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When you hear negative things about #Bitcoin like
- Bitcoin will go to zero
- Bitcoin is energy intensive
- Bitcoin is centralized
- Bitcoin will be shutdown
- Bitcoin is used by criminals

etc. don't pay attention, they're unaware of facts...

A small thread 🧵 👇 Image

They say: #Bitcoin is going down to zero

We say: There is zero chance #Bitcoin can go to zero and there is minor chance for it to reach zero in 2018 but it survived.

#Bitcoin is anti fragile and resilient.


They say: #Bitcoin could go to zero, its primarily mining centralized in China 🇨🇳 and the state actors could 51% attack this network and bring it down to its knees.

We say: China 🇨🇳 banned #Bitcoin mining and the industry just moved out of China and it's growing outside. Image
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$PRXY Details on @BTC_proxy.

🔸Competitor to $WBTC ($8.7 billion MC) & $REN ($1 billion MC).

- 2 Million MC
- 2.3 Million current supply
- 21 Million max supply in 2 years
- Check out Proxy
🔸BITCOIN bridge to DEFI staking $BTC on $MATIC L2 to bring #Bitcoin to #DeFi with no gas, no slippage and $PRXY token governance
🔸@BTC_proxy vs the COMPETITION .

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1/ There are other layer 1s being adopted. Some layers 1s include:

1) @avalancheavax

2) @Polkadot

3) @Cardano

And so many more that are in development or early stages
2/ @avalancheavax

Another smart contract platform, $AVAX has gone from 0 to ~$4bn in TVL in 6 months

Source: @DefiLlama
3/ $AVAX continued

Let's not forget those NFTs
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1/ Adoption of #Solana is hitting critical mass. A popular #Solana wallet, @phantom, has been live 6 months and already has 400k weekly active users
2/ And the entire $SOL ecosystem. The point is that there is a lot in this picture

Source: @solanians_
3/ Total Value Locked in #DeFi protocols on #Solana are nearing ~$9bn as of this writing. Exponential growth anyone?

Source: @DefiLlama
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Today's special issue: smart contracts on @THORChain – the mind-bending, killer feature, that (almost nobody) talks about.

TL;DR: @Thorchain will deploy smart contracts faster than @Cardano

Smart contracts extend the capabilities of the @THORChain by deploying custom logic that can be formulated using @THORChain financial primitives.

Let's have a look at some of them:

@THORChain has four types of key, financial primitives:

1. $RUNE
2. Synthetics – secured and derived from LP collateral
3. LP units – your “share” of ownership of a pool
4. THOR.USD – arguably the most important composite

On top of that TC is a price oracle and gas oracle.

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. @michael_saylor on unregistered securities:

"It is a security. You are violating securities law, the law is black and white. The only people who think it's not a security are the people who don't know the law."
"If you look at everybody in the #crypto space outside of #bitcoin I think most of them have never taken a company public, they don't have general counsels, they don't understand securities laws at it stands."
"I can't go... It would be inappropriate, unethical and illegal for me to go and give a million shares of $MSTR to a quarterback, and then have him stand up and say " $MSTR Coin is the future" on Twitter. The whole point of securities laws is I have to disclose that via an 8-K."
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Yesterday we launched the FIRST EVER #Layer2 bridge to a centralised exchange 🥂 - @bitfinex, but what does that mean for you?

🧵 #Thread🧵 (1/6)
Remember how you used to pay those pesky gas fees 💸 and wait absurd times ⏳ when moving from an exchange to #DeFi? This all changes now with minuscule fees and rapid transfers!
This bridge🌉now enables fast and low-cost transfers between #Bitfinex & #DeversiFi meaning that you can move @Tether_to tokens ($USDt) seamlessly between the two platforms, without ever touching #Layer1 #Ethereum! And what's more, we’ll be adding more #ERC20 tokens soon!
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1/ One of the important utilities we want to bring to the Moonsama NFT's will be their ability to act as a governance NFToken.

We are working on a snapshot voting system, 1 NFT = 1 vote.

Easy to implement since there are multiple governance solutions built on $ETH
2/ This will give the community control of important decisions going forward that shape the evolution of the project.

For instance, we can have the community vote in new skins/models/NFT's into the marketplace.

In addition to the unannounced utility the NFT provides in game.
3/ As the initial distribution of the NFT's was sufficiently decentralised, we as the team will be unable to force an outcome of the vote (we do not possess 51% of the NFT's).
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A THREAD on insightful thoughts on crypto by @santiagoroel:


I don’t think the world has realized the power of capital moving at the speed of information. #DeFi

DeFi is democratizing finance.

DeFi is the global payment & financial rails of the future.

Most don’t know it yet.

Crypto is still not obvious to most. Neither was the Internet as late as 2001. Yet here we are - most can’t live without the Internet.

