So I was asked what kind of research can be done to help #BanDigitalElections and I was able to list out some investigation agendas. These agendas (and maybe some more) EVM investigation angles have been on my mind, and I follow them now and then, but just chaotically.
So I shall list out EVM research points here, so that anyone who wants to investigate & put up the fight to #BanDigitalElections can do so. Few persons or orgs may or may not be able to save country. Whole country must save itself. Many heads better than one! Release the Kraken!
1) Establish your case how there can be no election integrity,no genuine elections, unless elections are free & fair, transparent & accountable to all stakeholders including layman citizens. There are reputed international democracy promoting orgs, treaties, publications on this.
2) Go on to show how EVMs other digital election equipment cannot meet the above criteria of free & fair, transparent & accountable elections and thus they have no place in genuine democracy. #BanDigitalElections ASAP, worldwide!
I already started theoretical attack as per points 1) & 2) above in this article.… I explain concepts of 1),with authoritative references, explained how ECI also swears by the concepts & explain how they come into play at various stages of election process.
Next in same article I give overview of election automation that's possible or done in various stages of election process (not just EVMs) & how such automation affects integrity of various stages of election process. I unbiasedly also highlight where it helps. But mostly harms.
3) Such academic points covered in 1) & 2) may be beyond grasp&interest of many. So highlight how govts brought in by electronic elections are becoming dictatorial,sabotaging their own country,harming people, beating war drums,usually after short fooling period of nice governance
4) Another angle&interesting to common man is,if electronic elections harm nations,whom do they benefit?Can all parties really co-operate to cartelize? If ruling party oversees/rigs elections,why would it hand over power to others in cartel?Only feasible if 'Deep State' rigs EVMs
The very interesting (and perhaps endless) research angle here is what is this 'Deep State', why is it rigging elections electronically, how does it benefit, what is its ultimate aim? If you ask me, it's British Monarchy, working towards a global Empire with or without a WW3.
5) List out election equipment companies around the world and how they often have conflict of interests, connection to political parties, as well as secret agencies like CIA, MI6, NSA, white supremacists, colonial families, etc and sometimes even run in plain sight by criminals.
6) Investigate similar connections of international as well as regional organizations which 'promote democracy' (usually headquartered in USA or UK) and have been advocating electronic voting equipment use since many decades.
As I indicated earlier, my first introductory article against EVMs goes into good deal of detail about research point 1), gives outlines and teasers about point 2). It similarly broaches point 4) about foreign involvement and sketches some sabotage being done to India, point 3).
Even such 'high level' picture ended up as 8000+ words article… Lot of thee details have to be investigated and explained. It's a global scam panning decades (even since WW2 after which they 'decolonized', promoted 'democracy' to snatch it away before WW3)
Investigation points 5) & 6) are themselves arguments about the scam military nature of EVMs/electronic elections, and also strengthen the 'Deep State' argument of point 4)

Similarly other specific investigations are needed for leading up to, strengthening point 2)
7) Investigate individually each & every kind of election automation equipment used an all different stages of election process worldwide [my article listed many stages, probably all, but more might exist] & show how they affect transparency,accountability,free & fair elections.
8) A comparative study of different kinds of equipment used to automate same stages of election is also a good idea. As per my studies so far all are bad for election integrity except paper ballots & manual counts, but even in that some are worse than others.
9) A comparative study of different kinds of election processes worldwide, different depending upon which stage(s) of election process they choose to automate can also be done. All are bad of course except fully paper & manual process, but again some better than others some worse
10) Such general studies of shortcomings of global election equipment is well & good & will help rejecting any new solutions EC proposes, but most importantly, analyse & show how M1, M2, M3 EVMs of India are a total disaster for transparency, accountability, free & fair elections
In the spirit of
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
show how the 'features' ECI adds to 'improve' the EVMs like real time clock, key logging, and many others I don't remember actually threaten election integrity even more.
11) Even if u reject M1,M2,M3 & other global equipment types as per points 8) 9) 10) above, they'll want to force some 'new innovative' solutions (for example blockchain). We must build solid argument why any software & electronics (form & details agnostic) is simply unacceptable
This is because we simply cannot afford a cat and mouse game where they hurriedly impose a solution, carry out an election and we point out the flaws while the new electronically rigged dictators of New World Order rule for few more years, bringing in WW3/genocides anyway.
So we argue it's not feasible to know exactly what a given hardware and/or software does or can do. Any undetectable backdoors & deviation from even 'open' or stated design are possible at various levels of software & hardware & phsyics.
It is not possible to test such deviations. Complete black box testing of a complex sequential state machine not feasible within any reasonable time even if we ignore non standard physics triggers the device may be capable of responding to.
So if even a single device can't really be fully tested in feasible time (u need theory of black box testing of sequential circuits for this) testing many devices, and ideally all devices used for election is impossible.U are practically running elections blind,not transparently.
So that's how compelling general scientific reasoning against any and every form of software/hardware in election process is to be developed. No hardware software can be trusted for any critical purpose especially for such purpose as EVMs.
12) Other side will counter-argue we trust electronics & software for civilian mobiles,computers,banking,etc? Also defense equipment? So develop solid straightforward arguments in what ways election lacks checks & balances of peace-time market economy,rule of law,prod testability
And of course don't forget to instill the somewhat unrelated point to EVMs that yes electronics & software in military cannot be trusted at all particularly if made by parties who are your fake friends and may sometimes become your adversaries in war.
And that although banking too has some safeguards of market checks & balances, ownership & accountability and pressure of rule of law. digital banking/cashless etc is also a bad idea that could result in sudden big losses particularly in age of Aadhaar & planned cyberwar by West
And even other mobile computer etc which they claim we trust,can we really trust?Are u ever sure your device has no malware?Even latest leading OSes are openly a spyware for WW3 cyberwar where data is the new oil. That's why when I say checks&balances of markets I say peace-time
Also remind them of unintended [or were they intended too? ;) ] and unfixable huge vulnerabilities recently revealed to be present in processors of all leading computer hardware makers : Meltdown & Spectre.

Getting us ready for cyberwar WW3? ;)
13) They might still claim 'blockhain' is the magic fix for trust because war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength ;)

Blockchain is worse than regular central server digital technology for trust, accountability, security, everything.
We anyway have to develop the argument against the ecological, economic and technological doomsday scam of Deep State that is blockchain/distributed register. Same applies to blockchain in EVM. In fact electronic voting & blockchain have a special mutual/circular relationship.
The thugs want blockchain to bring 'trust' in electronic voting, but what is the basis of 'trust' in blockchain? Electronic voting by the nodes, nothing else! So it's a case of blind leading the blind both ways! #RejectBlockchain #BanDigitalElections
14) They will want to bring transparency, accountability, trust in EVMs by VVPAT. I have done a long thread on why VVPAT is useless and riggable too. And by the end of that thread, when replying to others I realized many more points could be made.All that can be further developed
15) They'll want to combine biometrics/digital id with vote to 'avoid fake/duplicate vote'.We know from Aadhaar what scam biometrics are.I have also done specific thread of 9-10 points how Aadhaar/digital id+vote makes election rigging even easier & undetectable in full audits.
16) Speaking of full audits in point 15 above, most type of electronic rigging happening around the world until now may not be most sophisticated, may be caught in end-to-end audits. So election management bodies (EMBs) around the world have a pattern of not allowing such audits.
For example when in India @tehseenp highlighted that the data on Election Commission's own website had discrepancy between total voters at booth and total votes counted in EVM results, instead of investigating or explaining, EC thugs DELETED the data! Similar data destruction or
obstruction of justice has been observed globally,sometimes even when court cases filed & data was especially to be retained,such as US, Philippines etc. So another investigation angle is highlight how EMBs globally have been empowered to sabotage transparency by electronic data.
This can involve all sorts of things such as destruction of data, not allowing paper trail recounts, not allowing end-to-end audits etc. Laws around the world have also been left intentionally lacking or ambiguous to empower this type of scam by EMBs for electronic dictatorship.
17) Similarly, while it is impossible to do a foolproof software&hardware as we have seen in 11) above,EMBs & voting equipment companies globally are not even allowing basic investigation of hardware/software which might show evidence of not too sophisticated rigging mechanisms.
Typically the excuse of EMBs for not allowing election equipment examination is national security (by obscurity) and/or non-disclosure agreements with election equipment/software vendors and upholding intellectual property rights of these vendors.
Our ECI thugs and jokers also give similar excuses. They first invited @vhkprasad to CECs office to demonstrate EVM vulnerability, but as soon as he started reaching for pol-khol critical areas, they ordered him to stop citing intellectual property rights of the EVM companies.
So another investigation point is highlighting such obstruction of election equipment/software transparency around the world by EMBs as well as vendors, and also cases where election equipment/software was opened to the public and bugs were found.
