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Alright. I promised something shocking, and i'll deliver:


I'm not sure how to call this one since it's part of the Options/Stockmarket bubble, but what isn't at this point.

So for this one, ima go with:

"The Counter-Party Risk Bubble"

I think it's big.
Rather then just tell you (since that usually doesn't work) lemme just talk you through my line of thinking:

It started when i replied to this post:

My comment was that a bloomberg terminal is expensive, but spending rent money on options is no problemo.
But that made me think...

Hang on. I've seen news posts before about how options volume has exploded, even exceeded normal share trading. People are ACTUALLY doing it, i'm not just being facetious here.

Now i don't use options myself, but i *have* looked into them.
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Yknow i gotta comment on this.

@MacleodFinance Help me out here. I'm reading more and more that "hyperinflation is defined as 50% a month" - but that's *new*.

Years ago when i looked it up i found "economists don't agree on where it starts, but the general line is 10% a month".
I can't remember *EVER* reading about ANY consensus for the decade i've been studying economy and looking up US financial history and general world economic history.

And i'm sorry, but 50% a month is 600% A YEAR!

I'm pretty sure the common man isn't gonna wait that long.
IMO this is just another warping of the economic language by the establishment.

Hyperinflation *cannot* be defined as having a set boundary, because it's largely *psychological* in nature.

LONG BEFORE you lose 50% of your purchasing power a month are you gonna exit the system!
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So there's some confusion between short volume and short interest. I pretty much made the same mistake the first time around, because believe it or not.... there's just a fuckton of data to track at this point.

So, short volume is NOT short interest, but, it does tell us things.
Very simply put, "what isn't there cannot be traded".

This goes for us, as we're literally buying silver to take it off the market. Whatever's part of "market volume" doesn't include *my* PSLV shares, because i'm not actively trading them.

So you're looking at buys and sells.
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@HustlerHindu reminded me i once said;
"The only thing i fear is US real rates going positive"

We're here.

#WallstreetSilver #Silversqueeze $PSLV #PSLVChallenge #fintwit @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader Image
The reason i said that is simple.

"Once real rates go positive, they won't be able to be stopped."

"When real rates go positive the negative rates/gold correlation will break, as it's not causation"

"Rather going up with yields going down, gold will go up with yields going up"
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#Silver #Comex #shadowcontracts #Update!

Nailed it.

Benefit of experience boys. If you were wondering why shadowcontracts continued in Silver; This is why.

They knew.
#silversqueeze #WSS #Wallstreetsilver #PSLV $PSLV #PSLVChallenge #Fintwit @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader Image
With 28k on the docket, probably reducing to -19,5k/-20k on the final report, they're about 10k away from their previous high, with today and tomorrow to go to roll over.


Today, the 24th, is of the biggest import.
As i said, the biggest rollover day happens 2-3 days before the end. We just had it.

Under normal circumstances, i would imagine anywhere between 3 to 8k rollover today and then 2-3k tomorrow, putting final delivery around 15k - Quite substantial but probably not enough.
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THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE! I say this because i've never done this before; And i wanna see if i can find absolute dogshit at or near the top as good as i find absolute gold at the bottom, based on fundamentals alone.


As you can see, 1,100%+ debt to equity is quite excessive. Combined with my favorite measure, Book value per share, at an eye popping -16.8, i decided to immediately take a closer look. Especially at $32.26 a share! This is no penny stock.

There's more that didn't line up.
Market cap is $9,27 billion, but enterprise value is $20,27 billion. This is quite a spread, and usually indicates undervalue (which is how i got attracted to it in the first place).

However. P/E ratio is 69.91!

Now they can't both be right. There's gotta be a reason.
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#Silver #Gold #Platinum #Comex #Shadowcontracts UPDATE!

#Silversqueeze/#PSLVChallenge edition!

With interesting data on $PSLV and $SLV shorts. Data first, analysis below! 👇

#WSS #Wallstreetsilver #PSLV #goldsqueeze #platinumsqueeze #Fintwit @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader ImageImageImageImage
First the one everyone wants to know: #Silver.

