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#QAlert 5/1820 This will be my thread for Monday May 18, 2020.
#EastonQPatriot #ForEaston. #ReleaseTheCures

Come back and check often, thread closes at 12AM.

Let’s Go!!
Consider supporting
@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #ObamaGate
#QAlert 5/18/20 Q4279

#ForEaston @drewanon17 🙏🏼
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#RickBright: whistleblower complaint.

He was relegated to a lower position because he would not permit the widespread use of

▲▼ #hydroxychloroquine ▲▼

a malaria drug that President Donald Trump touted as being effective in treating patients with COVID-19.
▼▲ VACCINOLOGIST ▼▲ #BigPharma #DrPoison

Bright's doctoral advisor: Jacqueline Katz
(Dir flu division at National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases)

In 2010 Bright completed Advanced Course in Vaccinology from U of Geneva 🇨🇭😬#Vaccines #depopulationagenda
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Save this CDC link. Very difficult to find on CDC's website, intentionally buried.…

Great info for friends and family.
Proof Corona is big hoax.

CDC revises 55K alleged COVID deaths to flu & pneumonia. H/T @CameraPhyllis

#COVIDistheflu #CDC_LIES
#Q4040 lol, I should check Q when I get back on the computer. Now it's a Q drop.…📁
>11,356 COVID-19
>54,217 Pneumonia, Influenza, OR COVID-19
Influenza death rate low v previous years?
Knowledge is power.
Information warfare.

#CDC_Lies #Covidistheflu Image
Can't wait to share w/parents; put their fears at ease.

2½ yrs since I've seen them.
3½ yrs since I've seen my son.
I left America in 2017 to stay alive.
People didn't believe DeepState was real.

My how things have changed!
#CDC… Image
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Big thread here regarding BLOOD DISINFECTION

yeah, that TRUMP.....what an IDIOT!! 🙄

(stupid liberals and stupid MSM-when will you learn?)

Once again, this was found in a quick search on
This one is on methylene blue. A cheap drug that's been around for around 120 years. It does have some side effects in high doses. (What drug doesn't?)
Prepare to be MAD as HELL once again at what is out there that NO ONE KNOWS about! Here is my list of HUGE potential that this drug is known for.
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He’s going to release ALL the cures before he’s done. Doctors hate to see it. Will try to Stop him at all costs..… Image
Dr. Fauci’s own research at NIH 🤣🤣KEK

Gee, let’s ask Dr. Fauci!! Will he deny his own research?!… ImageImage
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I thought I'd do another thread based on what you can find on regarding VITAMIN C , also known as ascorbic acid.
#releasethecures #coronavirus
Prepare to be shocked once again at what big pharma doesn't want you to know. I'll link a few of the big studies at the end.
* CANCER (BIG, BIG, BIG!) "many factors involved in host resistance to neoplasia are significantly dependent upon the availability of ascorbate"
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When everyone discovers that this “COVID curing” drug being tossed around in the media doesn’t just allegedly cure COVID and Malaria but actually..

and that almost all COVID patients can be treated/cured with virtually zero chemicals and only high doses of intravenous Vitamin C,
and that ventilators are in most cases not only unnecessary but in fact a death sentence for the patient,
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Let's Dream a Little shall we?

Imagine not having to ever deal with garbage again. No trash!

No harmful chemicals on our food.

Imagine drugs with labels stating "could cause death" and when you ask the doctor about them they simply say well we feel the benefits outweigh the..
Risks" being replaced with cures that have no adverse effects!

Show the future's so bright.

#releasethecures #releasethetech
Imagine things like free energy. Never having to emit harmful gases while trying to travel.

Imagine never being without power anywhere on Earth.

Imagine this...👇

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RIP Josh Crooklyn. The bravest truth teller i ever knew personally. He was angry at #QAnon lies bc of the promise to #ReleaseTheCures. No one wanted it to be true more than Josh.

@StormIsUponUs will be proud of him dying.
2) Josh was the first in my circle to suspect #QAnon. He kept pushing me to see. He was brutal. He was surgical. He succeeded. I don't know where i'd be without him. He didn't care about my comfort. He cared about my soul. He wanted to veil to break before he left. So did I...
3) You won't find his tweets. He was booted off twitter weekly. Never for cursing though... Crooklyn's sin was accuracy. That's why people hated him. That's why they hate me. He showed me how to be hated and keep shooting. Who does that?! ...
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How the podium should look.

How the podium did look.

The last few days, the only way he could make it clearer he is talking to us - or trying to - is if he shouted 'ANONS! SHUT UP AND LISTEN!'

Flood coming?

Again. 2nd day in a row.

No Presidential Seal.

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Meet the Director General of World Health Organization who Severely Overstated the Fatality Rate of the #coronavirus Leading to the Greatest Global Panic in History
He Nominates DiCaprio, Fonda and Greta in fighting
#COVID19 #TruthMatters
This is the Chief of World Health Organization who declared the pandemic! The WHO is partnered with the UN - Above the CDC
Tedros Ghebreyesus with some more friends
The swamp runs deep🐍 #COVID19
Trust the Plan - MI in Control #StPatricksDay ImageImageImageImage
The man who declared the #coronavirus pandemic, Chief of the WHO with Podesta, Kerry and working with CHAI! (Clinton Health Access) #COVID19
Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest
WHO is the enemy 👇Literally
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The info in Q drops was given so far in advance that people were quick to scream "LARP."

