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Amateur Defi Analyst: Provide educational content for people with the aim to simplify the most complex concepts, fundamentals and tokenomics of Defi/Crypto.
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Sep 21 • 11 tweets • 8 min read
1/10 Wanna Stake $SNX on #Optimism but you don't know how to get $SNX in your #web3 wallet?

@synthetix_io partnered with @layerswap to ease $SNX deposit from Centralized Exchanges such as @coinbase, @FTX_Official , @kucoincom .

Follow this tutorial if you have @binance 👇 Image 2/10 First go to, and select your CEX (@binance here), #Optimism as destination chain, and choose between 3 - 1000 $SNX to be transferred. Image
Sep 21 • 6 tweets • 3 min read
1/5 Wanna take an edge on speculative future $OP #airdrop ?🤞

@optimismFND has opened several questions where once complete you can claim #nft.

Today let's focus on @synthetix_io quest, all you need to know 👇 2/5 First, you need to go to this website where you have access to all opened quests, just select the one related to @synthetix_io : Image
Sep 9 • 13 tweets • 9 min read
1/13 Do you want to add a #YieldFarming layer on top of the most well known #DeFi projects such as @CurveFinance , @ConvexFinance and @fraxfinance ? Composability, leverage farming, yield optimizing you said? Let's go through @0xC_Lever, an @aladdindao project 👇🧵 2/13 @0xC_Lever allows user to take a self repaying loan without the risk of being liquidated. Deposit $CVX as Collateral, Borrow $clevCVX as debt, swap it for more $CVX. Rince & Repeat for a 2x leverage effect.
You can also repay your debt at anytime.
Sep 2 • 18 tweets • 12 min read
1/17 📡Here is the monthly catch-up of Global #DeFi market analysis for AUGUST '22. Last one is here below with some conclusions about Smart Money moves. August was pretty quiet and #realyield submerges CT. So Where are we in #DeFi?

2/17 TVL on #DeFiLlama  is at 60b$ at 31/Aug, Decreasing by -12% since end of July.
Aug 31 • 10 tweets • 10 min read
1/8 CT has great experts. Finding its own path & own expertise takes time.

I create contents for who wants to learn abt #DeFi projects: Tokenomics / Roadmap / Project Revenue / Tutorials

This summer was very prolific so here is the list of projects covered on @youtube 👇🎦 2/8 @ByteMasons: Going thrg their entire #DeFi solutions with @GranaryFinance @Reaper_Farm @lrn_fi & their deployment on @optimismFND.

Covered also $OATH utility, Roadmap '22, & 2 secret projects.

Video available in 🇫🇷(check my YT chan)&🇺🇸
Aug 29 • 8 tweets • 4 min read
1/7🧐So what's new on @0xconcentrator over this Sunny Month of August. You could read my previous update here below. Quick summary and financial figures in the below 🧵 Things are moving up!🧐
2/7 TVL decreased to around 89m$, from 105m$ at beg. of August. Since the market and especially $CRV crashed by -30%, it's actually a pretty confident and positive figure. 4,7m $cvxCRV are now deposited on the protocol.
Aug 22 • 19 tweets • 13 min read
0/18 As you know, i'm a big fan & investor of $SNX. This is the reason why 👇 A lot of personal insights, not of course not financial advice, do your own research: 1/18 First @synthetix_io is in the #Crypto market since 2018, and already overcome 1 bear market. So likely it will survive a 2nd one.
Aug 21 • 7 tweets • 4 min read
1/7 So what are the news about @AuraFinance. I must say i'm quite impressed by the development of the project, so here is a quick summary of the past few weeks 👇👏 2/7 Aura granted the Famous and Unique Llama Airforce for a specific Dashbord to follow bribes. Check this out:…
Aug 16 • 13 tweets • 9 min read
1/12 CT keeps talking abt @GMX_IO, @GainsNetwork_io, @perpprotocol & @synthetix_io . So What do these Decentralized Trading Platforms have in common? What differentiates them from an investor point of view? i studied figures, did maths & gathered my conclusion here 👇👨‍🔬 2/12 I compare in this table some Financial figures summarized here below: Image
Aug 8 • 15 tweets • 9 min read
1/13 📅Here is the monthly catch-up of Global #DeFi market analysis. Last one is here below with some conclusions about Smart Money leaving Defi. Was it still the case on July? Quick thread but you'll get the general trend where ecosystems are exploding.
2/13 TVL on @Defilama is at 68b$ at 31/July, increasing by +21% since end of June.
Aug 7 • 11 tweets • 7 min read
As an investor of #DeFi, there is no discussion saying that #Ethereum holds all the Blue Chips. Unfortunately, some times gas prevents me to invest & farm on L1. Here are some tips to invest on @AlchemixFi and @0xconcentrator whithout interacting with #Ethereum #blockchain 💪👇 These two protocols innovate by creating a liquid version of the autocompounding value behind their governance token, and added liquidity on other #blockchains to allow users / protocols to use it.
Aug 5 • 18 tweets • 13 min read
1/ Guys ⏰⏰, it's time for a summary of ALPHA on @redactedcartel. A lot of you have waited a long time for that: Redacted V2 will launch on 8 August 2022. So let me tell you what these changes will bring (NFA, i'm $BTRFLY holder) 👇😎🎉🦋 read till the end to know the timeline! 2/ First, the news just went out today, so give it a read if you are a $BTRFLY V1 holder. But what are the revenue generation products developped by @redactedcartel ?
Aug 5 • 8 tweets • 6 min read
🔴🔴It's time for a summup of Cycle 4 voting round and tell you the #DeFi proocols that just won $OP grant, and how you can benefit from them. Former cycle rounds summary can be found just below

