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Mark is a “straight” rapper who falls for Twitter famous Donghyuck
Please don’t mind the time stamps as they don’t always add up! Also minor pairings are Noren and Chensung
Hyuck’s friends!
Renjun and Jaemin are also twitter famous/models and Chenle is a Youtuber
Mark’s friends!
Jeno is Mark’s roommate and a Youtuber Jisung is just a victim of their fame
Jeno tests Mark’s fragile masculinity
Famous rapper guy
Sore hetero
Spill that T
Donghyuck get’s a text from a unknown number
Mark speaks up
Thank you Mark😚
I hated how you worded that
Who will Mark choose?
Ice cream dates
Mark’s timeline
Jaemin and Donghyuck are unimportant
Hello Markles
Oop I realized I fucked up a bit on the last one the last two were mixes up !!
Interrogation of Noren
Chenle isn’t very subtle
You think I’m pretty?
Is asking Jeno for love advice a good idea?
Renjun is going insane but it’s all good because Friday is going to be a good day
I wonder what does Donghyuck mean
Twitter feed
Renjun is going to het gray hairs from this bullshit
Boo boo da fool
Maybe he UWU-ed a little
Jeno went there (posted it wrong first time sorry lol)
He could give good advice occasionally
Jaemin is tweeting aggressively whilst they’re getting food
Maybe he should’ve gone to Donghyuck for love advice instead of Jeno //(also it’s supposed to be my feelings not me omg i hate me)
As if Mark’s feelings weren’t confusing enough already
In this house we love a sassy Jaemin
Goosnight maek
Their followers increased just a little after the video
Fansites/accounts have opened up
I’m sure that’s the right way Donghyuck
His heart did an uwu
Some type of way
He happened to scroll past it
Is this related to what Hyuck once told Mark?🤔
Hyuckmin are cuties
Hyuckmin out there for the aesthetics
Mark is confused
Question: did mark stay awake the entire night to follow their updates? Probaby
Mark hasn’t slept at all probably
Mark has an awakening??
We been knew Mark
Mark has some news to share👀
Sister snapped
Mark’s heart has been getting quite a workout lately
What did he do this time
Same Mark :’(
Get yourselves a pair of Renmin bffs
I too, have tried what Hyuck and Jaemin tried
These tweets are based on a true story
This was relatable
Did he really trip?
Mark is just a panicked bi
The dream team is back
Little update not on the story sadly, I’ll be updating again starting tomorrow because of exams but in the meantime I’ll leave this poll for you guys:
Should Mark confess to Donghyuck when they’re alone during the squad meet up?
Also would you guys like me to put dialogue outside of texts and tweets in this au or stick to tweets and texts
Mr steal your boyfriend
Will it work?
Plot twist?? Donghyuck has a private account
I had to throw in that vine reference
Hyuck on his private when he had his first encounter with Mark
Hyuck during his time getting to know Mark
Who’s him and Him? Why is Donghyuck so against the idea of Love?
The person behind the confident and sassy Donghyuck,, okay but who am I without adding angst to my aus
Maybe he wants him to
We’re this close to a confession, how will it go?
With the new information, do you still want Mark to confess today? I made a curious cat in case you guys have any question about the au or me or other things! <3
What happened in July of 2015? Does it have anything to do with Donghyuck’s hate towards love?
You’re probably sick of me asking but I have to be sure and a lot of people dm-ed saying they want to switch their answer so:
Should Mark really ask Donghyuck out today?
It’s short but choose wisely because the wrong choice could change the plot👀
Mark ends up backing out on his confession
Mark made a private account so he could rant about a certain boy 👀
Sorry I didnt update much tonight! I keep leaving u with polls but I want to know what you guys want to see more of, So next poll:
More on Hyuck’s backstory with a few tweets, all at once as its own story or for the end? Because I don’t want you guys to be confused with times etc
He cares
Jisung and Jeno are the pettiest when they’re together
They’re worried
Will Jeno get the full story?
Okay this is a bit more interactive!! You guys can leave questions for a member of your choice to answer them in the AU as little fillers throughout. Mention for which member the question is and ask it on my curious cat! don’t let me flop omg
!! These questions are not tweeted in the AU, they’re here to give you background info on them through questions!!
They’re just friends
Mork making us all soft out there
You’ll find out soon
It isn’t?
Sadly not
A lot happened
!!The following Q&A’s were tweeted in the AU!!
He loves u
How generous of our Lee Jeno
Please do send me ur best Noren and Chensung fics
We love a good Herin stan
And just like that their day together is over :(
!!After this tweet we’ll go to Donghyucks backstory which all takes place from January 2015 till August 2015!!
