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🇺🇸 President Trump made America energy independent🛢️💪

The Biden administration sabotaged that achievement.

Come November 5, 2024, America will reclaim its independence.

(1/21) Image
1/ For the first time in nearly 70 years, the United States became a net energy exporter, unleashing oil and natural gas potential.
America became the world's number one producer of oil and natural gas! 📈🌍 #EnergyIndependence #USA
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#Genius #MasterStroke 81,000 Cr LOSS/yr


Govt Introduces a #POLICY estm to SAVE Rs 36,000 Cr/Yr in #Forex

BUT To SAVE Rs 36000 Crore, the Govt & Indian Public are SPENDING 300% or 117000 Crores more 😳

= 81,000 Cr LOSS/yr

#Thread on A #MasterStroke
#Modinomics decided in 2020/21 to Introduce the 20% #Ethanol Blending (Petrol) Policy.

Intention of the Policy designed by the @NITIAyog was to save India Rs36,000 in FOREX & help the Environment

Link to the document… Image

FIRST: Every litre of Ethanol, Govt India will lose Rs15-20 in Tax Collections since:
👉Cost of Procuring PETROL is Rs45/lt
👉Cost of Procurement of ETHANOL is Rs65/Lt

👉Difference is Rs20/lt is LOSS IN TAX REVENUE

1020cr Ethanol = 20400cr in Tax Losses/Yr ImageImage
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Today, @BloombergNEF published its annual #CCS Market Outlook. The tl:dr is that, based on current announcements, CCS capacity is set to grow 6x by 2030. That’s 44% higher than what we expected last year. And it’s before you take #IRA into account. 🧵 with some key results: Image
(2/10) CCS is diversifying. Most of the capture will be happening in #industry and #power, rather that natural gas processing. And most of the CO2 will be going in the ground, not to oil wells for EOR.
(3/10) We’ve been saying transport and storage infrastructure could be a bottleneck. *For the moment* it doesn’t look like a problem. There’s more unallocated capacity than capture projects looking for a home for their CO2. This can change quickly, given all that Midwest #ethanol
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New Stock Idea - Globus Spirits Limited

Market Cap - 2,900 cr
CMP - 1,007

Business Segments -
Manufacturing Business &
Consumer Business

Manufacturing Segment

Consumer Segment

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#ETHANOL story we are hearing a lot and #Sugar Sector is in news as well.

In this #thread 🧵, let's see "𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝗜𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗮 𝗶𝘀 𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗦𝘂𝗴𝗮𝗿 𝘁𝗼 𝗦𝗮𝘃𝗲 #𝗣𝗲𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗹."

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PM Modi on 5th June, World Environment Day, announced that India has achieved 10% ethanol blending of petrol, five months ahead of schedule.

This is 4 times than in 2014, when it was just 2%.

But what is #Ethanol and why are mixing it with #Fuel?

Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol is a biofuel, it can be produced from biomass such as sugarcane, corn, etc. which have high starch content.

In India, ethanol is mainly produced from sugarcane through fermentation.
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Thread 🧵 on #Gujalkali

Giant in Making ⚡️

CMP 799 💎

2018 highs around similar levels ⚡️ when the company was doing 2500 crs sales and had ~2000 crs FA

Note the 2018 numbers while you go through the transformation journey the company is into in last 2-3 yrs⚡️


Over the years, the product mix has changed from being heavy only on caustic soda to diversifying on caustic soda derivatives and other products like phosphoric acid, hydrogen hydrate, and many others

Against popular belief that company earns and is dependent mostly on caustic soda, its has diversified itself into derivatives and other product groups, a mix from FY21

Even the new capacities are taking care of the mix ⚡️
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Skyrocketing #global #foodprices, panicked low income and poorer fringes of the population facing severe #hardship, struggling #emergingmarkets and #SriLanka on the verge of #anarchy - all wrapped up in a massive #market sell-off: what is happening 🌎 ❓
Things did not improve in April on #food prices:
the #FAO Food Price Index fell 0.8% month-over-month to 158.5 points in April 2022, but still remained close to the all-time high of 159.7 points in March.
#vegetableoil prices declined significantly (-5.7%) after hitting an all-time high in March under pressure from #palm, #sunflower and #soybean #oils.

