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- Un système de stockage moléculaire de l'énergie solaire permettant une restitution sous forme d'électricité ... beau potentiel
- #PaLM le nouveau modèle d' #IA de #Google : expliquer des blagues, corriger du code informatique… rien ne lui résiste. Derrière ces perf. : 540 Mds de paramètres et 9M$ pour l'entrainement…
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Due to the Putin's invasion, in the first quarter of 2022 #Ukraine registered an increased amount of 802 cyberattacks from Russia and Belarus, said the Ukrainian govt cyber group CERT-UA. [Thread⬇️]
Here is the list of top 5 Russian and Belorussian groups of hackers (connected to the military and security services of those aggressor countries) which conduct #cyberattacks on #Ukraine ⬇️
[1] The hacker group of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB): UAC-0010 aka Armageddon (GammaLoad, GammaDrop, HarvesterX). This is APT (advanced persistent threat).
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A dude just shared in a space that he’s quitting his stable 9-5 job…

Without #crypto trading experience, he’s taking family savings, and going full-time degen #nft flipping

I can’t tell em what to do.
But can share some tools that might help em get less REKT…

In no particular order.

Tracking n’ analytics : (solid)
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[ 🧵 THREAD 🧶 ]



[ 🧵 THREAD 🧶 ]



[ 🧵 THREAD 🧶 ]

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Rus Mi-8 helicopters in Ukraine
#UkraineRussia #Donbas
#DPR Militia on the frontline...don't have exact location
Rus. column reportedly approaching #Zaporozhye
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#Russia's disinfo troops have just made a very large mistake: their mask slipped. In an effort to denounce the Heroes of Snake Island, they also mention "Avenger of the air" - but that does not exist! It's probably a future psyop that they thought already came out. #UkraineWar
Look at the third picture - the whole article is just: 1. a headline saying Snake Island and Avenger of the air are fake 2. A picture of Snake Island 3. Some unrelated captions and an unrelated paragraph. That is ALL. There's no content, just a headline so it shows up in Google.
Of course the Heroes of Snake Island do exist. Here's a piece of real reporting that shows they do, including source footage - but "Heroes of Snake Island is fake news" shows up on the first page of Google results for "Heroes of Snake Island". #UkraineWar…
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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🧵 THREAD N°8 : Sécuriser son #wallet

En 2021, 3 milliards de dollars de cryptos ont été volés par des #hackers, soit 500% de plus qu'en 2020.

L'arrivée de débutants a facilité ces vols, mais tout le monde peut se faire avoir.

Voilà 6 conseils pour sécuriser vos cryptos 👇 Image
1/ Préambule : je vous recommande de comprendre comment fonctionne un wallet pour mieux savoir le sécuriser.

J'ai écrit un thread sur le fonctionnement des wallets si besoin :
2/ Si vous savez comment fonctionne un wallet, vous avez compris que le nerf de la guerre est votre clé privée (#seedphrase, une phrase de 12 mots aléatoires).

C'est elle qui signe toutes vos transactions et montre au réseau que c'est bien vous qui en êtes à l'origine.
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Day 4 Of #CyberSecurity/ #ethicalhacking for Beginners.

Vulnerabilities and attacks

A vulnerability is a weakness in design, implementation, operation, or internal control.

#SSOT #tech #hackers #hacking
1/13 Image
A backdoor in a computer system, a cryptosystem or an algorithm, is any secret method of bypassing normal authentication or security controls.
Denial-of-service attack

Denial of service attacks (DoS) are designed to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users.
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noob: i wanna become hacker
hacker: are you ready to spend two years to learn just basics?
noob: no
hacker: good bye
Very well then - lesson One: Maths and Hobbies - YAN :)- #Hackers So you say you wanna be a h...
Lesson Two: Encryption is nice - but true Ephemerality means you might never need it - YAN :)- Image
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🧵The latest Threat Landscape Update from @RelativityHQ’s Calder7 security team details a particularly concerning new trend in #ransomware, which combines Ransomware-as-a-Service (RAAS) with employee-led Insider Threats. #cybersecurity #infosec #hackers #SundayReads (1/7)
RAAS has been around since early 2020 and has quickly become the leading vector for deploying #ransomware. The newest iteration of it is enticing employees to intentionally deploy #ransomware w/i their own org. A particularly nasty case of insider threat (2/7)
Reported by @briankrebs, threat actors trying this technique are using the #Demonware strain and are targeting networks of interest in the U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., and for RDP, VPN, - corporate email access specifically (3/7)
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Happening now: White House - #China - #hackers

"We are actually elevating & taking steps to not only speak out publicly but top certainly take we have from #Russia as well" per @PressSec
"We are not holding back. We are not allowing any economic circumstance or consideration to prevent us from taking actions where warranted" per @PressSec

"We reserve the options to take additional actions....this is not the conclusion" w/response to #China #Russia hackers
Earlier, from my colleague @W7VOA ...…
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‘Tricks With a Notorious Russian Spy Group’

‘Security researchers have found links between the attackers and #Turla, a sophisticated team suspected of operating out of Moscow’s #FSB intelligence agency.’

“…believe the SolarWinds #hackers and #Turla aren't one and the same. But … one #hacker group at the very least ‘inspired’ the other, and they may have common members between them or a shared #software developer building their #malware.”…
“… That actually makes the connection more significant … ‘It’s more like handwriting. That handwriting or style propagates to different projects written by the same person.'"

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Few major headlines recently seem to be connected;

- #Greensill #Cameron #Softbank #Wirecard #Fintech
- #Bitcoin #Coinbase #Crypto #NFTs
- #Ant #JackMa #China #BeltandRoad
- New opportunities & Race to 'be first' in the new era
🇺🇸💪🇨🇳 💰🌏🌎🌍
- #GeoPolitics
- #disruption
While lockdown has been slow for some, it's certainly not been for others who have smelt the winds of change!

