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#Medical #AI has the worst superpower... Racism

We've put out a preprint reporting concerning findings. AI can do something humans can't: recognise the self-reported race of patients on x-rays. This gives AI a path to produce health disparities.

This is a big deal, so we wanted to do it right. We did dozens of experiments, replication at multiple labs, on numerous datasets and tasks.

We are releasing all the code, as well as new labels to identify racial identity for multiple public datasets.

Humans can't detect race better than chance, but AI performs absurdly well on the task. As you can see here, AUC scores are in the high 90s, and are maintained on external validation on completely distinct datasets and across multiple different imaging tasks.

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Covid in Sydney: Military deployed to help enforce lockdown
"Australia’s vaccine rollout a ‘colossal failure’, ex-PM Malcolm Turnbull says"😉
#COVID19 #NoahideLaws…
Pro-Vaxxer Malcolm Turnbull Invests In Pfizer Inc (October 16, 2015)
How does Malcolm Turnbull invest? As the Parliamentary Register shows today, it’s far from boring. #COVID19 #Medical #Fascism…
A first: Orthodox rabbi appointed to supreme court in Australia
Rabbi Marcus Solomon appointed as justice on regional supreme court in Western #Australia, becoming first Orthodox rabbi on such a court (Jul 30 , 2021)…
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#LinWood Drops Truth Bombs!

If you love your Country&you love your Freedom&you love your Children&you want your Children to breathe the fresh air of Liberty, act right now or #WeThePeople are gonna Lose it!
Look around you what is happening to your Country!

#LinWood Drops Truth Bombs!

The globalists will put u in a #Tribunal & they will get the result they want.
Globalists don’t care about the rule of law.
There is a worldwide communist colour #revolution happing without firing any shot.
It’s time to take your country back!


#Trump didn’t just win the #elections it was a landslide of historic proportions!
#WeThePeople tell #Government who going to serve not the other way around!
#God gave us the right to Life, Liberty&persuit to Happiness&no government can take that away!
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👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Posting the confidential anonymous safeguarding concerns from health professionals around the world RE: safeguarding children, medicalisation, ethics, therapy, ethical & moral dilemmas, workplace harassment, board/licensing harassment & any other related matters #donoharm
I speak with #HealthCareWorkers #professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Europe, the UK, Sweden, Finland, amongst others. Their stories, POV & voices deserve to be heard and this is their space. I will tweet comment, field of work and country only.
“I am a board member of ***** , a clinical psychologist and supervisor. I have raised my concern several times with the board and each time falls on deaf ears. Nearing retirement and may speak publicly at that time”, Clinical Consultant Psychologist, Supervisor, USA
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It seems to me that our slippery #Tory government is trying to change the rules of its own lockdown easement – again.
Robert #Jenrick has said England is going to move into a period where legal restrictions related to Covid-19 will be relaxed, meaning that decisions
on whether to consider following them – like wearing masks – will become a matter of personal choice. Does that seem like pre-emptive blame-shifting to you?
Boris #Johnson is determined to lift social distancing restrictions on July 19 – and to make the changes irrevocable.
Logically, the only time at which such a choice is reasonable would be when the risk of contracting #Covid has become negligible.
#Jenrick’s comment suggests that this will not be the case. His suggestion that people will exercise “personal responsibility” in their choice
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Whistleblowing #GP's Letter to Sir Simon Stevens - via @Shareaholic
Following the suspension of #Hampshire #GP Doctor Sam White by #NHS England for publicly questioning #Covid protocols, his solicitors Philip Hyland of PJH Law have fired off the following letter to Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of #NHS England.
The letter lays out accusations of #unlawful actions by #NHS executives, #HM Government, #SAGE, #MHRA and other authorities.
This is huge, a must read for anyone who finds themselves in any way threatened by any public body over any aspect of the #Covid crisis.
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Just in: "Today, we announce some relief measures. There are about 8 such measures being announced in the category of relief, four of which are absolutely new. One item is specific to health infrastructure," said Finance Minister #NirmalaSitharaman. | reports @tragicosmicomic
@tragicosmicomic Ms. Sitharaman said, "There are 8 other items that pertain to growth in general, exports and employment, and in that, 6 are totally new." - via @tragicosmicomic
@tragicosmicomic "A Rs. 1.1 lakh crore guarantee for COVID-affected sectors, and in that, health sector with Rs. 50,000 crore cover receives attention for scaling up #medical infrastructure," she said. | @tragicosmicomic
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Compilation of Parliamentary Financial Links to Private #Healthcare
This represents the latest list of recent or present financial links between #parliamentarians and #individuals or #companies involved in private healthcare.
up-to-date as of March 2nd 2014. It has increased !
#MPs and #Lords are able to vote on legislation, even when they have a direct #financial interest.
This happened with the Health and Social Care Act, which saw the #NHS being forced into a world of an external market.
The legislation was written for industry, by industry and is part of the overall plan for it's demise and the eventual takeover by #private health insurance companies.
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too many medical & scientific orgs have made critical race theory their leading light towards equity

