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Why is the #UnitedNations practising #apartheid with non-Palestinian refugees worldwide.
Why is there 1 body for refugees & 1 for Palestinians?
Unlike UNHCR, UNRWA doesn't have a mandate to resettle Palestine refugees & no authority to seek lasting durable solutions for refugees
Of the 5.4 million Palestinian refugees there are 2.2 million living in Gaza and the West Bank which are governed by the Palestinians!!!
UNHCR refugee numbers for a specific conflict decrease over time as solutions are found
UNRWA's numbers are increasing in perpetuity.
UNHCR has under 19,000 employees
UNRWA has 30,000
With UNHCR there are 2 ways to lose refugee & derivative status: cancellation & cessation. However, neither of these appear to apply under UNRWA as those refugees who acquire citizenship in a country within UNRWA’s operation realm
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"Il #5giugno di ogni anno ricorre la #giornatamondialedellambiente , la giornata delle Nazioni Unite (ONU) che incoraggia la consapevolezza e l'azione a livello mondiale per proteggere l'ambiente. Il tema di quest'anno è "Solo una Terra". ⬇2
In #Palestina, questa giornata arriva in un momento dove l'impatto negativo del regime coloniale e dell'apartheid di Israele sull'ambiente sta diventando sempre più evidente.

Ciò vale in particolare per la Striscia di #Gaza, ⬇3
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📢SAVE the DATE 🗓️ 16 June ⏰10:30-12:00 New York time, virtual event organized by @UNISPAL “Apartheid, International Law,​ and the Occupied Palestinian Territory”​
A high-level conversation between @raad_zeid & @AgnesCallamard
More details⬇️ Image
@raad_zeid @AgnesCallamard @Palestine_UN @AmnestyMENA @ipinst 📢SAVE the DATE 🗓️next Thursday, 16 June⏰10:30-12:00 New York time, virtual event organized by
@UNISPAL “Apartheid, International Law,​ and the Occupied Palestinian Territory”​ A high-level conversation between @raad_zeid & @AgnesCallamard
More details➡️ Image
The panellists will discuss @amnesty landmark 2022 report entitled “Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians: Cruel System of Domination and Crime Against Humanity”, the reactions that the report generated as well as the way forward.
more details ⬇️
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Ich hatte gerade eine Diskussion mit einem Angestellten von @amnesty_de an einem Stand am Bahnhof Berlin-Südkreuz über den Vorwurf, dass #Israel angeblich ein „Apartheidsstaat“ ist. Ich erzähle kurz wie das Gespräch verlaufen ist: (Thread | Unbedingt durchlesen)
Zuerst habe ich ihn gefragt, inwiefern der Vorwurf der „#Apartheid“ bezogen auf Israel Sinn ergibt, wenn man bedenkt, dass Araber nicht nur hohe Positionen in allen Bereichen des öffentlichen Lebens haben, sondern dazu auch noch per Gesetz gleichberechtigt sind: Keine Antwort.
Dann habe ich gefragt, inwiefern der Vorwurf der „Apartheid“ Sinn ergibt, wenn man auf tatsächliche Apartheidsstaaten (früheres Südafrika bsp.) schaut, in welchen es eine klare Rassentrennung in allen Bereichen des öffentlichen Lebens gab. Seine Antwort: „Ich sehe Parallelen.“
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#ApartheidIsrael regime shoots dead @AlJazeera journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh - she was shot on Wednesday while covering #Israeli raids on the city of #Jenin in occupied #Palestine -… Image
#Apartheid destroys everything decent - #Israeli occupation forces shot dead #Palestinian journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh and wounded another while they were covering Israeli military raids in #Jenin -… Image
Arab-American Abbas RB Bazzi accuses 'TheSquad', i.e. @AOC @Ilhan @AyannaPressley @RashidaTlaib @JamaalBowmanNY and @CoriBush voting billions for the latest war and saying nothing about the murder of #Palestinian journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh . Is this confirmed? Image
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“I’m not scared of the ADL or its predictable, racist smear campaigns,” he said. “
It has no moral authority over me or any advocate of Palestinian liberation. I will not negotiate my vocabulary, let alone my character, with defenders of #Zionism, #colonialism, and #apartheid
