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Mar 2 14 tweets 11 min read
1/14 How could you be eligible to @berachain #Airdrop?

How @BongBearsNFT mixed #Gamification and #NFTfi ?

Before you start playing this game, let's dig into the rules so that you don't get rugged! 2/14 In this thread i will summarize:

- Bong Bear NFT collection & rebase mechanism

- Speculative #Airdrop assumptions

- On-Chain analysis of Most interesting Collection using @bubblemaps

- Metrics of the whole NFT collection
Mar 1 5 tweets 7 min read
How to earn One OG @BongBearsNFT + access to 10x #Airdrops allocation, Boosted Yield, Private access to protocols & other benefits on the @berachain ecosystem?

=> @0xhoneyjar game starts on March 4th, 00:20 UTC. Are you ready ?

TLDR on How to Participate 👇 1/ You don't know what is a gate ? I have u covered

You can't access infinity gate anymore except through 2ndary markey but "Bear Gate" is still accessible. Go to mint your articles:
Feb 21 15 tweets 9 min read
Guess Who am I?

1- A #NFT collection on #Optimism

2- Access to the Largest Private Club

3- Special Privileges on @berachain

If you follow #Optimism as deep as me, then don't read this thread!

For the others: I've digged hours for you! Image What is this #NFT collection from @0xhoneyjar ranking top 2 on @opensea trading volume on @optimismFND ? Image
Feb 13 14 tweets 10 min read
1/ @VelodromeFi locking position are encapsuled in a NFT

This NFT can be sold on a NFT Market Place

veNFT collection from Velodrome is Top 1 in 30days Volume (230 $ETH)

So, how can you benefit from $VELO price action & take profits while locked for 4 years?

A 🧵 2/ In this 🧵, i will show you:
- Where to check the status of a veNFT

- How to reset your veNFT

- Where to list and sell your veNFT

- What is the average price you could expect
Feb 7 12 tweets 7 min read
1/12 #Crypto is a Niche in the Global Finance system. Finance is Complex!

#Defi is a Niche within Crypto. Crypto is Complex!

So how to invest in #Crypto as easy as 1, 2, 3 with no KYC and non-custodial wallet? Defi just becomes Easy! Image 2/12 In this thread, i'll present @NestedFi, a decentralized protocol that allows you to:
- Buy #Crypto with #Fiat /Stable
- Set-up a non custodial portfolio with Metamask
- Buy a basket of Tokens in 1click
- Copy famous traders
- Send your Portfolio to mum (BirthDay Present)
Jan 26 15 tweets 12 min read
1/13 @aladdindao @0xC_Lever @0xconcentrator have seen their price skyrocketing. People are now noticing these projects

But what's next?What's the hidden part of the Iceberg?

🧵 co-written by @CryptoProphet01,@kmets_ & @Subli_Defi, all Aladdin DAO boosters (Non Financial Advice) Image 2/13 $CTR aka @0xconcentrator is a Money Lego built on top of @ConvexFinance , working in sync with the @0xC_Lever protocol while it’s disguised as a simple autocompounder. @0xconcentrator is at the heart of the @aladdindao suite of burgeoning protocols.
Jan 24 7 tweets 4 min read
As deeply involved in the #Optimism Ecosystem, i saw some FUD today about $OP unlock

Data used by CT was wrong unfortunately, and taken from @Token_Unlocks website, who took the data from the official Optimism documentation

Let's shed some light on the truth 👇
@optimismFND Data provided by @Token_Unlocks have been taken from the doc and showed on 25 January "23 a total of 1.1 billion of $OP unlocked

The truth sits at 675m $OP (so 40% less). How? Let's dig in the different category:
Jan 13 23 tweets 18 min read
1/21 #Ethereum⛓ has never been so cheap that the average user is now able to invest on #Defi projects

I'm pleased to share with you my TOP 10 CRYPTO list on #Ethereum that will be part of my investment plan for 2023

Nothing here is financial advice,do your own research anon 🔞 2/21 This list is my own & include projects i follow since months or years, either as an investor, contributor or just by curiosity

I'm sure there are plenty other potential 10X cryptos, but i only talk about project I deeply follow & understand

Let's start right now 👇
Jan 10 16 tweets 6 min read
1/16 2nd farming Strategy on @VelodromeFi

People following this strategy will take advantage of the $OP bonus for the 5 coming months, resulting in increasing (Approx) your locked $VELO by 2.7x your voting power

I show you in this thread How i set up this strategy Image 2/16 Objective: Auto-Maximize your veVELO amount by enjoying weekly Locking Bonus

Results: x2.7 on your initial investment in 5 months

Tips: 4,300$ is the minimum initial investment to enjoy this strategy
Jan 6 16 tweets 11 min read
@berachain is an EVM side chain built on @cosmos, and dedicated to #Defi

Defi primitives DAPPS are Dexes

So let's get a closer look at @beradrome, a new DEX based on @VelodromeFi & @Spirit_Swap V2... interesting match!