Make no mistake, crypto will be as transformational. We’re headed to a world where you’re in control of your capital, data & digital assets.
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/1 @GlitchProtocol is a “blockchain agnostic super protocol designed to facilitate trustless money markets” But what does this mean? And what makes $GLCH special?

Glitch’s underlying focus is #Defi applications with scalability on L1 at its heart. 💜 👇
/2 Glitch aims to achieve industry-leading scalability through low-latency, high throughput transaction processing. With a block-time of 0.5 seconds, GLITCH boasts 3000 tps minimum which will increase as the network continues to grow. ⚡ Image
/3 Additionally, the utility of Tendermint’s Application Block Chain Interface (ABCI) allows transactions on GLITCH to be processed in any programming language. Attracting developers of all backgrounds to build on the network. 🖥️
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1) As the DEX sector has matured, $SUSHI and $UNI have begun to differentiate in a big way.

Uniswap has become solely focused on spot trading on ETH and L2’s, while Sushi is moving towards a defi suite of products across multiple chains and L2’s.

Thread 👇
2)The two largest DEX’s differ in more than just the products; they have massively different user bases as well. To explain, let's look at how each has performed since the mid-May drawdown.
3) As prices declined in May / June, DeFi usage temporarily fell off a cliff and this is where the differentiation began. From peak to trough, $SUSHI weekly volumes fell -85% while $UNI volumes fell just -68%, a relatively large underperformance from Sushi.
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Following the Layer 1 season like other #blockchain, $NEAR also gained extensive attention from various #DEFI users and investors. What element drives the growth of Near?

Let's follow the footprint of @NEARProtocol in the thread below👇 Image
@NEARProtocol 1/ During the bull run, $NEAR joined the party that witnessed the 6x upside while reaching the new ATH. In the meantime, the various on-chain signals recorded peak, and a few major native #dapps decided to launch their tokens like first AMM DEX $REF or NFT marketplace @ParasHQ
@NEARProtocol @ParasHQ 2/ Social media has complemented ETH 2.0 & its sharding technology vision for a long time, but it takes years to apply. However, #NEAR step-up and takes the sharded nature as its core to solve blockchain trilemma, might even further advance than ETH2.0 Image
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I was curious about #NFTs , #DeFi , and Smart Contracts.

I dove in head first. I learned Solidity and Web3 by creating this project.

Here's step by step how I went from zero smart contract knowledge, to minting an ERC751 NFT.

I read two main articles that got me started with learning huge shout out to @nateliason & @dabit3……
Then taught me Solidity. I just went through their tutorial and by the end I felt I had a pretty decent grasp on how to write these things. I just needed practice.
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Gerçek token destekli, çapraz-zincir çalışabilen @MatrixETF #kripto #ETF alanındaki eksikliği gidermek için güçlü bir destekçi ekibiyle yarın @gateioIExchange üzerinden 6 saat sürecek bir IDO ile piyasaya giriş yapacak. Yatırımcıların, ortak bir sepette belirli ağırlıklarda
Ve yüzdelerde token bulundurması talebini son döneminde hype projelerinden @Solana ve #Ethereum ağlarında #mainnet açılışıyla karşılamayı planlayan #MatrixETF kullanıcılara uzun-dönemli ve istikrarlı kar edinimi için merkeziyetsiz, kişiselleştirilmiş ve
iyi tokenlerden oluşan geniş yelpazede token imkanı sunan bir yatırım portfolyosu oluşturma hizmeti sunacak. İlk etapta 4-5 #ETF ile başlayacak proje #DeFi, #NFT, #Layer2 gibi alanlarda sepeti çeşitlendirerek kullanıcılarına farklı seçenekler sunacak.
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With #DeFi heating up, more and more people are beginning to use #DEXs over traditional #CEXs🙌

However, some people are still confused about what a #DEX is and the different types that exist!

Here's a summary👇 #Thread
#CEXs are often the place users go to buy their first #cryptocurrency 🪙
However, in order to use them, you must create an account on their website and send your money to them trusting that they will (hopefully🤞) send it back when you’re finished 😅
#DEXs exist on multiple blockchains, but the most popular ones are built on #Ethereum. Instead of creating an account to use them, you connect existing Ethereum wallets (such as @MetaMask) and then start making trades! 🙌
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So you pulled off a successful blackhat hack, or you just happen to run a profitable ransomware operation. How to convert your profits to Lambos?

Let the daddy godfather @moo9000 to tell you, a thread.

2/ This is in the light of the the recent OFAC notice against Suex (on paper in Prague, in practice in Russia) money-laundering front. They laundered BTC for the ransomware gangs.
3/ Read this excellent fresh post by @trmlabs on the topic…
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1/14 What is Olympus Pro and what does it mean for @OlympusDAO , $OHM and (3, 3) other than numba go up? At its core, Olympus Pro is all about bringing (3, 3) to the whole of DeFi, not just the Ohmies.