Introducing Ten! He used to live in the same neighborhood as Renjun and Jaemin and would often babysit the three of them. he’s like an older brother to them
Hyuckie used to go on dates🤔 with who tho
Well we found out who he went on dates with
Maybe there’s something Donghyuck learned from Minhyuk
A few weeks into their relationship and things seem fine
A month into the relationship
Will everything work out? I mean y’all already know but
Love is blind
Is Renjun right?
Hyuckie has been occupied lately
Donghyuck left the chat
Jaemin is pissed
Couldn’t they just understand?
14 July 2015👀 anyone remember the date?
He’s totally not there to spy on Hyuck
What happened?
TW!! Homophobic language
People have.... opinions
Where could he be?
To the anon who asked why the hyungs helped out:
He probably thinks I hate him
Please Hyuck,
Where could he be?
[messages read on 22:31 August 14th 2015]
Minhyuk texts Jaemin
[Message read 14:23 August 26]
Its almost been two months
Hyuck’s mystery traveling partner found
New school year
Meet Lucas, a runaway that met Donghyuck and insisted on taking care of him
Renjun stumbled upon Lucas his twitter
They found his location
!!END OF FLASHBACKS AFTER THIS TWEET WE’RE BACK IN THE PRESENT!! They might still talk about things from the past however but from here on we’ll focus on the future/now
Also I’ll try to post more today but it’s my bday so we’ll see how much I can tweet
We’re back with our scheduled Markhyuck!
Jaemin and Renjun talk
Step 1: succeeded
A little reunion
A little reunion 2
Also for those who don’t understand Ten was a psychology major and now he’s a creative therapist
Jeno vs Herin’s advice
Complicated talks
Is Renjun doing the right thing?
Answering questions again through curious cat! You can leave questions for the members if you want any background info on them! My cc link is in my bio! You can even ask people like Minhyuk, Dongmin and Moonbin questions!
These are not answered in the AU and are for background info!
He’s ready (ง'̀-'́)ง
First he must fix the love lives of his friends before he can settle down
Hey guys! I would really appreciate if you would rt this tweet: i really want a Haechan hoodie and this is the only way I can get one💞
The au can be found under my pinned tweet until I’ve reached my rt goal! I hope you guys don’t mind💞
Heads up I have no clue how school systems work besides the dutch school system so sorry if shit is off
The only one who suffers is Jisung
Mark’s shoot with Johnny
A little reunion date
How is he anyways?
Can we trust Minhyuk?
Jeno finally gets to ‘spill the T’
A little filler of fic recs for the anon who asked some markhyuck and noren recs so here they are
Pt. 1 out now
Pt. 2 out now
Pt. 3 out now
Uh oh
Message not received
Code red
Did he??
It will
What is happening?
Where is he going? Any ideas?
Who knows
Will they make it in time?
If only
Mark tweets
Three hours to home
What is it Minhyuk will tell?
It would be faster that way
Get him back safely
Them. Him.
Maybe he can change it this time
To his house
What Minhyuk told Renjun
We’ll figure it out in the morning
Mommy please,,
This is for him
I’m trying
If this backfires
What the fuck
You ruined me in so many ways
Minhyuk apologizes
Even you Minhyuk
He’s trying so hard
Fansites interact about the lack of updates
Distressed Mark sensor
How did it go?
Well fed today ladies
We made it unnies
Only Jeno would
I like you
Mark is happy
He called everyone
What did i do
Some of Mark’s fellow SM artists
We need to work
Cute texts
Aren’t you forgetting someone
(This is all in a span of two weeks)
Is it fair?
A plan
Some of you didn’t quite understand why Hyuck was so into Jisung all of a sudden so here’s Renjun explaining it
I’ll be finishing my Markhyuck au soon, probably somewhere next week so I wanna start a new one with preferably a different ship? But I’ll see what you guys like! So some polls so I can think about some new ideas :)
Also what kind would u like
For young love!
Epic plan to get Hyuck back
Day 153
Movie night 🍿
Please don’t
Na Jaemin, Donghyuck’s best friend
How peculiar
Plan set
Amusement park 🎠🎡
Point 2 of the Plan is set in action
Was it you
Unnies I’m crying
The best
Mark has a breakdown
Not found
Yes unnies,,,
Lee motherfucking Donghyuck
Thank you for coming to our offfice
Some advice
Melmolly finally happened for those who kept up with them
Only Mark
Happy anniversary
This Markhyuck au has come to an end :’) it’s been a whole journey and exciting ride. I want to thank all of you for reading this and liking it💕 you guys are the best and thank you for making my first au as loved and successful as it is. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart
Thank you for everyone who left mentions, I loved reading all of those. Also I made some great friends through this au // shoutout to Leah💕 i just want to thank everyone for their overwhelming positivity for this au. I love you all💕 - Noé
Please share your opinions about my next au idea? :)
Get to know me poll!
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