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#Khashoggi Case Thread: I am going to ‘pin’ this post to use it as an ‘Info Thread’ on the #Khashoggi Case. I am in #Turkey. I’ve been following the case closely and with access to sources & experts here. This is a very ‘sensitive’ criminal case due to ‘Diplomatic Booby Traps’!!!
The Evidence Obtained Outside Cameras will not show any evidence of ‘tempering’ but other than license plates of dozens of diplomatic cars (Many with tinted windows-large trunks) with related time stamp, drivers Info, model/year: Nothing.
#Turkish Intel-Investigative Bodies also have the list of all Diplomatic & Private Saudi & “other significant’ Planes in #Turkey for the period of ‘interest.’ Many of the Target airports have their own security cameras & related evidence.
#Khashoggi Case 3: In addition to the #Saudi staff there are “Other” Direct Witnesses with Info who were within the areas of ‘interest’ in the building. New Witness testimonies are being “secured” as I’m typing this... Witness Protection: A Must for ‘them.’Not all #Saudi Citizens
#Khashoggi Case 4: Since without an actual body (Or formal witness statements) death cannot be declared (Thus making this a ‘murder’ case) the most important aspect of this investigation: Witness(es). Unless they produce a ‘detained #Khashoggi alive’ all hinges upon ‘Witnesses’
Of Interest in #Khadhoggi Case: Why #USA Intel (Or even #WashingtonPost) NOT providing ‘concrete/formal’ info on #Khashoggi’s latest projects/case? So far nothing on this. Ask yourself: What made him all of a sudden such a danger/threat to #Saudi gov to take this big risk??!
I am not getting much info (background info) on #Khashoggi #Turkish Fiancé. Those of you with well-sourced info: please add info together with the ‘legit’ source/links here on this thread.
Note- As I said I cannot divulge ‘everything’ since the case is under active investigation and due to the very critical ‘Diplomatic Booby Traps’ the pretty savvy ‘investigators’ here don’t want the #Saudis to get a heads up...
Aka they want ‘surprise element’ to make their tactic work...
#USA Media/Publications, as Usual, Obscuring the “Facts” per #CIA Directive. #Khashoggi Case has NOTHING to do with his “Fluff” writings as Columnist for #WashingtonPost!!! They are staying Mum on his “Special” Project: What May have set off his disappearance or death!!!!
Another sad point: Many Journalists here have neither the training nor ability to pursue this case as deep ‘investigative’ report. Tons of speculations & copy-pasting Western Media. Now watch and see how they’ll begin plagiarizing our thread here without crediting;-)))
Soooo we have:1- #CIA Directed half-ass info from the Western Media sitting on some really relevant info/cause in #Khashoggi case; 2- Under-Trained Under-Budgeted Media In #Turkey (Not all but majority) copy-pasting Western Media Bullshit 1 day late. How to get to the “Truth”?!’
And here I am, still in the midst of setting up my international hub for #Newsbud here on #Turkey, currently with the staff of 1.5, Only me and a part-time assistant, and here comes a huge #Khashoggi Case with no one around to cover it!!!
#Khashoggi could have been drugged & stuffed into one if dozens of ‘Diplomatic Tinted-Window’ Cars, Driven to one of 3 airports, then into one if several private #Saudi jets (some diplomatic) and then taken to #SaudiArabia (a la #CIA Kidnap & Rendition Ops)!!
The Status is still “Missing”! This is what happens when “Sloppy” & “Agenda-Driven” Western Mega Outlets Circulate Bullshit Titles Before Evidence Or Confirmation!-
”Turkey believes journalist murdered at Saudi consulate ...” via Irish Times Cooy-Pasted From US mega outlets
I wonder how many #Saudi sponsors (aka advertisers) #NewYorkTimes, #NPR, #PBS, #NBC ... have? You see #USA hypocrisy? Imagine if this was done by #Russia or #Syria or #Venezuela or #Turkey or ...? You see what I mean? You see why the world has No respect for U.S.?
@sibeledmonds #Khashoggi Update: Slowly The Important Info Coming Out: #Khashoggi Intimate Links to #BinLaden & #CIA: Important!- “Khashoggi's fine line between Osama bin Laden and a Saudi Crown prince”… via @smh
A Very Dangerous Trend On The Rise- Target: Investigative #Journalists !!!!!- “Bulgarian TV journalist brutally murdered: prosecutors”
Update #Khashoggi Case: #Turkish Foreign Ministry Summons #Saudi Embassy Officials; Also formal request to Search #Saudi Istanbul Consulate & related premises have been submitted.
Major #Khashoggi Update: And I @sibeledmonds reporting from #Turkey was first to “Out” this as “Bullshit”!- “Al-Jazeera distances itself from Khashoggi death claims, blames Reuters”
Real investigative journalists stick to the “Facts” Not Speculation. This is why I proudly set up #Newsbud. And this is why if I put my name on a claim/report you can take it to the ... crypto bank;-)
For “Factual” Updates and News on #Khashoggi Case join & follow @sibeledmonds
Reminder: 1- Khashoggi Case is still classified & investigates as “Missing” (He May have been taken to #SaudiArabia); 2- Don’t Believe #WashingtonPost: he was not ONLY some columnist/critic; 3- His relationship to #BinLaden & #CIA is being downplayed by US media
There will be NO Forensic Evidence Found (After 6 days!!). -“Turkey to search Saudi consulate for Khashoggi's disappearance, Foreign Ministry says”
There are big “Holes” in the “official” narrative. Still.
Why come to #Turkey for the Embassy process that could have been easily done in #Saudi Embassy in D.C.?
One of my top questions:The #Saudis,with many active agents-hitmen already on the ground in #Turkey,could have taken him out while he was in #Istanbul (You know, 1 of those hit & run,or, robbery gone bad, incidents).Why risk doing it while in the Consulate & causing Int Incident?
Slowly A Larger Picture Is Emerging?- This view worth reading: “Is the Khashoggi Mystery Now a US Scandal?”… via @TPM
Just A Reminder: The Case Status Still “Missing”- There’s an equal chance #Khashoggi was taken to #SaudiArabia that same day. Read my pinned thread @sibeledmonds: Pay attention to important investigative questions I have posed in Reply section thread: None so far answered.
Let’s Go Over Some of These Questions Again: 1- Why Did #Khashoggi come to #Saudi Consulate in Istanbul when he could have easily taken care of those required paperwork/processes in #Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C.?
2- Why would #Saudis take such a big risk (Publicity, international scrutiny & diplomatic disaster) by involving their Consulate in either murdering or abducting #Khashoggi? They could have easily taken him out via their ‘plentiful’ agents/hitmen without a trace.
3- What was the latest ‘Project’ assigned to #Khashoggi?
4- Why so very little (to none) coverage of #Khashoggi’s highly important “Past”?- His decade-long intimate relationship with #OsamaBinLaden, #Saudi Intelligence & #CIA (Starting in 80s; all documented/on record)? Remember #WashingtonPost has always been an important #CIA channel
5- I am still unable to find “worthy details” on #Khashoggi Fiancé. In a way this is peculiar- She shows up everywhere yet remains obscured. Strange.Why?
6- If the claims on #USA Intel intercepting prior communications by the #Saudi Intel plotting #Khashoggi’s abduction/murder is “True”: Why the fu.. they sat on it & let him get lured? Unless they were l/are part of this case this poses very significant questions/ implications!
For those of you new to my #Khashoggi Case Updates Thread pinned @sibeledmonds: Read all my previous updates & analyses: we are the only one with “Real” coverage, “Real” Facts & “Real” Analyses. We’ve been outing inaccurate MSM Info & Embarrassing “Agenda” Media outlets.
Another Reminder: On addition to being an analyst covering this #Khashoggi case, currently being in #Turkey, I have degrees in Criminal Justice, Criminal Psychology & Forensic Science Minor From George Washington Univ. I also worked underFormer #FBI Crime Lab Dr. Fred Whitehurst
I also represented child sex abuse cases in courts via my CASA job in the 90s : working with the courts, conducting investigations to report to courts.
The reason I am emphasizing this is not to show off my many degrees or expertise (which I have), but to emphasize the importance of “Factual” analyses and needed expertise. Being “just” a journalist or researcher NOT enough to thoroughly analyze cases like this.
I am currently in #Turkey. I speak 4 languages. I have developed top level sources around the world (Mainly USA & Middle Wast) Over the last 20 years. And I have a Masters Degree in International Relations & Public Policy From GMU with Special training degree from Oxford Univ
That was to introduce myself to those of you who may not be familiar with me or my news organization #Newsbud
Here’s #NewYorkTimes Latest Reporting Based on 1 “Anonymous”Source within US Government;-) Saudi government planned Jamal Khashoggi hit: NY Times @AJENews
In the article they repeat the ‘alleged’ fact that #USA Intel had previously intercepted #Saudi communications on plans to abduct/takeout #Khashoggi. Interestingly #NYTimes doesn’t bother posing the million dollar question: Then why they say on this?????!!!!!!!!!!!
