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1) Took me awhile to figure out how to do this. Fuck it. Freewheeling this.

Fear is the lowest, crudest, laziest method of persuasion that exists.
2) It is also the method that Social Democrats use most often. It is the route through which anyone seeking to take advantage of you pursues. It may not be the most obvious fear, but they PREY upon it relentlessly.
3) Think of the predictions for what a Trump presidency would look like. Fuck, this video came out in the weeks before the election:
4) "No more Mexicans, no more muslims." This is the kind of fear Social Democrafs were trying to spread about what a Donald Trump presidency would look like.…
5) They attack you with fear through whatever mediums they can reach you through. Even in the comics in 2017 they turned Captain America into a Hydra agent, aka a Nazi, and had him take over the US.…
6) Think back. The Iran Deal. How was it sold? "If we don't do this deal, Iran gets nukes." Obamacare? "If we don't pass this bill, healthcare is doomed." Repeal Obamacare? "PEOPLE WILL DIE!" And don't get it twisted: both sides of the aisle do this
7) We have become a society that is being driven by fear. Fear creates kneejerk reactions. Fear drives views. Think about this: what is driving the Rosenstein/Kelly/etc must go narrative?
8) Fear. People with enough of a reach and platform are selling you shit based on fear. They want you afraid that Rosenstein is corrupt, that he has turned against Trump, despite all evidence to the contrary
9) When the gas attacks happened in Syria, look at everyone who tried to claim that it WASN'T Assad, that is was 'The Deep State' trying to get us into a WAR in Syria! OoooooOOOOoooo
10) How long are people going to scare us about a goddamn Deep State until we all realize the 'Deep State' is basically just a bunch of impossible-to-fire bureaucrats who don't like their new boss?
11) Alright, so Fear is everywhere, it is a crude but effective way of scaring people, like getting hit by a train is a crude but effective way of dying. How do we beat it?
12) We as individuals have to beat it on a personal basis. That's the first step. Find whatever counters your reptile brain's fight or flight instinct, and exploit it, summon it whenever you're faced with someone trying to scare you. Me? I use Rage. And Bourbon. A mix of the two
13) Rage is an effective way to snap out of fear and lash out against those making you afraid. Check out this guy. Does he look afraid of a bunch of liberal Huffington Post and Salon writers telling him free thought is the same as white supremacy?
14) But on a larger scale, how is it being beaten?

Well, for one thing, Trump doesn't use fear. He issues warnings, he assigns blame, but he doesn't say, "Build this wall or people will die." He says, "_____ is happening, here's how we can fix it."
15) Remember the button tweet? The left and the doomsayers were screaming he was threatening nuclear war. But look at what he was saying.
16) North Korea was trying to scare us into thinking they had a nuclear arsenal. Trump fires back that they don't, even if they did ours is better, but its a mute point because they don't.
17) Read it. Absorb it. Who's really being threatened here? Who was that tweet meant for? Was it possibly meant for multiple parties?
18) Break down the exchange. NK threatens us and the media obliges them in hyping up their threat to scare us. To NK, he called their bluff, and told them in no uncertain terms to back down. To the US, he said, relax, NK is not a threat.
19) Behold. Trump's counter to fear-based persuasion.
20) When his opponent scares the audience, Trump moves to simultaneously reassure the audience that there is nothing to fear, and then makes certain his OPPONENT is afraid of HIM. Not the audience afraid of his opponent. His opponent, of him.
21) Next example, China. He doesn't gin up fear like others do of China eclipsing us on the world stage or how frightening their military is or what have you. He says, China's treating us unfairly, and he's going to solve it.
22) "But tariffs!" The talking heads cried. "You'll start a trade war!" They proclaimed, trying to scare the audience.
23) Trade Wars are easy to win, Trump said.
24) Look at that tweet. Read that tweet. Break it down. He targets the rest of the world saying the US is getting hosed, then reassures his audience saying that this will be easy.
25) Reassure the audience, threaten the opponent. This is a PATTERN. This is like his Batman Gambits and strategery. This is his pattern when he is fighting fear-based persuasion, every time.
26) The second tactic for breaking through fear-based persuasion? Crushing bullies with overwhelming force.
27) Putin is a bully. He claims to have a state of the art military, and the media wanting to play up that fear will tell you that we should avoid a war between Russia and the United States. Then this happened.…
28) That was the biggest single conflict between US and Russian soldiers since WW1, when we sent some troops to try to stop the Communists from taking over.
29) And we CRUSHED THEM. Amazing what's happened since then.…
30) I can guarantee you, that battle was probably the turning point in... really, the world. Russia sent a battalion-level attack force at a position held in part by the US, and it was annihilated. This is the incident that hammered into EVERYONE'S minds that the US is a threat.
31) "Because every once in a while the lion has to show the jackals... who he is."
32) Now North Korea is capitulating. Releasing hostages, shutting down their nuclear site, meeting in Singapore, multiple meetings with Pompeo already, talking about US investment in North Korea.
33) The threat in the button tweet? The Russians in Syria were an example of that threat being carried out. North Korea's involved in Syria, they know what's going on over there.
34) Notice the timing if the article I'm about to link. 2 months ago it is magically revealed that North Korea has a nuclear base in Syria. This is a month AFTER the battle with the Russians. This is before North Korea started capitulating.…
35) First, Trump issues his button tweet as a threat to North Korea. A month later, Russians utterly humiliated in a fight. A month later it is 'revealed' that we 'just discovered' North Korea's active in Syria. 2 months later North Korea is capitulating.
36) I'm all about patterns. Let us switch over to Iran. Trump issues a statement of support to the Iranian people, tells them help will come at the appropriate time. Russians get trounced. Then for the past weeks a relentless coalition air campaign Iranian assets in Syria.
37) Plus we've cut off one of the primary sources of funding for Iran's Quds Force…
38) Now its a race for the Mullahs between capitulation or economic collapse. One or both will happen within the year. How do I know this? It only took 4 months after the Button tweet for North Korea to agree to peace talks, release hostages, and dismantle their nuclear facility.
39) Fear is obsolete. Fear is archaic. Fear is passe. Bring on the new persuasion.
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