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Probably it would be sound exaggerated now but I've found a huge potentiality in this man, crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, colloquially known as #MBS to revive the essence of his religion.(1/5)…
This guy doesn't come to rule like a unknown monarch.If I say that he has the prospects to be the ' #KemalAtaturk of Saudi' , would it be an inflated claim ???..(2/5) Image
How this man has been striving hard to exonerate the clan from regressive socio-religious customs from last few years, that's really not a cakewalk for him. Here, few of the changes which were brought in SA after the elevation of MBS in the political coterie of #AlSaud.👇👇(3/5) Image
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Risk Management is like a Greek Tragedy, where actors laugh to express their sorrow. Hence, here what mimics laughter is the Normal (Gaussian) PDF and its assumptions.
I believe the strongest voice that emerged in the Post - Crisis years was that of Dr Nassim Taleb, who heavily criticized risk management models and techniques that assume the Normality of returns, and its volatility in financial markets.
The Credit derivatives aka structured products that were financially engineered by Wall Street and the City Quants to provide a market-beating returns used such techniques to pool assets having negative correlations and a low joint probability of default or time to default
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Foreign Policy magazine: #US needs to recognise that #Yemen has already won the war

An #American military magazine has stated that Operation Decisive Storm, the military invasion of Yemen led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2015, has “plunged the Saudi regime into the
abyss of war”with #Ansarullah, who proved their victory in battle.”
Foreign Policy magazine, which specialises in intelligence and military affairs, added that Ansarullah has won the war, and that the administration of President @JoeBiden @POTUS must acknowledge this reality.
Foreign Policy magazine, which specialises in intelligence and military affairs, added that Ansarullah has won the war, and that the administration of President Joe Biden must acknowledge this reality.

It indicated that Prince #MBS , when he launched the “Decisive Storm”
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The United States and Saudi Arabia have dug themselves into a hole in #Yemen. Common sense dictates they should stop making it deeper, according to former #American diplomat and political analyst J. Michael Springmann.

 The United States and Saudi Arabia have
1/2 Image
discussed #Riyadh’s protracted war on neighboring #Yemen, as the #Yemeni army steps up gains on the battlefield and retaliatory raids against the kingdom’s soil.
Springmann made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday after US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke
with #Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (#MBS) on Wednesday and discussed regional security and the war in #Yemen.
Springmann said, “Since March 2015, now more than six years ago, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, backed by the US, the #UK, and other European states such as
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Un thread sur la résistance palestinienne à #Gaza.

Pourquoi #Israel concentre toute sa propagande sur le #hamas?

Pourquoi les officines israéliennes en occident attaquent les frères musulmans?

Quel rôle/realtions avec les dictatures arabes alliées d'Israël?

C'est parti⬇️
1. Pendant que #Israel massacre les palestiniens à #Gaza, toute la communication et la propagande israélienne aussi bien en interne mais surout en occident, consiste et peut se résumer à ceci:

"#hamas, terroriste, nous attaque.
Israël, victime, ne fait que se défendre"
2. La porogande israélienne veut ainsi faire oublier la "root cause": colonisation, massacres, déportations, apartheid...qui sont le quotidien des palestiniens depuis la création d'Israël en 1948...bien avant la création du hamas en 1987.
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Per la rubrica

Credevo che la peggior figura di merda su twitter delle ultime 24 ore l'avesse fatta Burioni con la sua menzogna su Cuba (che non ha sviluppato farmaci negli ultimi 50 anni).

Invece, con mio grande rammarico, l'ha fatta @alex_orlowski
con questo suo tweet.

Lui, per primo, dovrebbe sapere che non si espongono dati personali degli utenti (veri o falsi che siano) sui social.
È una pratica disgustosa, oserei dire di intimidazione mafiosa.

Se ritieni che un utente abbia violato una
regola, lo segnali all'autorità competente (Twitter, nel caso di una policy; la magistratura, nel caso di un reato).
Ogni azione che espone un essere umano o la sua famiglia è indecente e inaccettabile.

Perché, poi?
Perché @GeneraleCujkov ha ricordato
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THREAD: Listening to the new episode of @GaslitNation, "Why Does the GOP Vote to Hurt Their Own Base?" with @sarahkendzior and @AndreaChalupa!