Please feel free to share updates (with reliable sources & links), your analyses (stated coherently and respectfully) here in this active & regularly updated #KhashoggiCase. So far this info thread has been way ahead of all fluff mainstream outlets out there. Keep it up friends!
Someone just asked whether I have any Biases Against #SaudiArabia. The Answer: As far as the ruling #SaudiKingdom goes- YES! They are a bunch of disgusting, dirty, revolting perverts with #Oil$s & they exist solely due to #US #UK installation & protection/backing/management.
As far as the Its people of landmass goes: NO.Why would I? I may not lihe their ‘way of life’ and they may not like mine. But no reason for bias against them.
Important!A New Important Lead on #Khashoggi Case. See Here ... more coming via my sources... Please stay tuned...
Just want to make sure I am open, clear, and on record with where I stand, including my biases;-)
Watch how, one-by-one, the pundits & outlets steal, copy-paste “our” #Khashoggi Case updates and info/news without crediting who’s work they are stealing. It is called lazy journalism, plagiarism;-)
#Khashoggi Update: Turkish paper names 15 Saudis in Khashoggi case via @ChannelNewsAsia
Let’s see if #Reuter’s running with the story before solid independent clarification causes another major flop again! Turkish paper names 15 Saudis in Khashoggi case
Important Breaking Update in #Khashoggi Case Only via @sibeledmonds My Source confirmed the authenticity. Follow us @sibeledmonds pinned thread to r the only factual real-time update on this case
Important Breaking Update in #Khashoggi Case Only via @sibeledmonds My Source confirmed the authenticity. Follow us @sibeledmonds pinned thread to r the only factual real-time update on this case
Urgent Update 2: #Saudi Plane Footage has been confirmed by my source. Follow @sibeledmonds for factual real time updates on #Khashoggi Case at Pinned Thread
Just Out via Asia Times. It is so so (tiny bit on #BinLaden connections). They should have let Pepe Escobar to write a piece like this;-) Who is Jamal Khashoggi? @asiatimesonline
Images surface of Saudis allegedly sent to target writer…
This #NPR Program is Brought To You By #SaudiLobby, #MIC Lobby, #Oil Lobby, #AEI, #AIPAC, #CIA, ...😂😂😂 “The Latest On The Disappearance Of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi”
US intercepted Saudi plans to capture missing journalist, report says #FoxNews
well-Put Yeni Şafak!- “Going beyond speculation in the Khashoggi case”…
As I’ve said many times: The ‘Fiancé’ Angle is important to pursue.
The link between 3 figures behind the Jamal Khashoggi mystery…
Why #Khashoggi Family Denies knowing about this “Fiancé”? Is it due to being in #SaudiArabia & Being Intimidated by the #Kingdom? Or is it something more? Interestingly many initial reports in #Turkey had listed this Fiancé’s name completely wrong (Arzu?Azru? Etc)... Hmmmmm!!!
Of course remember who the source is in this piece. As I’ve been saying repeatedly: Consider, pay attention to, each source on reports involving #Khashoggi...
Important Development!!!! Is #Khashoggi’s “Fiancé” Linked Closely to Terrorist Fethullah #Gülen????!!!! One of my sources has sent the following twitter post by this “Fiancé” communicating with a “Wanted” operative in support of #Gülen!!!Pls Check it out & let me know!!
Wow!! From my sources in #Turkey new reports on this #Khashoggi Fiancé are surfacing. Is she linked to Terrorist #Gulen cult/network??!!! Her Twitter communication history (if her’s) suggests that she is!!!
So far @sibeledmonds Pinned #khasoggi Case Thread we’ve been beating every mainstream #MSM outlets with only factual, well-sources, inside news & developments. In fact we’ve been outing inaccurate articles, including Reuter’s, successfully having them backtrack bullshit news!!
Let’s NOT forget my amazing brave “sources” who’ve been providing me with spot-on info/documents: I want to Thank them big time!!!!
To my kind & supportive viewers who’ve been contacting me about “donating” for this around-the-clock work: you can do it at #Newsbud (either via donation button or subscription). Thank you all-Without you I wouldn’t be here doing what I’ve been doing. Thank You!!!!!!!
Two senior Turkish officials revealed the existence of an object that may provide important clues to Khashoggi's fate: the black Apple watch he was wearing when he entered the consulate. The watch was connected to a mobile phone he left outside.-Reuters
It is bewildering- More anonymous sources, more detailed claims without any documents! Yet MSM has no problem with running these... EXCLUSIVE: Jamal Khashoggi dragged from consulate office, killed and dismembered via @MiddleEastEye
The thing is: I represented hundreds of high-level Gov whistleblowers in #USA. Even with 2+ witnesses and documents this same #MSM would decline publishing real exposed, saying they needed more. This alone makes me wonder WTF this #Khashoggi Case is “Really” about?
Could this be a part of larger plan? Has the higher ups decided that time to replace #MBS with a new one? Still too early to tell definitively... but ...
Well, what if the Answer points “Upward”? Does he want an Answer if it is to be found at the “top”?Hmmmm-“BBC News - Trump on Khashoggi: 'We want to get to the bottom of it' “…@
Wow!! #Khashoggi’s “Mysterious” Fiancé will Be with #Trump in WhiteHouse!!- “Trump says he'll host fiancee of disappeared Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the White House”
#Kaşıkçı’nın “Nişanlısı” #Trump tarafından Beyaz Saray’a davet edilmiş. Balo mu? Toplantı mı? Bu olay ışık hızıyla dönen bir dönme dolap üzerinde...
Okay friends I am dizzy & utterly tired!!! What a case! Right Out of “Hollywood”- possibly literally? Time to hit the bed and get some recovery. Meanwhile we are looking to hire talented experienced producers (Camera, video editing) for our #Newsbud hub inthis part of the globe!
Possibly Important Development (The timing maybe noteworthy): #Turkey and #Kuwait Just Signed a Joint Military-Defense Cooperation Agreement.
الجيش الكويتي يوقّع خطة عمل التعاون الدفاعي مع الجيش التركي
Yeni Haber: Kuveyt Ordusu Türk Ordusu’yla savunma işbirliği anlaşması imzaladı.
Trump reluctant to cut off arms sales to Saudis in response to Khashoggi's disappearance via @politico
For the most comprehensive updates & info on #Khashoggi Case follow the pinned thread @sibeledmonds. We cover only the facts independently & explore all angles (many of which not dared to touch upon by ‘others’). Join our updates.
Important @sibeledmonds #Khashoggi Pinned Info Thread: Did #SaudiArabia butchered #Khashoggi Brother & his wife last Monday in #Saudi Arabia??!!! Please confirm this news. Is it REAL??!
Two things that complicate Trump’s response to Saudi mystery via @SCMPNews
Khashoggi didn't see text messages after entering Saudi consulate… via @nbcnews
Why it’s hard to believe the Saudi narrative on Jamal Kashoggi by @TRTWorld…
U.S. Working on the Jamal Khashoggi Case With Turkish and Saudi Officials, Trump Says
This Just Out (Will the video surface today?)-Turkey has recordings that prove columnist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul this month, the Washington Post reports… via @bpolitics
For the complete timeline, updates, analyses and real time news follow @sibeledmonds Pinned #Khashoggi Thread. Add your updates.
Trump to speak to Saudis as Turkey claims to have recordings Jamal Khashoggi was murdered | The New Daily…
Did #Khashoggi SmartWatch Record & Transmit ‘Interrogation, Torture & Murder’ in the #Saudi Consulate? Currently this, if true, is the number 1 question...
Another Question in #Khashoggi Case Latest #SmartWatch Recording Claim: Some ‘Claim’ Only #Audio Recording. If released, in addition to the audio, they need to release Original TimeStamp from iCloud & have it certified/authenticated by #Apple #iCloud ...
Circus Show & Hidden Plans-Agendas: UK preparing sanctions on Saudis over Khashoggi…
Saudi Arabia denies allegations regarding murder of Khashoggi: interior minister…
They need to release the tillne-stamped, #iCloud authenticated, forensically authenticated (independently) recordings. This should not be difficult. Let’s see if it happens ... stay tuned...
Time stamped
Emphasis on “May Have”- Attention to “Voice of America aka #CIA)- “Reports: Saudi Journalist May Have Recorded His Own Death”…
Wow the same silent #UN on #Yemen & #Palestine & #USARendition-Torture gets “Vocal”- “BBC News - Jamal Khashoggi disappearance: UN chief demands 'truth'”…
None of the “sources” are Named. No details cited.- “Turkey obtains recordings of Saudi journalist's purported killing” via @ChannelNewsAsia
Smear or Not, #Khashoggi was an intimate associate of #BinLaden for years!- “Trump's son Don Jr. promotes false smear linking Jamal Khashoggi to Osama bin Laden and terrorism”…
Why in #USA everything has to be viewed, framed & approached as pro or anti #Trump??!-“Trump Jr. Boosts Smear Tying Missing Journalist Jamal Khashoggi to Islamic Terrorism”… via @thedailybeast
This is the most polarized thus country has ever been. #Khashoggi’s relationship & intimate association with #OsamaBinLaden: A Fact. Whether that makes him a #CIA operative, or shady, or good, or bad, or ...