Argue that private vendor IP & confidentiality can't trump election transparency requirement & non-commercial research is anyway not prevented by IP rights & vendor putting such confidentiality & IP conditions should have been rejected by EMB outright unless colluding to rig!
18) Investigate countries that have rejected electronics in elections, with or without trying them out, with reasons for rejection, problems faced in actual trials, etc. This is also in a way complementary to countries discussed in point 3) which succumbed to digital elections.
19) However it is not as black & white between 3) & 18). Unlike India, not all countries use EVMs almost 100% with ballots being exception rather than rule. General pattern seems that 'developing' nations have been pushed all the way, while 'developed' nations are shades of grey.
e.g. some like Australia use electronic vote in local elections but have rejected nationally. some like France use them in national elections but only in limited constituencies. some have paper ballots as the rule but EVMs for those with disabilities. some give leave choice to u.
Distinction between point 3) countries & point 18) countries fades away even more because countries of 18) which strongly rejected blatant electronic voting have sneaked in other dodgy solutions like counting& tabulation software, electronic transmission etc where rigging happens
For example UK always did paper ballot elections with manual process throughout even if it took 40-50 days to get elections results. So Brexit results although shady, I had nothing to point fingers at. But then I learnt for Brexit UK used tabulation software from iDox company.
After that first time, Theresa May who became PM by a 'crisis' not election, just like Modi became Guj CM by a 'crisis' not by election, suddenly called for elections though there was no reason.iDox tabulation software also got Theresa May voted in,though she's not at all popular
What's even more interesting is that CIA/US State Department boasts of training both Theresa May & Modi ;) [CIA is nothing but a ground intelligence, planning and action wing of US State Dept for sabotage of nations, imp part of their 'foreign policy' :P]
Anyway we are going too much into specific example when this thread is just an outline of war plan to #BanDigitalElections. The example shows u that while we should use the arguments used by 'developed nations' of 18) for rejecting electronic voting loudly, those nations are...
those nations of point 18) are also subtly plunging into digitally rigged dictatorships, for mass genocides/WW3/NWO. Most interesting 'mixed case' nation is of course USA, with huge variations in process & equipment across its states, even counties, precincts.
So USA is used by Deep State secret agencies as lab to try out various ways of digital elections rigging on various types of equipment with subtle variations in techniques,then unleashing them upon the world while plunging USA itself into Bush Jr,Obama & Trump dictatorships by it
20) Since we see above that often paper & electronic process can be part of same elections, maybe even same constituency, interesting academic questions arise what kind of minimum rigging can flip election results, so as to not have mass discontent or high risk of getting caught.
There seem many expert comments what kind of minimum effort is needed to flip/rig elections, academic papers too. We can bring those in & perhaps have more theories of our own,based on various angles like type of system (first past the post,proportional representation, etc),
number of parties/candidates, their true popularity, etc. This is not merely academic discussion. It brings insight on how pre-poll surveys, internet & telecom surveillance, etc may help the election scamsters plan out targeted attacks without disturbing the pond too suspiciously
Also importantly it helps us understand how the assurances we are given, like "Only a small number of EVMs were malfunctioning", "We will do spot checks of EVMs.", "We will count 25% VVPAT." etc are illusory & don't really protect against hijack of elections,death of democracy.
I can't claim so till we actually look at detailed maths,but maybe it'll give us some idea what kind of election system is more robust, more immune against rigging, needs more efforts to change outcomes, among FPTP, proportional,etc [There seem many types…]
21) Speaking of academics and maths, collect (existing ones) and perhaps develop more maths/stats way of looking at election data to identify rigged results. It could be as simple as mismatch is end-to-end audits like @tehseenp highlighted or it could be more subtle like...
like when Bawana bypoll counting in which for around half the counting rounds 2 parties had nearly same votes,and then in last half one party magically races ahead a little in each round as if it is last stages of a competitive sport with action ability,not statistical vote count
In fact it was similar kind of statistical anomaly in Maharashtra local body elections in early 2017 that first convinced me that our elections are rigged, weeks before many others also started feeling the same way after few state assembly results, particularly UP results.
There seem to be academic papers written about statistically judging whether elections are rigged. I had checked some, perhaps there are many others.
