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New survey by @EwlGroup & partners about #Ukrainian #refugees in #Czechia, #Poland and #Romania highlights some interesting similarities and differences in demographic profile, intentions and integration. 🧵 1/…
Survey #demographics confirm what we know: refugees are overwhelmingly (>90%) #female, and half or more are at least 36 years old. Most (60%) have arrived with #children under the age of 18; yet also have members of immediate #family back home. 2/
#UkrainianRefugeeCrisis #gender Image
The three largest #concerns among Ukrainian refugees included "difficulty finding #employment" (25-50%), "concern for relatives staying in Ukraine" (31-40%) and "poor knowledge of the #language" (30-38%). 3/10
#UkrainianRefugeeCrisis Image
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If you're bored and want to hear a debate about #C-collars, #spinalcordinjury, #CPR, #handsonlyCPR, #resuscitation, I and a bunch of medical colleagues at #ILSF, the International Life Saving Federation, are having a #Medical Committee members debate.
Good for #lifeguards, #surf #lifesavers, #paramedics, #firstresponders, #FOAMed, #medtwitter

For more information on each session -
Free registration via the following links:
Medical: -

Registration is free, numbers are limited.
“Commencing on the 28 June 2022 the International Life Saving Federation’s Rescue Commission will be hosting a series of webinars for the global lifesaving community.
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ப்ளஸ் -2 வகுப்பிற்கு பின் என்ன படிக்கலாம் பெற்றோர்கள், மாணவர்களின் பார்வைக்கு கொண்டுசெல்லுங்கள் பயன் பெறுங்கள்...🙏

#science_Courses (3 Years)

Bsc Physics
Bsc Chemistry
Bsc Botany
Bsc Zoology
Bsc Computer science
Bsc Mathematics

#ஒன்றிய_உயிரினங்கள் #விழிப்புணர்வு_பதிவு Image
Bsc Forestry
Bsc Dietician & Nutritionist
Bsc Home Science
Bsc Agriculture Science
Bsc Horticulture
Bsc Sericulture
Bsc Oceanography
Bsc Melsorology
Bsc Arthopology
Bsc Forensic Science
Bsc Food technology
Bsc Diary Technology
Bsc Hotel Management...

(2)... Image
Bsc Fashion Design
Bsc Mass Communication
Bsc Electronic Media
Bsc Multimedia
Bsc 3D Animation

#Commerce Courses

CA Chatted Account
CMA Cost Management Account
CS Company Secretary (Foundation)
B.Com Regular Taxation&Tax Procedure
(3).. Image
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1) How I cured my #LongCovid in 3mos after suffering for almost a year. This was my last hope. I researched what #Covid does to the body, came up with a list of "clinically studied" supplements and...
2) took them all. Firstly, I am not a MD. In March 2021 I caught Covid while working as a #frontline #healthcare worker. My symptoms of #brainfog, #fatigue, #jointpain, #muscleweakness, morning #stiffness happened after my recovery. At the time, this #postcovid #syndrome was...
3) was just starting to be discussed online. The the term #Longhauler was coined. Those in the #ME, #CFS, #Lyme #MCAS #community starting speaking out about the similarity of #symptoms with #LC. #Covidclinics started to sprout up, include one at the....
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The man who found Mercury sulphide and invented Soap!