For those of you new to my coverage of #Khashoggi Case: Follow the Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds & take the time to read/review the “Reply” chain 4 all updates, questions,developments, analyses ...So far this is the only agenda-Free,Independent & Fact-Based Info Thread on the case
Here’s another perspective. And No this is not by #TrumpJr to be attacked as “money-ties agenda”. - “What the media aren’t telling you about Jamal Khashoggi”…
#Khashoggi’s decades-long ties to #CIA-USA, his ties to #BinLaden & his notorious uncle bring #AdnanKhashoggi : ALL FACTS; Not smear Campaign.- “What You Should Know About Khashoggi: 5 Key Facts@… #
Has #Aljazeera listened to the recording? Has it established source credibility yet?- “Smartwatch audio evidence indicates Khashoggi killed in embassy” @AJENews…
Okay, Ready 4 My On-The-Record Prediction?-Here it is: There will be #USA-Led, #UN-followed & Western Human Rights-joined ‘Unanimous’ call 4 another “Regime Change.” But the job will be finished by #CIA-Led #Saudi Intel-Military Coup (No actual war- that’s reserved 4 #Iran later)
Özet Tercüme- #SuudiArabistan için analiz: #ABD önderliği ardından da #BM ve Batı #İnsanhakları dernekler desteğiyle #SuudiBaharı çağrıları (Mısır-Libya benzeri). İç Protesto &polis olaylar...Ama Dış savaşsız, #CIA yönetimi altında Suudi İntel & Askeri şebekeler ihtilal yapacak
Another Important Update (And Curious Timing) on #SaudiArabia “FBI Declassification Underway in 9/11 Saudi Suit”…
For Those if you who’ve been rightfully wondering “Why-Why Now” in Operation Target #Saudi #MBD: Look at Context/dev like this: “The Risks of the China-Saudi Arabia Partnership” @Diplomat_APAC…
Also freaks like this: ”Russia and Saudi Arabia: $200 Billion Dreaming”…
What I’m Trying to say: When we examine #Khashoggi Case (Follow my #Khashoggi Thread Pinned @sibeledmonds ) & this “All Of a Sudden) Target #SaudiArabia & MBS ... Look at everything. The case is Too scripted. Beware.
For my #Turkish followers: Just be careful. Today ‘they’ (#USA Deep State) use country X to set up country Y, tomorrow they’ll use country Z to set up & engage in “regime change” in Country X. Don’t let them use your country solely for their calculated evil plans.
For my #American audience: When I say #USA I mean the Deep State/Shadow Gov That has long hijacked USA. In These operations nothing is for the benefit of “the people”- Neither Americans nor the rest of the world
Coming Soon (My analysis & prediction): The global deep state MSM going after #SaudiArabia on abuses/assaults on #Yemen. After arming & helping the Saudis on war waged in Yemen, now, all of a sudden, they’ll turn around, point at it as “bad boy thing”!!!
Another (However Far-Fetched) Scenario to Consider: “Secret arrangement-deal made between “Deep State via Proxy Nation” & #SaudiGov Insiders to lure #Khashoggi into the Consulate, Torture & Murder him, then point finger at #MBS”- A Joint Op by #CIA & “Turned” insiders? Possible??
Because some of the most important questions on #Khashoggi Case still unanswered: 1- Why not go to #Saudi Wash-DC Embassy for the required process? 2- The Mysterious Fiancé & her past, 3- The Scripted Media Coverage; 4- The allegation on being able to obtain the murder recording
And ask yourself this question: With dozens of agents in #Turkey and shot loads of money to spend, #SaudiArabia Gov could have had #Khashoggi killed in #Istanbul without any trace (Robbery gone bad, or, hit & run, etc.). Why take this huge risk (with witnesses) & do it sloppy?!?!
'Fake news' from Qatar or a sign of MBS's brutal rule: Saudi Arabia roiled by 'murder' of journalist…@
Needed in #Khashoggi Case: Find Out who (and Through Which Publication) The Following “False” Info was originated & disseminated- The claim that #Khashoggi’s needed divorce/marriage documents could not be provided/processes by #Saudi D.C. Embassy. Because it is ‘false.’
Exactly.This False Info was put out there and then quickly disseminated without any evidence or any official source from Embassy in DC. I’d say find the first person claiming this “False” Info & Original Source Of dissemination: then you’ll get closer to the culprits
Here is “Journalist #Khashoggi (Long before this picture he joined #CIA & #OsamaBinLaden Ops Against the Soviet; he became an intimate US-CIA-Saudi Intel coordinator in #Saudi Arabia after that)
For Those Of You New to My Twitter Site: I am currently in #Turkey. You can follow the Only Independent Factual Coverage & Updates In #Khashoggi Case via my “Pinned” #Khashoggi Thread (Since the very beginning) @sibeledmonds. Please Share, Retweet, to counter all the BS by #MSM
Also check the entire thread (Chain Of Replies) to get the picture thus far.
Also need “volunteers” to mirror (Retweet-ScreenShots) my thread in #Khashoggi. You never know: They May pull the plug in this account, or, I may suddenly go “quiet”, or, you know how it usually goes;-)
Many of my “supporters” within the media circle here: have been told to refrain from disseminating my updates on #Khashoggi Case. Also a few sources have been “quiet” in the last 48 hours...
Very Interesting. Now Let’s See Which Publication Gas the “Cojones” To Publish the List if All Apps & Social Media/Search Engines Run & Backed by the #CIA!!!- “Here are the apps you use every day that are backed by Saudi money” via @qz
Up until now,none of these MSM outlets dared to mention any of this. Not only that their bread-butter came from #Saudi ads, sponsorship & Lobby money. You see how fast they can come up with “Revealing & Astonishing” lists like this? When approval stamp comes from the “above”? !
Asking #American Friends: Remember the first 48 hours after the Sep 11, Attacks?How USA Gov Allowed All Saudi Private Jets, including those carrying #BinLaden Family & Associates leave USA UN-SEARCHED & Un-Investigated despite ~3000 Dead Americans?This 4 Only 1 #Arab Journalist?!
Ask yourself “What is the REAL Deal”?! Question Everything the MSM is trying very hard to sell you.
Bed time in my neck of the woods- Good Night & Good Luck”
Update @sibeledmonds #Khashoggi Case Thread: Worth Reading. -“Debunking The Myths About Jamal Khashoggi's Apple Watch”…
Interesting again: The supposed #1 suspect in a supposed murder case joins the investigation team?- “Saudi King Salman thanks Erdoğan for joint working group on Khashoggi”
Inquiring Minds Want to Know: If what #Turkey claims re: ‘Having the full video-audio recording of #Khashoggi being tortured & murdered in #Saudi Consulate (AKA ‘Smoking Gun” leaving no needed additional evidence) Why no action, no arrest, no ‘official’ announcements? No? Yes?
For the ONLY Fact-Based & Independent Reports-Updates-Analyses in #Khashoggi Case Follow Ny Pinned #Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds Currently Reporting From #Turkey. Please Share, Retweet & Save Screen Shots. Things may be getting “Dicey” around here... Thank You All
I doubt it is ‘true’: Either Pure Bullsh.. Transmitted hub”Agendas@ via BS Turkish media reports, or, A Cooked-Up Evidence...
#Khashoggi Case Thread @sibeledmonds : Important to take into consideration. Also expand the lens: The REAL Leverage goes to “whom”? -“Khashoggi Murder Claim Gives Turkey Leverage Over Saudis and Trump”… via @YahooNews
#Khashoggi Case @sibeledmonds Pinned Thread: Oh oh oh- Did #Soros Make A “Killing” (Ironic double take!) on This One Too??!! (Someone please check).- “UPDATE 1-Saudi riyal at weakest since June 2017 on Khashoggi case”
IMPORTANT & Fact-Checked Update on #Khashoggi Case via @sibeledmonds Coverage from #Turkey: “Ex-CIA expert: No audiotape on Khashoggi was given to US intelligence”…
This why I’ve been urging you to be cautious-patient. Tons of “intentional” misinfo being put out by the MSM here all of which “intentionally” being picked up “verbatim” by #US MSM: With no facts, no evidence, no named sources...Factual Real-Time Coverage @sibeledmonds #Khashoggi
ATTENTION!- I’ve been issued a “warning” on my fact-based coverage of #Khashoggi Case @sibeledmonds Pinned Thread Reporting From #Turkey. Please mirror, share, and take screen shots of all updates on this thread. Follow @sibeledmonds Pinned #Khashoggi Thread.Thank You All!!!