77 shadowcontracts, meaning +385,000 ounces found and put up for delivery *this month*, before the delivery wall hits in just a few days. Calendar says "last day of delivery 26th of February" - these ounces will be delivered by then
Preliminary rollover of -10,8k which'll go up to ~-11,5k in the final report. I've seen these numbers before and it was expected, the question is, is that gonna happen more?

To hit the previous record of ~16k, they need to shed another ~32k contracts in 4 days.
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1- Options & Earnings - A new thread!

Every option rises in price in anticipation of earnings. This is related to the increase of anticipated volatility (yo vega, she's back).

#fintwit #mintwit $option $AG #option #optiontrades
2 - But why?

Actually it's simple: earnings are a casino event for the stonk. Nobody knows what will happen, will the stonk crash or rise? Earnings are thus binary, it's a yay or a nay (UK ref. for you @BuyingMyFreedom). Movements post earnings are stronger as well.
3 - Here comes Mr. Market Maker. Mr. MM knows this, and they want more money for these call/put options, since they have to secure themselves against more risk.

Makes sense, in classic markets, I sold options on my underlying stonk for premium (#coveredcall).
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#FinTwit can suck but it's really given me a crash course in the *present state* of finance that would have otherwise taken years to understand. Follow the right people and you'll be humbled off your high horse in a hot second.
Pro tip: if you're feed is full of

1. Tesla bulls

2. Unironic rocket emojis

3. Accounts less than a month old

You need to diversify. You're in an echo chamber.
Good accounts to learn from:
@TheStalwart Generally humble, listens
@hmeisler Excellent charts, commentary
@nope_its_lily Low key one of the smartest folks here
@coloradotravis Right a lot, talks a lot
@alexharfouche1 Prick, but smart/forthcoming. I made a quiche because of him
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"FinTwit is awesome" led me to join Twitter.

But where is #fintwit? No actual such thing exists.

TWTR Lists was my answer.

Lists bring you to an alternate reality, where the only things you see relate to the List.

Ex: My FinTwit list


Twitter overwhelmed me at first. Topics helped some, adding wanted variety to my timeline.

But I find *well-assembled* Lists the most useful way to filter Twitterdom.

Sadly, Lists take time to create. So I've made a bunch for you to steal.

Here's one I made that highlights short-sellers.

Anytime I'm looking at a business/stock, I scan this List to search for any discussion related to my target.

Short-sellers often do *incredible* forensic work, unearthing important questions.

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As most of people who follow my tweets know, I'm very bullish on #uranium, and I think a LT bull market has begun.

#nuclear #u308 #energy #stocks #investing #fintwit

Like, retweet & comment!

That said, I want to remind that we're still at the very beginning of the journey, and that it is very important to acknowledge that there will be local tops and big retracements ahead of us on this journey. Depending on the co, -20% even -50% retraces will happen for sure.

The main catalyst on the sector for mining companies is still staying put as the spot/lt contract pricing is neglecting the fundamental supply distruption.
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ITC, the Indian MNC headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, was founded in 1910 as the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited!

Yes, you read it correctly.

In fact, it was a tobacco company until as recently as the 70s!

A thread 🧵👇

Today @ITCCorpCom is a diversified conglomerate with businesses spanning (get ready!):

• Personal Care
• Cigarettes & Cigars
• Branded Apparel
• Stationery Products
• Incense Sticks & Safety Matches
• Hotels
• Paperboards & Packaging
• Agri-Business &
• IT
So how did this diversification happen?

How did the company went on from being a tobacco based business primarily to its current, omnipresent form in the Indian consumer market?

Read on 👇👇

#fintwit #ITC
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Watched two great interviews of superstar investor @JonahLupton by @investing_city and @RichardMoglen
Learned a ton! Thank you Gentlemen!