All is being fulfilled... cancer cure to pedophiles exposed, to traitors.

The greatest military intelligence operation of our time! #DeepStateExposed

Ty #Q & #Anons
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#FrequencyKillsCancer #ReleaseTheCures
#TheMagicFrequency #TheSleeperHasAwakened PART 8⃣
"Scalar Plasma Technology and Structured Marine Plasma Water as an Effective Reverse Aging Protocol"…
#FrequencyKillsCancer #ReleaseTheCures
#TheMagicFrequency #TheSleeperHasAwakened PART 9⃣
"Do the French Have a Cure for Cancer?" David M. Rorvik (1975) Summary of the Priore Affair and electromagnetic curing of diseases by the Priore machine. More References attached below
#FrequencyKillsCancer #ReleaseTheCures
#TheMagicFrequency #TheSleeperHasAwakened PART 🔟…
"Apparatus for producing radiations penetrating living cells"
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Chronic pain sucks.

Bless you who struggle with it. It is a horrible pain in the FLESHLY vessel.

Oh Lord, show mercy!!

This pain threatens my very sanity.

Forgive me Lord. I am sorry. Please please please have mercy and ease this physical pain
Thank you all. Bless you all.

#releasethecures #releasethetech @realDonaldTrump

The pain has subsided and I'm feeling better. Bless you guys!! Man you all ROCKED evil and cut short my trial! GLORY TO GOD HALLELUJAH!! THANK YOU JESUS!
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This morning, I asked a doctor about the placebo effect and I actually got a straight answer about the truth of modern-day medicine. Here's what he said... #ReleaseTheCures
Board-certified Doctor. Trained at Duke. Owns a patent. Dedicated his career to getting teenagers off meds. YouTube calls him unsuitable content for most advertisers.
Part 2 on vaccines is published! I'd appreciate a share.
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#TheSleeperHasAwakened #ReleaseTheCures PART 1⃣
#CancerCureHidden The cure for cancer was found in the 1930's by Royal Rife. The suppression of this started way before the AMA. #RothschildsDidIt
#TheSleeperHasAwakened #ReleaseTheCures PART 2⃣
the National Radium Trust was financed by the Rothschilds for cancer treatment. The Cancer Act of 1939 in Britain allowed the Crown to lend money to the NRT and made any advertisement of cancer treatment illegal.
#TheSleeperHasAwakened #ReleaseTheCures PART 3⃣
Similar laws also passed in Canada, New Zealand, Australia. Radium was supplied by the National Radium Institute out of Colorado. Rothschilds have been making money from "treatment" of cancer and hiding the cure for 100 years.
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Dear Patriots and friends,

I've been praying over this as to if the Lord wanted me to share. I received confirmation this morning.

I am to share a little about myself.

Here goes. I became disabled I bi
I bacame disabled 4 years ago. It has been a real struggle. I was unable to walk. I fought very hard. Through the course of this health failure I lost my House, my truck, my Harley, my tools, my career.
I had no where to go and had to live with my brother and wound up renting a room. But God is good. He called me to the land of my fathers.

It is here I am rebuilding with the Lords help. I am hoping and praying the Lord provides a home for myself, son and daughter.
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Thread 5.30.2019!!
Good Morning Family!!
I can only imagine!!
1 Cor. 2:9 Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him!

President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
In case you wondered, as time permits I add Q drops that match the deltas (time between tweets) & timestamps on President Trump’s Tweets as a way to re_read drops & to see if they are deliberate on POTUS part, possibly pointing to a specific drop. Sometimes they seem to be! 😊
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Thread 4.8.2019!!
Good Morning Patriots!!
The Joy of the Lord is our Strength!!
Nehemiah 8:10 The joy of the Lord is your strength!
Listen: Choose Joy

#ChooseJoy #Strength #GodWins
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
In case you wondered!! 😊
I add Q drops that match the deltas (time between tweets) and timestamps on President Trump’s Tweets as a way to re_read drops and to see if they are deliberate on POTUS part, possibly pointing to a specific drop. Sometimes they seem to be!
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Please #releasethecures.
Fix Healthcare.

I cannot afford the surgeries or dental work. So I suffer instead.

I just want to out of pain.

I want to be healthy enough to have some quality of life.

Please. Soon.

@DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump @VincentCrypt46
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@StormIsUponUs I took your advice and asked my Mum to record some home remedies and I made this up. Perhaps this can inspire others to do the same so we can spread them out. Real White Hat Insurance Files right? #QAnon #MAGA #ReleaseTheCures @POTUS @bigredwavenow @prayingmedic
I found the thread in one place! It would appear that the Great Awakening is also A Great Luddite Grapple with Technology! I hope ur not offended by the picture. I'm not sure what it means myself really - thanks for the replies I have never seen so many! now I can copy! @POTUS
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