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TRC's August Wrap up! In case you missed them, here is a thread with links to everything we published this month.

1/7 On #CCP's history of deploying harsh rhetoric of threat, blacklisting and bans against individuals who raise their voice for Tibet.…
2/7 What is the sense of Universal Responsibility that Richard Gere celebrates as his biggest takeaway from #Tibetan culture? @SaveTibetOrg @TibetReliefFund @tibethouseus…
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My article from the archives:

Hindutva icon Syama Prasad Mookerjee was nonchalant towards rising saffron violence on the eve of Gandhi Murder despite being repeatedly appealed to - and refused to denounce it afterwards.

#IndiaAt75 #IndependenceDay2022…
Popular history speaks of Syama Prasad Mookerjee as a "moderate" distancing himself from the Hindu Mahasabha after the assassination of Gandhi. Image
My piece uses archival evidence (letters bw Nehru & Mookerjee) to show that Mookerjee was nonchalant towds rising saffron violence on the eve of Gandhi’s murder, took no steps to rein in his seditious saffron allies & refused to denounce the Mahasabha even after the incident. Image
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*आजादी और मुसलमान*
भारत देश एैसे ही आजाद नही हुआ है इसे आजाद कराने के लिए सभी मजहब के लोगों ने अपनी कुर्बानी पेश की है लेकिन सबसे ज्यादा मुसलमानों का हिस्सा रहा है और मुसलमानों में सबसे ज़्यादा अहले-हदीसों ने कुर्बानी पेश की है।
सबसे पहले साल 1757 में अंग्रेज़ों के बढ़ते जुल्म के खिलाफ मुर्शिदाबाद के नवाब सिराजुद्दउला ने पलासी से तहरीक-ए आजादी की मुहिम छेड़ी मगर नाकाम हुए।
फिर साल 1799 में शैर-ए मैसूर टीपू सुल्तान ने श्रीरंगपट्टनम से आजादी के लिए अपनी जान की बाजी लगा दी,
लेकिन कुछ लोगों की गद्दारी की वजह से अंग्रेजों के खिलाफ लड़ते हुए शहीद हुए।
साल 1825 में तहरीक-ए शहीदईन सैय्यद अहमद शहीद और शाह इस्माईल शहीद ने अंग्रेज़ों के जुल्म के खिलाफ खड़े हुए
1847 से 1947 तक जो भी तहरीक वुजूद में आई उनमें उलेमाए अहले हदीस पेश पेश रहे
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Sikh people eating food at a relief camp at Khalsa college in Amritsar following unrest in the wake of the Partition of India and Pakistan.

#Amritsar #Punjab
A destroyed building in the Katra Jaimal Singh area of Amritsar during unrest following the Making of India and Pakistan by doing Partition of Punjab

#Amritsar #Punjab
#IndependenceDayIndia #IndependenceDayPakistan
Indian soldiers walking through the debris of a building in the Chowk Bijli Wala area of Amristar, during Unrest at the time of Partition of Punjab to Make India and Pakistan.
#Amritsar #PunjabPartition1947
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India in the Ancient World


The Compilation of #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav Series
In the last 3 weeks, we published a series of threads to celebrate the #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav, the 75 years of our independence.

Today on 15th August, as it comes to its conclusion, we are publishing the compilation of the whole series.

The incredible story of the ancient port of Lothal, which traded with the world 4500 years ago.

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1/8. Was Independence the gift of a few Oxbridge elites? As Gandhi put it, not great men, but ‘the people themselves are the cause’ of revolutions. My book The Last Heroes: Footsoldiers of Indian Freedom (Penguin) out in November, looks at 16 such people.
2/8. In the next 5-6 years, there will not be a single person alive who fought for this country’s freedom. Our new generations will never get to meet, see, speak, or listen to India’s freedom fighters. Never directly learn who they were, what they fought for.
3/8. The youngest freedom fighter in this book is 92, the oldest 104. Ordinary people who stood up to the British, unsure if they would ever see the freedom they fought for. They never went on to be ministers, governors, presidents, or hold other high office.
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Can see some people who are considering themselves as intellectuals,stating that our country is having many issues. So,what is the need of #HarGharTiranga.
First of all, I have to say that, celebrating Independence day doesn't mean that we are fully developed superpower.
( 1/n)
It is celebrated to remember our freedom fighters and their struggle to make #India free from evil British empire. 75 years of independence is a great landmark. It is a fact that we are one of the fastest growing countries in the world. We have come a long way from 1947.
But these stupids won't see that. They'll see only the black dot in a white paper and barking that India has these xyz issue. They can't show a country which doesn't have any issue. Every country have issues. According to their logic, no country should hoist their flag.
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“WE COULDN’T BELIEVE there were enough people to walk alongside them. One morning we woke up from an uneasy sleep and there was no more laughter…It mustn’t happen again. We can’t let it. We simply can’t let it happen again.”
Twilight Zone 1963 #NeverAgain
“California [will] make our own insulin at a cheaper price, close to at cost, and to make it available to all…
Because in California, we know people should not go into debt to receive life-saving medication.”
@GavinNewsom @CAgovernor #Insulin4all #Insulin
“Freedom is under attack in [Florida]… In California [we] still believe in #freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom to choose. Freedom from hate. And the freedom to love. Don’t let them take your freedom.”
Newsom DeSantis ad #IndependenceDay2022

