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President, Security Studies Group & Former Army Special Forces Weapons. Author of The Myth of White Fragility.
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14 Oct
.@JoeBiden corruptly used his office as VP
To help #HunterBiden cash in

The new emails prove they sold access & Joe delivered by firing the prosecutor bothering #Burisma
@JoeBiden Here is the story w/ the details

Democrat Media is spinning this as hard as they can
But it shows #Trump was right to ask for an investigation in Ukraine
That @JoeBiden was part of the promised deliverables for the $$$

You can tell this is damaging when producers at #MSNBC
Try to bury it

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11 Oct

Shooter reaches for victims pepper spray & gets slapped

Then steps back, draws his gun & fires as the victim sprays

Gonna be a tough self defense claim if he knew it was pepper spray

Charged w/ 1st degree murder
Argument btwn victim & Black guy just prior to shooting

Vic says abt other guy "Well he's the one who pulled that knife on me"
BG says "Shoot me then. Shoot me MF. Shoot me N-word"

Vic walks out of frame & previous tweet action happens
Victim sees shooter approach & moves over saying "Get your hands out of (garble)"
Shows a perceived threat

Shooter reaches for mace
Gets slapped
I thought shooter retreated
But this thread shows victim did

Looking bad for shooter
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22 Mar
The false narrative on South Korea v. US response to #CoronaVirus

We both got our 1st case the same day
Have they done better?

South Korea - 104 deaths 51 M people

US- 322 deaths 331 M people

They have twice as many deaths per capita

The Left is desperate to blame @realDonaldTrump so they seized on lack of testing as the panacea

South Korea did tons of tests & isolated based on results

But we didn't have & couldn't have produced enough tests to do it on the scale they did due to prior choices & regulations
@realDonaldTrump .@realDonaldTrump took a different approach based on available options

Stop as many cases from entering the US as possible

So he immediately banned travel fm China & added other areas when needed

He was attacked
But so far that plan looks smart

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7 Feb
Outrage of the Day
#Trump fires ๐Ÿ”ฅ #Vindman for testifying

NSC removes employee for leaking, falsifying a call record & undermining the Presidentโ€™s policy

All of which he admitted in his testimony

Never trust the media
More #Winning
This is the likely leaker for the Bolton book BS

They can ride out of town together

In case anyone needs a refresher on why #Vindman deserved to be sacked & should face UCMJ action too

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26 Jan
.@thomasbsauer does great work on addiction
& wrote this powerful call for people who need help

If that's you
Or someone you know
Check it out
Things can get so much better
I know
I was a outstandingly wicked drunk
I quit 9 yrs ago
My life since
Is bliss
I grew up in Wisconsin
& joined the Army at 18

Drinking was a team sport both of those places
And I was an all star
Not saying it wasn't fun
I had a blast
We partied like rock stars
I used to tell people I was
The captain of the US Olympic drinking team

I was a riot
But it's hard damn work to keep that up
And hard to keep your life together
Even though
I was definitely a high functioning drunk
And I always said drunk not alcoholic
Alcoholics go to meetings
Drunks go to bars

Distinction without a difference
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16 Nov 19
Dear #GenZ

You've been taught your entire life that your opinion matters & the world owes you something

Neither is true

So rather than taking on #GenX
the people who can help you

Let's ally against the Millennials
Who we can all agree

I like GenZ
You're looking at the current state of play & throwing a BS flag

But instead of acting like Jr Millennials
Let's work together & kill the entitlement mentality that put us in this mess

The world is harsh
You have to make your own way
No one's giving you anything
One thing hasn't changed in America
You can earn your way to a higher level than you start at

It's not easy
But you can see the Millennial plan to just steal from the rich and give to the unproductive will crash & burn once they pick those few carcasses clean

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14 Nov 19
.@hughhewitt politely accuses me of unforced errors in my piece on #AlexanderVindman of the #DeepState

I will disconcur politely right back

He says Vindman may air his opinion
"if in doing so he does not violate orders"

