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“There’s only two things that matter, the 3 November movement, what happened on the third of November, and then what happened in the Wuhan lab.

You get to the bottom of those two, everything else takes care of itself.” #SteveBannon (full text follows)…
As promised:

"If you’ve been canceled by social media, dismissed by Fake News or written off by Paul Ryan, don’t worry — there is still a home for you.
Twice a day Monday through Friday, and again for two hours on Saturday, you are welcome to Steve Bannon’s “War Room” for entertainment, education and a crash course in taking back your country.


You certainly won’t be alone.…
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Smoke & mirrors -- #Biden is clearly determined to defend the policy of withdrawal, but that's not the core reason for today's anger.

The debacle was *how* that withdrawal was conducted. It's just not enough to shoulder-off the blame to #Afghanistan. Image
"The #Taliban doesn't even have an airforce," #Biden says.

- Well, they certainly do now, Mr President. Image
If I'm not mistaken, #Biden hasn't yet mentioned the appalling suffering, panic & terror being felt by so many across #Afghanistan -- it's all about defending the withdrawal & blaming the disaster on #Afghans.

Just a bafflingly tone deaf message, considering global attention. Image
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#Update We are seeing exciting things for #RankedChoiceVoting!! It would bring #democracy to #elections! My thread of #DownBallotProgressives & causes #NotMeUs🔹 + some w/ #YangGang🔹 +
🌻 @GreenPartyUS #MedicareForAll
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.@Ally4Congress🔹is running for Congress in #VA11 against corp Dem @GerryConnolly🔹June 21 ‘22*! She’s endorsed by @Leftists4Office @CallForCongress @AC4Congress2020 @LiamOMaraIV and more! #NotMeUs #YangGang

.@AazamiShervin🔹 is running for #CA30 against corporate Dem @BradSherman🔹 June 7, 2022*! He’s 💯grassroots funded! #NotMeUs #MedicareForAll

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.#MAGA[ts], this is how you get played.

@EliseStefanik (and @kayleighmcenany, of course) apparently thinks that #leadership is complaining and #lying and shrieking and NOT about proposing solutions.

But then, she's a #Republican. #Governing is NOT what the @GOP does.
.#MAGA[ts], so what's ACTUALLY going on.

@POTUS @JoeBiden spend some time with @FLOTUS because it was her birthday.

No one has a right to begrudge them that. If you have a problem with it, sit and spin. Not everything is about you nor is it always your business.
.#MAGA[ts], the deal with #gasprices, as has been explained, many times, is that we are seeing a seasonal rise in prices that were, for a time, aggravated by the recent #ColonialPipeline hack that resulted in the closing of the pipeline.
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@CortesSteve: #Democrats make tons of money off of deranged journalists who think what they're seeing isn't child trafficking. Only ppl befitting from #BidenBorderCrisis r criminals & smugglers who control border region for the Mexican cartels.
Data provided by @CBP patrol for Feb/2021 illegal migrants paid cartels over $400M to get smuggled into U.S.A., equates to $14.6M ea day bc of @JoeBiden #border radicalism. #BidenBorderCrisis #securetheborder
Not only is the U.S.A.'s national security & economic vitality threatened, but we're also seeing a massive transfer of money to some of the most dangerous Mexican cartels in the entire world-cartels who are looking at the multi-billion dollar revenue boost. #BidenBorderCrisis
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We have a #Border crisis - QUICK - give this super important, super critical, massive responsibility to cum-all-over-me #California #Democrat #Harris. There's no doubt it will go over well.
#Biden showing he knows how to delegate to capable people. Surely heels-up #California #Democrat #Harris was the most qualified person he could find to do this job.
#California #Democrat #Harris who sucked herself up to a senate seat is the one you want handling a massive crisis down at the #Border .
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We need to truly w/ #NationalRankedChoiceVoting. It would restore #democracy! My thread of #DownBallotProgressives that includes #NotMeUs + some w/ #YangGang!
Follow @nrcvorg @TheRagtagBand
.@ninaturner🔹is running for #OH11 for @RepMarciaFudge🔹seat she will be leaving in an #Election May! @BernieSanders @CoriBush @RoKhanna @OurRevolution @AndrewYang & many more have endorsed! #NotMeUs
.@GaryChambersJr🔹is running for #LA02 3/20/21 an open seat as @RepRichmond🔹vacates it. He’s 💯grassroots and will fight for someone he doesnt even know #NotMeUs #MedicareForAll
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@nedepaz Local #democrat #socialist stronghold #Austin media rather quiet & in bed w/ #atxcouncil when they hired a 2nd "homeless strategy officer" czar Dianna Grey - hears from Portland making 6-digit salary (OUR TAX DOLLARS) "affordable housing" advocate
"I’m honored & excited to be joining @austintexasgov efforts to [end homelessness-this is a fallacy] in our community," said Grey. "There's much work ahead, but I’m confident that Austin's equipped to meet this challenge [taxing citizens to death-$63 MILLION]."
"I look FW 2 collabing w/ [talented] (!!!) City staff, dedicated svc providers, & community stakeholders [urban socialist developers, planners, & @MayorAdler's real estate empire] 2 achieve our shared goal 2 ensure all Austinites've access 2 a safe & dignified place 2 call home."
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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Regrettably, #JimmyCarter was a populist, opportunist & a superstitious #Democrat President.