The GOP "has refashioned itself as an apocalyptic cult seeking one-party rule."
"The American political & economic system is designed to make you feel like you are worthless. But you are worth more than they tell you, & part of the struggle the next few years is resisting the cult mentality... that tells you to not ask for what you deserve." - @sarahkendzior
"Demand better. Always push for better, because that's how you get progress...The federal minimum wage hasn't been raised since something like 2009, and it's one of the contributing factors to why we have crisis levels of income inequality." - @AndreaChalupa
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The export terminals of Ras Tanura port in SA on the Persian Gulf, which was targeted by the Yemeni armed forces today, are among the largest in the world designed to export crude oil and LPG. The amount of oil exported through it exceeds 80% of Saudi production.
The facilities at Ras Tanura include two piers and one sea island with a total of eighteen berths, which can accommodate ships of up to 550,000 deadweight tons (dwt).The facilities also included a tank farm with total storage capacity of 33 million barrels.
The ports are Saudi Arabia's oil export Achilles heel; while the kingdom has around 80 oil & gas fields, more than half of the country's reserves are concentrated in only 8 fields, while the huge processing complex at Abqaiq handles about two-thirds of the country's oil output.
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My wife @JasminAbduljale said that today was a very heavy and intensive bombardment by #Saudi warplanes next to her house in Alhasabah area, Sana'a. #Yemen. Windows shattered and my baby girl Razan was crying!😥
They left the house and now they live with relatives!
My wife @JasminAbduljale sent videos to me shows that the bombardment today by #Saudi warplanes was next to her house.
Sana'a. #Yemen.
I am not in Yemen with them and I am so worried. 😥
They were eating lunch when the bombardment by #Saudi warplanes started. It was like hell today!
Sana'a. #Yemen.
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De journalist #Kashoggi, die in opdracht van de Saoedische kroonprins #MBS zou vermoord zijn, steunde #IS en noemde de onthoofdingen in #Syrië een 'efficiënte psychologische oorlogstactiek'.
#Kashoggi zou ook een goede vriend van Osama bin Laden geweest zijn.
Kroonprins #MBS van Saoedie-Arabië vaarde tijdens de #TrumpAdministration een gematigder en bredere koers: minder #islamisme en toenadering tot #Rusland.
De recente US-bombardementen op pro-Iraanse milities in oost #Syrië geven terug meer bewegingsruimte en bescherming aan #IS.
#Biden stelt nu Saoedie-Arabië verantwoordelijk voor de moord op #Kashoggi.
Zijn de islamisten terug aan zet met de #BidenAdministration?
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Everything Added & Updated on Trump File in February:

1. Forbes reports that at least $7 million in taxpayer dollars went to Trump businesses during his presidency.…
2. Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump's favorite lawyer nominated Jared Kushner for a Nobel Peace Prize.…
3. The Supreme Court will not hear any cases related to Donald Trump using the presidency to enrich himself.…
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Mr @POTUS do have a spare time to look at the crimes of #Erdogan as you criticised #MBS for the violation of human rights in #KSA?

When are you going to publish the report of the crimes he committed in #Turkey?

Let me remind you some of HR violations in Turkey 👇🏻
HR violation 1- Dismissed or suspended more than 100,000 civil servants from their jobs.
HR violation 2- Arrested or imprisoned more than 50,000 citizens.
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#JamalKhashkiji became a rogue & joined the #Turkish bloc. He had affiliation with the #MuslimBrotherhood & possessed state secrets. He became the liability for the #KSA as he was playing in the hands of #Erdogan against the KSA & damaged the national interests of the kingdom.
The #US can’t hold #MBS accountable for intelligence assessment as many #CIA’s assessments were classified wrong in the past.

The act of his murder & how it was dealt was wrong which MBS admitted, took his responsibility as a head of state & brought perpetrators to justice.
According to @AimenDean:

“ The victim is Saudi, the criminals were Saudis and it happened on Saudi jurisdiction, which makes his family (his sons) the only party that could seek justice and treat with the state! The state paid a hefty “blood money” to Jamal’s family.” Sorted.
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Added & Updated Today, So Far:

1. In October 2017, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman bragged to his allies that he has Jared Kushner "in his pocket." #MBS…
2. On October 2, 2018, MBS had Jamal Khashoggi assassinated. Donald Trump previously expressed support for the prince's violent attacks on critics.…
I'm currently working on adding all posts on the website related to countries in the Middle East into their own folder. Those posts will be available here ⬇️…
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BREAKING: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved capture/kill operation against journalist Jamal #Khashoggi, per US Intelligence assessment. THREAD 1/ Image
2/ Assessment highlights:

-MBS' "control of decisionmaking"
-involvement of MBS' key advisor & protective detail in #Khashoggi operation
-MBS' support for violent operations to silence dissidents abroad
-his absolute control of KSA security & intel Image
3/ Aides to #MBS were likely afraid failure to complete tasks might result in being fired or *arrested.* Would not have undertaken a sensitive action without MBS consent. Would not have questioned his orders. Image
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Washington affirme que le prince saoudien MBS a "autorisé" une opération pour "capturer ou tuer" Khashoggi (rapport) Image
Le prince héritier d'Arabie saoudite Mohammed ben Salmane a "validé" l'assassinat du journaliste saoudien Jamal Khashoggi en 2018, affirment les services de renseignement américains dans un rapport #AFP Image
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Many thanks to @CNN for corroborating that the two private jets HZ-SK1 and HZ-SK2 which brought the Saudi killing team to Istanbul are owned by the Saudi Crown and MBS.…
According to CNN, Ownership of Sky Prime Aviation was illegally transferred in December 2017 to a Public investment Fund controlled by the Prince. I had alleged in my June 2019 investigation that they were part of State resources allocated to #JamalKhashoggi killing.
The @CNN investigation provides thus further evidence that : 1. The killing of Jamal Khashoggi was resourced and carried out through the use of State resources; and 2. #MBS is further directly linked to the implementation of the execution.
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لوٹ کے #بدّو گھر کو آئے

2019 میں پاکستان آ کے #IK سے پاکستان میں بڑی سرمایہ کاری کے وعدے کرنے کے بعد امریکی حکم پر اپنے تمام وعدوں سے پھرنے اور اپنے دیے ہوئے معمولی پیسے تک کسی بنیئے کی طرح واپس لینے والے #MBS کو ایک بار پھر پاکستان کی ضرورت پڑ گئی
تفصیلات کچھ یوں ہیں کہ سعودی عرب کا امریکہ میں واحد سہارا ٹرمپ ہی تھا جو محمد بن سلمان کے ہر جائز ناجائز میں اس کا ساتھ دے رہا تھا۔ ٹرمپ کے جاتے ہی آنے والے نئے امریکی صدر نے MBS کے خلاف جمال خشوگجی کے قتل کا معاملہ تو اٹھایا ہی تھا، اوپر سے نئی کاروائی یہ ہوئی کہ
رائل سعودی ایئر فورس کا جو زیرتربیت پائلٹ 6 دسمبر 2019 کو دوران تربیت فلوریڈا کے نیول ایئر اسٹیشن پر فائرنگ کر کے 3 امریکی فوجیوں کو قتل اور 13 کو شدید زخمی کرنے پر امریکی فوجیوں کی جوابی فائرنگ میں موقعے پر ہی مارا گیا تھا اس کی حال ہی میں مکمل ہونے
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Psaki was being honest: MBS not sidelined. Biden administration just sticking strictly to "counterpart-to-counterpart" interaction.

SECDEF called #MBS today. Image
"Secretary Austin reiterated recent changes in U.S. policy toward the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen, discussed the importance of ending the war, and thanked the Crown Prince for Saudi Arabia’s commitment to a political settlement."
SECDEF Austin "underscored Saudi Arabia’s role as a pillar of the regional security architecture in the Middle East and the importance of sharing the responsibility of regional security and stability."
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In this degitaly traced age, HYPOCRITES,will be exposed eventually.

After the killing of Khashoggi, unrelenting campaign of smear started.
#Saudi organised 2 events, #FII & #G20.
Then,#Amnesty,#hrw,#MSM, #journalists,#EU & state officials shredded us apart.

The outrageous vilification of everything #Saudi from #MBS, citizens,even our #sport were evil.
#Germany lead #EU.
Companies were forced to poycott.
#Saudis were the villain u saw in the trailer.
Even "fake fiancés" were hugged as if we r a curess.
I almost believed.

Last Dec, Iranian journalist Ruhollah Zam was executed, for using a mobile app!.
4 days later..
#Europe_Iran_business_Fourm was scheduled.
Who's invited u may ask?:
EU FP chief @JosepBorrellF
🇩🇪 @AmbHansUdo, 🇨🇵 @Assafir_Perrone ,🇮🇹 & Austria ambassadors & others.
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On one hand, very important #Saudi development recognizing, at last, the importance of having a codified penal code, family law, etc; on the other hand, if the codified laws look like the "terrorism" and "cybercrime" laws, things will probably get worse!
Of note: 1) Activists have spent *decades* pushing for codification of laws in #Saudi. Absence of penal code meant bizarre crazy batshit like folks sentenced to DEATH for "witchcraft" and "sorcery"; & a "crime" is defined as whatever the judge feels like calling a crime that day
2) Codifying laws is another means to centralize power & authority. Whereas any old judge in any old court could decide "OFF with his head" for any old reason, without even delivering an opinion, codifying laws will reduce the discretion of judges and their arbitrary justice
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Did the Asian Financial Crisis (1997) had any influence in the 2008 crisis?
No, Not really!

#SOX Compliance came after ENRON and WORLD COM Frauds and Financial Reporting Failures.

You cannot mix the two events.
Asian Financial Crisis came about as a result of Unsound Macroeconomic Policies, disrespect for stabilization, excessive price competition among trading nations, lack of Asset Liability Risk Management done at the Central Banks, monopolistic market structures,
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