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🚨Our new review paper 🚨 (with @roozenbot & @Sander_vdLinden) of #inoculationtheory applied to tackling #misinformation is out in the special issue “Threats to #Science” in the ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science!

🧵See 7 major points + link below:
🧵No, #fact-checking or #debunking is NOT enough to combat online misinformation - #fakenews can continue to influence reasoning and beliefs, even after it has been retracted/corrected. (1/7)
🧵Originating in the 60’s as a “vaccine for brainwash”, inoculation theory offers a logical basis for developing a psychological “#vaccine” against misinformation. (2/7)
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Did you know May 7 of last year, the CDC changed transmission from the bs droplet assertion, to the more accurate #airborneparticles which means 😷’s literally do NOTHING to protect whatsoever and aren’t considered PPE (ASTM F3502-21)…
#Fact 😷s are not contributing to stopping the spread or slowing the spread of any infectious disease that is aerosolized. Until we start wearing only 😷s for asbestos abatement I do not want to see it mandated for any sort of airborne illness. #AntiScience
This never should have been instituted it to begin with! Our children are scarred for life and these captured agencies pushed anti-science on all of us for 2 years-
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Finally, the #GoldacreReview is published! (During Parliamentary Easter holidays, mid-ping-pong on the #HealthAndCareBill...)

It's 221 pages - each PDF page is a double page spread - so this could be a lo-o-o-ong [Thread].

Here goes...
First point to note, in the Terms of Reference (p5), is that this is about "access to #NHSdata by #researchers, #commissioners, and #innovators" - i.e. #Planning and #CommercialReUse - so it is directly relevant to the operation of millions of people's #NationalDataOptOuts... Terms of reference for the review  1. How do we facilitate a
"185 wide-ranging recommendations for us to explore", says @sajidjavid (p6). Gulp! Time for some coffee...

"systems that ensure #underrepresented groups are well represented" may (partly) refer to this "landmark review", which got off to a slow start:… The far-reaching independent review into potential ethnic bi
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So today I learnt Shias make the call for Azan a couple of minutes later than Sunni mosques & that is why we have recently begun to hear the call for prayer 10 times a day in our locality.
Now of course with Ramzan, we have a special hooter that goes off at 4.42 am & 6.40 pm - 2mins before the actual call…

With 3 Sunni mosques & 1 recent Shia mosque in the vicinity we are subjected to 365x10 Azans… each one competing to be louder.
Our little street dog, Lalli through her 12yrs would wail along side at least 5 times a day setting off the dogs in our homes into a right royal cacophony.

We then realised there was a particular base sound they reacted to & we neighbours joked that to get undisturbed sleep we
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There has been speculation what the "Z" letter on Russian tanks invading Ukraine stands for:…
Whatever tactical purpose, during the last days, a massive propaganda campaign has started using the #Z for a "rally behind the army" effect. An analytical🧵...
The disinformation channel Russia Today may have started it (or kicked it off?) one week ago by selling merchandise with the symbol of the invasion. Meanwhile, Russian social media is flooded with paroles using the symbol.…
When there is one word I dislike in Russian, a language I have studied for 10 years and that I love, it is "naš" (наш), meaning "our". In everyday language use, anything Russian will be called "наш". I have spent years explaining this was banal nationalism, and here we go:
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To all my "OG" readers:

Let's take a step back in time to 1996.

I sit across from Rob T. Lee on the 609th Information Warfare Squadron operations floor. He's my crew commander; I'm his crew chief.

Lee knows I run "the Computer Virus Myths home page," which has grown so...
...popular that it's eating up all my free time. In December of that year the Ziff-Davis publishing empire will crown CVMhp "the world's #1 most useful website."

Trivia: Lee corrected a web page I wrote where I talked about Start Trek spaceship orbits!
Fact: Lee's career path toward AFOSI began when I formulated a plan to "lateral move" him off the ops floor. Trivia: I *almost* finagled DoD to attend the FOR508 class he authored with him on podium!

What I'm saying is, Lee & I have a career-long history:
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"This meeting was to decide if Russia would recognize two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine as sovereign states. If so, an agreement would be signed following the "important" meeting

In actuality, Putin had already signed the agreement almost 2 hours prior at .. 10:15"

Time travelling in Russia while on tv. Amazing Kremlin features, folks.

(An absolutely no #GleiwitzIncident at all)

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Look around you.