A 🧵 on how Olympus Pro brings (3, 3) to the next level 👇
2/14 We have covered what $OHM is & how #OHMISBACKED. Briefly, $OHM's bond sales, strong community & game theory mechanics enabled liquidity ownership rather than relying on mercenary capital from LPs. This enables $OHM to be a reserve asset in #DeFi

3/14 #OlympusPro is bringing this bond sale program to other protocols, enabling them to OWN their liquidity by providing protocol-owned liquidity-as-a-service. This allows them to focus on building better products.…
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1/9 Time for a thread about #IOTA, the up coming smart contract platform #ISCP and why I'm excited for the ecosystem #DEFI #ETH #FTM #AVAX #BNB #SOL...
2/9 What do all major smart contract platforms and their native token have in common leading up to and immediately after the launch of their smart contract system?
3/9 Price appreciation, all major L1/L2 solutions have had significant run ups in price prior to and after launching successful smart contracts, well over and above market trends. See Solana's recent SC launch price appreciation below....
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Ce soir, devant vos yeux ébahis et en totale exclusivité... Je vais vous parler du projet français @WonderfulDinos (#NFT) et de son histoire !

Comme vous pouvez le voir dans la miniature ci-dessous, ce sont donc des #NFTs qui représentent des petits Dino plutôt cool !
L'auteur du projet @WonderfulDinos est quelqu'un de curieux, qui aime beaucoup #coder et le concept de #generativeart l'intrigait au plus haut point.

C'est donc en quête d'acquérir de nouvelles connaissances et de #challenge qu'il va se lancer dans cette belle aventure.
Après plusieurs heures de recherches sur le thème de ses futurs #NFTs, il repense à son enfance et à son amour pour les #dinosaures et la paléontologie.

Il est donc décider et ce sera le thème des #Dinosaures, un point c'est tout !
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Why should you own @Thorstarter’s native token #XRune? How does it differentiate itself from existing launchpads? Here is our 8-point explanation; feel free to comment. I hope it is worth a #satoshi. As always, DYOR! #crypto #blockchain #DeFi #investing
1.@Thorstarter is a decentralized launchpad that brings deep liquidity to long-tail crypto assets right from the beginning. On the contrary, many launchpads fail to provide enough liquidity to projects, thus leading to high slippage fees and dissatisfied users.
2.@Thorstarter provides projects with liquidity grants to give them a kickstart before the launch via Initial DEX Offerings in which investors can grab a share of the early action. The project’s token enters a liquidity pool with XRune and is available to a wider audience.
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Hemos traducido al español Guía @arbitrum sobre esta solución de escalabilidad para #DeFi de bajo coste en la red #ethereum donde además de contarte qué es y porque usarla, te cuenta como configurar tu Metamask, usar el puente y su explorador.…

Abro Hilo
1/ Configura Arbitrum One en tu Metamask Image
2/ Utiliza el puente Arbitrum Image
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🧵6 Magical Reasons why we recommend to HODL $Rune, the native token of @THORChain. #Blockchain #Crypto #DeFi #investing
1. @THORChain is a liquidity protocol that thanks to its interface @THORSwap allows transactions across multiple blockchains. That is really powerful stuff given that no one else out there can do it now!
2. The price of $Rune is undervalued. The network had recently seen some network attacks. Many investors saw it as a bad sign, however, we believe that it is good that it happened in the early days. Thanks to them, the network is now better than ever prepared for the future.
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1/ Up next in #cryptothoughts, in which I take a closer look at some of the projects in the crypto/blockchain space that have me beyond #bullish, is @tezos, which recently recorded 600,000 transactions in a single day, representing over 50% of #Ethereum's daily trade volume.
2/ There's so much to love about #Tezos, which has really emerged as one of the fastest-growing, top-tier ecosystems for all things #DeFi, #NFTs, #Gaming, & more. Tezos scored a gigantic coup last month when pop sensation @DojaCat dropped the bombshell that she'd be releasing a
3/ set of eco-friendly #NFTs on the #Tezos blockchain, causing the price of Tezos' native token, $XTZ, to skyrocket in value. Attracting a big-name star like #DojaCat to the ecosystem should only help Tezos lure in even more talent down the line, especially as celebrities &
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En Twitter estamos siempre hablando de la magia de #DeFi.

Pero ¿Qué es DeFi realmente?

Lo más importante es entender que DeFi no es una empresa, una blockchain ni un proyecto puntual. Es mucho más que eso, es un concepto, una filosofía.

Abro hilo 👇
DeFi significa Decentralized Finance: servicios financieros descentralizados.

Es la posibilidad de acceder a miles de servicios de todo tipo sin tener que pasar por los bancos ni por entidades centralizadas.
¿A qué nos referimos con servicios financieros?

Obtener préstamos, invertir para recibir ingresos pasivos, contratar seguros, intercambiar activos.

Cosas que siempre hicieron los bancos y algunas instituciones financieras de forma centralizada.
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