In addition, #grain prices fell slightly (-0.4%), after also rising to all-time highs in March.
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"we’re facing the worst #food #crisis since 2008. It’s a weird time to divert more grain from the food supply to fuel #tanks. In Washington, though, it’s always time to divert grain from food to #fuel."… #FoodSystems #EnergySystems
"The amount of corn it takes to fill an #SUV with #ethanol could feed a person for a year, and the #US and #Europe could immediately replace the lost grain exports from #Ukraine’s breadbasket by cutting their #biofuel production in half."
"In fact, a bunch of studies have confirmed that biofuel mandates were a leading driver of the 2008 food crisis, driving up prices by driving up demand for grain and vegetable oil."
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Deep Dive into #ethanol Sector 🛢️🛢️

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Watch the video :

Read the below thread 👇
1. Rally in Sugar Stocks
In recent times, sugar stocks have given more than 50% returns to its investors in the period of 6 months. The sole reason behind this rally is the word “ethanol”
Sugar companies manufacture ethanol which has application as industrial solvent and
most importantly used in blended fuel.
Ethanol is the recent buzz word due the initiative of E20 roadmap by the government of India and expansion of capacities by Indian sugar companies.
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#Ethanol blending key Highlights 🗝️

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1. During ESY (ethanol supply year - Dec to Nov) 2014 the ethanol supply to Oil marketing companies was only 38 cr litres with blending levels of 1.53% while we achieved 8.1% of blending during ESY 2021
with supply of 302.3 cr of ethnol to OMCs

2. In current ESY 2022 about 113 cr litres of ethanol have been blended with petrol till March 13th 2022 there by achieving 9.45% blending.

3. India have a target of 20% blending of Ethanol till 2025.
4. Telangana achieved highest blending of 10.57% followed by Karnataka with 10.37% till March 13 of ESY 2022. West Bengal achieved blending of only 6.32%
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#PrajIndustries - #Ethanol Technology Provider 🔰

Long Thread 🧵🧵

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1. Company Overview
• The company is in the business of developing and deploying technology led sustainable solutions that help conserve the environment. Praj has focused on the environment, energy, and agri-process industry.
• Praj’s diverse portfolio comprises Bio-energy solutions, High purity water systems, Breweries, Critical process equipment & skids and Zero liquid discharge systems.
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Diversion of Sugar to #ethanol Increasing Considerably.
Increase in diversion of sugar to #ethanol in the current sugar season.
Revenue generated by sugar mills and distilleries.
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Simbhaoli Suger mill (CMP:21)
Simbhaoli Suger mill located in Delhi NCR.
~precious land holding at sDelhi NCR as all plant located just 60-70 Km from Dehli land value worth Hundred of cr.
~integrated Suger mill producing Suger, ethanol, alcohol, power etc.
~ having reputed brand “Trust” Suger used by five star hotel and most Airlines.
~ top line of Rs 1200 cr (equivalent to Andhra Suger & @ 10% market cap)
~ high ethanol capacity
~ present market cap is just 80cr which is 1/15 of sales
~ ~ highly undervalued in most Suger pack even very small Co. Jab market cap of More then 200cr
~ even at the sales to market cap ratio 1 the market cap can be 1200 which terms out 15x21= 315 .
~ highly undervalued Suger sto ck can be multi multi beggar easily .
(Study nt advice)
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The Indian Sugar Industry : Strong Outlook

Here’s our analysis of the Indian Sugar Sector, it’s changing dynamics, ethanol blending program, statistics and more!

A Detailed Thread Below🧵👇🏻
#investing #ethanol #sugar

• India is the 2nd largest sugar producer in the world after Brazil. Brazil accounts for 42.05 MMT of global sugar production & India contributes 33.76 MMT.

• ₹1,250cr is invested in this industry & providing a livelihood to ~2.86 lakh workers & supports 5cr farmers
Year on Year Data:

• Production of sugar rose 5.6% till 31st January, 2022 YoY
• Sugar production in Maharashtra rose by 9.10 MT YoY
• There are 194 sugar mills compared to 182 mills functioning last season on Jan 31, 2022
• Uttar Pradesh produced ~50MT vs ~54MT YoY
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#GulshanPoly cud double its revenue from here once both MP nd Assam's #ethanol manufacturing plants (500+200 KLPD) start commercial production in FY24. Remember March 23. Not before. Image
Q1'23 result:
Revenue: 270 Cr
EBITDA margin: 8% ;lowest in last 13 quarters
Company facing commodity cost headwinds. Row material cost and power cost increase.
Capax updates:
*300 cr investment required to set up 500 KLPD Ethanol plant in M.P.
Commercial production can start by end of FY 23
*185 cr for setting up 250 KLPD in Assam.
Commercial production to start in FY 24.
*150 Cr investment in grain processing segment.
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Union Minister Shri @nitin_gadkari will inaugurate and lay foundation stone of National Highway projects in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra at ⏳10.45 AM today

Follow us for LIVE updates
Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways @nitin_gadkari will dedicate to the nation 25 Highway Projects of length 527 KM at Ahmednagar today.

The total expenditure to be incurred for these projects is around Rs. 4075 crore

Foundation laying ceremony to start at 10.45 am
Here's a snapshot of the National Highways projects in Ahmednagar district which are to be inaugurated by Union Minister @nitin_gadkari today, in a short while

Road projects of length totalling 79.41 km will be Rs 84.80 cr.

