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Ah I feel for #Martinez, shuffling around on his line pre shot & ending up on the left side of his goal cost him those extra inches that would’ve allowed him to parry the ball away from danger!

At the same time it was potentially the movement that put PEM off so it’s a hard one!
Obviously it was a top top penalty save but you could instantly tell by #Martinez’s reaction that he was gutted with the fact he didn’t manage to push it out wide.

I don’t think #Martinez should be too harsh on himself thought as I think it was just smart timing from Auba
I always say to penalty takers if the GK bounces around side to side on the line time it so they are on the wrong side as you strike the ball as their weight will all be on that side & it will be very difficult for them to get all the way across goal & that’s what Auba did
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What a forced out of position 1v1 save from #Martinez!

His foot speed to get across is excellent & his decision to dive left pre-shot to get his body in-line with the ball is also class!

This was Emi’s 5th FOOP 1v1 save since 19/20!

No #PL GK has made more!

Definition: A forced out of position 1v1 is a 1v1 which occurs either after a rebound, ricochet, or cross which results in a 1v1 situation where the GK could not possibly be inline with the ball as the situation starts & needs to reposition quickly to make the save
As you can imagine forced out of position 1v1s are scored over 80% of the time & saving them is very difficult but basically the only way to give yourself a chance is to combine quick footspeed, determination, a willingness not to give up, & a tidy execution of the smother
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#CopaAmericaFINAL #CopaAmerica The 28 year wait is finally over for the #laalbiceleste #Messi z shoulders hav now shed tht weight. It’s very close to the #Indians winning the 2011 #Cricket world cup for #SachinTendulkar ~1
The team played as a team with #Messi inspiring them with most goals & assists whch he has done all his life n ritely winning the #GoldenBall & #GoldenBoot of the tournmt. He carried the hard weight of not winning big for his nation, but today he finds solace without #Maradona ~2
How can one forget the #laalbiceleste GK #Martinez heroics in the Semifinals n #CopaAmericaFINAL he maintained good form in the whole competition n befittingly won the #GoldenGlove . Frm warming the #Arsenal bench to the #phenomenom of the #Argentina he has come full circle ~3
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Since India Open unfortunately had to be cancelled, I decided to spend 133 minutes in the company of #Saina, #Kashyap, #Rajan 🥴 and #Carla #Martinez 😳 😳 on Amazon Prime. Image
2./… well I’m not a big connoisseur of Indian movies - this is my first - but I found it strange that the honourable mentions started the movie 😁 0:00 - 3:30. I got the feeling that maybe the director didn’t believe I’d make it to the end, and decided to slide it in early 😂😂
3./…. Apart from that, I was entertained, curious to see how the story would unfold. I was also very aware that it was in fact a movie with a (world no. 1) storyline. Obviously the badminton parts were not so strong, when you’re used to being in that environment.
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After showing us how a GK can maximise their chances of saving a close range 1v1, #Schmeichel has just show how us how a GK can minimise their chances of saving a long range 1v1!

By engaging early he allows Wilson to easily round him with 1 touch!

He needed to wait for longer!
If #Schmeichel waits inside his 6 yard box for #Wilson’s touch, #Wilson then has a decision to make:

1. Shoot from 17yrd knowing defenders are track back.

2. Take a touch knowing he will bring it closer to goal but also closer to the GK.

Regardless of what decision #Wilson makes #Schmeichel will have a higher probability of making the save than he would have if he rushes out & engages early like he does.

1. If #Wilson shoots #Schmeichel’s deep position will maximise his reaction time & thus his save probability.
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#PremierLeague Shotstopping Performance Graphic:

#Ederson #Areola #Martinez & #Sanchez have been class 🔥

#Henderson has outperformed #DeGea when it comes to shotstopping 🔄

Despite criticism #Ramsdale #Pickford & #Guaita have performed at a roughly average top flight level 👀
Explanation of ExSaves:

ExSaves are calculated by looking at every shot a GK faces & using the shots distance, angle, trajectory, final location, the number of defenders in the way + other things & using historical data to find the probability that an avg PL GK makes the save...
...Therefore as a rough example a shot from 40yrds at a tight angle that goes down the middle of goal with all the teams defenders behind the ball may have an ExSave of 99% whereas a central 1v1 from 10yrds fired into the bottom corner may have an ExSave of 10%.
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For me #Martinez has been the #PremierLeague GK of the year

He’s shown class shot stopping, shot preventing & distributing skills & been excellent in 1v1 situations!