But he did violate orders

Vindman ran afoul of Art. 88 of the UCMJ which forbids insubordination

He believed Trump asking for investigations was harmful to US policy
So he advised Ukrainians, up to and including new President Zelensky to ignore the requests

That is most definitely insubordinate
Hugh dislikes my use of #DeepState
Saying only totalitarian regimes w/ secret police qualify

I would say US security leaders who conspired on the Trump Russia sure acted like secret police
Specifically ref Vindman
I note they may not organize
but they act in concert
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12 Nov 19
#AlexanderVindman showed us a #DeepState coup

He testified that if the permanent bureaucracy disagrees w/ our elected leader

They will help the Left take him down
Even worse he wore a military uniform to do it

My latest piece at the @FDRLST

@FDRLST #Vindman testified abt outside influencers & a narrative
"inconsistent with the consensus views of the interagency. This narrative was harmful to U.S. government policy.โ€

But the interagency is just staffers & he was complaining about Presidential emissaries & Ambassadors
@FDRLST #Vindman went so far as to claim that both Ambassador to the EU Sonland & Special Rep to Ukraine Volker were "outside influencers"

The disconnect that leads him to say Sr Govt officials w/ direct responsibility are outside because they disagree w/ the #DeepState is dangerous
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13 Oct 19
Syria Options
@realDonaldTrump please consider

#Erdogan is conducting an ethnic cleansing
Turkey is committing numerous war crimes
#ISIS prisoners are escaping
We are complicit now
Even if only by inaction

#Turkey has been threatening this for 2 years
We've negotiated to stop or contain it

The Kurds are an ally against ISIS
But Turkey is a NATO ally by treaty
Though they haven't acted like one for a long time
We have no mechanism to remove them fm NATO
The PKK has been conducting attacks in Turkey for a long time

Turkey could have invoked Art. 5 of the NATO Treaty saying all members must respond to an attack on one

They have gotten NATO collective defense help previously
due to problems w/ Syria
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28 Sep 19
The wrong answers about the impeachment insanity are in the article. Worth reading to know the false premises & arguments
The reasons none of them stand up to reality are in this thread

1. Trump asked #Ukraine to dig up dirt on political rivals

Reality- As evidenced in the transcript Trump asked them to investigate election interference & potential corruption by #BidenCorruption
We have a treaty for such requests
Which he followed
Bill Clinton signed this agreement and it calls for the US to ask Ukraine to work with our Attorney General when issues of potential criminality are identified.

The fact that some of those identified as potential criminals are political rivals of Trump is not relevant
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20 Sep 19
If this is about Trump telling Ukraine to investigate Biden using his position as VP to save his son from corruption charges

This may backfire on the Dems

It's a legitimate request to look at a flagrant abuse of state power by Biden
Biden forced Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was going to investigate the corrupt oligarch his son Hunter worked for by threatening to withhold $1B. Biden brags about it in this video,

If Trump was talking to #Ukraine about this real abuse
Biden is the one w/ a big problem
Trump has every right to ask a foreign leader to investigate corrupt actions of a former US VP

It would be wrong to let Biden slide because he is running for office again. His abuse of power previously is a matter that deserves investigation regardless

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24 Jul 19
We've been having a chat about music listening in the TL of @davereaboi

Dave is a vinyl guy. I'm a hi-res digital guy. But we both love tube amps. He just got a McIntosh MC-275 which I have as well & this was his first thoughts on enjoying it now

My retort (below) was not overly nice, but kinda funny and absolutely true. You accept a lower fidelity i.e. trueness to the sound as recorded, when listening to vinyl as I wrote about here while.

