week at the state board of elections detected unauthorized data leaving the network, according to Ken Menzel, general counsel for the Illinois board of elections.
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The world is a different place right now. We need to protect our privacy. Not just Candidates. All of us.

Keep your online identity from being stolen and misused, with little to no cost.

A Tutorial on how we all can make online activity more secure.


Most of your online identity is tied to an email address.Often the same address is used for password reset requests, communications, and a way to validate your identity when you create accounts.
Protecting your email address and the passwords that are associated with it is the key to protecting your identity.
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Devin Nunes and the Trojan Horse Thread 2

If you think our first thread was concerning it gets worse.

Much worse.

As we looked more closely at the domains assigned to the server that still hosts the malicious code we found on devinnunes[.]net, a pattern emerged.
It became clear that all the websites on this computer were associated with the Nebraska company Northstar Campaign Solutions.  It also became clear that the malicious code we found was not an accident.
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Certainly if a group such as #UnhackTheVote is collecting large sums of money derived from catering to our base fears, it seems they would welcome scrutiny. After all, scrutiny and transparency is what they (allegedly) advocate for, is it not?
Back when I regulated lobbyists, I learned that the lobbyists who circled wagons, became aggressive against inquiries, operated in closed group cliques, obfuscated attempts at sunlight—those were the worst offenders of all.
I invite #UnhackTheVote to open up their books and records to public inspection: disclose ALL revenue and ALL expenditures, including who is/was paid what and when.
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Devin Nunes

A Candidate

His Candidate Website

A Trojan Horse

The Story of how Devin Nunes and other GOP may have been compromised!!

In May of 2017 vulnerabilities were discovered on one of Devin Nunes' campaign websites. The campaign website had apparently been infected with a virus that caused some internal pages to be indexed by Google, in Russian.
The full report on this discovery is here:…. The author of the report notified the Nunes campaign of these vulnerabilities on May 19, 2017.
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This is why we need paper ballots, plain and simple.

As an IT professional, I understood most of what they are doing. This is frightening & should alarm everyone.

Let me explain why:
The fact that we do not have an agency that oversees electronic voting machines is ridiculous and just as scary that these “white hat” hackers are able to take control of these machines and their databases within minutes.

I will be covering the information in the white paper produced from the 2017 DEFCON Voting Machine Hacker Village.
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From Candidate to Kompromat It Just Takes One Click

Candidate or Citizen your life could change in just one click. Spear Phishing, it has been in play for years. It has cost us politically and personally. It is back. It is everywhere. What we need to know

What is it? Spear phishing is an email-spoofing attack that seeks unauthorized access to sensitive information. Spear phishing attempts are NOT random. They are specific, targeted attemps to gain access to private and personal information.…
Remember when the emails of John Podesta, Colin Powell, and the DNC were compromised in 2016? This happened because the fell prey to a phishing attack. In Podesta's case, he logged onto what he believed was his gmail account and changed his password.
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(Thread) Dennis Kucinich, the far left, and Russian Active Measures: A story I did not want to have to tell. #OHGov
2. Kucinich has always been "friendly" to the Communist Party in the US - which was obviously funded by Russian (and other Communist Parties)…
3. BUT, my theory about when he was compromised by #TrumpRussia type active measures - goes back to 1999.
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Trump and Russia and Bots Oh My!!

Miss Universe 2013

The Beginning of the Trump Russia Plan?

An important follow up to our Voty Bot Story.

Remember our Voty botnet story from last week? We talk about our discovery of a botnet that was spreading anti-Al Franken propaganda. The whole story is here:…
This botnet is quite an operation. It involves Japanese developers, two new alt-right propaganda websites and an entire army of hacked computers tweeting alt-right propaganda.
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2) #Yanokovich won the #Ukraine election in 2004 because, wait for it eustedes, Russain state operative HACKED the election servers and gave Yanokovich enough votes to claim victory. This is EXACTLY what @MikeFarb1 & the statisticians at #unhackthevote are saying happened in 2016
3) #PaulManaforte 's contrived narrative about #Yanokovich being "his own man" (as oppose to an RU shill) and a "strong leader" with "a plan" who was the victim of "bad reporting" is the same contrived narrative the Trump administration has been pushing since its campaign.
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Bots Thread 4

HowTo Spot a Bot

What is a Twitter Bot?

A Twitter bot is a human-machine hybrid. There is a human behind the account that controls the machine,  but much of the activity is automated.

In many cases the system behind a Twitter bot is a botnet -  a network of computers that have been infected with a virus that causes them to run a program that communicates with the Twitter APIs.
Each of these computers, unbeknownst to its owner, is "tweeting" propaganda. The exact content of these tweets is controlled by the owner of the botnet.

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Bots Thread 2

This is the story of The Voty Twitter Botnet and The Attack on Senator Al Franken by the Alt-Right Army
On November 15th at 10:21 PM, Roger Stone, via the now-suspended @stonezonetweets Twitter account, tweeted the following:

Roger Stone says it’s Al Franken’s “time in the barrel”. Franken next in long list of Democrats accused of “grabby” behavior.
That same day the web domain was registered in Japan developer named Atsufumi Otsuka (if the registration info is to be believed) and a pseudo-news website was established.
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