What if I volunteer to take place of an EVM? Would u trust me? I will keep my palms outstretched & you can pick one of the 10 candidates by pressing a finger. I will remember number of times each finger pressed and tell you the winner. Would u trust me?

You cannot trust me because you have no way of knowing whether I correctly counted your touch. You cannot trust me even if I wave the finger you touch, indicating that I registered your vote. You cannot trust if I tell you the correct count in the end or favour a candidate I like
Why do you not trust me? Because there is no way to know what I think, what I count, what I remember, what I say. I am a 'smart' & may fool u if I want.Same is the problem with 'smart' devices.They can't be trusted. You have no way of being sure what they do.
Even if you are allowed to 'test' whether I correctly count votes and speak truth, even if you are allowed to test me 100 times before the real voting, there is no way to confirm that if I counted correctly and spoke truth those 100 times, I will speak truth for actual elections.
We would certainly like mega EQ super successful engineers to explain why EVMs can be trusted. Please lead us to them. Anyway did you know autism is associated with genius?
I'll keep it simple.

Can paper ballots be rigged? Yes.
At scale? No.
Centrally? No.
Detectable? yes
Preventable? yes

Can EVM be rigged? Yes
At scale? yes
Centrally? Yes
Detectable? No
Preventable? No

Yes CIA created those false flags to provide EVM 'solution'. Like they created hanging chad and other such bullshit false flags in USA to push EVMs and HAVA bullshit.

You should ask, why did violence go away with EVMs? Because rigging is easier now;)
Central command can now control army, airforce and navy military vehicles by electromagnetic signals, satellite networks, ionosphere communications etc, so why can't we communicate with EVMs ;)
Anyway instead of wasting my time making me repeat things read threads in this thread of threads & then come back with any questions you have. I have lot more tweeted threads to compile in this thread of threads, but enough to get u started
Uselessness of VVPATs is also explained in one of the threads in #ThreadOfThreadsLinked above
You simply CANNOT prevent electronic rigging even if u have a double post doctorate in electronics. You have no way of knowing what the electrons and transistors are doing and no way of stopping them, Paper ballots just need human observers and physical security to detect/prevent
I think you should study the EVMs and come back. They do not operate on mains power. They operate on battery. ECI is full or praises for that feature because it allows unhampered operation in remote election booths also ;)
And speaking of @Swamy39 he himself considers paper ballots superior to EVMs. He may not be a technology expert so he accepted the wrong solution of VVPAT in court but he knows paper > EVM.
How u know EVMs are closed systems? Have u examined hardware/software? One little wire enough to induce voltage or current from suitable EM wave, which can be taken up by further circuits. These days whole radar systems fit on chip size of a fingernail
Abbey ghonchu even your Jio card is run centrally by Ambani. Yet each Jio card phone does its own thing. Maybe the example of military vehicle formations commanded centrally was too complex for you but this one you can understand ;) #BanDigitalElections
Who runs Jio?
No I do not know that they work correctly. There can actually be a lot of viruses, malware, bloatware and in fact OS itself could be a spy of Microsoft Google Apple etc. Only reason we can reasonably use them is they want consumer loyalty & fear the law.
Neither such consumer market forces are applicable to EVM nor is govt fear applicable, because a govt rigged by EVMs would not catch or punish rigged EVMs. They keep saying EVMs can't be rigged ;) So phone, computer etc are NOT comparable with election tech. #BanDigitalElections
Another major difference between election tech & individual devices like phone computer etc is that for phone comp etc it's possible to detect a major malfunction in production environment because inputs are in control of on person & expected output known
But in case of voting tech, the input is not from a single person. Input comes from thousands to millions of voters, so u do not have a way of claiming with assurance whether output is correct or wrong. So effectively with voting tech u operate blind even more than other gadgets.
What do you mean by smart device? If you mean smartphone then the answer is no I am not tweeting from a smartphone..
Actually it was initial clarification. What I am tweeting with is also a type of 'smart' device, just not smartphone. With that confusion out of the way u can check 4 tweets before I replied to u why vote tech trust is different than trust in other devices
I'd like to clarify this further: These 2 conditions of trust even for your computer,phone etc applicable only in peaceful civilian economy. In war,enemy neither gives a shit about u as a consumer nor fears your govt. So in cyberwar WW3 u can't trust these
OF COURSE yes EVMs are smart devices. The whole dirty international diplomacy of EVM rigged puppets globally was the reason why Hillary as Secretary of State was said to wield 'Smart Power'.

