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In July 1967, weeks after it occupied the West Bank and Gaza, #Israel considered - in a top secret memo (*with utmost thanks to @Akevot for exposing) - two primary options for the recently occupied territory. Annexation or the establishment of a #Palestinian state. Image
Israeli officials write with a sense of urgency, cautioning that Israel will be perceived by the international community as "maintaining colonial rule in these occupied territory," while considering the options for an example of occupied Palestinian territory.
Annexation of the West Bank and Gaza to Israel, "with limited autonomy for the people of the West Bank (e.g., establishing a canton l)," is seento allow for effective control and isolation of Gaza. They are equally aware of the prohibition on annexation and alien domination. Image
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US politicians using their soldiers and taxpayer money as cannon fodder throwing bodies at all the unnecessary wars based on lies & deceit to keep #MilitaryIndustrialComplex a well oiled running machine.

A thread 🧵 on wars for your awareness👇

America loses most wars on the ground. America lost…

- The War in Afghanistan
- The Vietnam war
- The Bay of Pigs invasion
- The Korean war
- Russian civil war
- Second Samoan war
- Paiwan war (Formosa expedition)
- Powder River Indian war
- War of 1812

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Yesterday, the people of Ein Samiya (on the outskirts of Ramallah), following severe and repeated settler attacks had to leave their homes. The entire community consisting of 37 households (roughly 172 people, including 78 children) were forcibly transferred through coercion. Image
Violence, directed at #Palestinian persons and property, is inherent to #Israeli settlements. From their establishment to their expansion through outposts, settlements exteriorize harassment and violence against Palestinians in their path, as the heat map shows. Image
The International Criminal Tribunal on Yugoslavia (ICTY), and later the @IntlCrimCourt, held that the term “forcibly” in relation to forcible transfer is not restricted to physical force, but may include threat of force or coercion, such as that caused by fear of violence,……
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BREAKING: #Israel's 2023 (top up)-2024 "special budget allocation" (beyond the regular state budget): 75 million ILS (20 million USD) to forcibly transfer #Palestinians from Area C of the West Bank (e.g., by destroying humanitarian aid), and 404 million ILS (111 million USD)…… Image
Furthering the annexation of occupied #Palestinian territory on February 23' with the transfer of powers to Israel's civil government, the allocations are to the Ministry of National Missions, headed by Orit Strook (Religion Zionism - Jewish Power). Image
In practice, #Israeli settlers - through regional and local councils - will be tasked and equipped to "search and destroy" #Palestinian property and humanitarian assistance they accepted. Image
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Since the beginning of the year and with a new #Israeli government led by the most extreme elements, @ochaopt and @UNHumanRights documented a 57 percent increase in the number of #Palestinians killed by Israeli forces. Image
A 70 percent increase in the lethality of Israeli operations this year demonstrates a change in the rules of engagement towards the liberal use of lethal force, and the employment of tactics and weapons delivering an increasingly lethal effect.
Combined with 225 attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank, of which 89 resulted in casualties, the systematic targeting of Palestinians is a daily and deadly reality.
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#Israel's coalition government sequenced its constitutional overhaul back in December 2022, and has since followed diligently on the legislative, policy, and political measures outlined to extinguish #Palestinian self-determination. A reminder thread: Image
The preamble to the policy platform of #Israel's 37th Government reads: the Jewish people has an exclusive and irrefutable sovereign right to all of the land of Israel (historic Palestine). The government will promote and develop settlements in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). Image
1. To execute said policy, the government will promote legislative amendments, particularly to the balance between the legislator, executive, and judiciary, and the appointment of justices. The legislative overhaul will take absolute and complete precedence over all legislation.2 Image
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🇮🇱 🇵🇸 A week ago in #Jenin, undercover #Israeli forces killed four #Palestinians including a 14-year-old boy.

I conducted an #OSINT investigation into the targeted killings and geolocated some of the events that took place that day. ⤵️…
🔍 Key resources included using a combination of @googlemaps, Google Earth Pro, and @suncalc_net. But the most important in determining the location was @mapillary. Sources from @Telegram and @Twitter accounts sharing content was also vital. #OSINT
.@mapillary was very useful to @bellingcat in unpacking the shooting of Shireen Abu Akleh, a prominent Palestinian-American journalist working with Al Jazeera outside #Jenin in 2022.…
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Of all the people who have blocked me, this was perhaps the most apparent (this and the Hillel Neuer block).

@Aizenberg55 engages in selective information with the veneer of it being "authentic". He rose to "fame" with his 303 errors found in the @HRW apartheid report..
that was hosted by NGO Monitor, an extended arm of the Israeli state, whose goal is to discredit #NGOs working in solidarity with #Palestinians or who are actual #Palestinian NGOs.
So Aizenberg decided going for the block after being exposed or having been fed the parts that he was omitting. In many cases he was posting clearly deceiving information or was not able to respond to specific questions.