But let's dig deeper
The three biggest factors in sound recreation & listening are:
Source material & decoder
& Room acoustics

Hi-Fidelity means faithfulness to the original recording at the mastering desk in the studio when the musicians, engineers & producers give it a big thumbs up
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20 Jan 19
More Media Lies

There was no #MAGA mob hounding a Native American
Mult Native Americans instigated an incident walking into a peaceful group of kids & taunting one chanting & drumming inches fm his face

No one said "Build the Wall"
& if anything
That kid deserves a peace medal
You see the boys here by themselves when the Native American activists move into their midst

The diocese can apologize to the boys once the full truth of how the Native American activists came at their kids and the boys simply stood their ground

I won't hold my breath for the media apologies on this

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1 Dec 18
Re-packaged spin since previous media crusade against #MBS failed

Actual news is stories CIA had "high confidence" MBS ordered the killing were false. They only had "medium to high confidence"
& Quote
โ€œWe lack direct reporting of the Crown Prince issuing a kill order.โ€
The messages in question are not even known to be about the operation
They are simply to one of the people now arrested for the killing

But the #WSJ has no knowledge what they were about & we don't know if the CIA does either. We don't even know what kind of messages they are
They also re-use a bit from 2017 claiming #MBS said
โ€œwe could possibly lure him outside Saudi Arabia and make arrangements,โ€

Only later they admit there's no proof this quote came from #MBS
Or that it could be a reference to a standing order to bring dissidents home
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11 Oct 18
A little perspective on the #Khashoggi disappearance

Killing or kidnapping journalists is awful. But not more awful than doing it to any other person

But since it is one of the media's own we have a completely disproportionate reaction

It also involves a major new #Trump ally #SaudiArabia and there seems to be a coordinated effort to attack them now as my colleague @davereaboi points out

The immediate acceptance of accusations from Turkish state security about this incident was absurd. All the major media outlets blindly accepted this story as if #Erdogan was a reliable source

What he is
Is one of the world's largest killers & jailers of journalists
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20 Jul 18
.@JackPosobiec gets a scalp

Sleazeball #JamesGunn just got the boot

Any time you clowns on the Left want to call a truce and just live and let live

We're game
If not
Payback is a career medevac

@JackPosobiec #JamesGunn joked about rape & pedophilia that is disgusting & worth a look to see if it was more than jokes

But speech is free until it's not
& right now it's mob rules if someone says anything edgy

Other than inciting violence
You fight speech you dislike
With better speech
@JackPosobiec If there is speech that promotes rape or especially pedophilia, that is a law enforcement matter

And yes it's fair to call for someone to be fired over heinous things like that

But we have to find a line between offensive & dangerous

Or the #SpeechPolice win
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28 Jun 18
I changed my profile pic & the last line in my bio

Do not fear I have lost my focus or my desire to fight for the side of Right

But I'm going to shift tactics a bit because the Left has given us an opening

They have lost their ever-lovin' minds & are showing it
My bio was
Former Special Forces "so expect precision fire"
I did that to rile up PC speech bullies who say you can't use scary metaphors

I'm not caving a bit on the #FreeSpeech front
If anything I'm doubling down
But I'm going to change my tone a bit

From wicked to mocking
For the Right to prevail
We must draw our side together
By reconciling w/ folks who agree on issues but don't love #Trump
Reaching out to folks who used to be Democrats
Until their party went full #FeelTheBern

They don't want to be socialist America-haters
So join us
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8 Apr 18
.@realDonaldTrump must consider how to respond to the latest chemical weapons attack in #Syria

It must be devastating as both #Assad and #Putin have now acted as if US warnings mean nothing

The meeting in Turkey between #Putin, #Erdogan & #Rouhani was a bad thing

They were planning how to carve up #Syria among other things
I think they read too much into the #Trump statement about leaving Syria

He didn't say "So do whatever you want"
In fact if they wanted to make sure we wouldn't leave soon
Or leave the field to them
A chemical attack was about the best way to do that

It seems way too much like a test of @realDonaldTrump & @AmbJohnBolton
That's unwise
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30 Sep 17
1/ I've responded to mult major disasters in remote places. #PuertoRico qualifies as remote due to island nature, limited ports &...
2/ ...infrastructure. #Trump comments aside, in cases like this amateurs talk tactics, like "why didn't the whole military go there to...
3/ ...help" Pros talk logistics. And it is lack of logistical capabilities that is slowing response there. Supplies are piling up at the...
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