And who is making money off of this #khashoggi Case “effect” ??!!- “Saudi 5-year CDS jump to 11-month high on Khashoggi case”
A Question for Our #Khashoggi Thread Followers @sibeledmonds Pinned Thread: Any Major comments/coverage by #Russia or Russian Media? Are they too being smart & cautious in this circus show with tons of Bullsh..?
They are already altering #Khashoggi Wiki info??! See this: I'm currently archiving all the links in #AdnanKhashoggi's wikipedia page, & downloading onto hard-drive. You were right, Sibel.They are removing the hyperlinks on his wikipedia page.Many no longer work. THANK GOD FOR...
This is Important. What #Trump is saying, at least currently, Plausible. Follow @sibeledmonds #Khashoggi Thread for more.- “Trump says 'rogue killers' may be behind Saudi journalist Khashoggi disappearance”… via @YahooSports
I know the LEFT Media Does Not Like to Heat This But: And What Trump is Saying, at this time, is Very Plausible. For Details Follow @sibeledmonds #khashoggi Thread - “Trump says 'rogue killers' may have murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi”…
And I am saying this as an analyst, currently in #Turkey, who has been following #Khashoggi Case “Closely” since the Day 1. Follow my #Khashoggi Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds for the ONLY Fact-Based, Independent Reports-Updates-Analyses and with ‘solid’ sources here & abroad.
SHOCKED: I cannot believe how the Left Media & Partisanship Going After #Trump for a statement in #Khashoggi case that is very logical & Plausible at this point of time, with what we have so far as “Facts”. Just read my pinned #Khashoggi Case Thread @sibeledmonds (In Reply chain)
What a crazy day!
Juggling two cases simultaneously: #Khashoggi & Outing #NBC operative reporting on #Khashoggi. To top that:seeing the INSANE partisan circus show, attacks on #Trump in #Khashoggi case. Political Theater-Circus. Stay tuned @sibeledmonds.GoodNight & GoodLuck.
KINDA Breaking? I guess more pouring in as I get ready for bed! - “CNN: Saudis Preparing Report Admitting Khashoggi Was Killed In Interrogation Gone Wrong”… via @TPM
Is this the grand finale?- “2 sources tell @clarissaward and @TimListerCNN that the Saudis are preparing a report that will acknowledge Jamal #Khashoggi's death was the result of an interrogation that went wrong, one that was intended to lead to his abduction from Turkey.”
If this is true, the report should be out in a few hours (Morning Time here). Those of you in day-time time zone: Please add updates (with links & legit sources) here at this #Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds
My sources are saying: there will be a report but probably not what is claimed by #CNN... Saudi Arabia to admit that missing journalist was killed in botched interrogation and abduction operation, CNN reports - Turkey -…
Okay- will wait till the report. #CNN sources are not named (as of now), and their track record is ‘spotty’ to be mild;-) See you all back here tomorrow morning #Turkey time @sibeledmonds #Kashoggi Case Thread.
Here is the Big Way Out for #CNN if this proves to be bullshit: Just read the so-called source’s “kind of” double talk
If this #CNN so-called breaking News on ##khashoggi Case proves 2 be another Hoax, and if they use the buried two-liners set up to give them a “kinda” put: Make sure you point to the “Slam Dunk Conclusive Sensationalist” Title Okay?Now this time seriously GoodNight & GoodLuck;-)
Contrary to the US #MSM & Pundits’ Circus Bashing #Trump’s Comment Yesterday Re: “Possible Rogue Elements” Is NOT That Far-Fetched. Flashback: See What I Posed 3 Days Ago Here at #Khashoggi Case Thread @sibeledmonds
#Khashoggi Case Noteworthy- Reporting From #Turkey @sibeledmonds: Khashoggi Was No Critic of Saudi Regime…
For Those of You New to My #Khashoggi Fact-Based Reports-Updates-Analyses @sibeledmonds Currently Reporting from #Turkey: Make Sure to Read The Entire Thread Under Currently Pinned #Khashoggi Thread. Unlike Agenda MSM & Pundits You’ll Get Real-Time Facts & Real Questions-Answers!
Flashback: Days ago from Pinned #Khashoggi Case Thread @sibeledmonds Reporting From #Turkey:
Just Out In #Khashoggi Case. Remember: 1-For 5+!decades #WashingtonPost has been on #CIA Op network (Refer 2 Church Comm.); 2-It is Owned by #Bezos who’s empire relies on hefty #CIA contracts;3- #Khashoggi worked with #BinLaden & #CIA in 80s & 90s; 4- Its always been anti #Trump
Update @sibeledmonds #Khashoggi Case: Saudi consul's home to be searched for Khashoggi clues…
Saudi consul leaves Istanbul for Riyadh 'on own accord' [@The_NewArab]…
Ask the Circus #MSM Why they’re readily running bogus stories with #Khashoggi chopped-diced W/Not a single source named & zero tangible document to date, YET, Not 1 #MSM reporter has inquired/confirmed why #Khashoggi went to #Turkey #Saudi Consulate instead of Saudi DC Embassy?!
Just listen to what he is saying- Plausible. Read my #Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds Reporting From #Turkey. “Trump criticizes rush to condemn Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi”…
Keep in Mind: 1- I’m neither D or R; 2- #Trump has access to highest level Intel (Would he want to give himself black-Eye;political suicide?); 3-He’s correct on: Missing Facts (So far only ‘anonymous-dubious unnamed #MSM sources;No Documented Evidence);Follow my #Khashoggi Thread
Read through my entire thread on #Khashoggi Case (I am Reporting From #Turkey Where’i’m Based currently) @sibeledmonds (The entire thread is ‘Reply’ chain). With inside sources I present you with All “Intentionally” Unanswered Questions, Missing Facts & Spin by #MSM
#Khashoggi Update/Again, Remember: NO ONE Called for Lifting Saudi Diplomatic Immunity for #9/11 with 3000 #American Dead. So What’s the “Real Deal”?- “UN rights chief calls for lifting Saudi 'immunity' over Khashoggi case”
#MSM is going to have tons of “Debunked” Post-Publication “Fine-Line” announcements. Just Watch. You’ll see. - “Claim about journalist's Apple Watch 'unlikely'”… via @lansreporter
Here is a list of a few #MSM Sensationalist #FakeNews Headlines that will be “Debunked” in Fine Print & Quietly In #Khashoggi Case: Are you ready? If yes, let me know. Via #Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds Reporting From #Turkey.
#MSM Headlines That will Be “Debunked” in #Khashoggi Case via @sibeledmonds Thread Reporting From #Turkey:
1- Contrary to What Has Been Claimed #Khashoggi Did NOT Go to #Saudi Consulate in #Istanbul #Turkey Due to #Saudi D.C. Embassy Not Being Able to Process His #Divorce Papers.
#MSM Headlines That will Be “Debunked” in #Khashoggi Case via @sibeledmonds Thread Reporting From #Turkey:
2- #Khashoggi #Fiancé status as ‘Fiancé’ will become one of those ‘never truly established’ cases, and then fudged.
#MSM Headlines That will Be “Debunked” in #Khashoggi Case via @sibeledmonds Thread Reporting From #Turkey:
3- #Khashoggi #SmartWatch Recording Claims by #MSM will be Debunked conclusively without #MSM ever providing the “origin” for this baseless claim.
#MSM Headlines That will Be “Debunked” in #Khashoggi Case via @sibeledmonds From #Turkey:
4- The So-Called Coming Report from #Saudi Gov on #Khashoggi murdered during Torture & interrogation gone wrong, cooked up by #CNN & #Aljazeera will be Debunked soon.This won’t be in Report
#MSM Headlines That will Be “Debunked” in #Khashoggi Case via @sibeledmonds Thread Reporting From #Turkey:
1- #MSM Reports on footage & identity of Saw-Carrying #Saudi Hitmen employed by #MBS Intel: Completely False. It will be Debunked. Again,#MSM will never provide ‘origin’.
BREAKING: Here’s One of the “Soon-To-Come” Debunking Of #MSM I Promised you about. #CNN #aljazeera #NYT All ran this story based on only 1 “Illegitimate” Source KNOWINGLY!!! Check My #Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds Reporting From #Turkey on Only Facts on this case Debunking #MSM
As I’ve been staying here @sibeledmonds #Khashoggi Thread for Days: Based on inside sources & interviews: NO One has heard/watched any recording of #Khashoggi killing/torturing. This rumor was made up by #MSM citing one source they KNEW to be Illegitimate!!! Follow this thread...
#CNN & #aljazeera Prestitutes: Debunked!!! That’s only 1. Read my list of “Soon-To- Come” Debunking Of 4 Major #FakeNews Reports @sibeledmonds #Kashoggi Pinned. Been reporting only the established facts from #Turkey countering #CIA #DeepState Narrative delivered 2 you via #MSM!!!