The Investing City Podcast: Jonah Lupton

How to Invest in Growth Stocks in 2021
1) Some notes:
1. started to build his own portfolio in 04/2020
2. found #Fintwit on Twitter
3. sharing portfolio, very transparent
4. picked by @chamath as one of emerging investing managers, congrats!
5. put a lot of researches into his positions
6. 2/3 investor +1/3 trader
2) 7. core position size 5-9%, not married with any stocks
6. portfolio style: 2020 investing in themes (ecommerce, digital payment, online gaming, EV, cannabis, infrastructure)
7. end of 2020 transitioned out of hot names ($ZM, $PTON) into EV and cannabis and SPACs.
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"Tesla buys $1.5 billion in bitcoin, plans to accept it as payment" e o assunto foi o hype do 08/02/21. Portanto emergem as questões:
Criptomoedas melhoram o desempenho de portfolios de ações? É possível usar ferramentas tradicionais no mercado de criptomoedas? (1) 🧶
Há ganhos em utilizar estratégias de portfólio management para o mercado de criptomoedas? Essas questões Ricardo, João Caldeira e eu tentamos responder nesse Paper. (2)
O paper (link abaixo) analisou se a inclusão de criptomoedas melhora o desempenho dos portfólios de ações e se a aplicação de metodologias de seleção de portfólio traria ganhos para os investidores no mercado de cripto. (3)…
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1/ Welcome to Options 201! You might remember me from such threads as Options 101:

Or What’s The Deal With Having Edge?

2/ I wasn’t sure if I should keep going. We’re getting closer to “how to make money in options,” and I think public sources of such claims are always and invariably scams.

But I’ve decided this is still more “useful information to know” than trading edge, so it should be ok.
3/ Let’s start by talking about time. Time is surprisingly hard to think about. But why do we care?

Well, as we said in Options 101, we want to convert our options prices into vols because of #reasons. And to do so, you need to know t_exp.
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The name Berger or Lewis Berger is today synonymous with color worldwide.

But not many people know that the origin of the name dates back to over two & a half centuries in England in 1760!

Who's up for a thread?


#fintwit Image
A young color chemist named Lewis Berger, started manufacturing in Europe, 'Prussian blue' using a secret process that every designer and householder coveted.

Mr. Berger perfected this process & art of the blue color, which was the color of most military uniforms of that time.
The history of Berger Paints India Limited as a company started in 1923 as Hadfield's India Limited- a small colonial venture producing ready-mixed stiff paints, & varnishes.

It was set up on 2 acres of land in one of India's first industrial towns, Howrah, Bengal. Image
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Founded in 1897, the Godrej Group is one of the most diverse and prominent Business Empires in India.

A thread on the history of the @GodrejGroup.


#fintwit Image
Nadir Godrej, the head of the Godrej family, was born in 1951.

He was the youngest of two children.

At the dawn of Independence, Nadir’s father worked for the family business, which was first started in the late 19th century by his granduncle and grandfather.

A wealthy Parsi family from Bombay, the genesis of the empire began with Ardeshir Godrej revolutionizing the lock-and-safe industry.

Even today, the Godrej locks and almirahs are a quintessential part of Indian consumer culture. Ardeshir Godrej
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This isn’t just your ordinary 'rags to riches' story.

This is the tale of a man who refused to cower down to fate & chose to make a solid mark in the business world.

Born on 24 June, 1962, in Ahmedabad, this is one of India’s foremost business tycoons.

A thread 🧵👇

Gautam Adani, Founder, & Chairman of the Adani Group, didn’t inherit his power & position.

His parents, Shantaben and Shantilal Adani, had migrated to the city of Ahmedabad from a small town called Tharad in Norther Gujarat in hopes of better opportunities for their 8 children.
@gautam_adani completed his schooling from Seth CN Vidyalaya in Ahmedabad and then enrolled himself for a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce at Gujarat University.

It was when he was pondering over accounts and statistics, he realized academics was not for him.
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Ajanta Pharmaceuticals comeback journey led by the second generation Agarwal Brothers- Yogesh and Rajesh has been incredible.

Time for a thread 🧵👇

#fintwit #wednesdaythought
Set up in 1973 by three brothers, Mannalal, Purushottam and Madhusudan Agrawal—had been incurring huge losses for many years.