22) Apart from solid theoretical considerations of 1), 2), 7), 8), 9), 10), 11), 12) , 13), 14) & 15) why electronics & software are absolutely unsuitable for election & real world considerations in 18), collect & highlight all instances where researchers,hackers,etc demonstrated
PRACTICALLY, at organized events or as personal or professional research projects, or in any other way that electronic devices & software used for elections can be rigged/hacked/manipulated/broken/etc. e.g @VotingVillageDC @jhalderm @vhkprasad etc come to mind but there are many.
Even researching point 18) will help you identify some of this kind of researchers in various countries, not just USA and India. Follow the leads and expand.
23) Cost-Benefit analysis.

Typically cited justification or benefits of electronic elections are
Improving speed & efficiency
Reducing fraud
Improving public confidence
Make voting easier for disabled
Show hi-tech ability of the country/EMB (LOL!)
Save money

Debunk all this...
How is speed & efficiency improved if Indian elections still occur over many weeks and it again takes many days or weeks for election results? For what they need so much time to declare results if electronics makes it even instantaneous? Do they need time to decide & rig outcome?
As for reducing fraud, all our points so far mainly bring out how electronic elections make election fraud easier, at scale and even undetectable if done with sufficient sophistication. So that 'benefit' is contrary to truth.
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
So claims of 'improving public confidence' through use of electronics is also just a trickery , fooling laymen who do not understand electronics & software, as well as those who do understand but do not bother to examine critically, because they can't imagine such a major fraud.
Not delved into 'making voting easier for people with disabilities' much because it's boundary/edge case,small numbers scenario. Whether digital really makes voting easier? Whether better non-electronic ways aren't possible? Does ease matter when election integrity is destroyed?
Also as we investigate in point 20) above, even rigging a small fraction of votes strategically may change election outcome even if all other voting is by paper & manual counts & with no foul play. So opening electronic option for the disabled is like one hole that sinks the ship
It is questionable if electronic voting equipment actually made it easier for disabled to vote. As I said I haven't delved into this topic so can't offer a well-rounded insight. This seems good page to start, specifically about EVM pros & cons for disabled…
Last touted 'benefit/justification' 'to demonstrate hi tech ability' is of course the most ridiculous. Plain vanity. West pushes & 'helps' the nation automate election, govt cheers it, EMB cheers itself, West cheers & praises the country's 'capabilities'.
So citizens are 'cheered' into 'positivity',fake sense of 'progress' while country gets snatched away from them.Pattern seen in many developing nations Brazil,India,etc. U must have read many praises of Indian elections by West in last 10-15 years as being 'Best in the world' ;)
In fact such 'positive narratives' were actively created in media, academics, etc. For example I came across some academic paper how nutritional outcomes for poor (or was it poor women & children?) improved in Brazil BECAUSE poor were able to have a better say in govt by EVMs!
So you could gather such funny far-fetched academic & media narratives to show a pattern of active fake push and justification for electronic elections. This is in line with 3) above where I said initially EVM governments rule well, to get people complacent and accepting of EVMs.
This point 23) benefits vs cost itself has become quite long even though that's because we have addressed the various 'touted' benefits. Let this just be a point about benefits. More claimed benefits can be researched/debunked. Let's make cost as a separate point 24)
24) Proponents claim EVM/electronic voting costs less money over lifetime of the devices than paper ballots over similar duration. They also claim it is more environment friendly than paper ballot which causes tree cutting. The cost argument can be easily debunked comparing the
cost of purchase of devices like EVM with the cost of paper ballots for number of elections the device can serve in its designated lifetime (10-20 years) or even the typically lesser average lifetime because countries have replaced EVMs etc for other reasons before time.
Paper ballot cost must be considered for same country which buys EVMs.If cost of paper ballots in other countries is compared it typically needs normalization by purchasing power parity principle to avoid absurd results.Paper would cost higher developed nation than developing.
The higher side costs of electronic voting become even more apparent as we consider additional equipment like VVPAT, its paper, the cost of maintenance, testing, etc (these are all high end goods & services which will charge a premium from govt/EMB).
The environment cost of paper ballots is mainly paper. This impact is anyway reduced by recycling paper. Or even by growing trees. It's fully renewable. On the other hand making electronics needs many minerals, mining of which devastates ecosystem long term. Even manufacture of
the electronics create more and hazardous pollution, as does the final disposal of the devices at end of life. It's not as easily recyclable as paper, if at all. Coming back to money costs, EMBs have themselves said electronic election cost much more per voter than paper. Many...
Indian politicians have also expressed similar views in the past. The research/investigation aspect is to get the exact numbers from various other studies & info sources to conclusively show paper costs less on budget and environment than electronic election.