Ask this #Prestitute : “Where is that #CNN-Reported Coming Report by #Saudis admitting to killing #khashoggi??!!” It was supposed to be out. I outed their lie on this immediately: the report had nothing to do with “admitting” Another bullsh.. by bimbo water boys of #CIA
Now I call this A Rational Action! He is right: Let’s See & Hear This Video Recording! So far Not a single source with name who has actually seen this ‘video’!- “Trump requests audio, video of Khashoggi murder from Turkey ‘if it exists’ “… via @1NewsNZ
While the US #MSM Circulating Bogus Headline on #Khashoggi Torture-Slicing-Dicing Video without ever seeing it, without a single document, with Not even 1 NAMED Source, #Trump is going for the most #Rational Action/Move & Demands to see this alleged “Smoking Gun”!!!
Now the #MSM will take this and make it: “See, he is making irrational capricious demands! Who needs Video!!! Somebody somewhere with no name no title claimed it somehow!! That should be enough!”
Okay everyone-It is late & bed time here in #Turkey. Let’s remain rational & seek facts/truth. Tomorrow we’ll find out About the fulfillment of #Trump’s request for the thus far alleged #Khashoggi recording. Read my pinned thread on #Khashoggi if new to Case. GlodNight & GoodLuck
How This #Khashoggi Story Created: #NYTimes Picks Up This Story W/“Unnamed” Source From Small #Turkish Pub,Runs it,Then A Big Turkish Pub Runs it Citing #NYT! 😂😂😂- “Audio reveals details of how Khashoggi was tortured, beheaded” - reports by @TRTWorld
Follow my #Khashoggi Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds for All the facts, updates & analyses you won’t find via #MSM. Read the entire lengthy thread (Via reply chain) to understand this “scripted” circus with several mega interests running the show as “shadows” behind.
Flashback From My #Khashoggi Case Coverage: “With dozens of agents in #Turkey & shit load of money to spend, #Saudi Gov could have had #Khashoggi killed in #Turkey without A trace (Robbery gone bad,or,hit & run, poison)Why take this huge risk by doing it sloppy in Consulate?!!”
#Khashoggi Case Status @sibeledmonds: With No Recovered Body, No Witnesses, No Confirmed & Forensically-Examined Recording, No Documents, No Concrete Evidence & No Confession- The Case is Legally & Scientifically Remains as “Missing”!
Interesting: 1-#AlJazeera Goes back from “Grizzly Slam-Dunk Murder” to #Khashoggi “Disappearance”; 2-No 1 in US Gov has seen the supposed recording supposedly seen by All this #MSM -“Khashoggi disappearance: Trump asks Turkey for recordings” @AJENews…
#khasoggi Case Update: This Raises Some Troubling Questions. Could he have been killed by “others” While in #Turkey? - “Turkey widens Jamal Khashoggi probe as pressure mounts on Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia”… via @CBSNews
Critical Period- Need Your Help: Asking all friends who’ve been supporting my report from #Turkey on #Khashoggi Case:1- Save/Keep Screen Shots Of all Info here (Reply Chain);2- Share & Retweet Pinned #Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds; 3- add updates/ research w/links. Thank U ALL!
Based on “Very Few” Facts So Far, the Debunked rumors circulated by #MSM, Highly Critical Questions Unanswered (Intentionally), The Scripted Style Of #MSM Coverage (& innuendos), how the case is tilted & used, “Foreign Interests” involved: 3 Main Sceneraios Coming Up. Stay Tuned!
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1- This is the scenario currently being pushed, unanimously, by #MSM (Here in #Turkey, #USA & Other Western #MSM): #Khashoggi was a Journalist critical of #Saudi #MBS living in #USA (Washington DC; N. Virginia). He was engaged to a #Turkish woman ...
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1 Continued: He wanted 2 marry this #Turkish woman,but supposedly he was told that his previous divorce paperwork could not be processed @ large fully-staffed #Saudi Embassy in Wash DC & could be done only in much smaller #Saudi Consulate in #Istanbul...
#Khashoggy Case Scenario 1 Continued: So, he traveled all the way to #Turkey to get paperwork that could be ONLY processed there. He & his #Turkish Fiancé went to #Saudi Consulate. For some reason she stayed outside the consulate building, 4 some reason he left his cell with her
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1 Continued:So he goes inside, & supposedly the fiancé waits outside. For 1 hr,2 hr...many hours.Night time comes & #Khashoggi is NO show. Then a day l, or 2 passes & this case makes the headline.What happened during the most critical 24 hrs we don’t know
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1 Continued: No one knows what happened during the most critical 24 hrs, but by day 2 & 3 we get to see front page news coverage on every #MSM, highly organized protests with professionally produced #Khashoggi photos & slogans; Murder Scenario surfaces...
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1 Continued:First we get the video of #Khashoggi going inside the #Saudi Consulate building. Seems authentic. But then we are “Told” That there is no footage/recording of him getting “out”. Also there has been NO forensically (Independently) Full Video...
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1 Continued:meaning other than #Turkish Gov NO 1 has had access to or seen the hours-long video footage after #Khashoggi went inside. Are U with me so far?We only have a word of his fiancé (no 1 can obtain any background info on her) &Turkish Gov on Video
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1 Continued:Mysteriously the #Saudi Consulate security cams were out of commission that day.This remains foggy to date. By day 5 #MSM in both #Turkey & #US start putting out sensational drips all made to sensational headlines...All with unnamed sources...
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1 Continued: #MSM Runs with photos taken in #Turkey airports of alleged #Saudi hitmen. Some of those shown in photos have been identified & found to be elsewhere at the alleged time of the alleged murder. None of the videos been seen by Indep forensics...
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1 Continued:Then #MSM printed #Khashoggi SmartPhone story & that his phone had recorded the entire fight,Torture & Murder & sent it 2 iCloud server(s).Again:NO 1 ever saw/heard these recordings & sources remained unnamed.That story was Debunked later...
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1 Continued: And of course the latest sensational headline circulated by #MSM W/detailed & fantastical narrative of a grizzly torture-Murder (Sliced-diced & melted in Acid). All based on 1 unnamed source. Again: No 1 W/US Gov or media has seen/heard these
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1 Continued: Well, Based on all these 2 NO-Name-Sources & NO documents the Story has been written,printed & concluded by the #MSM thus the court of public opinion: #MBS ordered,#Saudi Consulate executed #Khashoggi via grizzly Torture & Murder in consulate
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 1
In this #Khadhoggi Case Scenario 1: 1-No 1 in media has checked the “Real” reason 4 him going to #Saudi consulate in #Turkey. It was NOT what they printed: #Saudi DC Embassy could have taken care of all those processes.That fact didn’t fit the narrative 4 the scripted Scenario1.
In this #Khashoggi Scenario 1: 2- The media (other than tiny bits in a couple of places) had NOT provided the Real Background-Bio for “Real” Khashoggi: #BinLaden’s intimate companion for over a decade; An active Liaison Officer for #Saudi Gov & #CIA Cooperations In 80s & 90s...
In this #Khashoggi Case Scenario 1: 3- The Media refrained from doing background check on his #Turkish fiancé, her ties, and her real identity. Many links pertaining to her have gone black since my Reports here @sibeledmonds #Khashoggi Case .....
In #Khashoggi Case Scenario 1: 4- Not Once has the scripted media narrative on this case posed the most important question: Why #Saudis would go about eliminating him so publicly (witnesses, cameras) & sloppily inside a consulate risking a major international scandal?!
In #Khashoggi Case Scenario 1: 4 (Continued)- W/ many active agents around the world, with tons of money they have, #Saudis could have easily eliminated #Khashoggi in #Turkey or elsewhere. From robbery gone bad,to,hit & run, to poison. Scenario 1 pushed by #MSM: Does NOT Hold.
I quickly provided my analysis for One of Three Possible Scenarios In #Khashoggi Case. I will hold off on the other Two likelier scenarios until I get to see your participation & Interest.Reporting from #Turkey on #Khashoggi Case (Follow & Share the Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds ).
Suspected member of Khashoggi ‘hit-team’ dies in mysterious ‘traffic accident’ in Saudi Arabia — RT World News… #
This analysis is worth reading. As I’ve indicated before: Many Agendas & Interests ... overt & covert ... to consider in #Khashoggi Case- “Turkey eyes Washington for its next Khashoggi move” via @AlMonitor
#Khashoggi Case Update: Read. Another “Unnamed Source”-Based Allegation DENIED By the US State Department!!- “Turkish source says Pompeo heard recording of Khashoggi murder, State Department denies”… via @
Pay attention to the “headline” and then read the Debunked part buried in the middle of the sensational piece. Here read the segment when it is confirmed as a “Lie.”
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 2 (Continued): This may explain the ease with which they lured him (#Saudi Consulate In #Turkey) via ‘official friends,’ & choosing the most public/sloppy style via #Saudi Consulate in #Turkey to stage a major “International” scandal to point @ MBS ...
#Khashoggi Scenario 2 (Cont):But this Scenario has a big hole as well.It assumes that the #Rogue players: solely based on a #Saudi Competing Faction. To implement such Op W/desired”global #MSM coverage & Insulation From Being Outed-Prosecuted: More Required.