Chakrapāni Dutta
Chakrapāni Dutta was a Ayurveda physician and sanskrit scholar,
He was born in the village of Mayureshwar of Bangal in the Brahmin family.
Chakrapāni discovered mercury sulphide. The credit for inventing soap also goes to him, he used mustard oil and some alkalies as ingredients for making soap.
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After years of my daughter receiving care at our local #hospital that is often based on #bias & is often subpar I have begun to reach out to different state agencies. The experiences that my daughter has had to experience over the last several years has been surreal 1/
I’ve attempted many times to engage with #patientservices w various staff in attempts to implement a plan which is based on her needs, recognizes the #medicaltrauma she has experienced & how it impacts her. I’ve attempted to explain how her diabetes works (to the extent I even 2
understand. Type 3 is brittle, it can shoot up or down for numerous reasons. I’ve tried to explain her complications based on her #AITTP but instead assumptions have been made and that what care has been based on. In reviewing her chart it’s truly horrifying their utter lack 3
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#MedicalBiases #CompromisedCare #DenialofRights
This ⬇️
many may not believe this. They may find it unbelievable. I don’t. I have watched my daughter deal with the exact same abuses bc she is prescribed #opioids, bc she also has complex #medical conditions & PTSD. 1
I never know when she has a medical crisis and needs the hospital IF she will need to interact w a personnel or professional whose #biases interfere with care. These incidences can be shaming, demeaning or they can put her life at risk. My daughter has had hypoglycemic crises 2/
at @SanfordHealth where the nurses refused to check her #bloodsugars because ‘it is anxiety’ or ‘she just ate’. Even when I intervened over phone & pleaded, nurses refused to point I had to reach out to #housesupervisor. While I’ve reached out multiple times to @SanfordHealth 3/
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Thread for Doctors (a thread to be updated time to time)

I will write here about,
What doctors can do to protect themselves, against complaints under SC/ST Act, complaints in police for medical negligence, complaints for medical negligence in

#Doctors #MedTwitter #India
2/ police station, complaints filed in criminal courts, summons by court to private doctors to appear as a witness with medical record of a patient, cases in civil court for damages, steps a doctor can take if he perceives threats from a patient, etc.

#doctors #MedTwitter
3/ First basic principles : An error in diagnosis (or Judgement) is not by itself a negligence. If a patient dies during an operation or immediately after surgery, is by itself not a medical negligence.
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🧵 Question Abt: Transplantation and Fetal Toxicity of Immunosuppressive Drugs in Pregnancy. 1/13 #Access #ProLife #prochoice #SCT #AbortionBan #healthcare
Q: What is the medical safety net for premenopausal women that are also transplant recipients who MUST take multiple immunosuppressive drugs? 2/13

#Access #ProLife #prochoice #SCT #AbortionBan #healthcare
She can’t depend on the #pill to prevent an unwanted #pregnancy because of daily antibiotics. 3/13

#Access #ProLife #prochoice #SCT #AbortionBan #healthcare
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Thread 🧵: Reflections of a Parent/Caregiver After Six Years Implementation of CDC Guidelines (warning long but I am very interested in feedback)

Since babies, my kids, have intimately known #pain. At one time their #pain was intermittent & #acute. Sadly, they now struggle 1/
#chronicpain & are young adults. Our kids 1st 13/16 years of life, our family had a #safetynet, their #pediatrician. He was highly intelligent, compassionate, he challenged the system & in the most authentic sense #partnered with families. #Pain was not a major concern when 2/
the kids were under his care. The nature of their disease often brought us to the ER & hospitalizations. The hospitalizations resulted due to inability to manage #pain, dehydration, & other issues caused by a flare in their #disease. My husband & I attempted to minimize the 3/
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Medicare – A National Health Insurance Fund
The history of Medicare goes back to President Teddy Roosevelt. In 1912, his presidential campaign included a national health insurance plan. The idea of a national health plan didn’t gain steam until 1945..
🧵 (thread)

Pres. Harry S Truman championed the idea of a national health care fund in 1945. He wanted national health insurance for all Americans and fought to pass a bill but was unsuccessful. It took another 20 years before Medicare became a reality.