Literal Harvard scientific professionals advocate
black & Latinx patients are treated before whites for heart conditions😮… #health #MedTwitter #medicine
Think medical professionals should evaluate patients based on their needs before any other concerns,

U must be a racist
#medicine #medtwitter #healthcare #health #science #jama
The new buzzword is:

"Culturally Competent Care"…
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In its place, the new National Institute for Health Protection will take over the work that has already been set motion to tackle #COVID-19. Set to be modelled on Germany’s Robert #Koch Institute, the country’s own organisation dealing with pandemic response,
it is now at the forefront of the United Kingdom’s handling of what many predict to be a brutal second wave. However, unlike the presidents of the Robert Koch Institute, who are microbiologists and specialists in infectious epidemiology respectively,
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Covid-19: Social Murder, they wrote—elected, unaccountable, and unrepentant

BMJ 2021; 372 doi:… (Published 04 February 2021)

Cite this as: BMJ 2021;372:n314

What went wrong in the global governance of #covid-19?
After two million deaths, we must have redress for mishandling the #pandemic
Murder is an emotive word. In law, it requires premeditation. Death must be deemed to be unlawful. How could “murder” apply to failures of a pandemic response?
Perhaps it can’t, and never will, but it is worth considering. When #politicians and #experts say that they are willing to allow tens of thousands of premature deaths for the sake of population immunity or in the hope of propping up the economy,
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At least 122,000 #NHS staff now have long COVID. And while #NHS staff were unprotected, #PPE contracts were being handed out by government ministers to “#VIPs” and #associates, some of whom had no experience in supplying #medical equipment.
Why didn’t we have the #PPE we needed?
In 2016, a simulation exercise called Exercise #Cygnus was carried out to test how the UK would perform if a #pandemic struck. The report wasn’t published at the time, but after mounting pressure it was published in October 2020.
It revealed that there had been gaping holes in the #government’s pandemic preparedness.
The #Cygnus report had recommended that a single health body be set up, called a “Pandemic Concept of Operations” to help to avoid chaos in a real pandemic. This wasn’t set up.
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EveryDoctor is taking the #UK government to court alongside the Good Law Project, because #NHS staff were unprotected during the pandemic.
880 health and #social care workers died while dutifully caring for patients on the COVID-19 frontline. Many had unsafe PPE, some had no #PPE
At least 122,000 #NHS staff now have long COVID. And while #NHS staff were unprotected, #PPE contracts were being handed out by #government ministers to “#VIPs” and #associates, some of whom had no experience in supplying #medical equipment.
Why didn’t we have the PPE we needed?
In 2016, a simulation exercise called Exercise #Cygnus was carried out to test how the UK would perform if a pandemic struck. The report wasn’t published at the time, but after mounting pressure it was published in October 2020.
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If #HealthCare positions itself as public priority number one during a #pandemic, then it goes without saying #nurses in fact perform a critical and central role in delivering said #health care. #NursesWeek2021 #NursesWeek #NursesDay #NursesMonth #Nursing #NurseTwitter #Nurse
By not only advocating for #HealthPromotion in general, but by also educating #patients directly and the public at large of the preventive measures necessary to avoid illness and injury, it's not an exaggeration to call #nurses out as #noble..
...or, at the very least their selfless #professional #nursing pursuits can be considered as such. Conjoined with providing actual #MedicalCare AND assisting with #rehabilitation AND providing emotional & psychological #support AND...
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Critical thread on "Self-Spreading #Vaccines"

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for #Health Security: Technologies to Address - Global Catastrophic Biological Risks, Oct 9, 2018

#biosurveillance "biological disruption" "bioterrorism events #bioengineering
"As a subset of infectious #disease emergencies, global catastrophic biological risk (#GCBR) is a special category of risk involving #biological #agents—whether naturally emerging or reemerging, deliberately created & released, or #laboratory engineered & escaped—..."

This "could lead to sudden, extraordinary, widespread disaster beyond the collective capability of national & int. orgs & the #privatesector to control."

"Global catastrophic biological risk", "transformational surveillance technologies"

#Foundations #CorporateConsolidation
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Powered exclusively by #VOLUNTEER efforts, @iamwillproject locally engages in promoting a #ContinuumOfCare spectrum, while advocating for #CommunityHEALTH.

@iawpfoundation #IAWP Image
Helping to #bridge the gaps between progressive #healthcare providers and those individuals seeking primary #medical services & professional #supportive healthcare #resource referrals, @iamwillproject creates #Testing & #LinkAge to #Care connection opportunities. #Outreach! #IAWP
A spark ignited in the #spring of 1972 & #trails have been ablaze ever since. #IAWP effectively expands consumer #HealthLiteracy by freely disseminating plain language #healthcare information & facilitating #complimentary skill building. #SelfCare #CommunityHEALTH @iawpfoundation
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"I had a discussion with a #medical doctor who expressed shock at some combinations of drugs bring used for high #bloodpressure. He was of the opinion that some of them affect the #potency or libido (sexual drive) of #men." Dr Olumide Okuneye (CoachMide)

#Family #Motivation #Sex
I have been bothered. I am sure you will be a bit bothered as well. Over the past few years, many people have died. However the trend has been that so many of the deaths are blood pressure related!
Dr Olumide Okuneye (CoachMide)

#Health #tuesdaymotivations
What is more sad is the fact that the #male gender is the one mostly affected.