Paper ballots vs EVM question has been covered in thread above.
100% serious. What problem do you see with the logic or analogy? #BanDigitalElections
USA is not country, just biggest military base of @RoyalFamily. @CIA MI6 @NSAGov tested all varieties of EVMs in USA first and gave various types to various countries. Bush Jr, Obama, Trump all are rigged like Vajpayee, Sonia, Modi.

ECI is thugs & jokers
ECI is thugs and jokers who pretend EVMs can't be hacked, do not even allow access to the hardware and software even for study and in 2010 after giving permission to @vhkprasad, stopped him when he started showing issues & later got him arrested
As for VVPAT it is just for fooling you. I have explained in detail (100+ tweets) the many ways in which VVPAT can be rigged and as my responses to questions that come up from people's comments towards the end show, many more problems can be thought up
Abbey ghonchu because insiders who rig the EVMs already know the hardware and software. And without access kya Birbal ki khichdi pakayenge kya? You should check out news how @VotingVillageDC people identify vulnerabilities in voting equipment.
Even by looking at hardware one may get clues if EVM is visibly communicating with outside world or has special hardware backdoors. Even by examining software one can get clues if the counts depend on something other than the correctly pressed voting button.
Everybody is a puppet of @RoyalFamily, operating through (((@CIA MI6 Western Thugs))). Faces are rotated to fool Indian people that we have democracy. Vajpayee, UPA, Modi, Mamta, Nitish, Kejri ALL ARE RIGGED. #BanDigitalElections
What evidence when ECI thugs and jokers do not allow any access to EVMs and ACTUALLY WIPE OUT DATA when @tehseenp etc highlight the major discrepancies in election data on EC website itself? Chor ki dadhi mein tinka.
BTW there are hardly any sections under which police can register compaint againt ECI or EVM. Let me know if u know any.And since it is democracy itself is hijacked, no point complaining to police & court who serve same EVM rigged dictators.whisteblowers like @vhkprasad punished
So the correct solution when democracy itself is subdued, is to reinforce REAL GRASSROOT DEMOCRACY, rule of the people, by awakening the people, and the most powerful weapon of democracy is FoE so that's what I use. Hence Twitter.
Of course we should go back to paper ballots. What else do you think is my agenda? Ramayan khatam puchhta hai bhai Ram kon. Just buzz off. Go to sleep.
Aur bar bar VVPAT ghivipat lekar bore mat kar, VVPAT ka pura 100+ tweet analysis ho chuka hai. Padh ke aa. they are USELESS, even if 100% EVMs have VVPAT and 100% VVPAT slips are counted. #BanDigitalElections!
LOL pay attention ghonchu, everything is not CIA sazish because CIA is just one of the arms of @RoyalFamily. Everything is @RoyalFamily sazish, for WW3, genocide, NWO.

It was same British Monarchy who orchestrated WW1 & WW2 also. MI6 was created for it.
They moved from paper ballots to electronic elections worldwide, slowly and steadily, so that @RoyalFamily can hijack back the nations they 'decolonized' and promoted 'democracy' in ;) #NWO
Tereko maine bulaya nahin idhar. Apna typing bandh kar de, mera typing bandh ho jayega. I am just replying out of courtesy and in case you genuinely don't understand that EVMs are a disaster and paper ballots is the only solution that may be made to work.
You have some fundamental misunderstanding. I can't be @arvindkejriwal because he loves VVPAT, CCTV and Aadhaar agendas of CIA. I am against all of these scams.
They are not morons. they hope to keep us morons till it is too late.
You don't get to decide what is FoE and what is not depending on whether you like it or not. Everything is FoE except threat speech.
Without FoE, how would @apcoworldwide have done propaganda for dear @narendramodi ji? ;)
You can see booth capturing. Means you know it was done. You can also stop it when attempted, You can record evidence. You can nullify that booth's votes. For EVMs all the rigging happens wholesale without any way to observe, capture evidence or stop
Gundas can also caputre EVM booths physically. They don't do it because they don't need to, because EVMs can be rigged much more silently and at scale ;)
Yes 911 WAS inside job.That also happened because Bush Jr was first EVM rigged thug @POTUS like Vajpayee was our first EVM rigged thug PM.All part of PNAC - Project For New American Century.

Not BJP but (((@CIA MI6 @RoyalFamily))) rig EVMs worldwide.

BTW not just Modi in Gujarat, but @NitishKumar in Bihar or @MamataOfficial in West Bengal, @ArvindKejriwal in Delhi and anybody anywhere wins by EVM rigging only as per (((@CIA MI6 @RoyalFamily))) rigging.

Because it is essential to keep the public fooled that they have democracy, and that democracy sucks so that democracy can be officially killed and NWO's 'benevolent dictators' are accepted by them permanently, if not @RoyalFamily's direct rule.
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