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 3- This Appears to be “The most Plausible” Scenario: The #Saudi Competing Faction Within the Government Of #SaudiArabia (Mainly Intelligence & Military; Both Divisions Directly Work Under #US #UK Management- Guidelines) + #International Actors.
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 3 (Continued): In order to execute such plot, in addition to high-level #Saudi Gov actors; Saudi Arabia, we have 2 other Main Countries/Players: 1- #USA Where #Khashoggi was based at (and the ultimate key player) + #Turkey where the Ops were staged.
#Khashoggi Case Scenario 3 (Continued): Scenario 3 Seems the most likely, most plausible answer.The main objectives:Topple #MBS & Replace him with a “Better” Puppet.And for this Garner #GlobalSupport (via carefully crafted perception management). #Khashoggi= #CollateralDamage
Think about it: In the Global Chess Board with a Key power operating under “The End Justifies The Means” (Think #Iraq War with 100s of 1000s dead waged Based on a staged scripted #WMD story) What is the life of one #Arab man to be used as collateral damage?
And with this thinks have my analyses of 3 possible scenarios in the murder of #Khashoggi with only 1 Scenario as most likely. Please help disseminate the #Khashoggi 3 Scenarios Thread @sibeledmonds posted from #Turkey on October 19, 2018.
Announcement: Reporting From #Turkey I Have Just Published the Three Scenarios (Of what happened & Why) Analyses in #Khashoggi Case (Pinned Thread) @sibeledmonds You will not find this anywhere else. Please join, read, screen Shot/save, & share/retweet before disappears.Thank U!
Turkish police ‘search forest’ in Khashoggi case…
#Khashoggi Update: Another “Unnamed” Source & Gradual Attempt to Distance the Crime Scene From #Saudi Consulate?...- “Turkey suggests Khashoggi's remains taken out of consulate” via @pgcitizen
#Khashoggi Case via @sibeledmonds : USA & UK #MSM Debunked Again- @Turkey denies giving 'any kind of audio tape' on Khashoggi to US” via @dailystarleb
Okay- Take a look at this via ME on #Khashoggi Case. And then Check our the Screenshot From The #Time Coming After this...- “Turkey denies giving 'any kind of audio tape' on Khashoggi to US” via @MiddleEastEye
And here is the piece by The Tine on #Khashoggi Case Claiming #Pompeo has listened to the alleged recording...
And the “intentional” creation of “Confusion & Chaos” in #Khashoggi Case a la #BinLadenDeath! -“Turkey denies giving ‘any kind of audio tape’ on Khashoggi to US”… via @thetribunechd
BREAKING #Khashoggi Case: #Breaking Sources tell @trtworld the Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's office is calling all Turkish staff at the Saudi Consulate in for questioning in regards to journalist #JamalKhashoggi's disappearence.
The Latest in #Khashoggi Case: “BBC News - Jamal Khashoggi case: Journalist 'died after fight' - Saudi TV”…
Jamal Khashoggi Died In Istanbul Consulate, Saudi State TV Reports
#Khashoggi Case Update: I just received the following ‘Tip’- However, as of now, NOT confirmed (Treat it as ‘possible’ for now): After the murder #Saudi Consulate handed #Khashoggi Body to a #Turkish Driver employed by Consulate To dispose outside consulate via a ‘Handler’
And it is being alleged that the Driver is among those recently ‘interrogated’ by #Turkish authorities/investigators.,
For Those New To My Pinned #khashoggi Case Thread @sibeledmonds Reporting From #Turkey: Read the entire thread (via ‘reply’ section)for ‘Only’ Straigh-Forward Facts, News, Updates & Analyses. Many of which directly contradicting #FakeNews #MSM.
When the powers ‘above’ decide that ‘one’ must go- one goes. #MBS latest deals with #China & #Russia: Very Attention-Worthy (Think #USA). Also #MBS recent Fallout with #Turkey: Extremely Noteworthy. Now add 2 & 2. #MSM total comes out as 28. Mine: A solid 4!!!
Next., following #Khashoggi Case, we will be seeing headlines news in #MBS abusing-torturing some Filipino Maid or Babysitter (a la #Gaddafi) and or seeking nuclear #WMD (a la #Saddam) and or ordering police brutality against protesters (a la #Assad). Mark my word here!!!
#Khashoggi Case: Designed to #Kill A Few Birds with One Stone? 1-Replace #MBS; 2- #NeoLiberals Replacing The-Now-Dead & Fizzled Target-#Trump via #RussiaGate With #SaudiGate; 3-Further Destabilization Of Mid-East Post #Syria and Pre #Iran?Tell me what you think Critical Thinkers!
Next., following #Khashoggi Case, we will be seeing headlines news in #MBS abusing-torturing some Filipino Maid or Babysitter (a la #Gaddafi) and or seeking nuclear #WMD (a la #Saddam) and or ordering police brutality against protesters (a la #Assad). Mark my word here!!!
#Khashoggi Update: Well, At least this one will be “official” and with sources who have “names.” - “Turkey will 'reveal whatever happened' in Khashoggi death: ruling AKP” via @dailystarleb
I thought they already knew what happened to #Khashoggi Body. Didn’t #CNN #Aljazeera ... all US #MSM report this with certainty per Unnamed sources (Sliced-Diced & then Melted in Acid)? Investigators likely to discover what happened to Khashoggi body...
So After all their “Conclusive” Reporting on #Khashoggi fate, Based on their “Unnamed” Official sources,why USA #MSM is backpedaling? To find out why read my entire investigative #Khashoggi Thread Pinnec @sibeledmonds ;-)
The KEY Question in #Khashoggi Case Still Remains Unanswered: I’ve been posing this Q 4 over a week Reporting From #Turkey on the Case @sibeledmonds Pinned Thread: “Why #Khashoggi Went To #Saudi Consulate in #Turkey When DC Embassy Able to Process the So-Called Documents?!”
Because I checked with All sources (Including #Saudi Embassy Op, US State Dep Sources, #Khashoggi Real Colleagues ...): The Story Being Fed By #MSM Simply False. He Did NOT go all the way to #Turkey to Process his Divorce Documents. It is 100% FALSE. Why are they lying?
Posing Another Mega Question in #Khashoggi Case via Pinned Thread: 1-Assuming #MSM claims re US Intel intercepting Murder plot before the incident:True; 2- Assuming claims re: Fiancé told by him 2 wait outside & report if NO show:True; then, Why NO Immediate “ Hostage” Rescue Op?
What I’m Getting at Here: If You Believe the #MSM Narrative Why “Hostage Rescue” Op Was Not Implemented Within the First Few Hours If #Khashoggi Entering the #Saudi Consulate? Answer That Please.
Remember US #MSM (#CNN, #aljazeera etc.) Kept Claiming: 1- US Intel had been intercepting #Saudis plotting to Take Out #Khashoggi; 2- “Supposed” Fiancé Was Told to Wait Outside Consulate & Ring Alarm Bells if He did Not Make It Out in a couple of hours. If all true: Why Not?
Yippie!! Now #Merkel Enters the Stage as Well (#Khashoggi Political Theater!)!!- “Saudi Arabia admits Khashoggi died in consulate, Merkel says explanation 'inadequate'”…
And here is What This Was “Meant” To Be Probably Even Before #Khashoggi Took The Deadly Trip Out Of USA: “Time To Reshuffle The House Of Saud”- “What next for the House of Saud?”… via @Telegraph
And with that time for me to catch up on many lost sleep hours. To get the “big” picture read the entire Pinned #Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds (Every post in reply chain). Perception Management Has Never Been Easier for the #DeepState. GoodLuck & GoodNight All.
#Khashoggi Latest: Turkey’s Erdogan says to speak on Khashoggi case on Tuesday…
#Khashoggi Case: The Reason this is important: How does it go with all the ‘dismembering-slicing-dicing’ story sold by #MSM for 2+ weeks.
“It says the body was then covered in a rug and delivered to, handed over to a “Local Collaborator”- And no other details.”
Because for two+ weeks the #MSM been claiming that: 1-Having audio-Video tape recording of inside #Saudi consulate as evidence; 2- The grizzly details of the content of these recording in which #Khashoggi is sliced-diced with a saw; 3- Recorded conversations of slicers-dicers...
BREAKING #Khashoggi Case: Remember, Since the Day 1 of my #Khashoggi Coverage from #Turkey (See Pinned coverage @sibeledmonds ), my emphasis and Reports on this “Fiancé”
#Breaking #Khashoggi Case: Turkey puts fiancee of slain journalist Khashoggi under 24-hour protection
For Those of You New to My #Khashoggi Case Coverage Reporting From #Turkey: Read the entire thread (Reply chain under pinned #Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds) to understand why I’ve been emphasizing the #Fiance in this convoluted case.
