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Madhya Pradesh CM #ShivrajSinghChouhan met Union Home Minister #AmitShah today in #Delhi.
We held extensive discussions with #NITIAayog in the area of Cooperation - how to increase people's income through Cooperatives in different areas. We've made aggressive policies for the same. I gave draft for the policy to HM & Cooperation Minister #AmitShah: MP CM #SSChouhan
I have also urged Minister #AmitShah to visit Bhopal. We will hold a Cooperation convention and launch our new Cooperation Policy there: Madhya Pradesh #ShivrajSinghChouhan
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Last 2 days popcorn and youtube jokers are saying #AmitShah is weakest HM and should go

But let me tell you about this brilliant chanakya mind which i am sure 99% don't know as these things are not spoken about

You all know Modi was against 370 even before he entered active politics

You must have read my post since 2014 when i use to say that 370 will go just after 2019 election not before against what Harvard Swami misleads

Let's not go before 2014. Let's start from 2014

The problem was 370 but when you define the problem you figure out that it has few problem creator stakeholders. Srinagar gang funded by ISI, ISI, its franchise in India Congress, the seculars, 57 Muslim nation at OIC and the US

So in 2014 MJ Akbar came in as MoS EAM.

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Easy for someone to sit in TV studios & recite quotes from the Holy Book like a softer & saner version of Zakir Nail, while denigrating @AmitShah as SPINELESS & demanding his resignation as @HMOIndia

🧵 2/n
Nothing wrong in questioning @AmitShah cause we all have a right to!
If governing as a @HMOIndia were as easy as sitting in Labs & TV Studios & reciting Data, Stats & quotes, then it would only take less than 30 Seconds to resolve this crisis, doesn't it!

If you had a SPINE, why don't you swap places with @AmitShah & do the needful?

If that's too much to ask, show some SPINE & stop referring to fellow panelists (who always support & justify these riots) on National TV as "MY GOOD FRIEND(S)"

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#AmitShah spoke of using Hindi as an alternative to English and *not* Hindi vs Regional languages.

The responses show that regional politicians do not care about *their* languages but about maintaining English hegemony.

@AmitShah's mother tongue is Gujarati, not Hindi.
I’m not actually arguing for Hindi, my emphasis is on mother tongue education.

And I agree with you as well. Sanskrit-based Hindi is much easier understood across the country.
सही कहा। चीन और जापान को अंग्रेज़ी नहीं आटी और देखो वह इंडिया से कितना पीछे है। ना कुछ बनाते हैं और ना ही नौकरी करते हैं।
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As the CM of Gujarat, Campaign launched by Modi Ji after the #AhmedabadSerialBlast to Destroy Nexus of Indian Mujahideen & SIMI, has reached its Final Stage today

38 Convicts in Blasts Case will be Hanged as per Court's Order

Here's how Modi-Shah Duo destroyed Terror Nexus👇

A total of 49 Accused have been convicted in this case by the Special Court of #Ahmedabad. The case went on under UAPA

Court has ordered to hang 38 Convicts while 11 have been sentenced to Life Imprisonment. 56 people were Killed & 250 were injured in the #AhemdabadBlast

The very Next Day after the Blast, Gujarat's CM Modi had called a meeting of Senior Officers of the State Police. He was Cabinet Minister of Home Affairs while #AmitShah was MoS Home in his Govt

Modi ordered Gujarat's Officers to Destroy this Terror Nexus without any Delay🔥
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विपक्षी दलों के लिए एक छोटा सा आर्टिकल पढ़े🙏

हर छोटी बड़ी घटना पर ट्वीट करने वाले #rahul_Gandhi ने #asadowaisi हमले पर ट्वीट नहीं किया
#AmitShah और #modi की तो बात ही छोरो #myogiadityanath ने भी ट्वीट कर हमले की निंदा नहीं की हालाकि उसके राज्य की घटना थी🙏👇 नीचे पढ़े 👇
मंत्री #naqvimukhtar उद्योग मंत्री बिहार ShahnawazBJP भी खामोश हैं आखिर आप जानते है कियू आगे आइए

कांग्रेस नेता #priyankagandhi ने ट्वीट नहीं किया!
चुप रहे #yadavakhilesh दो शब्द भी नहीं लिख पाए! #Mayawati ने भी चुप्पी साधी 🤔 और ये लोग बोलेंगे किया की हम BJP विरोधी है
जब BJP के state में Owaise पे हमला हुआ तो ये लोग उस हमले की निंदा तक नही किए तो हम कैसे मान ले की ये लोग BJP विरोधी है❌

अगर #asadowaisi पर हुए हमले की निंदा की तो हिंदू वोट कट जायेंगे.