in crisis of 1979, Carter, @WhiteHouse , @CIA, @DefenseIntel & @StateDept had no knowledge about Criminal Mullahs, Islamic Terrorism & lunatic Khomeini!

✔🇺🇸Jimmy Carter betrayed Shah!
In actuality, @CIA similar to @DefenseIntel , could n't estimate & predict the happening of revolution or terrorist revolt in Iran 1979.Then USA has faced a lot of challenges by the emergence of Mullah’s regime in Tehran
shamefully, #JimmyCarter was the 1st supporter of Khomeini!
one American Writer described the endorsement of #JimmyCarter for #Khomeini
there is no doubt about it!

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@magi_jay Sen. Murkowski lost the last R-primary she contested (then pulled R-version of Lieberman for CT). I don't think it hurts her electorally. Her prob, IMHO, is she's not a #democrat. & if she doesn't caucus w either D/R, may impact her committee status, which could hurt electorally
@magi_jay (tbc, if she were to decide she'd like to caucus with #Democrats, I'd be delighted. I disagree with her on much - I don't think she's a hero - but in the context of the times in which we live, I generally welcome reasonable human beings under a big tent)
@magi_jay (also I note I don't have tremendous expertise re: rules governing committee assignments & seniority - it's always been my broad understanding that it's mostly for the parties themselves to work out)
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'Who can blame the Left for expecting that their ideological counterparts would fall in line and “know their place”? It had been that way for so long...

There are new Republicans in town and they don't roll over.'

full text:

"They really thought all conservatives and Republicans would just roll over and play dead again.

That we would join in coronating Joe Biden.

That we would return to being a well-behaved, obedient loyal opposition.