🧐: Read till the end to win a #NFT worth 1,44 $ETH Image First of all, you don't know @VelodromeFi ?

It's the main DEX on #Optimism, based on Solidly vision but fine tuned to remove all flaws to make the protocol long term sustainable

Fore more info, you can check this link:… Image
Jan 3 20 tweets 13 min read
In #Crypto, following the Smart Money means following Narratives

@MessariCrypto releases their #Crypto Market Theses (narratives) for 2023,

So read this Mega-🧵 to see where Smart Money will go this year🔥 & benefit from it

Thanks to @twobitidiot for this amazing work ! First of all, if you would like to read the full article, you can download it here:…

Instead of reading 168pages, here is a TL;DR of the most important things to learn 👇

But i added my 2cts on top of it !
Jan 3 7 tweets 3 min read
10. Top Tips given by @twobitidiot and few of my own choice

A summary of @MessariCrypto CEO FREE tips, don't fade him anon Why it's important to produce content: Cause you identify gaps between what you think you understood & what you actually did

Same for me, the more i move forward on twitter thread or video on one project, the more i understand it

No shilling here, just sharing knowledge
Jan 3 14 tweets 8 min read
9. Top 10 Trends in #DAO & #Web3

Give power to the users isn't that the purpose of Decentralization? Read this summary of @MessariCrypto #crypto theses for 2023

Let's dive in 🤿 I think the best part of @twobitidiot on this intro is this statement:

"We don’t need a 30th DEX AMM variant or another
10,000 image animal PFP collection. We do need tools that will ensure crypto truly cannot be shut
Jan 3 17 tweets 11 min read
8. Top 10 trends in #NFT & Decentralized Social

More than Jpeg or blue birds, both areas are keen to take a disruptive turn in 2023 ! A summary of @MessariCrypto #crypto theses for 2023

Let's jump in 🦘 #NFT market cap is estimated around 7-10b$

@BoredApeYC is the 2nd NFT collection in Market Cap. And like criminal gangs or Rotary Club, belonging to a Family is important: Recognition & Fame
Jan 2 10 tweets 8 min read
6. Top 10 Ethereum & L1 trends

While #L222 season is behind us, don't fade mother nature and its cousins !

Copyrights @MessariCrypto #crypto theses 2023! In 2022 the #ethereum blockain saw a major milestone: #themerge: move from POW to POS

And together with the implementation of EIP 1559 (burn mechanism), $ETH supply shrinked significantly & even went deflationist

Check this website for such data
Jan 2 10 tweets 5 min read
5. TOP 10 Cryptocurrency trends

Stablecoin, meme, cbdc, a summary of @MessariCrypto #crypto theses for 2023 #bitcoin cannot be integrated as a reserve currency or used widely due to its volatility. However, collateralized stablecoins coul play that role and be used as currency

"Bitcoin is big now, and its continued ascendance will be slow, but powerful."
Jan 1 4 tweets 3 min read
4. Top 10 trends in #Crypto policy

2022 was a DOOM year, so what's up for us for 2023?

A summary of @MessariCrypto #crypto theses Image #crypto regulation is the next big thing to come and imo could kick off the new bull market as new institutions/funds will come in, regulations should cover:
- centralized echanges
- stablecoin
- user/consumer protection
- privacy Vs auditability
Dec 30, 2022 10 tweets 6 min read
3. Top 10 trends in #CEFI

A summary of 2023 #crypto theses from @MessariCrypto

Despite being a #Defi maxi, #CeFi will continue to play a large role in institutions onboarding Remember all centralized places that fell down this year. A well made summary done by @cmsintern
Dec 29, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
1. Top 10 Narratives & Investment themes

A summary of @MessariCrypto theses for 2023

Do your homework anon Crypto is inevitable. Despite people loosing money due to Greed, there hasn't been so strong fundations being built during those times.
Dec 6, 2022 20 tweets 13 min read
1/12 As you know, I’m deeply following #Optimism ecosystem

To be ready for 2023/2024, I would like to share with you the projects I’m planning to invest in

Non financial Advice / Do your own research

And please reply if you would like me to dig into some other ones! Image 2/12 First of all, catalysts you should not miss is #Optimism grant

All projects who received a $OP allocation will see a Price Increase since part of the grant will be used to incentivize Gov. token liquidity

For a full review check this table:…
Dec 6, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
1/3 @TokenBrice , member of Liquity team – a decentralized lending protocol with its stablecoin $LUSD - is today sponsoring 0⃣6⃣-DEC contest :
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3⃣ Follow @LiquityProtocol
4⃣ Follow @ChickenBonds

⏰ 7days

💰 1 winner: Chicken Bond NFT

⛓️#Ethereum 2/3 If you want to know more about chicken bond, it’s a new way to attract, develop & retain TVL by avoiding the protocol to spend its own native token (aka liquidity mining):

More info on this video: