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THREAD: Ex-partner has emailed me to tell she’s confiscated their tech last night and so won’t be contactable today, when we normally have a phone/Skype call this evening.
No suggestion of alternative.
This in the context of talking about importance to maintain contact just weeks ago, to remove barriers, and how tricky it can be to get in touch with them via eldest’s mobile and younger two’s Skype accounts
and how difficult it has been during lockdown when I wasn’t able to see them for months due to restrictions. That I’m trying to ensure regular contact, like I always have, in between now only seeing them on Saturdays.
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As #divorce is trending. Divorce law needs to be urgently reformed so no fault divorce can be obtained in 6 months - not two years’ separation. Divorce is miserable. Forcing couples to find ‘fault’ intensifies acrimony and hits hard the most vulnerable in divorce - the children.
What the Law Society say - they’re completely behind these reforms. It needs to happen quickly. The misery caused by divorce would have been lessened if no fault had been brought in years ago.…
I’ve seen a lot not happen between passing of a Bill and implemtation. Let’s hope the Law Soc points are followed, especially this suggestion about reducing application fees.
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Wait just a cotton pickin' minute. #IlhanOmar is getting a divorce. Really? Guess she likes the American way of life after all. #Divorce
#IlhanOmar is a Trojan horse. Beware!
So typical of her type. She poops on American values yet partakes in them when it serves her purpose.
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#Divorce is always hard and painful. Even for those who have every reason to split. So no, please don't celebrate. It's a death. Of a relationship. Of hope. Of trust. Respect the institution. Respect the people in it. Respect those who give up. Don't make it about you.
It's a slippery slope for us Indians. We are still very kids-centric, extended family, log Kya kahenge ..... So many just drag relationships out of inertia or just comfort. That's not a marriage. It's just two people sharing the same address.
The only time it's a clear-cut decision is when there is violence, impotence, incompatibility. But there are other things. Maybe with new age tech and shallow and consistent need for attention and validation, the maturity of people is plummeting.
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Short thread on #Catholicism (lapsed, in my case), #highered, #divorce, & what it means to allow grace into our lives on Holy Thursday & always.

#HolyThursday is my favorite day of the Catholic year: It's a day to reflect not only on serving others, but on letting them serve us.
As a child in the Catholic Church, I knew service represented the core of my family's faith. How can we use our gifts to enrich others? How can we make ourselves humble before the tasks of service? How can we bless others via care?

Turns out, this is the EASY part of service.
It is EASY to serve my students, my friends, and my family by loving them. By showing mercy when mistakes are made. By offering space and by offering closeness. By loving others in ways that work for THEM, not just ways that would work for ME.

Being a servant this way is easy.
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Women make a difference, then and now.
“As it turns out, nearly two-thirds of all known rescuers have been found to be women.”

Make your plans about how you can save our families, our country.
I’ve been repeatedly warned that I’ll destroy my career if I dare speak out, so most of my political tweets and blogs are under a different name.
BUT when a govt starts harming children and their families, I realized that speaking out for them IS my career.
I need some help
I delayed my divorce until my kids were beyond custody battles, thinking I could obtain my share of our assets to move on.
I didn’t realize that divorce cts in the US (some worse than others) are set up 2 asset-strip and discard the more dependent spouse, like venture capitalists
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