The once-invincible citadels are crumbling.
People who thrived & prospered behind those thick, impregnable walls seem nervous.
Almost fearful that the boundaries they had carved, the exclusive clubs they had maintained, will now be overrun by different ideas,
thoughts, ideologies…

With little or no infusion of new blood in our arts,
literature, history, education, culture, publishing, films, politics have been reduced to mediocrity. Manned by zealous gatekeepers drunk on power & arrogance.
Nevertheless, new, brave names are now coming forth.
From quiet insistence to a suppressed roar they have begun rattling the iron gates of many a citadel.

It is a fact that since time immemorial, every civilisation & society has pushed for churn & renewal …or perished.
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When the #PrimeMinister calls out:

Real-Word Data &
Scientific Evidence

as being #MumboJumbo you know he is loosing the battle ….

Here are some facts for you, Guv …. Happy to debate them at any time ….

1. The #COVID19 vaccines do not stop you catching the disease

Last month in England , over half a MILLION fully vaccinated people tested positive for COVID

Last week in Scotland alone, 26,000 vaccinated people tested positive, including 4,000 that had #Booster


2. The #COVID19 vaccines do not stop you catching or transmitting COVID, you admitted to that yourself on air in November 2021


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#FACT: Australia Council funding has declined by 15% in real terms since 2013 according to federal budget papers.

This is one of the many reasons we will be campaigning for $2.5bn in arts & culture funding leading into this election. 1/3

The more funding our writers, musicians, film & TV makers, visual artists, & dancers can access the better will be the art and culture this nation produces for Australia and the world. 2/3

We will be outlining the issues impacting the arts and releasing the detail of our policy platform over the next little while.

To support our campaign share, follow, and donate. 3/3

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Carl Sagan 1995
Was he clairvoyant? Image
What to do about FOX. They're dangerous and one can look at the 1/6 texts for reference. They're out of control.
Libtard is a compliment. BE FLATTERED Image
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@8NEWS @CBS6 @NBC12 @myVPM The fictional film McAuliffe created "How the Monuments came down" needs to include Northam cutting the fiber optics cable with the insane dig. McA got that story pulled. Ruined his narrative, but the truth will come out. @patrickmwilson
To "historians" Brumfield, Eric Wilson & others so obsessed with their fictions they deny reality, I'll try to provide some #facts concerning statements from the die hards who cannot accept that the contents of the box ARE the correct, & that IS the right box @CBS6 #RVA
1. It was not in the ground- to protect from water damage is why. Placing it encased in concrete elevated in the pedastal kept it drier. 2. The "real" box was copper. Lead oxide is a copper color. Pb+2 PbO is this color, same as color on box found. Another myth @CBS6 @myVPM #RVA Image
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Robert Kennedy Jr. nails it... AGAIN~
" was just a doctor who has never treated a covid patient, saying one week masks don't work and a month later... one year all of those rights have been taken away from us.."
- Robert Kennedy Jr.

Propaganda is legal in US
Full interview with @RobertKennedyJr about the "J. Edgar Hoover of public health"…
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Here's wishing Happy #WalongDay to the heroes of 6 KUMAON.
They went to their deaths heroically & steadfastly, without any fuss this day in 1962.
Just so that a General could please a PM on his birthday.
This day in 1962 - The only attack of the war by Indian army was launched - As a birthday gift from a general to a PM.
A heavy price was paid by the Kumaonis of 6 Kumaon that night.
Denied even one day to prepare for the attack, they went in as ordered.
Out of the over 200 men that had gone into the attack, only 90 returned.
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Thank you!

So few people truly understand the TRUE, "Bottom-Line." This is an UGLY, UGLY outcome, and the Leftits proles believe in the FauxChi propaganda.

This is ALL about depopulation of the old and infirm.

Followed by population control using the youngest among us.

Go right ahead and pShaah, me. The mRNA jab is NOT a vaccination. It's a "m"essenger protein. Do you know why kids are rarely affected by either the virus or spreading it? Lung capacity. They don't have what the virus needs to survive & grow strong, nor do they have...

...enough force when they cough, sneeze or hurl spittle when they speak to infect others with a viral load high enough to infect another person.

That Scheiße is #FACT, period.