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The line waiting to get into the Smithsonian Metro Station right now. Police are cutting off access at times when the station gets too crowded. #IndependenceDay2022
Metro Transit Police just let another wave of people through after the platform became less crowded. They told folks waiting outside they would not have to wait long once they got down into the station. #wmata #IndependenceDay
Another wave being let in, if you watch to the end you will see the line is still really long considering it has been about an hour since the fireworks ended. Metro is recommending avoiding Smithsonian if you are able to walk to a different station. #wmata
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@NPR is doing its annual reading and tweeting of the #DeclarationOfIndependence. 246 years ago a group of men felt it so important that they risked everything to defy a King & start a path for a democratic republic. Today we’re seeing those values attacked by the stolen #SCOTUS
The #AntiDemocraticParty of the GOP passing laws & ideas to circumnavigate the will of #Americans. On this #IndependenceDay2022, it is time to not celebrate what happened 246 years ago, but to honor it by standing up for our #FellowAmericans ensuring that #Rights and #Freedoms
Are actually for all of us. #Autonomy is a #Right. Not being shot because you look dangerous or are frightened or just went to school #Right. Loving yourself & having your ability to have your own family is a #Right. #Healthcare is a #HumanRight (#AbortionIsHealthcare)
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"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another

and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
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Pat Cipollone: The rioters have gotten to the Capitol, Mark.

Mark Meadows: [Trump] doesn't want to do anything, Pat.

Pat: Mark, something needs to be done or people are going to die and the blood is going to be on your f—ing hands.

Liz Cheney: The night before #January6th, President* Trump instructed Mark Meadows to contact both Roger Stone and Michael Flynn regarding what would play out the next day.

#CassidyHutchinson: That’s correct. That is my understanding.

Cheney: Did Rudy Giuliani [seek a] pardon related to January 6?
Cassidy Hutchinson: He did.
LC: Did Mark Meadows ever indicate that he was interested in receiving a Presidential pardon related to #January6th?
CH: Mr Meadows did seek that pardon. Yes ma’am.
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“That could be their vehicle to impose a NATIONWIDE BAN on abortion—on the order of the U.S. Supreme Court… They will now wield [power] however they want…to change the country however they want without restriction, and you must do what they say.”@maddow

“What makes people think that this radical conservative Supreme Court…would allow Congressional law protecting #RoeVWade? I’ll tell you the answer: THEY WON’T…as long as we let these 6 conservative theocrats control our country…”
@ElieNYC @TiffanyDCross
“[Ben Wattenberg 1987 book says] ‘60% of fetuses that are aborted every year are white. If we could keep that 60% alive, that would solve our birth dearth.’ Does that sound like racism to you? And if it doesn’t, I want to know why it doesn’t.”
Jane Elliott
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“Dr. Eastman and President* Trump launched a campaign to overturn a democratic election, an action unprecedented in American history. Their campaign was…a coup in search of a legal theory.”
Judge David Carter 3/28/22

#TrumpCoupAttempt #January6thHearings:
“I've lost my name [and] sense of security—all because a group of people…scapegoat[ed] me and my daughter Shaye, to push their lies about how the Presidential election was stolen.”
Ruby Freeman, former Georgia election worker
#LadyRuby #January6thHearings:
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“President* Trump…followed the course recommended by an apparently inebriated Rudy Giuliani—to just claim he won and insist the vote counting stop. To falsely claim that everything was fraudulent… Millions of Americans believed him.”

“The Trump campaign knew these claims of voter fraud were false; yet, they continued to barrage small dollar donors, encouraging them to donate to ‘The Official Election Defense Fund.’ @January6thCmte discovered NO SUCH FUND EXISTED.”

“I said to him: ‘Are you out of your f—ing mind?’ I said, ‘I only want to hear two words coming out of your mouth from now on: ORDERLY TRANSITION.’”
White House lawyer Eric Herschmann to John Eastman 1/7/21

@AccountableGOP 🐼 #January6thCommitteeHearings:
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“I made it clear I did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen…which I told [Donald Trump] was bullshit… The incumbent [cannot] stay in power based on its view unsupported by specific evidence there was fraud in the election.” Bill Barr
#January6thCommittee: “Did that affect your perspective about the election when Attorney General Barr made that statement?”