This behaviour is of course not trustworthy and
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Three Palestinians killed in Israeli forces fire south of Jenin city

The #Israeli illegal occupation forces killed three #Palestinian young men Thursday morning in Jaba’ town, south of Jenin, in the West Bank.
‘The occupation troops stormed the town, deployed snipers on the rooftops, and opened fire on a car with three young men on board, killing them’, Wafa News Agency said.
On Tuesday, the Israeli occupation committed a massacre in Jenin camp in the West Bank, claiming the lives of six people.
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#Apartheid: "#Israel, they explained repeatedly, is experiencing an unprecedented 'crisis of #democracy'. This take is not necessarily wrong – after all the proposals being discussed are real and indeed extremely concerning. But ...…
... news reports in the Hebrew-language press like the ones cited above, and the experiences of millions of #Palestinians living under “Israeli #democracy”, suggest it is highly misleading. The dominant narrative about #Israel currently circulating in the Global North ...
... is informed by the familiar trope that Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East”. As such, reports that are seemingly criticizing the new Netanyahu government as “undemocratic” are actually serving to whitewash the inherently undemocratic nature of Israel ...
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#UN human rights official condemns #Israel after #Nablus massacre

The #UN's High Commissioner specifically condemned #Israel's use of 'explosive projectiles' on civilians, killing 11, injuring 102 others…
Volker Turk, the #UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, condemned #Israel’s recent use of “explosive projectiles” against #Palestinians during a massacre on 23 February, resulting in 102 injuries and 11 deaths in the #WestBank city of #Nablus.…
“I am deeply concerned that scores of #Palestinians, including a boy & 3 older men, were killed & hundreds injured in the #Israeli operation in #Nablus & by airstrikes & rocket attacks between #Israel & #Palestinian armed groups in the #Gaza Strip.”
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Purported annexation of occupied #Palestinian territory would was decreed yesterday by #Israel, subsuming functions of its military government into the metropolitan government and applying its internal law and institutions to occupied territory.

Following are the details: Image
Recent changes to #Israel’s Basic Law: The Government created a ministry within the Ministry of Defense responsible for the military government of occupied Palestinian territory. Handed to Religious Zionism leader, Bezalel Smotrich, it gives effect to the coalition agreement...
1. All “civilian affairs” in the West Bank will come under the authority of the Minister (Smotrich), and be delegated to the Deputy Heads of the Israeli Civil Administration (Deputy ICA), a non-uniformed political appointee of the Minister, from within his political base.
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#Syria condemns #Israeli occupation brutal practices against #Palestinian people
Syria condemned in the strongest terms the brutal practices of the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinian people, stressing its firm stance in supporting them, a statement by Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said.
"Syria condemns the #Israeli acts of aggression, the most recent of which was the perpetration of a massacre in #Nablus city on Wednesday, which resulted in the martyrdom of 11 #Palestinians and the injury of more than 100 others” the statement read.
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🌐 News summary of the hour:
Occupied #Jerusalem:
- Occupation forces storm Shuafat refugee camp in occupied #Jerusalem.

- In rejection of the occupation's violations and attacks in #Nablus.. a
comprehensive strike in occupied #Jerusalem schools.

- Clashes break out in the town of Sur Baher in occupied #Jerusalem.

- Occupation forces release Sheikh Al-Maqdisi, Abdullah Alqam, on the
condition that he be deported to the city of Jericho.

West Bank:
Fatah central member, Abbas Zaki: It was supposed to sign a new agreement between "Israel" and the #Palestinian Authority on the 26th
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🌐: Brief news of the hour:

Occupied #Jerusalem:
- Occupation forces open fire towards a #Palestinian woman at the entrance to the "Ma'ale Adumim" settlement in occupied #Jerusalem.

- In solidarity
with #Nablus: The strike permeates the towns and neighborhoods of the occupied city of #Jerusalem.

- In mourning and in solidarity with #Nablus, Al-Aqsa Mosque schools are suspending their working
hours today.

West Bank:
- A comprehensive strike prevails in the cities of the West Bank after the occupation massacre in #Nablus yesterday, which resulted in the death of 11 #Palestinians, amid
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.US designated #Hamas terrorist incites #Palestinians to jihad against Jews in Judea & Samaria saying this land means more to Jews than Tel-Aviv or anywhere.

Bc it does: Jews are from Judea.
seizing it

as they have seized Jews’ most important holy site, the TM

.Common language suggests tightly coordinated plan by the PA, Hamas, PIJ dating back before the May, 2021 Gaza episode. Iran colludes. Other groups, like the newly formed Lion’s Den & “Battalions” from Nablus, Jenin & several Pal cities, compete for leadership of “the resistance”
.Common language among the PA’s Fatah, PIJ, & Hamas on reporting Friday’s car ramming incident in which 3 Jews were murdered at a bus stop, 2 young children, in the on- going Israeli-Palestinian low-level war includes the following phrases:

“natural response”
“Crimes of the
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Quick 🧵 on #Syria

US sanctions are hurting people across #Syria. And despite humanitarian exemptions, they have a chilling effect. True.