John F. Kennedy
After studies showed that 56% of Americans over the age of 65 were not covered by health insurance, JFK made an unsuccessful push for a national healthcare plan.
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TY @innodim for inviting me to speak! My cognitive PEM wouldn’t let me be great but I appreciate her encouragement & summary! Want to be sure my main points are clear in re to Black Maternal #Mental Health, Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders #PMADs, & disparities.#AIMART #BMHW22
I am no expert, so I'll share what I know. Black mothers are more at risk of #PMADs & are less likely to receive treatment b/c the structural social & economic inequities as a result of #antiBlack #racism & #misogynoir in this white supremacist patriarchal society.#BMHW22
“Close to 40% of Black mothers will suffer from postpartum depression [(PPD)]” OR ‘Systemic racism & sexism harm Black mothers which manifest as PPD for a reported ~40%.’ Addressing these risk factors associated w PMAD is key:
Lack of access to high-quality medical care
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Very excited to have 2 new papers in press today in Lancet Digital Health, alongside an editorial from the journal highlighting our work.

I am immensely proud of the work we have done here and honestly think this is the most important work I have been involved in to date 🥳

#Medical #AI has a problem. Preclinical testing, including regulatory testing, does not accurately predict the risks that AI models pose once they are deployed in clinics.

I've written about this before in my blog, for example in:…

In this work we:

1) describe a step by step method for algorithmic auditing in health, building on the 🔥 work by Raji et al

2) audit a high accuracy model we developed @theAIML for hip fracture dx, ID-ing several serious risks that were not detected by standard testing.

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#Cannabis Strains: Can you tell the difference between Sativa & Indica?

A thread... Cannabis Sativa is probably the most common form of cannabis
Probably before now, you are aware that 3 forms of cannabis strains exist; Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Each form differs in the levels of its constituents, however, a hybrid is a mixture of two or strains.
As far as your health is concerned, knowing what to use to obtain a desired #Medical result is quite important. Therefore, you should work towards how you can correctly identify these strains and save the budtender some time.
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I want to start out by saying, you folks are in a tough position, being PUBLIC SERVANTS of WE the People. I would like to believe that you truly have the best interest of our children and the community in mind, but you are factually acting outside of your delegated authority...
by practicing medicine, imposing unlawful medical interventions, and by simulating legal process.
That being said, our forefathers put together one of the most powerful and amazing documents in our history. The #constitution, which was drafted to protect individual rights!
They did this in an effort to make sure we didn’t end up under #tyranny again, and yet, here we are with individuals and Agencies operating outside of both their delegated authority and outside of the law. I’d bet my LIFE (emphasis added), if any one of them were alive today...
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"The @KyivIndependent recently did a spotlight on many different charities across #Ukraine."

▪Charities that help the war effort, children, elderly, animals... for blood donation and more.

All are linked in post. Please RT.

#UkraineWar #UkraineInvasion…
This list was published by Forbes Magazine

10 Ways To Help The People Of Ukraine Right Now via @Forbes…
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Today @GeneticAll_UK is launching a new report, ‘Good Diagnosis:Improving the experiences of #diagnosis for people living with rare conditions’.

Read the full report…
Over a third of people living with a #RareCondition
will wait for more than five years to obtain a
definitive #diagnosis, often receiving a number of
#misdiagnoses along the way

The ‘diagnostic odyssey’ is a term used to describe the time taken between a patient first developing #symptoms and receiving a correct #MedicalDiagnosis. This can be a long and eventful journey.

