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Jan 12 9 tweets 5 min read
Major #BlowOffTop before #Recession. The Recession will be very severe - and cause the largest Market Crash since the Crash of 1929.

This is my Outlook (January 2024)!

In early 2023, I said that I would be met with doubts and a question of "Why Recession?, as the stock market soared into late 2023 - and continues to do so into 2024.

Now we are here! My doubters are rising (and will continue to do so, as the market strengthens coming months)

The arguments are:

1) "We already had the Recession in '22"

2) "Fed is aware and will not allow it"

3) "Fed has changed the Game"

4) "We are in a new liquidity cycle"

5) "It will not be allowed in a Presidential Election year"

..... and so on!

All chitchat - and based in a complete lack of understanding of the Business Cycles.

So - why Recession? (....this is giving more than I should - so stay tuned😉)Image First argument is based on our Business Cycle Model developed with Swissblock and @Negentropic_

Our Business Cycle has flashed a Recession signal in 2023. Leading Indicators have crashed under our Equilibrium Line.

In 80 years of data, the Recession Signal from our Model has NEVER been wrong. No false signals - ever!Image
Jan 15, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
On Wednesday, we got a CPI print of 7% over the duration of a year. Fastest since 1982! Surely, everybody can see, that #inflation is here to stay!?



Because of the real gauges of inflation which tells us, that current inflation is due to Supply and Demand issues! Gold Miners will soar, when REAL ECONOMIC INFLATION is here. For now, they are dead in the water - which is 100% in line with Elliott Wave predictions. "Wave C" is unfolding in 5 waves down. As surplus demand is being flushed from the system, Deflation will reemerge
Jan 10, 2021 14 tweets 11 min read
@RaoulGMI Good Morning! You asked what is happening to #Gold and #Silver. This is my take - a summary of the governing Thesis on TheZebergReport.com for a long time! Hope you can use the input! 🙋‍♂️🙂 Since ~2000 we have been in Kondratiev's Winter. A period where GLOBAL DEBT causes low and falling growth rates. Central banks try to counter this by printing money (Monetary Stimulus). However, Deflationary forces from debt causes deflations to unfold - despite extreme measures
Nov 22, 2020 22 tweets 22 min read
Why do I think #Gold, #Bitcoin are about to tumble? Because of my cross-market-analyses approach with >100 charts pointing to a deflationary bust AND the Elliott Wave structures for Gold, Bitcoin and USD. Let's try investigate 1) Deflationary Thesis and 2) Elliott Wave-structures The Deflationary Thesis is due to the patterns shaping up in all commodities. Commodities drive inflation. First GSCI Commodity Index - a very clear Ending Diagonal Triangle (Descending Wedge). Calls for DEFLATIONARY BUST before MAJOR SECULAR BOTTOM. TheZebergReport.com
Aug 24, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
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May 9, 2020 19 tweets 10 min read
These are the "events" we experience during Kondratiev's Winter. We have seen some of these but they will play out a range of times. First in 2000-03, then worse during 2007-09 and now the big one 2020-23(?). Some major dominoes are about to fall - before we reach end of Winter Major events still to be seen (apart from rest which will be repeated and become much worse than before!): 1) Pension fund crisis 2) Run from paper money 3) War (hope not!) 4) Debt resolution (Monetary Reset?). We are NO where near end of this major crisis, which ends K's Winter
Apr 30, 2020 6 tweets 2 min read
Some investors, analysts seem to think, that #Equity Bear Market is over and we will rally to ATH. Imo this is naive taking the severe blow to economy into consideration - and the size of the equity bubble which has burst. Some comparisons to earlier Bear Markets provide heads-up First, Bear Market 2000-02. Rather mild recession due to burst of IT-bubble (somewhat confined) despite extreme Market Cap. to GDP of ~141%. Monetary stimulus had effect as Fed Funds rate >6% at entry of crisis. Still Bear Market for ~638 days and decline of ~50% before bottom
Apr 25, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
This is a MASSIVELY Bearish pattern. No question about it! #Gold can rally higher from here (yellow) or it can break from here. But there is nothing Bullish about this. And the speed by which this will be resolved.... whoa!! The resolve is for entire correctional move since 2015! And we have this for US 10 yr. Bullish C wave coming!
Apr 24, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
Dear all. I will soon launch my website and Macro & Market services. Stay tuned! 🙂As part of the launch, I will arrange a get-together with everybody who wants to join in person. I will do a presentation and we can exchange ideas over lunch and a beer. Free entrance! #HZupdates It will take place in HAMBURG at my friend @KlitgaardEgon's hotel in Hamburg. egonhotel.com/en/ Of course we need to get to other side of #coronavirus. Hence, I cannot be specific about the dates yet. But - we will do 3-4 sessions, or more if needed.
Apr 23, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
French PMI - Ouch!! #EUR does not like it either. Crash could set in from here!
Apr 21, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
