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Here is everything I can find out (part 4):
I know I said that I wouldn't keep going, but I'm not convinced that this is entirely an ARG. I have 18 pages on Microsoft Word chock full of things I haven't posted. I feel like I owe it to everybody to get to the bottom of this.
So far, Hijj370 has used three usernames: Hijj370, the one he initially messaged Ty with; Cicada370; and Cicada3311, which is the one I believe he is using right now.
His first tweet ever, still under the handle of Hijj370, was “null lclcr puisr fmzio ydbvk uqcpi fycyw qsipx ziwtk az”. I posted a screenshot, back in my first thread, but didn’t know what it meant. According to @LAexpress12, what seemed to me like gibberish were DNA strands.
It also gives coordinates, apparently, and at those coordinates, it’s reported that there have been several sightings of cryptids of some sort.
Links to the Youtube videos, as provided by /u/Arszilla: (1) and (2)
Before I go into the rest of this Cicada thing, keep in mind that Hijj370 / Cicada370 / Cicada3311 never actually provided a PGP to prove that they are part of Cicada. They also opened their inbox to the public and replied to people, which members of Cicada are not known to do.
I’m basically recapping my first thread here, so if you are out of the loop about Hijj’s initial tweets, go see my first thread (). I’ll only be adding information that I hadn’t already posted.
Hijj370’s tenth tweet was written in ASCII85 and decodable, which translated to “the reason im sending the earth beings this message is because i am disguising myself from your ancests”. The English part of his tweet states, “Hence this is a final goodbye”. I forgot to post this.
According to /u/Arszilla, his eleventh tweet came when he had already changed his username to Cicada370. He has since changed it again, and the image is gone, but it was apparently what seemed to be a photo of a monitor with a cursor on it, showing a thermal image of a plane.
His twelfth tweet was a QR code with numbers attached. The numbers – “44.244167, 7.769444” – when plugged into Google Maps, showed two different locations. One somewhere in Europe, and one in Colletto Fava, Italy (see image 1). The QR code led to an imgur link (see image 2).
The thirteenth tweet of his, under Cicada370, is completely blank, and has an option to translate from Korean. I don’t know how, but it looks like some users did some digging and found out that the blank text were actually coordinates to Martinique.
... where a piece of MH370 was found last year, according to @SharvanoSew. I can't confirm or debunk this since all my search is coming up with are news articles in French.
He then changed his name back to Hijj370 and made a QR code his profile picture. He also tweeted this.
His bio was Morse code – “_.--../.__----...----” – which, when decoded, translates to “add onion”. He changed his display name to “DIMASRYP REA EMOH”, an anagram for “PYRAMIDS ARE HOME”.
Hijj tweeted this, which was decoded by @jonathonxspeed – “Cicada was a test You are now ready to face them 9+13+1”.
I wasn’t here for any of this, so I’m taking Arszilla’s word for it. He (Hijj) changed his profile picture to this. When scanned, it spits out a code.
The code translates to “You seem to know too much about things. You will have to explain what and how you know.”
If you remember my earlier posts about NATO phonetic code, "whisky echo alpha tango hotel echo romeo” comes out as the word “WEATHER”. There's not a lot I can make out of this, so I'll leave it to you all.
This was Hijj's next tweet, an anagram for "nothing is real".
Hijj posted an anagram for “goodbye”, and a QR code that spits out a link to
His next tweets were these.
Soon after, he posted what looks like gibberish but, when decoded, apparently reads as “it is not the end, it is the start”.
Hijj then posted a nine-second-long video. When the video is reversed, it comes up with a date, July 17, 2014. That was the day MH17 was shot down over East Ukraine, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew that were onboard the plane at the time.
His next tweet was this, which, as far as I know, has yet to be decoded.
He posted a thirty-second-long video. When reversed by @HipsteerZarina, it reads out NATO phonetic alphabet, translating to “LUNAR IS HOME WITH SPACE TRIANGLES ARE BUILT WITH HASTE”.
This tweet, when decoded, reads “Ready for stage”.
His next tweet was in Morse code and lead to a link, yniir5c6cmuwslfl.onion. The site isn’t loading for me, but according to Arszilla’s post, it would come up with what’s depicted in Image 2.
The tweet afterwards was another QR, leading to this image, which seems to be some sort of pyramid structure on the lunar surface. In short, this is approximately the point in time where shit starts getting weirder.
This QR yields yet another code, which translates to “This will be the last time i will desolve my account Thanks for keeping up with the warnings You are wanred about april Farewell earthlings LunarBunnies”.
I’m going to stop posting images of the QR codes and just post what they come out as when they’re scanned. There’s really no point since all of them have been decoded.
His next QR came up with, “That evacuation message was transmitted in 1969 It was for humans But not humans too LunarRabbits evacuated to Earth On VIII March future past from today They faced something You may know what they faced something We do not harm We lost homes" ... [1/2]
... "We live with you We lived with you before”. [2/2]
After this, Hijj changed his username to Cicada3311. Here’s an archive of his tweets under his new handle.
He then tweeted out this – “No point of us getting fame, 1×we are not advertising something 2× it's a ARG”. Personally, I don’t believe this at all. My next tweets are the reasons why I'm not buying into this.
1. The voicemail went out to random people all over the country, from coast to coast, from unknown numbers. How did Cicada - or whoever is behind this - manage to set up their display as "Unknown" on phones they've never touched, belonging to people they don't know?
2. This is the big one for me. There was a number of other things that are still not explained, such as the video of the voicemail (as taken from Ty’s account) being removed from @funwrita’s Instagram post. Without her reposting the whole thing, this shouldn't be possible.
3. Like I already said, I don't even believe Cicada3311 can even prove that it's actually tied to Cicada. As far as I've been told, Cicada has never opened their inbox or spoken to people who participate in their puzzles.
I think I forgot to post this. Mind the first letter of each sentence. They spell out "It is on voicemail".
If anyone's decoded this, let me know, because I'm having a hard time with these in particular.
Thanks to @m_t8w2a4i9n and @Eggsaiah for decoding this. "Great shapes like big machines rose out of the dimness and cast grotesque black shadows in which dim spectral morlocks sheltered from the glare".
This is one of Cicada3311's tweets. When decoded, it seems to be coordinates, 7.3195° S, 72.4229° E. They lead almost directly to the airport on Diego Garcia, a US base in the central Indian Ocean.
I already said this in my last thread, but if you're still checking up on this whole situation, check out /u/Arszilla and the subreddit /r/solving41818 if you want a much more in-depth investigation. They've covered a lot of things that I didn't even know about.
This news article talks about the possible link between Diego Garcia and MH370:…
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