In my interaction with friends and all, I have also seen that high #blood pressure seem to be rampart among the male gender too and with less care sometimes has sent many #men to early graves

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ADO-EKITI | March 28, 2021 – The Government of Ekiti State is announcing that it has crossed the 10,000 milestone in the first week of the rollout of the state's #COVID19 Vaccination campaign. Image
Governor Fayemi @kfayemi flagged off the exercise on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 during the State Executive Council meeting, after which @Ulera_Ekiti rolled out the mass campaign last week at vaccination sites across the 16 local government areas (LGAs) of the state.
It is now reported that the state's #medical officials have administered 10,354 first doses of the Oxford #AstraZeneca vaccines. The breakdown of the statistics shows that 2,547 persons were vaccinated in Ado LGA, 363 in Efon LGA, 604 in Ekiti East LGA,...
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New #UK science body could be used as ‘cover for cronyism’
Advanced Research & Innovation Agency will be exempt from existing procurement rules for ‘maximum flexibility’, says #government
Kate Bingham of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, cited by business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng
as a model for Aria.
A new £800m #government #science and #defence research agency will be exempt from existing procurement rules, prompting warnings from #Labour that it could be used as “cover for #cronyism”.
Originally the brainchild of Dominic #Cummings,
the Advanced Research & Innovation Agency (#Aria) will be more lightly regulated than a normal #government body.
A press notice released to accompany the publication of the bill needed to set up the body said it would imitate the long-established #US agency #Darpa,
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Ryan Neticumara passed away under tragic circumstances at 12.30 am on Thursday 25th after been prescribed a dose of medicines at Durdans hospital for an ongoing sleep disorder. The hospital prescribed a cocktail of medicines after been admitted. (1)

#lka #srilanka #murder
without checking previous history of medications consumed causing him to have a serious fit and cause hyper activity. Ryan was not attended by any of the staff on duty even at the helpless cry of his girlfriend asking for help who stayed with him while at hospital.(2)
Ryan encountered an episode of behaviour and paranoia causing him to seek an escape from the ward attempting to climb out of a toilet window in his room on 10th floor that eventually led to his fall to the 5th floor leading to his death.(3)
#lka #srilanka #murder
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/14/2021…
Study identifies significance of atmospheric rivers for New Zealand…

#significance #rivers #NewZealand
Hospital Price Transparency Could Change The Face Of Medical Debt Collections, If Advocates Exploit It | Health Affairs…

#hospital #transparency #debt #medical #price
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1/ Q: What’s up with the new @CDCgov #mask study?

A: Good news, #doublemasking or tightening up ear loops works!
2/ Remember the key features of effective masking: #FILTERING & #FIT.

The @CDCgov released a new experimental study testing ways to improve mask fit for cloth & medical masks to reduce leakage around the edges.…
3/ Using mannequin “headforms” & simulated #coughing they tested:

1️⃣ #Cloth #mask over a medical mask (double masking)
2️⃣ #Medical #mask with knotted ear loops & tucked in sides
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Kalau pemilihan Ketua IA ITB yg dikedepankan soal bersih2 HTI, FPI, PKI.. ini sama saja dengan mengajak alumni melihat masa lalu. Mundur ke belakang. 👎

Masalah yg kita hadapi jauh lbh besar. Visi harus jauh ke depan, inovatif, kolaborasi, sains, teknologi, humaniora. 👍
Kalau yg dikedepankan soal paham2, maka hasilnya spt sebelumnya, keberadaan Salman ITB pun dipertanyakan oleh 1976 alumni.

Kalau visioner dan kolaborasi yg jd prinsip, maka kerja bersama spt antara @Sinergi_IAITB dan @salmanitb spt peduli bencana ini hasilnya.

Lihat bedanya?
Saya belum menentukan akan memilih siapa. Tapi saya punya kriteria:
- harus independen dan selesai dengan dirinya, tidak punya bos yg bisa mempengaruhi sikapnya
- bisa mengharmonikan kembali alumni
- punya visi kemajuan yg jauh ke depan, dg sains, teknologi, humaniora dan agama
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I just spit into a tube for my employer. So my keycard would be "unlocked" and I could get into my very own office. Where my property has been for very many months. Now yeah, I guess #COVID19 means this is just what #workers do now. But here are #disability implications:
-- my spit, which has my DNA of course, is now a QR code
-- my employer now has access to my DNA
-- my employer now knows I'm on #opiates
-- my employer now knows I'm on #Lexapro
-- my employer now knows things about me that I don't even know about me b/c I've never given DNA
In return for this enormous amount of data I've just given my employer, what do I get? Access to my property, that is, my #poetry books, my #journals, my mementos from across a decade & etc
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