#Gold is by end of the day and inflation gauge. See strong correlation below. Now - consider what happens to inflation as #Oil and #Commodities plummet! Then think - what may happen to #Gold... yes?! an inflation gauge
Apr 19, 2020 12 tweets 9 min read
No doubt in my mind, that current rally in #SP500 and #equities is a counter-trend move - and that we will soon see a major deflationary CRASH. I have updated my SP500 outlook - some changes! Stay tuned for #HZupdates this afternoon. First - 88 km bike ride to Helsingør 👍 Back - a little tired - but feeling good! 🚴💪 Stay tuned for some #HZupdates - my perspectives on markets.
Apr 10, 2020 17 tweets 15 min read
Good morning! 😀Fed is all in (again!!) - and this time there is a great confidence among traders (again!!) that Fed can has stopped deflation and supplied enough liquidity to the system. But is that really the case? Stay tuned for my perspectives #HZupdates Let me start an nontraditional way - with a zoom in. This is #SP500 1 hour chart. I look for corrections and main directional moves. This is a correctional move - and it may have finalized! So - the main wave will soon set in again. Now - lets zoom out #HZupdates
Apr 5, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
@RaoulGMI I base forecast on more than just one chart. Not about a level. Firstly, it is a combination of various charts: Silver, USD, TIPS, AUDUSD, Miners, etc. If all point to lower Gold - it is strong indication. And they do! Furthermore, structure of "rally" since 2015 - there is + @RaoulGMI no way imo, that this is the start of a new Bull. It is 100% correctional! Finally, EW is very clear on the count. We still need wave C down - which must drop below 2015-level. Why is the butler the murderer? Because all pieces of evidence points to him :) Besides...+
Apr 4, 2020 23 tweets 10 min read
Trust you are safe! For a long time, I have been forecasting #DEFLATION. We got that! Today, I want to address, why I think we are about to see a NEW ECONOMIC REGIME arise soon - and why #STAGFLATION will be the transformation into the coming Kondratiev Spring #HZupdates We know, that Fed and CBs around the world have been printing money - and lots of it! However, we have failed to see inflation - to the regret of Draghi, Yellen, etc. Despite their efforts, inflation has been in decline. Why? Because Velocity of Money has been in strong decline.
Mar 28, 2020 20 tweets 18 min read
#Deflation unfolding - but as in all moves - we will always see counter-moves or corrections. Last week was such a correction. We must not drop our guard! The economic situation is dire and we are not through the illiquid phase. Major developments ahead! Stay tuned for #HZupdates It is all about #USD. Last week was a retracement in the new strong spike for #DXY = wave ii (blue). Within days, DXY will likely start strong rally higher - reaching min. 109 within weeks. End target will be reached later this year ~122 #HZupdates
Mar 27, 2020 6 tweets 2 min read
Let's take a theoretical approach. From DEFLATION to STAGFLATION. Or from a demand side shock to a supply side shock. The efforts of Governments may exacerbate the problem - and will bring about stagflation.... follow! @dlacalle_IA do you agree? Corona makes Governments shut down countries. Deflationary! Businesses are affected and start to reduce output and close business. Supply reduced! Governments massively stimulates DEMAND side, which increases demand above equilibrium. NET EFFECT = HIGHER PRICES - LOWER OUTPUT!
Mar 26, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
#Gold Feelings have strong impact on investors. We are in wave 2 of wave C (down). This is the hardest place to stay objective. Sentiments influenced by wave B and wave C. My approach: Observe 1) EW-structure 2) USDJPY 3) Miners 4) Silver 5) TIPS. GOLD IS ABOUT TO CRASH #Silver neg. on Day, #GDX #Miners neg. on Day, #Bitcoin neg. on Day. Massive neg. RSI divergence on #Gold. Major turn in gold is imminent!
Mar 24, 2020 7 tweets 4 min read
#XAUUSD Weekly chart! Take care! Image #EURUSD and #DXY turning after their corrections. Now - wait for #Gold. Wauw - if feel lucky I'm an EW'er. Then again - it prevents me from participating in the excitement of Fool's rallies....! 😉 Image
Mar 21, 2020 20 tweets 17 min read
Dear all. #Deflation is here as forecasted. #Oil and #Commodities etc. are declining rapidly towards targets I have put up here in #HZupdates. We are still to see the major fall-outs. The situation is dire! CBs are fully committed to sacrifice the currencies to save the economy! #Oil has reach the target of ~20 USD. But - I don't think we have seen the bottom yet! Why? Technical. I think we will see a triangle forming as wave iv - before Oil plunges towards its final target ~10 USD. Deflation not done despite massive CB and fiscal intervention! Image
Mar 14, 2020 15 tweets 16 min read
"Something is Breaking!" and we are going to see decades worth of developments in the span of few weeks or months. #Coronavirus has been the trigger of the #Deflation, I have been expecting for so long. It is now here! Stay tuned for #HZupdates to get my view on markets "Something is Breaking" has been taken from zerohedge.com/markets/someth…. We are observing an extreme USD Shortage developing fast and it is going to cause a wild #DXY rally the coming weeks & months. Chart of FRA/OIS provides overview of the severity of the developing USD shortage