Ivanka Trump: “It affected my perspective. I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accepted what he was saying.”

“Any legal jargon you hear about seditious conspiracy, obstruction of an official proceeding, and conspiracy to defraud the United States — all boils down to this: January 6th was the culmination of an attempted coup.”
Bennie Thompson

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It was easier for a 13-year-old boy to buy a rifle from a private seller at a gun show than to buy beer, cigarettes, porn, and lottery tickets. (🎥:#RealSports 2014)

Gun show loopholes still exist.

Senate Republicans won’t even vote to DEBATE safety laws.
“We are at a point [where] we are going to have to mobilize a greater movement… Until the redemptive power of the love for all of our children is greater than the destructive power of the love of our guns and money, [nothing] is gonna change.”@CoryBooker

“Women and mothers have political power… We need to use our voices and our votes [to] demand change, and if our lawmakers don’t act, hold them accountable— [the] unglamorous heavy lifting of grassroots activism.”
@shannonrwatts @SymoneDSanders @MomsDemand
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“Justice Roberts has said that the Supreme Court can self regulate. That’s simply not true. We’ve got one sitting Justice whose wife has been shown to have been planning the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6.”
@MondaireJones @RepMondaire @KatiePhang
“Justice Clarence Thomas [at AEI 5/13/22] bemoaned the leak of the SCOTUS opinion that will likely overturn Roe v Wade, [claiming] that when you lose trust in an institution, it changes that institution fundamentally.”
@KatiePhang @katiephangshow #RoeVWade
“Out of 75+ scholar citations, only 4 are women. Out of 90+ judge/justice citations, 5 are women. ‘Justice’ Samuel Alito cites HIMSELF 6 times. And this [SCOTUS opinion] would effectively govern the bodies of millions.”
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“We now have the evidence to support a story of the worst presidential political crime against the union in American history.” Jamie Raskin

@RepRaskin @January6thCmte @jamie_raskin #January6th
Laurence Tribe describes what “is being bandied about as the technique that they hope to use if they get Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and Alito and Thomas on board… to take the next election regardless of who wins.”

@tribelaw @JoyAnnReid @thereidout #TheReidOut
“In America, you have the right to seek the truth and speak the truth, even if it makes people in power uncomfortable… If Russian journalists [had such freedom] would they use it in the same way? Ask yourself that question every day.”
@Trevornoah #WHCD

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“President* Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election… Frankly there is almost no idea more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the American president.”

@Mike_Pence (on Feb 4, 2022) #LegitimatePoliticalDiscourse?
“If I run and if I win we will treat those people from January 6 fairly. And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly.”
Donald Trump dangling pardons for insurrectionists, 1/29/22

“Lincoln said those who embrace sedition and turn backs on the Constitution threaten to ‘destroy the only democracy in existence and prove for all time — to both future Americans and the world — that a government of the people could not survive.’”@tribelaw
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“727 insurrectionists arrested… Who else should be jailed for this unsuccessful coup?” @colbertlateshow

“The threat to our democracy is so grave that we must find a way to pass these voting rights bills. Debate them, vote… If that bare minimum is blocked, we have no option but to change the Senate rules, including getting rid of the filibuster.” @JoeBiden
“Our democracy has been declining over the last 5 years. In fact, right after January 6 of last year, our country was classified as an anocracy… The most important thing is for citizens to be aware of the dangers of democratic decline.”
@bfwalter @AC360
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“[President* Trump] was in the dining room, gleefully watching on his TV as he often did — ‘look at all of the people fighting for me’ — hitting rewind, watching it again…”
former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham to CNN

“We must decide what kind of nation we [will] be. Are we going to be a nation that accepts political violence as a norm? Are we going to be a nation where we allow partisan election officials to overturn the legally expressed will of the people?” @JoeBiden
“727 insurrectionists arrested… Who else should be jailed for this unsuccessful coup?” @colbertlateshow

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"We've seen a lot in these last 4.5 years of Donald Trump and nothing, in my experience, was more serious than this attempt to overthrow a lawful election, corrupting and weaponizing the Department of Justice. Absolutely horrifying."
@SenBlumenthal @maddow
"The very purpose of this law is to chill people. Not just abortion providers in Texas, but to chill the entire community of people who want to help women right now into second guessing whether they’ll be on the hook."
Dahlia Lithwick @maddow #WHPA #Bounty
“What I believe is unprecedented is for a member of House leadership of either party to be unable to condemn incitement of violence against a member of this body… What is so hard about saying that this is wrong?”
@AOC House speech, November 17, 2021

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