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Hey @Disney. Here's a thought, instead of taking the word of an admitted sexual predator and alleged rapist along with his tiny cadre of wannabe Hugo Boss cosplayers, maybe actually look into who is making these allegations?
I mean, this is @SamSeder all over again. (BTW Sam if you ever read this I'm one of the broke bastards you gave a free membership to and I'm eternally grateful and will give you an actual sub as soon as possible)
Maybe @Marvel is too afraid of backlash from a bunch of rejects that Captain America would have punched out of frame on his way to fighting an actual threat, but I really hope not. These guys are AIM beekeeper suits at best.
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Let’s talk about #pedowood and the claims @IsaacKappy made a few days ago. (Watch video)

I believe Isaac and anyone who has done even just a small bit of research knows #hollywood is infested with #pedos and satanic ritual abusers.

#qanon #TheGreatAwakeing #woke
#maga #truth
After @IsaacKappy posted his live video’s, talk made it’s way to the chans

Anon posts pic of Seth Green, Tim Gunn and others we’ll talk about, then suggests Haiti connection... provides links

#qanon #pedowood #pizzagate #GreatAwakenening #itsallconnected
#4chan #8chan #Truth
So as you can see there is a connection to Seth Green and this organization “aid still required”

I’m not commenting on the validity of this organization, I’m just making connections...

Continuing on...

#qanon #pizzagate #TheGreatAwakening
#Haiti #ChildTrafficking
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Pedo defender pattern noticed:

They all have a certain look.

Kinda like a pedo.

#JamesGunnFired #JamesGunn #JamesGunntweets
There is a hashtag saying he did nothing wrong.

Yeah, ok people, you clearly didn't read the monkey tweet.
Pedo defending sock accounts on the dindu hashtag.

Must not be important, they didn't even bother with fake profile pictures and numerous retweets of other accounts and fake followers counts.
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Point by point:

1) agreed.

I would add reprehensible, revealing and alarming things that deserve further investigation.

The fact that 100K's of followers of his saw these in their TLs and didn't run screaming from him is another subject worth discussing.
2) vague platitudes like this is what drives so many people nuts.

Who really cares about his grown man's "growth" and "past learnings" when it comes to jokes about raping children?

No one is interested in excusing a film director musing about a monkey blowing nut...on a kid ffs
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Let’s just not defend this okay? Sympathizing with pedos is a bad look. #JamesGunn
What does aligned with brownies mean? Never mind.
A better question is what took Disney so long #JamesGunn
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.@JackPosobiec gets a scalp

Sleazeball #JamesGunn just got the boot

Any time you clowns on the Left want to call a truce and just live and let live

We're game
If not
Payback is a career medevac…
@JackPosobiec #JamesGunn joked about rape & pedophilia that is disgusting & worth a look to see if it was more than jokes

But speech is free until it's not
& right now it's mob rules if someone says anything edgy

Other than inciting violence
You fight speech you dislike
With better speech
@JackPosobiec If there is speech that promotes rape or especially pedophilia, that is a law enforcement matter

And yes it's fair to call for someone to be fired over heinous things like that

But we have to find a line between offensive & dangerous

Or the #SpeechPolice win
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1/ The disgusting delights of the elites: a #qanon read.
2/ Why would a billionaire who has it all run for President? #qanon told us:

- because he could not stomach the thought of children being kidnapped, drugged and raped while leaders/law enforcement turned a blind eye.
- because he could not stomach the idea of mass murders occuring to satisfy Moloch.
- perhaps he was tired of races/countries being constantly abused/kept in need/poor and suffering all for a specific purpose.

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#JamesGunn is one of the legions of new proponents of shock and disgust humor. The new edgy. The modern day provocateur. At least, that’s the way he and his cadre would like to be seen. They’re motivated by the same reaction the flasher or exhibitionist gets. To shock you.
Now when somebody makes a racist joke, under today’s rules that person is a racist. If you make a sexist joke, you’re a sexist. Throw in homophobic and Islamophobic and you get it. So when somebody jokes about child abuse, what does that make him? #JamesGunn
The left made the rules. One slip-up, one bad joke no matter how long ago, no matter if it was misunderstood, if you’re deemed by the morals committee to have transgressed, you pay. Especially if you’re a Trump supporter or conservative. The double standard is over. #JamesGunn
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James Gunn is in the pedo faction of the cabal. He likely rapes boys when he gets the chance, possibly worse. There is no luke-warm on this issue, you are either a pedo who jokes about it, or you find the thought of such things unconditionally abhorrent. #JamesGunn
"They have done very bad things, and they will be severely punished."
Shouldn't have been gender-specific. Seems James likes em all, as long as they are pubescent. ARREST!
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This symbol looks a little like the Brand of Sacrifice from the Q post on 6/28 #QAnon
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