Let's see the winners of Cycle 4 🎉🎉 1/ @QiDaoProtocol : Got 750k $OP. 80% will be given to users:
- 20% to reward borrowers
- 60% to incentivize $MAI liquidity on Optimism through
I remind you that $OP rewards are backed 1:1 in $MAI incentives! DYOR!! or make your own calculation MYOC!! But see what you can get: Image
Aug 4 • 11 tweets • 6 min read
0. What's the status of @0xconcentrator IFO after almost 1 month?A quick update as well as some interesting contents to throw an eye to see what are the news🔥 If you don't know this project, it's a Yield Optimizer built on top of @ConvexFinance read this: 1. TVL: Stable around 105m$ split in 94m$ for IFO vaults, and 11m$ in Original Vaults. YES, you can still farm without participating to the IFO campaign and earn $aCRV.
Jul 31 • 18 tweets • 13 min read
1/14 I've been deeply following @synthetix_io lately, and fundamentals + financials figures are touching the sky. So if you invested in it, here is a simple guide for #DeFi Noobs about #staking $SNX on @synthetix_io platform 🧵👇
And read it carefully! 2/14 First, staking is done on #L2 #Optimism #blockchain
Current APR is 57,21%.
Rewards are in $sUSD - #StableCoin & $SNX. Tokens MUST be claimed every week before the end of each epoch (Wed. at 09:00 UTC) -> Otherwise, rewards go back to the pool.
Jul 24 • 13 tweets • 8 min read
1/11 how much does it cost to farm on @0xconcentrator, to receive their new token $CTR ? What is the minimum amount of your deposit to get your ROI at the end of their IFO ? When could the IFO end ? All the answers in this 🧵here 👇 2/11 So as today, 233k $CTR has been raised out of the targeted 2,5millions of tokens. So, a projection shows an end of their IFO in about 3,5months, so around mid-November at same TVL. Image
Jul 22 • 6 tweets • 4 min read
1/5 Welcome to the following projects who succeeded in getting the Grant Phase 1 from #Optimism and will receive $OP. Any chance this can be distributed to users ? Let's see that 👇
If you like to cover last round results, read that thread:
2/5 @Superfluid_HQ: Request 150k $OP, used to move project treasuries to L2 and paid salaries. That will bring large TVL on Optimism and more over real use cases. That should bring more TVL on $EUR a'd $USD #StableCoin
Jul 20 • 19 tweets • 9 min read
1/17 As all #DEFI users, I had to overcome the meaning of IMPERMANENT LOSS and how to play with it. SO here is my 4 months research gathered in one thread only for you. Ping it, as it will be useful during your whole DEFI Journey 🧵4⃣->3⃣->2⃣->1⃣->👇 2/17 Problem:
a)Very few people understand the meaning of Impermanent Loss
b)People are loosing money due to IL and don’t know why
Jul 16 • 13 tweets • 8 min read
1/11 You don't like IMPERMANENT LOSS, here are some Yield Farming Strategy on stable assets on @0xconcentrator during their #IFO, i.e earning their brand new token $CTR. First, TVL has gone +66% since IFO launches on 14/07. APY are subject to $CTR price and LP prices. 🧵👇💪 2/11 Token from @CurveFinance : $cvxCRV is pegged to $CRV. LP cvxCRV/CRV, 59% APY
Jul 15 • 11 tweets • 11 min read
YIELD OPTIMIZER LIST on top of @ConvexFinance & @CurveFinance
1/10 You know i’m a fan of #DEFI tokens & holding them in my #WEB3 wallet 🤮 So how can I try to generate Yields from $CRV and $CVX tokens? Here is my 🧵for ppl who 1)have small portfolio 2) are beginners in #DeFi 👇 2/10 Llama Airforce:
For: $CVX lockers on @ConvexFinance
How: Redirect bribes from @VotiumProtocol
Benefit: Bribe rewards swaped into $cvxCRV and staked in an autocompounder
Yield: 43% APY
Llama Airforce:
@0xAlunara Image
Jul 5 • 12 tweets • 7 min read
1/11 It’s time for the 2nd 🧵listing the protocols that are applying for the Phase 1 grant of #Optimism and then maybe potential #Airdrops to #Optimsim users. If you would like to review the 1st thread, link is below: 2/11 @picklefinance : Request to distribute 200k $OP over 200 days, 90% Yes
Pickle Finance was the first yield aggregator to launch on Optimism. They plan to distribute $OP as a dual reward to their existing and new pools. They plan to issue new Jars key related to Uniswap V3.