It will be given from Central Road Infrastructure Fund
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Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA’s) WEBINAR SERIES OCTOBER, 2021
@sugaronline @IndiaIsma @ChiniMandi

#sugarindustry #sugar #ethanol #india #export #greenenergy #alternativefuel #webinar
Registration Link for
1- Sugar production: Domestic and Global (Friday, 1st October 2021, 2:00 p.m. IST)

Registration link:…
2- Sugar Trade (Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 2:00 p.m. IST)

Registration link:…
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Sugar #stocks have been rallying heavily over the past few weeks. And it seems like this has a whole lot to do with a chemical compound that's been all over the news lately.

We're talking about ethanol.

👉Ethanol is a complex derivative that can be extracted while processing sugarcane. It can be extracted from sugarcane juice and even from the likes of corn, bamboo, & rotten potatoes.
💡But what is really unique about #Ethanol is- it has high levels of oxygen, it burns cleaner than your everyday fuels like petrol or diesel. And thankfully for us, India has consistently had a surplus sugar production.
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A metal ion orients SARS-CoV-2 mRNA to ensure accurate 2′-O methylation of its first nucleotide
The #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus is able to utilize the changes in metal ion concentrations to disguise itself in the human host body thus evading immune responses. Image
Efficacy of #clarithromycin on #COVID19 pneumonia without oxygen administration; protocol for multicenter, open-label, randomized-controlled, 3-armed parallel group comparison, exploratory trial #CAMECOVID
Japan Registry of Clinical Trials jRCTs071210011 Image
The influence of #HLA genotype on the severity of #COVID19 infection
A genetic link has been discovered explaining why some people catch #Covid but don't get sick. The gene is found three times as often in people who are #asymptomatic. Image
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🔝5 Concerns about #SARSCoV2 #Biology: A Call to Pause, Deliberate, and Revise Policy─This review is intended both as a basic resource and to initiate an open and critical dialog about SARS-CoV-2 biology for an independent and public call to action.…
Structural basis of ribosomal #frameshifting during translation of the #SARSCoV2 #RNA #genome
A unique feature of the SARS-CoV-2 genome controls protein synthesis and presents an "Achilles heel" of the virus. Image
Brainstem neuropathology in two cases of #COVID19: #SARSCoV2 trafficking between #brain and #lung
Neuropathologic evidence strongly suggests that the pathophysiology of COVID-19 related respiratory failure includes a neurogenic component. Image
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Tata capital financial services, an arm of Tata sons bought 7.3% equity of Praj Industries from Founder-Chairman Pramod Chaudhari on September 2007 for around 338 crore rupees @ Rs. 252/share valuing the company at 4630cr. #praj #ethanol #bioenergy
Praj’s stock shortly topped out in December 2007 at Rs. 270/share. Then came the GFC where the stock bottoms at Rs. 50/share in March 2009. For over 11 years Praj has been in a tight range between Rs. 50 & 155/share.
Fundamentals and order book ramp up never followed through. Top line has been flattish for 11 years around 900-1000 crores and an average EBITDA of around 80 crores. Tata capital financial services held the stock for over 13 years with no returns.
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Reducing #COVID19 #Airborne #Transmission Risks on #PublicTransportation Buses
Wearing of #facemasks reduced the overall particle count released into the bus by an average of 50%, the dispersion distance by several feet and #aerosol particles by 84.36%. Image
🔝#SARSCoV2 Infects Human Engineered Heart Tissues and Models COVID-19 Myocarditis
#COVID19 can kill heart muscle cells, interfere with contraction. Details of how #coronavirus infects #heart: models of tissue damage may help develop potential therapies. Image
High-content screening of coronavirus genes for innate immune suppression reveals enhanced potency of SARS-CoV-2 proteins
196 protein products of seven coronaviruses: the genes encoded by #SARSCoV2 are generally more potent immune suppressors than others Image
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⚠️#Ocular #MRI Findings in Patients with Severe #COVID19: A Retrospective Multicenter Observational Study
All patients had nodules in the macular region, 8/9 (89%) had bilateral nodules, 2/9 (22%) had nodules outside the macular region. Screening needed. Image
⚠️🔝New-Onset #IgG #Autoantibodies in Hospitalized Patients with #COVID19
An international team of researchers studying COVID-19 has made a startling and pivotal discovery: The virus appears to cause the body to make weapons to attack its own tissues. Image
⚠️🔝Patterns of myocardial injury in recovered troponin-positive COVID-19 patients assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance
Damage to the heart found in more than half of #COVID19 patients discharged from hospital who show raised levels of troponin. Image
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🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Phase One #Trade Deal: Chinese Commitments

1/ To purchase at least an additional $200 billion in U.S. exports over the next 2 years (base: 2017).

2/ To do more to crack down on the theft of American technology and corporate secrets by its companies and state entities.
3/ To avoid currency manipulation.

4/ To bring forward the planned opening of its capital market.

5/ To set up a system to resolve conflicts over drug patents.

6/ To endorse an enforcement system.
🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Phase One #Trade Deal: Full Texts En/Cn

#China’s Ministry of Finance published both English and Chinese versions of the text - Statement
*Link (Chinese):
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