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Just a friendly reminder @moderna_tx told the @SECGov that the @US_FDA defines #mRNA as gene therapy. And called it an unprecedented new category of #medicines tho they really want that #vaccine classification anyways for liability protections & fear the public wouldn’t take it.
They know the #COVID19 #vaccine isn’t a vaccine but human #gene #therapy.
The @US_FDA #fda reaffirmed their definition of modified viral #nucleic acid that alters #CELL Jan 30th 2020 #COVID ImageImageImageImage
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#Suicide by Clinic-Referred #Transgender #Adolescents in the United Kingdom. Great piece here urging us to reflect upon & think about, if evidence based #science is still your thing. Biggs (2022) conclusion asks us to question #medical responsibility.…
How do we know if we are acting responsibly when we are offering ‘information’? What information are we offering? What if that information is on risk for #selfharm & #suicide? As a part of our daily #dutyofcare part of the #safeguarding process?
What about if that information is relied upon when we obtain parental consent for intervention with #children & #adolescents? What if that information isn’t true, is inaccurate, exaggerated, inflated, distorted? #science
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Autistic Women & medical conditions thread 🧵 RE: Common #Medical symptoms and conditions in #autisticgirls #autisticwomen
By @sbaroncohen et. al I feel this research study has implication on #autisticgirls #gender #ROGD #trans #detrans In my #Autism clinic it has
been common to hear about #puberty #Dysphoria
Menstrual problems, #PMDD #PCOS & #endometriosis What is really nice for clinicians is when we see research that backs up our clinical work. In consideration Of #gender distress #dysphoria #ROGD we should be considering this research ImageImageImage
In making clinical decisions that impact #autisticgirls #autisticwomen with #ROGD #trans #detrans This July 2021 study looked at common medical conditions in #autistic females.
For some time, researchers have been investigating #sexbias in #autism diagnosis. #Medical
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I urge the health minister @mla_sudhakar to have an elaborated discussion in the assembly session before proposing any amendment to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Act 1994.

Many media houses have reported that the state government has sent a note to the Principal Secretary of Medical department regarding a necessary amendment to the act which grants the state government the final authority over the utilization of the funds.

The #RGUHS has funds over ₹1500 Cr which should be used solely for the purpose of improvement of medical education services at government medical colleges to improve the quality of education.

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Wondering about the different types of #Masks out there? What exactly is a #BetterMask, anyway? Check out this 🧵 for more details w/ our helpful visual guides here!
First up, NIOSH #N95 Masks
-Highest level of protection for disposable #Masks
-@NIOSH_NPPTL approved
-Head Straps Graphic Credit, created & d...
@NIOSH_NPPTL @NIOSH #KF94 / #KN95 #Masks:
-KN95s Manuf. to Chinese GB2626-2019 standard
-KF94s Manuf. to Korean KMOEL 2017-64 standard
-@CDCgov warns: "About 60% of KN95 respirators in the US are counterfeit (fake) & DO NOT meet @NIOSH requirements."
-We verify all KN95s & KF94s we sell are genuine Graphic Credit, created & d...
If you are looking for official US government resources (incl. advice for improving fit, more on Int’l standards, other #masks like #N99, #N100, etc.), see the @CDCgov “Types of Masks @ Respirators” landing page here:… Image
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It’s no secret that #EVT for AIS has been a complete game changer for the field resulting in dramatic reduction in death & disability

Join us to explore the #history of EVT in collaboration with @SVINJournal, to celebrate the inaugural issue Image
Many thanks to @Mahmoudneuro, #RaulNogueira and @DiogoHaussen whose review entitled:
👉“Tx Advancements in the Endovascular Management of Stroke” celebrates the advances in #ETV

🆓 #openaccess…
1st #Fun fact: Interventional treatment of AIS dates all the way back to 1950s‼️
Sussman & Fitch reported 3 cases of IA infusion of fibrinolytics
Didn’t work 😫. Probably because they were performed in a non-hyperacute fashion
But this laid the foundation for years of refinement Image
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We stand in #Solidarity with our Workers in the #Unions & this is the only way to have a say in our Working Environment by #WorkingTogether & doing a #Strike!
People like us, who've been arguing against the broken Gears & For-profit exploitation of #Capitalism, comes in to help.
We're in a #SocietalCollapse as the Full Stop & Endgame of #Capitalism's Growth has begun! We need Calls & Movements for a "Great Transition" from this broken #Dystopia where we have a #ClimateCrisis, #HousingCrisis, #Pandemic, #EvictionCrisis, #HealthcareCrisis,...
#BiodiversityCrisis, etc.
As the system focuses on #Economic Growth, #Corporate Interest & Businesses First while exploiting the #Labor who are treated like hell & not paid a #LivingWage nor anything while everything to basically live is practically an Expense under #Capitalism.
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