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I am pleased to announce that earlier this month, I started a new chapter in my career as the Global Head of Digital Strategy, Oxfam International, delivering for over 20 markets.
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In my close to 5 years as a Digital Manager at Safaricom PLC, I was part of such amazing work; from Brand Strategies, to Eliud 159 and other Mpesa strategies that culminated in the launch of the Mpesa App, Enterprise Digital work, Safaricom Home Campaigns and many others.
We linked business results to the work we did. We delivered actual revenue. We won awards. We definitely smashed all the digital marketing ceilings; we left no stone unturned.
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I have spent the last few weeks really digging deep into #backlinking. What I found, and I am starting to really understand what is happening thanks to @ahrefs. Here are some #backlink basics that I have learned. #SEO #digitalmarketing #onlinemarketing. 😃💡🪶🚦
Years ago we were told to not use #subdomains for any SEO purpose whatsoever. Turns out that Google likes subdomains and sees them as all part of the primary website.
💎 Zero Domain Ranking
There are all these websites that link to you that are just interlopers. They just happen because they are indexing the web. But the zero DR rankings hurt. Don't create zero DR sites and point them at each other. It will bring them all down.
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3 Quick SaaS content marketing tips🧵

(FYI: You can download the ebook for more… )

#ContentMarketing #OnlineMarketingTips #MarketingStrategy
1. When analyzing an audience for the first time, choose the largest sample window possible to bolster your statistical significance.

Then, resample the audience at the same time every year afterward to see how the audience has evolved.

#ConsumerBehavior #ConversionOptimization
2. Make sure you choose the right channels and the right content for the right segments of the funnel.

#OnlineMarketing #DigitalMarketing #MarketingAndSales
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Have you taken advantage of this year's hottest SEO trends? 🧵

#SEOTips #SEOStrategy #DigitalMarketing Image
1. User intent has proved to be HUGE this year.

@himani_kankaria said, “Considering the updates like Google rewriting meta title tags and coming up with indented results on SERPs in 2021, it seems Google is working hard to identify the right intent behind a user’s search.”
Want to make using user intent easier?

@artios_io created a fantastic guide for automating keyword clustering by search intent using #Python…

#TechnicalSEO #SearchStrategy
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This is the peak time of market evolution. Many startups are taking birth every day.
But how do they manage to spread awareness about their business
✔️At low cost!
✔️In less time!
✔️With Minimal effort!

#paragpallavsingh #paragpallavtalks…
1. Digital marketing requires less investment than other marketing methods like print media or newspaper ads.
#DigitalMarketing #affordability
2. Digital marketing helps you target a specific audience while they’re doing this.
#DigitalTransformation #growth
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{#1 #SEO Content Strategy to Leverage} How to plan content to yield the best results

This strategy will save you time and also help you rank on Google.

Franklin Nwangene

{ A thread}

#searchengine #searchengineoptimization
Planning helps reduce guesswork and increase productivity. If you're using Jasper for content writing, blog writing, or SEO copywriting, you need to implement this strategy.
#seostrategy #seo #strategy Image
This is not a new strategy but might be new for some SEOs.

It’s called “hub and spoke content strategy”

#hubcontent #contentbub #DigitalMarketing Image
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For those who are new, here are the best online resources to learn #Python3 for #SEO Specialists.

This thread will show you what you should read and how to hone your skills 🧵

You have to know this. Semantic SEO, clear case studies, topical authority, and lots of Python.

Everything you need for 2022.

It's not a simple list of projects, it's the legacy of a great man. Check it out, it's full of awesome works.
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How can early stage public companies allocate their marketing budgets for success?

Allocate as you would your the dip.

Don’t invest your whole net worth in one stock. And definitely not when it’s at peak price.

Marketing should be looked at in the same way.

When you’re being carried by global positive market sentiment, you should let your digital efforts focus on getting the best return.

i.e. you should be collecting investor leads.

And when market sentiment isn’t in your favour, you should be investing into market awareness.

That means getting your story in front of people & providing value to those who have shown interest - your investor lead list!
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Buying off the plan can be a good opportunity for an investor or property owner looking to make a profit or gain some equity:…

#timidbee #Finance #mondaythoughts
#Mondayvibes #Australia #Brisbane #Perth #Adelaide #MONEY #cryptocurrency
Buying off the plan can be a good opportunity for an investor or property owner looking to make a profit or gain some equity:…

#timidbee #Finance #mondaythoughts
#Mondayvibes #Australia #Brisbane #Perth #Adelaide #MONEY #cryptocurrency Buying off the plan can be ...
Buying off the plan means you have decided to purchase a property that has not yet built or is currently under construction:…

#timidbee #Finance #Australia #MONEY #tuesdayvibe #tuesdaymotivations #investing #blog #brisbaneflood #Perth #Adelaide #Crypto Buying off the plan means y...
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🧵SEO is Hard 🧵

I think a lot, if not all, of us who work in SEO understand this, but what can make it harder is when you're down MoM or YoY compared to where you were.

You feel like a failure, but I'm here to tell you that is not the case.

Let me explain in this thread...
1⃣ People May Be Searching Less 1⃣

This is the case for us. As an SEO who works in ecommerce, organic growth and revenue growth matters.

When you're down in traffic and revenue, just have a look at keyword planner.. You may find people are just searching less.

That's okay!
The cost of living is higher, inflation is becoming a HUGE issue, people have re-evaluated where they're spending for 2022 compared to 2021.

If you're down, take a look at Google Keyword Planner. You may find searches are down for your key terms.