“I will not negotiate my vocabulary, let alone my character, with defenders of Zionism, colonialism, and apartheid. One look at the organization’s shameful history is enough to strip it of any legitimacy its deceptive name might offer it.”…
The letter of support also argued that the controversy over the poem was changing the subject: discussions about Palestinians’ actual living conditions in the Occupied Territories were being supplanted by debates over wording.
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1/ Carolina Landsmann's interesting review of "Who Do You Think You Are?" also mentions - and diagnoses - @btselem (and me personally, perhaps thanks to the comprehensive and generous interview she conducted with me 5 years ago). So, I wanted to respond 🧵…
2/ The thread weaved throughout Landsmann's @haaretzcom critique is the Zionist left's grief over its defeat. But in doing so, if I may, @carolinalandsm1 is writing about herself, while projecting onto the rights organizations that "lost,"...
3/ ...a defeat that "happened a few years earlier to the executive director of B’Tselem, Hagai El-Ad, and to his NGO, and is happening today to @amnesty International: Despairing of the struggle against the occupation, they shifted to waging a battle against Israeli #apartheid."
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TY @innodim for inviting me to speak! My cognitive PEM wouldn’t let me be great but I appreciate her encouragement & summary! Want to be sure my main points are clear in re to Black Maternal #Mental Health, Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders #PMADs, & disparities.#AIMART #BMHW22
I am no expert, so I'll share what I know. Black mothers are more at risk of #PMADs & are less likely to receive treatment b/c the structural social & economic inequities as a result of #antiBlack #racism & #misogynoir in this white supremacist patriarchal society.#BMHW22
“Close to 40% of Black mothers will suffer from postpartum depression [(PPD)]” OR ‘Systemic racism & sexism harm Black mothers which manifest as PPD for a reported ~40%.’ Addressing these risk factors associated w PMAD is key:
Lack of access to high-quality medical care
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#ApartheidIsrael regime chief Naftali Bennett said that there are "no limits" to the genocidal war against the #Palestinian people, announcing "full freedom of action for the army, the Shin Bet .. and all security forces"… Image
Just another #IsraeliOccupation storm trooper bashing a #Palestinian woman in Jerusalem
#IsraeliOccupation forces violently attacked #Palestinian worshipers at the #AlAqsa mosque compound in #Jerusalem. The Red Crescent reported that people were injured as a result of the shooting of rubber bullets, stun grenades, and blows.… Image
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Brilliantly analyzed and vividly articulated, the recent apartheid report by U.N. Special Rapporteur @MichaelLynk5 is a document you should read. Following are a few highlights 🧵…
2/ While acknowledging the growing number of reports looking at apartheid in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory *together*, this report -- consistent with the mandate of the Special Rapporteur -- only addresses Israeli rule over the oPt.
3/ For more on why “democracy here and apartheid there” is so utterly nonsensical, read @NathanThrall's seminal piece in the @LRB…
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How does "israel" practice #Apartheid in #Palestine? See short thread to know!

⚠️ Fragmentation into domains of control

‼️At the heart of the system is keeping Palestinians separated from each other into distinct territorial, legal and administrative domains

⚠️ Segregation and Control

‼️Laws and policies that keep Palestinians restricted to enclaves, segregated from israelis, and subject to several measures that control their lives

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What is "Apartheid" definition in international law? See short thread to know ⬇️ #EndIsraeliApartheid
#Apartheid is a prolonged & cruel system of segregation or discrimination on the grounds of race, by one racial group towards another. #EndIsraeliApartheid
Elements of the #Apartheid crime:

⚠️ An intent of a racial group to dominate another

⚠️ Systematic oppression by the dominant group over the marginalised group

⚠️ Inhumane acts

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Kimberley Kitching was not an advocate for universal human rights. It's true she fought strongly for the human rights of some people, but not for all, not all were worthy, not the #Palestinians. Unfortunately Kitching was a strong supporter of the #apartheid regime of Israel. 1/
In the strange & politicised commentary following her early & sad passing, this reframing is dishonest. Kitching was deputy chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Israel. In February w/@SenatorAbetz they condemned Amnesty's significant findings on #apartheid without any basis. 2/
A piece from @latikambourke last week sought to laude her human rights work. It ended with comments from representatives of Israel's apartheid regime. It's absurd how reporters can include this without acknowledging the irony. There are some potential reasons as to why. 3/
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@mirkhe @KiiskiM @KerranViel Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine
Asa Winstanley The Electronic Intifada 4 July 2018…
@mirkhe @KiiskiM @KerranViel On its YouTube channel, #Azov posted a video “review” of locally produced copies of two Israeli #Tavor rifles – seen in this video:*
@mirkhe @KiiskiM @KerranViel As journalist #MaxBlumenthal explained on The Real News in February, Biletsky has “pledged to restore the honor of the white race” and has advanced laws #forbidding#racemixing.”
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Crescent International’s Analysis Thread on #Ukraine
1/ If #Russia ends military action soon, few days/1 week, no matter the political or military results, Putin will still be able to project this war as a victory. Why?
2/2 #Russia started the war and ended it on its own terms and conditions. Single handedly making #NATO tremble.
3/3 Long war will make this very unpredictable. Long war does not benefit #Russia, first and foremost. NATO does not have the political, economic, and military stamina for a prolonged war in Europe. Russia can endure pain for longer.
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#ApartheidIsrael #HumanRights

#Israel sfonda il muro delle 1000 demolizioni da quando #Biden è Presidente #USA.
Più del doppio rispetto al periodo #Trump. ⬇1/21