Way too late here in #Turkey. And time to say GoodNight & GoodLuck. Pres. Coming on Tuesday Pres. #Erdogan’s revelations in #Khashoggi Case. And here’s another coverage on the latest involving the ‘obscure’ fiancé…
#Khashoggi Case Status Per #MSM- “BBC News - Jamal Khashoggi death: Saudi Arabia says journalist was murdered…
#Khashoggi Mysterious #Fiance Update Per #MSM: “Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancée under police protection in Turkey” via @MailOnline
#Khashoggi Case (After Disseminating All These Unsubstantiated Leaks & Claims by Unnamed Siurcrs #MSM begins Backpedaling): “It was a news cycle within a news cycle.”… via @BloombergQuint
For the ONLY Fact-Based Reports, Analyses, Updates Follow My #Khashoggi Pinned Case Thread @sibeledmonds Reporting From #Turkey Since the Day 1 of #Khashoggi Case. Make sure to read the entire thread (Reply Chain Under Pinned Post). Share The Pinned Post & Add Well-Sourced Info
#Khashoggi Case Flashback @sibeledmonds Thread: “6- If claims on #USA Intel intercepting prior communications by the #Saudi Intel plotting #Khashoggi’s murder “True”: Why the fu.. they sat on it & let him get lured? This poses very significant questions & implications!”
#Kaşıkçı Vakıasındaki En Önemli Gelişmeler, Açıklamalar, Analiz ve Soru İşaretleri için Şu an @sibeledmonds Pinned (Sabitlenmiş) Tweet’i Takip Edin. Lütfen Paylaşın (Retweet) ve kendi araştırma (güvenilir kaynak linklerle birlikte) ve analizlerle katılın.
Two Completely Different (And conflicting) Images (All Authenticated Documented photos)Of #khashoggi (Please Share & Save). Reformed? Changed? Turned?
Another Update in this #Khashoggi Question: Based on several reports here in #Turkey #Khashoggi had been in the process of relocating to #Turkey, joining “certain” NGOs/Association here in #Turkey & bought an apartment here in Istanbul. Thus, the #MSM story: FALSE!!
#CNN Copy-Pastes Again In #Khashoggi Case (Save the entire piece for certain info later to be Debunked): Surveillance footage shows Saudi operative in Khashoggi's clothes after he was killed, Turkish source says @CNN
Amazing!!! Let me get this straight: The Top & Pro #Saudi Intel & Forensic Experts, All Come To #Turkey in #Khashoggi Operation Yet They Couldn’t Perform Even the Simplest “Forensically” Pro Clean Up & Destruction Of Forensic Evidence?! Wow! Amazing!!!
#Khashoggi Case & #Turkey: Another ‘interesting’ take- “Why Turkish officials keep challenging Saudi Arabia's claims behind the Khashoggi killing”… via @BIUK_Politics
This Makes Tomorrow,The Scheduled Day for Pres. #Erdogan’s Detailed Revelations In #Khashoggi Case,The Most Interesting Day & Important Turning Point. I’ll Be Reporting from Turkey as it Unfolds + Provide Further Analyses. Meanwhile Read the Entire #Khashoggi Thread @sibeledmonds
Announcement: Just received A Warning from “Inside” Sources: Full Alert for #Assassination (s) & A Chain Of #FalseFlag Operations/Events in the Middle East (Especially #SaudiArabia) in the Coming Days (Starting Now). Please Stay “Tuned” ...
Important: In #SaudiArabia They are expecting a “Speech” from #MBS (Via Video Streaming) in the Coming Hours. Emotions Running High. Intel on FULL ALERT. Please Disseminate This. Please Retweet & Save/Screenshot .... Reporting from #Turkey @sibeledmonds
Important Question: Is Currently #Twitter Function fully in tact in #SaudiArabia?
Adrenalin-Filled Last 4 Hours ... Critical 24 Hours Started then. Worried about my sources. Will continue my Reports tomorrow. Follow & Share My #Khashoggi and ‘now’ #SaudiArabia Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds . GoodNight & GoodLuck.
#Khashoggi Update: “CIA Director on way to Turkey for Khashoggi case”
Good Morning From #Turkey: A Major Day in #Khashoggi Case: Pres. #Erdogan To Reveal “All” Today. #CIA Director Haspel Will Land In #Turkey in a few hours for “Important Coming Developments”; #SaudiArabia In #HighAlert; #MBS Expected to Give a Speech (video); “Things” to Get Crazy
I am told This whole deal has nothing to do with #Khashoggi Case & That: Assassination(s), Coup(s), Turmoil In Saudi Arabia & all Mid East; #FalseFlag SetUp? Well, #CIA Director supposedly on her way to the “Center” of the coming ‘inferno.’
Is that because #Italy knows more than many about #OperationGladio?- “Italy awaiting ‘credible’ account of Khashoggi’s fate”… via @MangaloreanNEWS
Latest “Rumor” circulating here and elsewhere in Mid East: Supposedly #Saudi has offered over $100 Billion “Econ Help’ to #Turkey as “Hush Money” in #Khashoggi Case. Again: Emphasis on “Rumor” at this point. Wait for the “speech” coming in the next 5-6 hours or less.
On #Khashoggi Case vs #FalseFlag: With the Inevitable #FinancialCrash on its Way, Recent #Russia Rise in the #MiddleEast, #China Currency & #TradeWar, Isn’t It the #RightTime for such event? Think About It: All This for 1 #Arab Part-Time Commentator?!!
If You Really Want to Understand the Convoluted #Khashoggi Case(By Design): Read the “Entire” Pinned #Khashoggi Thread (Reply Chain) @sibeledmonds Reporting on This Case Since Day 1 From #Turkey. If This #Twitter Acct Goes Dark: @promis45 Has All Screen Shots (Will Publish).
Has Any #CIA #Director, In the Entire History Of #CIA (Since it’s Inception) Ever Traveled Across the World for ANY Murdered Journalist?! #Khashoggi Case @sibeledmonds - “CIA director Gina Haspel travels to Turkey for Khashoggi probe, source says”…
Please Answer.
Then answer the next logical question: Why? #Khashoggi Case
#Erdogan #Khashoggi Revelations Scheduled for 4:00 AM Eastern (#Turkey Time: 11:00 am). 1.5 hrs to go. Stay up #USA
Germany freezes arms sales to Saudi Arabia via New Europe…
#Khashoggi Case #Erdogan Coming Speech In 1 Hr; “Erdogan may still pull his punches when revealing Khashoggi 'truth'”…
#Khashoggi Case Coverage @sibeledmonds Continues: The Khashoggi India knew was a billionaire arms dealer who socialised with ex-PMs & godman… via @ThePrintIndia
No,because there will be big turmoil in #SaudiArabia, Figureheads Replacement, #MBS removal & #Iran.Follow #Khashoggi Case Coverage @sibeledmonds - “Khashoggi Affair Unlikely to Affect US-Saudi Strategic Ties | Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses”
Schedule Change by 45 minutes: 11:45 am in #Turkey, 4:45 am Eastern: #Khashoggi Case & #Erdogan- “Jamal Khashoggi death: Erdoğan to address Turkish parliament – live”
Again, Have You Ever Heard Of a Murdered Journalist Case With #CIA & #UN Overtly & Directly Involved Like This?- “Turkish FM says Turkey is ready to cooperate in a possible probe into #Khashoggi’s case at the UN, international courts or institutions”
Turkey yet to share information on Khashoggi case with any country: foreign minister… via @YahooNews
Have You Noticed: Our #Khashoggi Thread Pinned @sibeledmonds With avg 375000 Views & High Share Stats NOT Showing on #Twitter Top Trending #Khashoggi. Just check into it, you’ll see what I mean.
While We’re Waiting for #Erdogan Revelations on #Khashoggi Case: Check & Try Find One Case or A Collection Of Cases Of Journalists Tortured-Murdered, Anywhere In the World, That Caused #CIA, #UN, #USGov, Direct Involvement With Around the Clock #DeepState #MSM Coverage & Outcry!
One place to check: CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists)- See their archive of 100s Of Cases Of Journalists Around The World, Jailed, Brutally Tortured & Murdered. And then ask yourself: What made this Arab Supposed Journalist, #Khashoggi, So Special. Okay?
On average each post (reply) under my #Khashoggi Case Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds has 370000+ View Stat. Yet #censored from #Twitter #Khashoggi hashtag trending (Top & Latest). Reporting from #Turkey on #Khashoggi Case Countering #MSM PsyOp Ine Fact at a Time @sibeledmonds
#Erdogan #Khashoggi Update: So far the only thing to take from this: 1- He is opening the door to #UN #US involvements in case ‘Investigation’- aka ‘international community.’ 2- That They’ll stretch the dance by involving #MBS and #Saudi Gov...