Also true: US sanctions are not the main reason for why Northwest Syria has hardly any capacity to respond to the quake nor receive aid.
2/By imposing the frame that the west is to blame mainly for the crisis in #Syria , we gaslight Syrians who have been suffering directly from Moscow, Damascus and Tehran. The former two have weaponized aid and systematically bombed hospitals and clinics in opposition areas.
3/Mischaracterizing the crisis also indirectly supports the regime's view that the solution to the lack of relief in the Northwest is to allow Damascus to fully consolidate relief.

But the humanitarian crisis exists because Assad has for years denied aid to areas that oppose him
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Arafat Arfaia during his interrogation: "I didn't just rape someone, I murdered a Jewish woman. You won't be able to understand it because our thinking is different. I have done everything an Arab dreams of."
Arfaia: "I made my parents very proud of what I did".

Q: "How do murder and rape cause pride?"

Arfaia: "You won't be able to understand. If you ask anyone if they ... If they would be happy to kill a Jew... you will see that I have done everything that Arabs dream of doing".
Q: "Why didn't you just do it a while ago if you so longed for it?"

Arfaia: "This is not what Allah planned for me. This murder is the best and most important thing I have done in my life. If she had stayed alive it would have meant that I had failed in what I had planned and
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Statement by the #EU HR on #JeninMassacre: At least 9 Palestinians were killed, and more than 20 injured by #Israel Forces. This brings the number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank to 30 this year & more than 150 Palestinians killed incl 30 children!Ycdmrn
#Israel 2expel families & relatives & close/demolish/ occupy homes f #Palestinians who attack occupation forces. Punitive demolition f 55100 Palestinian properties-a war crime under intrntonl law-is a punitive method used n d occupied territories since 1967 to Judaize #Palestine.
Although revoked by the British, #Israel adopt the 1945 Mandatory #Palestine Defence Regulations & gave authority to military commanders to confiscate & raze "any house, structure or land the inhabitants of which he is satisfied to have committed any offence involving violence."
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#Palestinian Authority: #IOF #Jenin raid 'organized #crime and a #massacre' | 12:54
- IOF raided the Jenin camp in Occupied Palestine's #WestBank on Thursday morning, leaving residents and popular resistance groups with no choice but to defend themselves
#Israeli forces #martyr another #Palestinian in occupied #WestBank | Jan 27
- The official Palestinian news agency #Wafa said he was shot in clashes which erupted during a protest against the killings of nine Palestinians during a raid in #Jenin.…
#Israel and #Gaza militans exchange #missiles following deadly raid in the #WestBank | Jan 27
- as tensions soared following an Israeli #raid killed nine #Palestinians, including at least seven militants and a 61-year-old woman.…
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Palestinian Authority: IOF Jenin raid 'organized crime and a massacre'

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated that the Israeli aggression against the Jenin camp is an "organized crime & a massacre" against the Palestinian people.
Abbas further urged the international community to intervene to stop this aggression.
For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the Israeli Occupation Forces' (IOF) incursion into the Jenin camp north of the West Bank and called on the international community to stop the Israeli escalation against the Palestinians.
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#Chinese FM from Egypt: Injustice against #Palestinians should stop
"We are deeply concerned about the recent tense situation, & we call on the relevant parties to abide by the #UN resolutions related to the #Palestinian cause & to preserve the historical status quo of Al-Quds," the #Chinese foreign minister added.
In response to journalists' questions, the 🇨🇳foreign minister indicated that "the 🇨🇳president stressed that the injustice against the Palestinians should not continue indefinitely, & it is not permissible to compromise on their legitimate national rights."
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#Palestinian territory, occupied or not according to #Israel? There are not one but two arguments, presented in the alternative by the Government of Israel. This is key for @CIJ_ICJ deliberations:
When the Government of #Israel comes before the Israeli High Court, it consistently argues that #Palestinian territory is under belligerent occupation, where Israeli metropolitan law does not apply, and where the Israeli Military Government is the supreme legislator and executive
That, in turn, allowed the #Israeli military commander to undertake excessive and inadmissible legislative changes and actions in disregard of #Palestinian rights and interests under int'l law #IHL - with the Court's approval - purportedly shielding it from criticism.
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Did you know the British Royals have about $35 billion in assets, and they colonized every continent except Antarctica to get it?
👑 👸 🤴 👑 👸
#enslavement Image
The source of Britain's wealth was / is the slave trade.
Reparations are owed worldwide, and if they were paid, this family would be broke.

#reparations Image
#Britain hooked the Chinese on #opium, and took over #HongKong in 1842.

#OpiumWars Image
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