#Palestine #WestBank #25febbraio #restiamoUmani #SanctionOnIsrael #Peace #BDS #Gaza…
"Secondo i dati dell' "Ufficio delle Nazioni Unite per il coordinamento degli affari umanitari", questa settimana, il conteggio delle demolizioni portate avanti da #Israele dall'insediamento di #Biden ha superato quota 1.000. ⬇2
Nei 13 mesi trascorsi da quando Biden è entrato in carica, oltre 1.300 palestinesi, la maggioranza dei quali bambini, sono stati sfollati a causa delle demolizioni.
Secondo Diana Buttu, avvocato canadese palestinese e studiosa presso l'Institute for Middle East Understanding, ⬇3
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BREAKING. This is Ben Jamal @PSCupdates speaking at our press conference in 10/2021. Sooner than expected his prediction comes true: our friends in #GreatBritain are facing another onslaught against the freedom to stand with Palestinian HR. Thread 1/
Ben´s input: see min 18 to 22. - Tomorrow a seemingly innocent amendment to the "Public Service Pensions and Judicial Offices Bill" will be discussed in the @HouseofCommons . If passed its impact will be a desaster.
Here the assessment of Labour Councillor @AydinDikerdem. In short: legal warfare against human rights activism -and #BDS in particular. Very similar to Margret Thatcher´s attempts in 1988 (sic!) to kill the solidarity movement against #Apartheid in South Africa.
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2 weeks ago @amnesty published a report meticulously evidencing Israeli #apartheid. Much has been said since including by Amnesty—little of it to do with the report. @soheirasaad & I look at why that is & what this tells us about the limits of legitimate discourse on #Palestine.
In statements @amnesty has reaffirmed a "Jewish right to self-determination" & the Zionist nature of the Israeli state. Yet its report fails to recognize Palestinian self-determination stating it takes no political stance. We believe what's at stake is not a need to be "legal".
Further, the report does not recognize Zionist settler colonialism nor call for an end to the Israeli #occupation. So what is to be dismantled & how? "we believe it is dangerous to overlook some of the warning signs around @amnesty's recent messaging." @soheirasaad
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In response to @amnesty report concluding Israel is an #apartheid regime, Im upping this essay I wrote in response to @hrw report. The same issue persists: the human rights community refuses 2 grapple with #Zionist ideology as a #racist structure… #Thread
HRW and Amnesty believe that Israel evolved into a monstrous perversion, much like a Frankenstein, and away from the true vision of #Zionism. As a result of historical contingencies, Israel now oversees a discriminatory regime tantamount to #apartheid.
Palestinians have long insisted that #Zionism as a settler-colonial project predicated on Palestinian elimination, and thus as a #racist structure since its inception. Israel did not become a discriminatory regime but is defined by such discrimination.
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Here's the statement by the list of the usual #antisemitic leftist suspects & their #ISlamist cohorts like @CAIRNational, once again perpetuating the lie that #ISrael is an #apartheid state. When was the last time any member of this group spoke to the #Islamists in the #Knesset?
1. The same coalition consisting of #MuslimBrotherhood fronts like @CAIRNational and leftist #antisemitic groups, calling on Congress to reject #AbrahamAccords starts its statement with an attack on #Morocco's sovereignty over Sahara & drags in the war in #Yemen. Image
2. #Islamists, #leftists, and pro-#Iran elements are working together not only to undermine #AbrahamAccords, not only to destroy US relationship with #Morocco, not only to undermine the authority of HM King Mohammed VI...
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Israel in no way resembles #apartheid S. Africa, so @mehdirhasan, #Shamnesty et al strenuously labor 2 redefine the term. Mehdi's fancy footwork: "Israel doesn't have to be a replica of SA. Apartheid isn't defined by what happened in SA. It's defined by internat'l law" (1/4)
In his zeal to distance apartheid from non-applicable SA precedent & expand the definition, Mehdi cite 1973 Internat'l Suppression & Punishment on Crime of Apartheid. (2/4)
But here's the rub: Mehdi OMITS the document's immediately preceding reference to "racial segregation & discrimination AS PRACTISED IN SOUTHERN AFRICA" (3/4)
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Dozens of citizens & org part of the #DontBuyIntoOccupation coalition gathered in front of @BNPParibas headquarters in #Brussel to denounce the complicit investements of the bank into the illegal israeli settlements enterprise. It's time for BNP to DIVEST from #Apartheid!
@BNPParibas invests billions in companies financing settlers colonisation, apartheid and military occupation of Palestinian land. It's time to DIVEST !
Send a complaint letter to @BNPParibas :…
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BREAKING! BREAKING! Hey @amnesty_de: Making #Apartheid invisible on your homepage, doesn´t erase Apartheid- but Palestinian human rights! - In this audio a speaker of @amnesty´s German branch claims they are not denying the report on Israel, but... 1/2
... several hours after that call @amnesty_de turned the report invisible. Check the contrast between serveral international AI pages featuring the #Apartheid report prominently- sole exception: Germany. Progressive except for Palestine!
You "don´t want to take any action //regarding the #Apartheid report// is this right?", asks Palestinians student (audio rec above). "Yes, that´s right", answers @amnesty_de speaker.
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@hirndummy @lange_tobias_hh Völliger Quatsch! Ich beginne mal so: Bedeutet der Bericht von Amnesty, dass Juden (und nur Juden) kein Recht auf nationale Selbstbestimmung haben? Nein, es spricht den Juden dieses Recht nicht ab. Stattdessen besteht sie darauf, dass Juden nicht 1/
@hirndummy @lange_tobias_hh das Recht haben, Palästinenser, die unter israelischer Herrschaft leben, systematisch zu diskriminieren. Die Bewertung von Amnesty basiert auf einer fünfjährigen Analyse (!) des israelischen Zivil- und Militärrechts. Sie kam zu demselben Schluss wie @HRW und 2/
@hirndummy @lange_tobias_hh @hrw Israels wichtigste Menschenrechtsorganisation @btselem . Was Sie und viele andere Leute nicht zu verstehen scheinen, ist, dass Israel kein Abbild Südafrikas sein muss. #Apartheid wird nicht durch das definiert, was in Südafrika 3/
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