FauxChi KNOWS THIS. HE is the worst kind of smart, stupid person because his position, alone...
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#ColinPowell dies. #BBC #Spin. Powell's cover-up of #MyLai massacre (and many others btw) is mentioned but little mention of #WMD BS that led to destruction of #Iraq. No mention of vials of washing powder.…… ImageImageImageImage
"#SaddamHussein's statue toppled (Hussein murdered by mob) #ColinPowell admitted #US intel suggesting #Iraq had #WMD or #weaponsofmassdestruction was 'almost certainly' wrong - After he announced his resignation.."
'Whoops. sorry about your country, bye!'…
And absolutely NO mention of the #Fact that the #BBC got right behind the #WMD #BS and banged the war drums daily that led to hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths from #US sanctions and #USUK illegal war on #Iraq.. As they also did with #Libya and #Syria - What a surprise! 🧐
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If you look at retail banking, there are 3 or 4 things that retail banks do. One is that they provide a place to store value, they provide some kind of payment utility. Beyond that, they extend credit and provide a place for you to store wealth and generate potential income…
All of the above can now be done on blockchain without an intermediary…. Question is then … of what use are banks ? How long will it take us to start doing away with banks ? #facts
The benefits of blockchain technology—instant settlement, global interoperability, high levels of security, and nearly no-cost transactions—benefit everyone whether you’re a person or a business… #facts
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In late summer

It's been about 3 years since I lived in America. Originally I didn't watch TV, but in this pandemic, I started to check the news of Japan and the United States on the net quite often.
Then I came across the fact that I couldn't help but feel that news was still being made. In Japan, it is said in the United States, and in the United States, it is said in Japan. Moreover, even though the fact is not accurate,
it has become true as if no one investigated the distant country accurately. Most of the news is about this kind of child deception. In other words, the person who tells the story can only think that he is telling a lie with some intention.
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Aren't lawmakers supposed to protect the well-being of their constituents above all else?

It has created a conundrum for politicians: protecting people and the environment from the ill effects of fossil fuels and supporting organized labor
Straight out of the unions mouth

“Listen, everybody wants clean air, clean water,” he said. “But in my line of work, we’re all about man-hours.”

They don't really care.
@GovernorTomWolf @JohnFetterman and the @PAGOP are wined, dined, schmoozed every single day. We the people don't stand a chance. #fact

Since PAs fracking boom began corps that profit from the industry have spent tens of millions lobbying state pols or contributing to their camps
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Stroke outcome #prognostication

☝️#Stroke clinicians are routinely asked by patients and families regarding prognosis.
🧠The cognitive process underlying prognostication is #complex, poorly understood, and sometime #biased by personal experiences Image

#Fact: Clinicians, even those with expertise in stroke, perform poorly in predicting clinical outcomes
In this case-based study, overall accuracy for predicting death or disability at discharge was <20%😩
#JURaSSIC… Image

☝️Several prognostic #models have been developed to aid prognostication after ischemic stroke
These models #outperform clinician #judgment in predicting stroke outcomes
@GeorgeNtaios Image
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#DayLordNakshatraLord #DLNL
#Saturn #ShaniDev 🙏

#ScareMongers will have a heyday today! 🤷

#Fact- If #Saturn is #Benefic #YogKaarak in #Kundali, #Jaatak may not find a better day to start longterm activities/business for #profit generation/#Wealth creation

Again, in any case not ALL #Amavasya #Maavas is bad. Read quoted tweet of few months back in thread
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#ShillsRUs carrying on about #SandyHook WHAT SHOULD PISS YOU OFF is court use to #DefraudAmerica & #Fact #BadMovie #Graphics Initiated as FDA began to approve generic psych drugs. Pretext to get more psych evals on kids so could drug 'em for profit. Images existed before event! ImageImageImageImage
If you cannot tell the difference between a media created illusion & reality, you have work to do. It is a high tech world; anything can be faked. You have been to the movie theater. Multibillion $ news industry no different #SandyHook #CreatEDCharacters
That filet minion cartoon tells the criminals how much of the population incapable of logic. The disinfo shills use sour cream & chives. You are capable of thought beyond the level of a baked potato. STOP letting criminals make you look stupid. #SandyHook
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🌟Top 3( high growth +strong business) companies of my favorite😍 sectors for long term.

1⃣chemical sector - #deepaknr #balajiamines #tatachemical

2⃣power - #adanitransmissons #tatapower #adanipower

3⃣Fmcg - #ltfoods #hindustanfoods #hatsun
4⃣cement - #jklakshmi #birlacement #prism

5⃣ packaging - #polyplex #jindalpoly #cosmofilms

6⃣textiles - #luxind #srf #welspun

7⃣ fertilizers - #fact #gnfc #rcf
1⃣ sugar sector -#renukasugar #dalmiabharat #Uttamsugar

2⃣ agrochemical - #piind #upl #paushak

3⃣ beverage sector - #radico #globus #ifbagro

If you love ❤ & like 💞 ,then share more sectors companies.
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