#SPACs are bypassing Direct Listings & IPO's in a race to market - Sucking up all that 💰 hunting for returns 📈

#Fintech joining 'Democratise & Digitalise everything'
#China seem poised to become the worlds leading power - #US are on guard! 🧐

Little bit like their former communist friends (Russia) the leadership are getting their Oligarchs/Titans in-line & on-message before their potential big push.

Everything seems to be changing around us
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Porque no soporto a López y a #Morena Porque Soy un Mar...
Soy mi abuelo cosechando verduras
Soy mi abuela moliendo el maíz en metate
Soy mi padre haciendo zapatos
y mi madre cosiendo un vestido
Soy mi  tio, el que se fue de mojado
Y mi tía que reza por todos
Soy mi hermano que trabaja contento
Soy mi hermana la que nunca se agacha
Soy mi hija que enseña a su madre y la madre que escucha a su hija
porque soy Mexicana de buena cuna y me enseñaron el amor a la vida!
Y me encanta  ser parte de México y su gente luchona !
Soy el niño enfermo de cáncer
la mujer violentada
el campesino
el obrero
el albañil
el maestro
el desempleado
el camillero
la enfermera
el doctor
el niño en la calle
el indígena....
porque los he tenido cerca y empatizo con todos, porque claman justicia y un México Mejor!
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I have seen a lot of #pentesters struggle with tunneling and port-forwarding concepts. All #hackers should definitely understand these concepts for successful tests.

This thread is dedicated to Tunneling/PortForwarding tricks.

#infosec #pentest #tunneling #security #bugbounty
Local Port2Port

Open new Port in SSH Server --> Other port

ssh -R user@ #Local port 1521 accessible in port 10521 from everywhere

ssh -R user@ #Remote port 1521 accessible in port 10521 from everywhere
Port2hostnet (proxychains)

Local Port --> Compromised host(SSH) --> Wherever

ssh -f -N -D <attacker_port> <username>@<ip_compromised>

#pentest #security #infosec #bugbounty
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This is definitely a problem. There are many divides. Digital divide. Then not everyone had a credit card. Not everyone has a bank account.
22% of Americans are unbanked or underbanked.

“The events of recent months relating to COVID-19 ..have brought increased attention to the digital economy that runs on the assumption that individuals have full access to traditional banking”…
“the unbanked and underbanked ..less education or to be in a racial or ethnic minority group, according to the Fed data. Put all of these characteristics together.. those who are unbanked and underbanked... who may have historically felt shut out of traditional banking”
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Wer den limitierten #hackers Soundtrack zum 25 jährigen Jubiläum des Filmes auf #vinyl haben will: morgen ist #recordstoreday2020! Habe sämtliche teilnehmenden Shops in .de angeschrieben, eine handvoll hat den Soundtrack bestellt! thx @HackersCurator for the hint! Details folgen! 173 record Shops angeschrie...
hier die liste:… ein x markiert die stelle :) feedback ist nicht komplett (keine antwort/konnten nicht sagen ob platte geliefert wurde). was sich abzeichnet: vermutlich sind deutlich unter 100 Platten in .de gelandet
Current Status: riding the line Image
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#Belarus #Minsk #hackers #Police

In Belarus, unknown hackers released the personal data of 1,000 police officers in retaliation for crackdown on demonstrators. "As the arrests continue, we will continue to release massive amounts of data,"
said a Telegram statement broadcast by opposition broadcaster Nexta Live. "Even under a balaclava, nobody will remain anonymous."
The government announced that it would hold those responsible to account. New protests against President Alexander Lukashenko, who has ruled the former Soviet republic for 26 years, are planned for Sunday.
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What is stopping us from rebooting #Hackers?


Name a better time nor more pertinent time where it could be done, the tech is there, and the audience is there.
Honestly we have the stories and the know how to make this an actual thing.

So many of us with actual real stories and who all are willing to fact check it so its entertaining and frighteningly realistic
Seriously if this makes it to any producer who is making a hacking movie.

I will 100% offer my advisory for free
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Happy 25th #Hackers Anniversary!

To celebrate here is new #music

This is for all women in #infosec

Generated using code images & content from Gigabyte @k8em0
@Fox0x01 @hacks4pancakes @0xkitty @digbei @evacide @hasherezade @level2three #Respect

This was such a huge track to produce.

It was also my first track using ARM assembly to make a melody.

Everything generated around 1500 patterns from me to pick out and put in here.

Not to mention the sounds generated in here from the images and content
Also if you dont know Gigabyte's story.

Please go out and look it up today.

She killed it in the #vx scene which was predominately men.

She also was my very best friend from the 90s until she got arrested in 2004.
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U.S prosecutors have announced charges against 2 Chinese hackers on suspicion of stealing trade secrets from tech & biotech companies, including companies working on treatment, testing & a vaccine for #Covid-19. 1/3
John Demers, Dpty Attorney General for National Security said that in a multi-year computer attack that resulted in the theft of TB's of data #hackers have targeted companies 8/10 tech sectors, including robotics, aviation, maritime equipment, clean energy & biotechnology.2/3
More recently, #hackers have started targeting networks of biotech companies and other companies known to develop treatments for #Covid-19. 3/3
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Aug 2018: Bloomberg article -
Does #China Have What It Takes to Be a #Superpower?…
Dec 2019: In the #UN, #China uses threats and cajolery to promote its worldview…
Apr 2020: #China is handed a position on #UN #HumanRights Council despite long-record of human rights abuses and wide-spread suspicions they have lied over #coronavirus
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