Nothing New Nothing Earth-Shattering In #Erdogan #Khashoggi #SaudiArabia Speech.Nada.Doors left open for: #Rogue Op Possibility; 4#MBS Possibility; For #UN involvement in Investigation; Saying “State Actors Invokved”& then saying he’s working & talking with #MBS @ the same time
IMPORTANT!As I’ve been countering #MSM claims re: Audio-Video Recording Of Supposed Torture-Slicing-Dicing: #Erdogan Did NOT Mention A Single Word About Any Recording In #Khashoggi Case. Read my #Khashoggi Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds on my Reports From #Turkey exposing #MSM Lies
Please Share: #Erdogan Did NOTRefer To Any Audio-Video Recording In #Khashoggi Case. I have been the ONLY Reporter Reporting from #Turkey Countering #MSM Made-Up Lies (#CNN, alJazeera, Sabah, YeniSafak, etc) for PsyOp Effect. They reported all that BS per 1 unnamed source (#CIA)
URGENT #Khashoggi Case (Pls Share, Retweet/Save): NO #Video #Audio Recording In #Khashoggi Case!!! #Erdogan Did NOT Mention Any Video-audio Evidence. #US #MSM Been Circulating This BS Report, Intentionally, Based on 1 Unnamed Source (#Khashoggi Case Biggest Advocate, also #CIA).
From #CNN and #Aljazeera to #WashingtonPost & #NYTimes. USA #MSM and those here in #Turkey as well: A Slam-Dunk #PsyOp Using #Khashoggi Case ...
#Kaşıkçı Olayı ile ilgili Cumh. Başkan #Erdoğan delillere ve gerçeklere dayalı konuşma yaptı. O paparazzi medyaların güya kesilen-biçilen-doğranan video kayıtları ile ilgili söz etmedi: Düz ve Gerçekçi
Bugüne Dek, Tüm Tarihçelerinde, Ne #CIA Ne #BM (#UN), Bırakın 1 işkence görüp öldürülen Gazeteci, Yüzlerce Öldürülen-Kaçırılan Gazeteci için Ne Umursamıştır nede Karışmıştır. Nedir bu “Asıl” #Kaşıkçı olayı/işi???!!!!!!!
My Conclusion After 3 Weeks Covering #Khashoggi Case Around the Click from #Turkey: 1- #Khashoggi is NOT who #MSM Tells You He Is; 2- He Did Not Come To #Turkey For the Reason #MSM Cites; 3- The Existence Of Torture-Murder Video: False. MAJOR PsyOp (Grand Scale)!
I Invite Anyone & Everyone To Read the Entire Pinned Thread on #Khashoggi Case @sibeledmonds (Read the entire coverage from #Turkey Pinned Thread Reply Chain). As an Analyst on #Turkey & ME W/20 yrs Track Record, With high-level sources here & around the world:The Only Truth here
#Kaşıkçı Vakası: Bu konu ile ilgili okuduğunuz, seyrettiğiniz, dinlediğiniz hemen hemen hiç birisi göründüğü gibi değil. Bu devasa bir “PsyOp”. Sis ve duman. Yalan Dolan.
#Khashoggi Case- First Time in History: #CIA, #UN, #EU, ...All Respond (Swiftly) to “One” Man Murdered ... Or is it even about “A Murdered Man”. —-“EU coordinating response to Saudi killing”
Here’s another “Bull Crap” concocted by “Players” & Paparazzi Media here in #Khashoggi Case (& Check attached image of me predicting it!!): “Turkish Police found some documents, personal belongings & a laptop inside the abandoned car with Saudi diplomatic places in Istanbul...”
And here is my follow up on that ironic prediction ... #Khashoggi Case!
Just Listen to This Fantastical #Khashoggi Story: Top Intel & Forensic #Saudi Operatives, After Meditating-Plotting For A Long Time, Lure This Man into Their #Consulate in #Turkey (Risking a huge int’l scandal),Torture-slice-dice him in front of recording cameras ...To Be Cont...
#Khashoggi Fantastical Tale Continued: ... Then, They stuff his body parts into one of their #Saudi Diplomatic cars, drive all over #Istanbul, scatter his tid bits, then leave the car with all the evidence (fingerprints, notes, DNA, IDs, etc) somewhere very public...To Be Cont...
#khashoggi Fantastical Tale Continued: ... Then they take off. Oh, in addition to doing this on camera, they also used Skype & phone calls to make detailed reports to their bosses in #SaudiArabia (Despite having ‘secured communication gadgets in diplomatic office)...To Be Cont...
#Khashoggi Fantastical Tale Cont: That’s Right.The #Saudi Intel & Forensic Experts,All 18 of them, Together, Made All Those Booboos Despite Long-Time planning,Premeditation, All Their Expertise(Forensic & Intel),& Chose the Most Public-Risky Stage (Consulate) W/Witnesses (Fiancé)
Here’s The Fantastical #Khashoggi Case Narrative (Aka Script) Brought To You By The #DeepState bus #MSM. See The Entire Narrative In Slide Below:
Please Share & Retweet; Take Screenshots. Reporting From #Turkey on #Khashoggi Case Via Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds
Friends, been burning the midnight oil 4...way too many nights.Going to hit the bed soon.Currently in #Turkey with a staff of 1.5. I’m counting on you & your support.Pls save & share the pinned #Khashoggi Case Thread @sibeledmonds Can’t do all this without your help. Thank U All!
Now after 21 Days They are Dripping “This”- What I Reported on #Khashoggi Case Since Day 1 from #Turkey @sibeledmonds (Check):
“Khashoggi wasn't just an op-ed writer - he was a political operative with ties to, among others, Bin Laden and Saudi princes opposed to #MBS.”
Same Applies to #Khashoggi Fiancé & His “Partner” Friend Who Has Been The “Main” Unnamed Source for 99% of Paparazzi-Debunked Claims Circulated & Marketed by #MSM Here and in #Turkey
#MSM Still Avoiding “Real” Facts in #Khashoggi Case: Not Only Who He “Really” Was But Also: Why He Came to #Turkey; Who his “Supposed” Fiancé “Really” is, And Why he kept going to #Saudi Consulate in #Istanbul (Also Check His Recent Lucrative Business Deals & Purchased).
This is NOT the “Real” Reason; Contributing Factors: Yes, But NOT the Main Reason.- @sibeledmonds #Khashoggi Case- “Why Turkish President Erdogan decided not to reveal 'naked truth' about Saudi journalist Khashoggi's murder”
#Khashoggi Case Noteworthy: “#OIC Holds a Brainstorming Session on Comprehensive #Reform of the organisation”:
#Khashoggi Case Update: #MBS First Speech Since The Case Broke. -“Saudi Arabia's MBS to make first international speech since Khashoggi's killing”…
Interesting #Khashoggi Case: This #MBS Speech was originally scheduled for yesterday, before #Erdogan “Measured” Revelation Speech. See below: My announcement (The Only one Reporting on the Case From #Turkey)
#Khashoggi Case: As can see (image below) this #MBS Speech originally scheduled for yesterday prior to #Erdogan’s. “MBS to give first speech since Khashoggi killing @AJENews
Worth Reading (#Khashoggi Case): Erdogan takes aim at MBS: What's driving Turkey in the Khashoggi scandal…
If you think the Feigned Outrage & Overreaction In #Khashoggi Case is Real Deal: Where Were They (#UN #EU #HR, etc.) When Hillary #Clinton Called for #Assange Assassination??!!- “: Ecuador likely to turn Assange over to US – ex-President Correa to RT”…
#Khashoggi Case Latest: “Iran claims US backed Saudi killing of Khashoggi”…
#Khashoggi Case- Another Assessment On #Erdogan’s “Measured” Speech Yesterday: “Erdogan’s Half-Naked Truths About Khashoggi Murder, Filling in The Blanks”… via @rss
They are only “#Liberal” When Convenient- Queen Of Liberals #Clinton: Outspoken Advocate Of Assassination Of Journalists & Whistleblowers by Drone. So When it Comes to #Khashoggi: This Segment Of #US Population Should Just SHUT UP!!!!
Ok- What’s next? After everyone calling this horrible murder heinous, what comes?- “Saudi Arabia's powerful crown prince calls killing of Jamal Khashoggi a 'heinous crime that cannot be justified' “ - ABC News - via @ABC
Turkey’s anger at Saudi Arabia over Jamal Khashoggi is about much more than a murder… via @voxdotcom
So Here’s #aljazeera going from reprinting (copy-pasting) everything put out by Turkish Paparazzi media & cheering # Khashoggi Case to this (All In 2.5 weeks): Turkey and the Khashoggi saga: How Erdogan played his cards right @AJEnglish
#Khashoggi Case Continuation: As “Things” Quiet Down (And it will, trust me) Shift Your Focus To $$$$$$$$. Watch The Next Big Investments by #SaudiArabia (Countries; Projrects; Purchases). Same with Cancellations. Also, Their Direct Involvement in Anything Involving #Iran.
I mean this not as a joke, but seriously. #Clinton Publicly Called for Drone-Assassination Of #Assange While He’s In Ecuador #Embassy. How is that any different than #Saudis Murdering A Supposed Journalist, #Khashoggi in a Consulate? Really how’s it different??!!!!
And then they kissed & made up? #Khashoggi Case: Saudi Crown Prince: No rift with Turkey in the presence of King Salman, Erdogan…
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