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(she/her/ma'am) Anarchist in Palestine. Ask me about Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions of Israel. #BDS #AbolishPrisons #feminist #queer #bisexual #vegan #witch
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What I could make out:
"... it was heartwrenching to see him. A paramedic sat with him for an hour- hour and a half- and treated him. The brought him back in better condition [unintelligible].. after 4-5 days he didn't get better, they changed his antibiotics [unintelligible]. We were 5 and each one had someone guarding them. [unintelligible].. They took all the details. And there are a lot of women here who know what it's like, female hygene, they made sure we had everything. They cleaned the toilets- not us.
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Remember sweet old Ezra Yahin, 90-year-old grampa who enlisted into Israel's reserves out of a sense of duty?

So here he is boosting the morale of his young brothers in arms🧵

"Good luck! Kick their butts as much as you can so that we don't leave a trace of them. So that not they, not their mother, not their daughter, not their babies, they must not live, these animals. These days, we won't have a choice. We'll get more missiles from Hizballah, and all the Arabs in the country will rise against us, and then we won't have a choice.
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As Israel continues its massacres in Gaza, killing another 14 indigenous Palestinians, including 4 more children, a pattern emerges pointing to @ElbitSystemsLtd's complicity.
🪡 #ShutElbitDown THREAD👇

But first, let's say the names of the victims: 1- Tareq Ezzeddin, 49
2- Ali Ezzeddin, 9
3- Mayar Ezzeddin, 11
4- Khalil Bahtini, 45
5- Hajar Bahtini, 5
6- Laila Bahtini, 44
7- Yousef Khaswan, 20
8- Dr. Jamal Khaswan, 53
9- Mervat Khaswan, 45
10- Dania Adas, 19
11- Eman Adas, 14
12- Jihad Ghannam, 62
13- Wafa’s Ghannam, 50
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The ratio of dead children-to-grown men in Israel's latest massacre in Gaza created "difficult pictures to explain". So Israel fixed it in the only way it knows how: It executed another 4 grown men.

🪡 THREAD👇 Indigenous Palestinian prot...Saed Ferwana (28) and Wael ...Saed Ferwana (28) and Wael ... Saed Ferwana (28) and Wael Agha (34) were executed with a missile to their car in Gaza, while indigenous Palestinian protectors, Ahmad Assaf (19) and Rani Qatanat (24) were killed resisting the Israeli military invasion into Qabatiya. english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/…
May 9 32 tweets 18 min read
Not content with a daily execution in the West Bank, Israel goes to its own personal killing field,Gaza, where it can bomb indigenous Palestinians in a concentration camp like fish in a barrel, obliterate families, and call it "self defense".

🪡 THREAD👇 13 indigenous Palestinians,... You'll probably hear about how Israel killed Palestinian militants,but you won't hear about their children&wives that it exterminated along with them.Because Israel doesn't kill indigenous guerillas on the battlefield. It assassinates them with bombs in their homes as they sleep.
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As Sam Smith cancels Israel following a massive public campaign to boycott apartheid, the moral imperative for solidarity with Palestinians has never been more urgent. Over the past 3 days, Israel has killed another 7 Palestinians.

🪡 THREAD👇 Thursday morning, May 4th 2... Thursday morning, Israel's perfidy unit + 200 soldiers invaded the Palestinian city Nablus, besieged a house, and fired bullets and missiles until it killed indigenous Palestinian protectors, Moath Masri (35) Hasan Qatanani (35), and Ibrahim Jabr (45).
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Nothing terrifies the colony more than evidence of the existence of the indigenous people it's attempting to erase.
mondoweiss.net/2023/01/itamar… #RaisethePalestinianFlag