Further EVM is a modern form of colonial conquest. We pay the Western colonials for purchase of EVMs, pay more than what is needed to be paid for elections, so they get exorbitant amounts of money (Rs 6000 crore for latesr EVMs+VVPAT] and further lets them control our govt & laws
And with colonial control of government, they are deforesting our country, destroying land, soil, nature reserves, ecosystems. So that's way bigger environmental damage beyond direct damage due to mfg & use of electronics than the lame excuse of tree damage due to paper.
25) Compile all 'surprise results' or 'absurd results' or 'harmful or bad govt chosen' results seen in elections since electronic elections adapted by various countries, or smaller administrative jurisdictions. This builds a general trend though not a conclusive proof of course.
I know there were articles with such commentary because when I was younger, in college & at first job, & pretty much clueless about politics, I used to read articles which would describe the results,say something about defying expectations/trend etc, then say something funny,like
"EVMs have giving citizens a better say, better voice." I used to find it absurd, hilarious how voting in one way or another give better say, because I neither knew paper ballot rigging nor suspected people would make intentionally bad tech (being an electronics engineer myself)
So I used to laugh it off thinking these newspaper wala will write any nonsense just to fill space. But now I realize it was very purposeful, trying to create an impression exactly opposite of what was happening, EVMs taking away people's power and say in the government.
What they actually doing is promoting fake 'benefits' touted in point 23) above,pretending voter have a better say & hence old bastions are being broken cuz old powerfuls can't do election fraud, while doing the exact opposite, bringing parties to power which ppl didn't vote.
Basically 'improving public confidence' by nonsense words, by undermining their democracy. And they'd feel public swallowed it because even when we find it absurd, we would just laugh it off like me, not knowing democracy has been hijacked :P
26) In spite of the strong theoretical basis to completely reject EVMs, sinister election result trends, extremely undemocratic attitudes shown by EMBs and govts that use EVMs, some will ask "But where is the proof EVMs were rigged?" So collect it! Lot of smoking gun evidence.
Collect instances from India and around the world, based on media, govt sources etc which show solid allegations of rigged results, evidence of rigging in form of data and other smoking guns, court cases, destruction of evidence, admissions by secret agencies themselves, etc.
To get you started: Some Indian instances: evidence on EC website found by @anupamsaraph @tehseenp, absurd statistical patterns in Bawana bypoll, Maharashtra local body elections, RTI admission by a Maharashtra Collector, a compilation by @vidyut…, etc.
Or various smoking gun evidence in US elections,court cases,destruction of evidence etc in US, similar stuff in Philippines,South Koreans even approaching UN to get their elections cancelled when they saw lot of evidence of being fooled by newly introduced vote counting machines
For US particularly, @jennycohn1 @rigel2020 and their friends have done lot of investigation. For example this moment of threads by Jenny
This election 'fraud map' of networked mafia of voting equipment companies, defense contractors, banksters etc created by @rigel2020. This should be useful in investigation point 5) above.
Then for countries like Venezuela, Macedonia, Ukraine, etc CIA 'experts' themselves said elections were rigged. Of course they didn't say who rigged those ;)
These are just some examples showing that EVMs were indeed rigged. Just to give an idea. This is an outline thread of what research, investigation, advocacy etc must be done to #BanDigitalElections. Go find more and more such evidence. There is lots! Globally!
27) Explore the psychological tricks behind success of EVM/digital election scam.
a) It seems like 'progress'. A logical upgrade in digital age and doesn't arouse suspicion.
b) If you are a layman opposing it, u are accused of not uderstanding tech, fearing tech, being a luddite
c) If you are not absolute layman,are a tech professional,u might instinctively feel voting,counting etc is pretty simple & suitable application of electronics and digital tech and they must be doing it right. You'd only imagine people putting tech to good uses like you would do.
d) If you are a tech professional and involved in the election rigging for some greed or by some pressure, you are the guilty party in a trap of carrots and sticks as well and hence you would not spill the beans.
e) They assign EMB officials who don't understand tech,so wouldn't even be capable to think or question appropriateness of EVMs.For example vocal @DrSYQuraishi is language&communications specialist,with no tech background (correct me if wrong).Check qualificatios of all officials
So these people genuinely,guiltlessly keep parroting "EVM can't be hacked." As they themselves don't understand,they will seem truthful,believable because they may not even know they are speaking falsehood.They repeat what's told to them by fraud tech ppl/deep state/politicians.
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