Not this time, dear Leftists.
Who can blame the Democrat progressives, their Left-wing mainstream media, their leftist tenured professors who can spout any drivel they like for as long as they live without facing professional expectations or academic standards to remain employed once tenured?
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🔷Results of the forensic audit by 'CIA & DHS' Reveals: #DominionVotingSystems is Designed w' inherent errors to create systemic fraud & influence election results. Final confirmation of all my allegations‼️
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @RudyGiuliani
1⃣⬇️ Image
🔷A Security Operations Group comprised of Professionals from DOD, Secret Service, DHS & @CIA conducted the inspection They have a wide variety of cyber & cyber forensic analysts & conduct work on dark & deep web & novel network security applications & have patents for such.2⃣ Image
🔷The DVS system INTENTIONALLY generates an ENORMOUSLY high number of ballot errors which are then transferred for adjudication. The INTENTIONAL errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots w' no oversight, no transparency, & no audit trail, leading to #VoterFraud.
3⃣ Image
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The Disgusting Self-hating-Jews, those architects of the destruction of America, “now get Georgia, then we will change America” designed with a total, lack of feelings to humanity, blinded from seeing sickening violence, twisting your brains, in ways that you start checking
If something is wrong with you, they use their talents to create an untold pain and suffer, we all wonder how can people’s minds get so fired, you can actually manipulate most of the country, what’s dilutional today, those evil people, will make sound normal tomorrow
They are controlled by an higher power, no question about that, this is not human power, it’s against of Who we really are, Americans are the nicest people you can find, no other place in the history of the world, has Jews lived such a great life
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#Breaking #BreakingNews "Domínio" encontrado de origem maligna de longa data rastreada até o 'Conselho Privado da Rainha' de Escravistas Internacionais, Conquista de Nações, The Dark Evil Ages of Imperialism, Insurrectionists, Mi6, Slavery, Plantations, Denial & Dominium
2 / #Dominion NÃO É apenas uma "empresa de máquinas de votação de #Canadá." Um Domínio foi o nome dado às Colônias Escravas do Imperialismo da Supremacia Branca Britânica da Rainha, Conquistados, Assassinados, Estuprados, Pilhados, Roubados e Derrubados e agora Controlados. #BLM?
3 / #Dominions "refere-se a todos os territórios pertencentes à Coroa. Como esses territórios foram conquistados para se tornarem tais? Guerra, subversão, assassinato, guerra econômica, manipulação política, insurreição, infiltração e imposição de bancos centrais, assassinatos..
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In d "Rocky Mountain Heist" Documentary (2014), d @battlegroundtexas PAC was mentioned. Narrated by @michellemalkin, she tells of the "CO Model," how a "Gang of Four" flipped CO blue, & this proves they can do it to any state of the Union (#Texas).

"Battleground Texas is a local effort with national implications. With our 38 electoral votes, once #Texas goes blue, a #Republican can never make it to the @WhiteHouse again." --
Scrolling down to the bottom of their About Us page, the Battleground Texas PAC lists several other PACs, including Texas Future Leadership Program TX-FLiP, @bluestarproject, & @MovimientoTX.
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It’s time for America to take a deep breath. We have just completed a successful election in the face of a pandemic as an extraordinarily divided country. The election was safe and secure. No Secretary of State, Republican or #Democrat has seen any sign of fraud. Some tiny (1/4)
errors, yes, because we are only human. To have carried out the type of fraud being alleged would have required somehow giving fake votes to #JoeBiden, while still allowing #Republicans to get big wins down ballot. It simply didn't happen. What we need to do now is to allow (2/4)
the transition to go forward. We need #PresidentElectJoeBiden to have the information he needs to start governing from day one. We have enormous challenges ahead of us. We can’t afford to waste another moment. @realDonaldTrump needs to govern & stop his fixation on something(3/4)
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2. How abt when 19 minutes after @POTUS was inaugurated the #WashingtonPost DECLARED the #IMPEACHMENT CAMPAIGN had STARTED?Was thàt when #Trump divided America? Did the ripping up of @POTUS' State of the Union,by #NancyPelosi right in front of the world,bring the country 2gether? Image
3. Remember the DONORS,so SÚRE Hillary wld WIN,aka #Bloomberg,#TomSteyer,#GeorgeSoros & #MÀNY #MÓRE INVESTED #MULTIMILLIONS in #Hillary,they were PRÓMISED SHÓWERS w HÚGE RETURNS when SHE became PRESIDENT,&THEY LÓST all those MILLIONS,so they wanted TRUMP ÓUTofthe #WH by any means Image
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How #American #Elections Work: A Thread👇