In June 2000, @AjantaPharmaLtd was trading at just Rs 24 per share with negligible interest from investors.
In 2001-2002, it reported a consolidated loss of Rs 1 crore and by the following year, it was reeling under a debt burden of Rs 130 crore.

Ajanta Pharma needed a shot of its own medicine, an energizer like 30-Plus.
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Born on March 10, 1911, to a banking family at Surat, this man is considered to be the doyen of the Indian housing and financial sectors!

He was the chairman of @ICICIBank before going on to found @HDFC_Bank in 1977.

Time for a thread 🧵👇

#fintwit #tuesdaymotivations
Shri Hasmukh Thakordas Parekh, fondly referred to as ‘Hasmukhbhai’, was shaped by the strong values of integrity and philanthropy held by his parents.

Growing up in the Gandhian era had a deep impact on his values and philosophy.
‘Hasmukhbhai’ graduated from Economics from Mumbai and went to pursue BSc degree in Finance and Banking from the London School of Economics.

He was the Chairman of @ICICIBank Ltd. between 1972 - 1978.

He helped the first generation of entrepreneurs of India live their dreams.
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Hero Moto Corp earlier also known formerly as “Hero Honda” is one of India’s first motorcycle manufacturers.

The company has seen many ups and downs throughout their life span up till now.

Here is a thread on the iconic Indian Motor Cycle brand @HeroMotoCorp 🧵👇

Here is how the company went from "Fill it, Shut it, forget it" to "dhak-dhak go" to "Hum mein hai Hero" to owning a market share of about 46% in India in the two-wheeler category.

Ludhiana, Punjab is where everything came alive!
In 1956 a still renowned brand “Hero Cycles” came into power.

Soon after the Munjal brothers founded the cycle company in 1975 it became the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the entire nation.

Nobody could stop the attention of international automakers “Hero Cycles” grabbed!
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In 2010, Vembu Vaidyanathan leaves a top job at ICICI Bank, smitten with an idea that he could start a bank de novo with ownership stakes.

So how does he get a bank license, raise the funds and build the bank?

Time for a thread 🧵👇

#fintwit Source:
Vaidyanathan was an alumnus of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra.

Post that, he completed his Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School, Boston.

Vaidyanathan began his career at @Citibank.
In 1999-2000, ICICI decided to foray into Retail lending from Project Lending, and Vaidyanathan joined them to spearhead the Retail businesses.

His responsibility included setting up the businesses including all key functions related to these businesses.
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A story of how one doctor’s unwavering dedication towards treating his patients gave rise to a brand that was set to rule the roost and create benchmarks in the Indian market for years to come.

Who's up for a thread 👇🧵

#fintwit #dabur
Founded in 1884 by Dr. S.K.Burman in the pre-independence British capital of India – Calcutta, Dabur started as a small clinic in a by-lane of the city.

The name Dabur was coined by taking ‘Da’ from Daktaar (Bengali pronunciation for Doctor) and ‘Bur’ from his last name Burman.
Given the effectiveness of ayurvedic formulations to treat the then life-threatening diseases like malaria & cholera, Dr. Burman decided to start a mass production facility of his medicines.

In 1884, he set up @DaburIndia from a small house in Calcutta.
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"Asli masale sach sach, MDH, MDH."

I am willing to bet that if you are an Indian, then you were humming the lines above in your mind!

But do you know the story behind the MDH legacy?

Time for a thread 🧵👇

#fintwit #thursdayvibes
If there’s a brand that has been adding flavor to a million lives in India, it is MDH.

A household name in the country, the founder of MDH, Mahashay Dharampal Gulati has a rags-to-riches story of a refugee-turned-entrepreneur.
An acronym for Mahashian Di Hatti, which translates to ‘respected man’s shop’, MDH visualized and made the concept of ready-to-use spices a reality for consumers across the world.

Born & raised in Sialkot, Pakistan, Gulati left school in 1933 while he was in the fifth standard.
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