It's natural and it happens.
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CROONICLE: Essential Tips When Choosing Affordable WorkOut Ac...… #fitness #workout
CROONICLE: Your Short Guide on Email Automation… #Automation
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Which has greater reach: Email or Social Media -- A thread

1. While social media is great for outreach, the next step should automatically bring the people you reach there to your email list. 1/6

#emailmarketing #SocialMedia #CustomerRelationshipManagement #DigitalMarketing
2. A small subscriber list that wants exactly what you are offering is way better than a large list of the 'uncommitted'. Isn't it!
3. Check out how the granddaddy 'email' compares with the younger hip social media.
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Do you think your attribution model is correct? It's essential to understand attribution models to choose the right #metrics and optimize accordingly.

Find out in just a few clicks!🏃🏃

#EmailMarketing #Shopify #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #ecommerce @googleanalytics
Attribution models allow you to see how many #conversions are driven by each touchpoint in your campaign, whether it's a #social post, #email, or #ad.
This information helps you optimize your #campaigns by adjusting budgets and schedules for #ads generating higher #ROI.
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Your #website gets traffic; it is wonderful. But do you know how you achieved and can continue to do it?

To improve your process and #maximize your success, you need to know to use the #data. 📈
#UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) is the perfect solution for digitally-driven businesses that need reliable information about their site traffic. 🙌

It allows you to measure your traffic #data specifically. But how?
First, you need to create your UTM links. You can read here how to do it. 👇
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I mentioned projects or books for #Python3 in my other threads but let's talk about the very best resources for #SEO: blogs!

This a thread 🧵

You have to know this. Semantic #SEO, clear case studies, topical authority and lots of #Python3. Everything you can ask for in 2022

It's not a simple list of projects, it's the legacy of a great man. Check it out, it's full of awesome works.

#pythonlearning #DataScience #SEO #Python3
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CROONICLE: The 2022 SEO Rules to Improve Your Digital Marketing… #seo #DigitalMarketing
CROONICLE: Your Guide on Salt Inhalers… #himalayansalt #saltinhaler
CROONICLE: 6 Breathing Exercises to Help You Recharge… #yoga #yogalife
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What should your digital marketing strategy include?

December is all about preparing for the next year's digital marketing strategy and before it's too late, I thought to share this.

Most of the marketers miss out on many of the below.

A Thread...

1. Results achieved in this year vs previous year

- Number of MQLs generated, from which channels
- Number of SQLs converted, from which content
- Channel-specific traffic
- Impressions
2. SMART goals you decided for this year


1. Reach 300K traffic by December 2022
2. Generate 3000 MQLs by December 2022
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#SEO Trends To Prepare For In 2022!

1. Voice Search - create conversational content
2. Featured Snippets such as answer boxes, along with ‘People also ask’
3. Speed Up- Improve your mobile and desktop page load times, or get left behind.

Contd. Thread…
4. Be Mobile Ready - have both a desktop and mobile version of your website, then the Google bot will first crawl the mobile version
5. Video Content -not just as one of the best new SEO trends, but video content also helps you to be seen as an authoritative source
6. Page Experience - Google will take into consideration the user experience of a website in order to rank them appropriately.
7. Ethical Link Building -getting quality backlinks.

Credits Multiple articles and google analytical reports!
#seo #DigitalMarketing #Google
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@BillyDees explains how the Ohio does well with technology with the coat or living relativity low. For news it Cleveland was the training group, especially for radio.
#TwitterSpacesDecoded #SocialAudio #TwitterSpaces #LiveTweetBri
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Hallo guys ,yuk simak berikut rekomendasi untuk kamu channel youtobe untuk belajar dasar-dasar ilmu data science. Semoga bermanfaat! Have a nice day 🤗

#DataScience #DigitalMarketing
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A Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) is a program that gives existing shareholders the option to acquire additional shares in a company instead of being paid a dividend. Learn more…
#timidbee #Finance #mondaythoughts #MondayMotivaton #investment #MONEY #IPO
How does Dividend Reinvestment Plan work?…

📌company declares dividend
📌 It decides on the price of additional shares
📌 It uses ur dividend payment to purchase these shares
📌 u receive additional shares in the company instead of cash

#wednesdaythought How does Dividend Reinvestm...
Here are the good, the bad and the ugly of Dividend Reinvestment Plans. Summary below and details here:…

#timidbee #finance #fridaymorning #investing #MONEY #COVID #DigitalMarketing #cryptocurrencies #StocksToWatch #cashback Here are the good, the bad ...
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::: Attribution - is it really BS ? :::

I've seen a steady rise in tweets and discussions around #Attribution;
and many state/suggest that it's a load of crap.

🧵 Read More >>>

#MarketingTwitter #Marketing #DigitalMarketing Image : Chart : Amusing chart, with rises, plateaus and fall

The majority (but not all!) come from "marketing",
rather than "digital marketing".
And, in many cases, it seems more aimed at things like DigitalAds or SMM, often looking at Last Click etc.

But, why are people saying it;
esp. if they are from "real" marketing?


Now, for most of us - the statement is actually true (-ish).
Few of us get to work with hard-attribution (physical tickets etc.).

That means most of us deal with incomplete data,
often with inaccuracies.

But that in no way makes attribution BS or useless!

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5 Stratergies For Better Email Marketing Campaigns


Personalization means that you use customer data to create a personalized message.

This means that by personalizing your emails, you stand out against the competition.

Personalization can generate $20 in ROI for every $1 invested.
Email subject lines with personalized clients first name can increase open rates by 16% higher.

Tips to help you get started with personalization

•Ask for the right info upfront

•Use a real reply-to email address

•Use your real email signature

@blackhatwizardd any extra? Image
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