🪡 THREAD👇 So terrifying are the indigenous flags to the most heavily armed and technologically advanced colony in the Middle East, that Israel's Minister of National Security calls them "terrorism" and "incitement to terrorism".
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Yesterday Israel's army raided the village of Al-Jawaya (because nothing necessitates a military raid like the task of handing out a piece of paper) in Masafer Yatta, and notified 5 families that it plans to destroy their homes and three water wells.
english.wafa.ps/Pages/Details/… Israel's crime against humanity, working slowly but methodically to ethnically cleanse the 2500 indigenous Palestinian children, women, and men of Masafer Yatta, is sanctioned- again and again- by its supremest of courts.
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Holding up its execution rate, Israel opens the first week of 2023 with 4 executions of indigenous Palestinians in the West Bank. Three of them were children. Both Samer Houshiyya (22) & Fuad ‘Aabed (17) were executed with several bullets to the chest.🪡👇
imemc.org/article/israel… Samer Houshiyya (22) and Fu... The following night, January 3, Adam Ayyad (15) was also executed with a bullet to the chest, during Israel's invasion into the Deheishe refugee camp. Another child was shot with a live round in the arm during the invasion.
imemc.org/article/israel… @bookingcom On the night of January 3, ...
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1| I try to focus on a single story in every post, but I want us to have proportions. So let's compare and contrast #Israel's response to @benandjerrys's not wanting to be complicit in its #WarCrimes, to Israel's actual war crimes.
imemc.org/article/israel… 2| The beautiful soul in this picture is 11 year-old Mohammad ‘Allami, who was executed by Israel's army, when he was convincing his daddy to go back to a shop to by him something. Mohammad's sister was also in the car, she wasn't physically injured.
Jul 28, 2021 10 tweets 14 min read
1| #Ceasefire rages on as the #OnlyDemocracyInTheMiddleEast™ continues street #executions, and corpse abduction of #indigenous people under its military regime 👇 #NotTheOnion🍍
imemc.org/article/soldie… #Israel #ceaseapartheid 2| Israel's army shot and killed Shadi Salim (41), at #Beita junction, making him the 311th indigenous #Palestinian, to be killed by Israel's army since the beginning of 2021, and the 51st Palestinian to be killed from the #WestBank.
Jul 27, 2021 13 tweets 14 min read
1| "Don't worry, we only sell our #Orwellian wares to governments." ~#TheOnlyDemocracyInTheMiddleEast™ 👇
theguardian.com/world/2021/jul… #NotTheOnion🍍 #Israel #capitalism #NSOGroup #PegasusProject 2| What caught my eye in this @guardian article was the quote:

“In Israel there is a strong political movement to make #diplomacy through #business. Business first, diplomacy later. When you make a deal together, it opens a lot of doors to diplomacy.”
Jul 26, 2021 18 tweets 17 min read
1| In #TheOnlyDemocracyInTheMiddleEast™ refraining from profiting from #CrimesAgainstHumanity is a crime.👇

#NotTheOnion🍍 #Israel @benandjerrys #Benandjerrys #IceCream 2| There's probably not a single person on the planet who hasn't heard the earth shattering news:
Ben & Jerry's will no longer sell ice cream to Israelis living in occupied #Palestinian land.
May 20, 2021 5 tweets 5 min read
No spine, no #journalism ethics. @SkyNews serves as the mouth piece of Israel's army, now busy committing #GenocideinGaza.

We better be seeing some serious disciplinary action. At least they didn't straight out call for #genocide like @Newsweek, because that's how low the standards are.

And here disciplinary action is not enough, a criminal investigation for #HateCrime and #IncitementToGenocide.
May 20, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
I'd like to reiterate a few points I made last night about the @newyorkerunion #FromtheRivertotheSea statement, so here's a throwback thread 👇
May 19, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Israel's moderate voices - a case study in 4 parts:

1⃣ "Pointless", much like the more common "senseless", often in conjunction with the word "violence", obfuscates the fact that violence and cruelty are never pointless. They have a very poignant goal- domination, land, money. 2⃣ If there's colonisation (i.e. genocide), there's resistance. Not the other way around.
May 18, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
#Palestine48 || "Shut up and be thankful to have second class citizenship": An #Apartheid thread 👇🧵🪡 (1/4) "Hi Vici, happy holiday, due to the current situation, a strike was announced by our Arab community, that’s why I won’t be coming to work tomorrow. Hoping for the best 🌷"
May 18, 2021 10 tweets 13 min read
1| From @iamjohnoliver calling out #Israel's #apartheid and #WarCrimes on primetime; @ParisHilton tweeting an impassioned plea to #savePalestine and #StoptheGenocide..

theonion.com/the-onion-call… 2| ..to @TheOnion offering themselves up as a human shields to #Palestinians in #Gaza under Israel's hellfire; whether we can see it yet or not, yesterday heralded cataclysmic events that will radically shift our political landscape.
Nov 23, 2020 10 tweets 12 min read
1| Americans should contemplate long and hard why one of Trump's most burning tasks, right before he leaves office, is the targeting of a #HumanRights movement lead by an #indigenous people on the other side of the globe 👇
amnesty.org/en/latest/news… #USA #Israel #Palestinians #BDS 2| Let's first recall that the Palestinian-lead global BDS movement has already been designated by the @UN as a #HumanRightsDefenders movement, whose speech is protected.
Nov 22, 2020 8 tweets 11 min read
1| In solidarity with #Palestinian #queers and the #indigenous Palestinian people as a whole, 7 #Brazilian #filmmakers, over half the Brazilian shorts in the #Israel government-partnered #LGBT #filmfestival, TLVFest, have pulled out of the festival.
bdsmovement.net/news/mass-with… 2| The Brazilian filmmakers join Shin Seung Eun (Mother-in-Law, South Korea), Artemis Anastasiadou (I am Mackenzie, Greece) John Eames (March for Dignity, UK), Maggie Bailey (Sweet Sweet Kink, US), Andrew Blackman (Inferno, New Zealand) in pulling their films from the festival.