The #TrumpCampaign and its allies have filed #lawsuits to try to block some key states from certifying #Election2020results results that show #Democrat @JoeBiden defeating President @realDonaldTrump.
After #ElectionNight , certifying the #results is a step #states take so that winners can be officially #confirmed. The @AP and other #media outlets on Saturday declared @JoeBiden the #WINNER of the #PresidentialElection2020
after analyses concluded that @RealdonqldTrump couldn’t gain enough votes from remaining ballots to surpass @JoeBiden.
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The #Democrats and media hate #Trump because they fear him. Unlike them, Trump is authentic. He can’t be bought, can’t be controlled, and is able to bypass the toxic media and communicate very effectively with the people. He is the political establishment’s worst nightmare. 1/14
From the day #Trump was elected, the #Democrats and the bad faith media have been determined not to let him do his job. They’re desperate for him to fail, and for America to fail, to teach the deplorables who voted for Trump a lesson they will never forget. 2/14
I suspect many of those people have already learned a lesson they’ll never forget. For the last four years they’ve watched the toxic media try every dirty trick to help the #Democrats fraudulently delegitimise #Trump’s presidency and shove their vote back in their faces. 3/14
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Hunter Biden’s biz partner, Navy Vet & #Democrat Bobulinski has verified “Big Guy” in email on H Biden laptop is Joe Biden.

Email details #Biden got 10% kickback/bribe of 3 million dollars in the foreign influence corruption peddling scheme.

Bribery from a nuclear Super Power.
RE: The Hunter laptop foreign influence/corruption scandal.

If Biden & family can do this much damage to America w Biden shunned, marginalized & hidden by Obama as VP...

Just imagine how much damage he’d do as an unrestrained President w his hands fully on the levers of power.
This is just ONE email in ONE deal. Hunter mentions splits as high as 50% in other deals. Russian woman married to an oligarch aka “Mayor of Moscow” wired #Biden fam Hunter 3.5 million dollars. Did “Big Guy” get a cut? 10%? 50%?

Crickets from MSM. Stories buried to protect Joe.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: Achieving Racial Justice and Equity
Only one party has a specific plan for healing the wounds of systemic institutional racism and the legacy of slavery & for achieving equity-the other party denies they still hurt 1/10
#Democrats believe it is unacceptable that schools are more segregated today than they were in the late 1960s. 2/10 #DemPartyPlatform #racialjustice #Edupolicy
#Democrats believe education is a critical public good, and will increase investments to guarantee all students can access high-quality public schools, no matter where they live, so students of color are well prepared to thrive in college and careers. 3/10 #DemPartyPlatform
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We need to talk about just how corrupt we've allowed #democracy in #America to become, to the point it isn't democracy in many respects. And we need to stop #partisan squabbling and get to fixing it before we end up a one-party state, like #China. Thread👇
In 2019, writing the decision for Common Cause v. Rucho, Chief Justice Roberts closed off the federal courts as an avenue for addressing partisan #gerrymandering, instead telling citizens to propose state constitutional amendments.
In many states, with statehouses #gerrymandered beyond reach of the people, or otherwise beholden to special interests, these citizen-amendments are the only avenue left for addressing #democracy reform and other policy concerns.
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BREAKING: Retired Houston Police Captain & Retired Undercover FBI Agent Uncover A MASSIVE #DEMOCRAT Run #BallotHarvesting Scheme In #HarrisCounty (#Houston) #TX!
Elected Dems Involved.
700,000 Ballots May Be Illegaly Harvested.
#Houston Can Swing Texas To The Democrats!
If #Texas Goes Dem, @realDonaldTrump Loses Presidency!
Multiple Elected & Appointed Democrats Implicated Including #Biden Campaign Members!
cc: @tedcruz @JohnCornyn @GovAbbott @DanPatrick
ATTN: @GovAbbott @DanPatrick @LtGovTX @TXAG @tedcruz @JohnCornyn;
The Voter Fraud Part Of This Must Be Prosecuted, & The TX Nursing & Licensing Boards MUST ACT To Revoke ALL PROFESSIONAL LICENSES Of Healthcare Workers or Facilities Who Allowed This In Nursing Homes!
Elder Abuse!
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