#Martinez has saved 11 1v1s this year & my model predicts an avg PL GK would‘ve only managed to save ~8 of them!
I don’t think it is unsustainable form either, especially when talking about 1v1s, because my model shows his excellent decision making is regularly making the saves easier for him!

His Post Decision Ex1v1 Saves is 1.42 saves higher than his Pre Decision Ex1v1 Saves!

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Es diciembre y siempre es bueno recordar los Campeonatos que ganaron nuestras @Chivas . Un like y armo un hilo de cómo se vivió esa final en #Guadalajara y en #Toluca . @Historia_Chivas #chivas #volverteaver
Pues a darle que ya hace frio. Como antecedente @Chivas llegaba en el lugar 3 del grupo 1 y lugar 8 de la tabla con 26 puntos, 26 goles a favor y 18 goles en contra para dar a una diferencia de mas +8.
Su primer rival era el @ClubTiburones , que llegaba al encuentro con la misma cantidad de puntos (26) pero con diferencia de -5. Esto hizo que la ida fuera en #Veracruz y el regreso en #Guadalajara.
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En direct sur #LCI pour #EnTouteFranchise. Suivez le live-tweet. ⬇️ Image
Plusieurs écoles sont déjà fermées après des cas suspects de #Coronavirus. #EnTouteFranchise
Je n'ai pas confiance dans le gouvernement. On nous disait qu'on serait à 100 000 tests par jour à la date du déconfinement. On n'en est une semaine plus tard qu'à 50 000 tests par jour. #EnTouteFranchise
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Démission de #Delevoye

Il n'y a plus de ministre ou de haut-commissaire aux retraites pour une contre-réforme largement rejetée par l'opinion.…
"Au gouvernement, il n’y en a pas un qui maîtrise le sujet"

La liste de la moralisation de la vie politique s'allonge

François Bayrou
Sylvie Goulard
Marielle de Sarnez
Richard Ferrand
Jean-Paul #Delevoye
Alexandre Benalla
Vincent Crase
Thierry Solère
Laure Flessel
Muriel Pénicaud
Mustapha Laabid
M'jid El Guerrab
Alexis Kohler
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BREAKING: Two #fossilfuel storage tanks have exploded at #NuStar, a tank farm next to the #Phillips66 refinery near #Crockett & #Rodeo in the #BayArea. No reported casualties, according to @KTVU. The explosion likely caused an adjacent brush fire.…
@KTVU Our thoughts are with #firstresponders and community members in the #EastBay as a shelter in place has been ordered. Stay safe and don't go outdoors until the order is lifted. Check the latest on the @CCCounty Community Warning System here:
@KTVU @CCCounty A situation like today's #NuStar tank farm explosion in #EastBay is exactly why we must put a stop to the expansion of #fossilfuel infrastructure in the #BayArea and around the world. Learn more about the movement to #ProtectTheBay:
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Si nous parlons du même moment (à vérifier), j'ai été témoin de la première partie de l'intrusion dans l'enceinte de la Pitie-Salpetriere, racontée ici par sa directrice à @franceinter.

Prudence toutefois, mais voilà des éléments de contexte. #1erMai #salpetriere #1erMai2019
Le contexte : en tête du cortège, boulevard de l'Hôpital, une foule compacte, des milliers de gens. Devant, une ligne d'individus virulents s'en prenaient aux CRS, qui lancent sur une partie du boulevard du gaz lacrymogène pour les faire reculer. #1erMai #salpetriere
Derrière, des milliers de personnes entassées n'avançaient plus, et se retrouvent dans le nuage. Elles cherchent donc à reculer et à fuir le plus vite et loin possible. Dont moi, d'ailleurs. Photo prise quelques minutes avant, la foule était dense. #1erMai #salpetriere
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