तथाकथित सेक्युलर राजनेता
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In a shocking incident, two nuns and their two novices were harassed, heckled and forced to deboard a train in Uttar Pradesh's Jhansi by members of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), on suspicion of religious conversion. Image
The incident, which occurred on Friday, March 19, has triggered massive outrage, with Kerala Chief Minister @vijayanpinarayi writing to Home Minister @AmitShah demanding strict action.
"Such incidents tarnish the image of the nation and its ancient tradition of religious tolerance. Such incidents require utmost condemnation by the Union government.
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#MLA_ফাটাকেষ্ট এর বাস্তবায়ন কি সত্যি হতে চলেছে ?
"আমি নচিকেতা নই, আমি সুজন চক্রবর্তী বা শ্রীলেখা নই, আমি #গৌরাঙ্গ_চক্রবর্তী, গৌরাঙ্গ যে ভুলে যায় না তার বাপ দাদার ভিটে মাটি ছাড়া হওয়ার আসল কারণটা কি "
#MithunChakraborty #MohanBhagwat
জয় শ্রী রাম 🚩
ভারত মাতা কি জয় 🇮🇳
🙏 ImageImage
খুন করিয়ে চাকরি দান,
ধর্ষণ হলে অনুদান...
তাই সবাই বলো
"হীরকের রানী ভগবান
~ জয় বিষ্ণুমাতা"।
@tathagata2 @DilipGhoshBJP
@keyakahe @raniroyrocky @datta_hira @Krishanu_Singh @Abhijit_Basak83 @tweetanupam @jay_majumdar @basusayan @paulagnimitra1 @rantidevsengupt @swapan55 Image
একজন ক্যান্ডিডেট তেরোটা RMO পোস্ট এ একসাথে চাকরি পেল; তবু বলবেন চাকরি নেই?
RMO শ্রী দিয়ে উনাকে সম্মান জানাই !
ফিজিওলজি থেকে ইউরোলজি, ফিজিক্যাল মেডিসিন থেকে নেফ্রোলজি সব বিষয়ে চাকরীর ইন্টারভিউ ক্র্যাক.. অসাধারণ কৃতীত্ব!
বাকি ডাক্তার বন্ধুরা এই অনুপ্রেরণা পাননি!
From Facebook ImageImage
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#BiharElections2020 | As polling for Phase-1 of #BiharElections begins, here is a quick look at candidates with criminal cases contesting in this phase.

#BiharPolls #Bihar
#BiharPolls | PM @narendramodi urges voters to cast their vote in the first phase of Bihar Assembly election and participate in 'festival of democracy' while taking precautions against #COVID19.

#BiharElections #BiharElections2020
"Good luck to all of you in the first phase of #BiharPolling": tweets @RahulGandhi as voting begins in Phase-1 of #BiharElections2020.

#Bihar #BiharElections #BiharPolls
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Going by recent events, I firmly believe #KanganaRanaut will be the next dark horse of #Maharashtra politics. Reasons:
1. BJP desperately needs a Big Bang name in #Mumbai to take on #UddhavThackeray who is living on his father’s legacy.
2. She has repeatedly reiterated that she
belongs to #Maharashtra and #Mumbai is her #Karmabhoomi. Hence creating an image in people’s mind that she has deep roots here.
3. She has solid #BJP backing. Always supports their narrative & look at the speed at which #AmitShah approved Y+ security for her.
4. BJP spokespeople
defend her as their own. On every news channel.
5. She was the only celebrity to publicly acknowledge the #BhumiPujan at #Ayodhya
6. She will not take on #Bollywood mafia if she isn’t sure of being protected by bigger forces - the Centre.

Manyreasons but these are the main ones.
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The Commies, Islamist bigots and Christian fundamentalists are abusing Kejriwal for "Insulting #Onam and Malayalees". They are reminding him what they did to #AmitShah in 2017.

Unadulterated bigotry, arrogance, abuse and slander by "100% #litterate No. 1 Malayalees".
They just don't understand the fact that Onam is a minor festival celebrated in a small corner of the world. At least 4 times more people celebrate #VamanaJayanti. In an ideal world those celebrating Onam celebrate that and those celebrating Vamana Jayanti celebrate that.
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Supreme Court to continue hearing the petition against conducting Final year exams as mandated by UGC.

#SupremeCourt #StudentsInSCForJustice #StudentsInSCAgainstUGC #StudentsLivesMatters @advocate_alakh @DrAMSinghvi
.@pallavibnb traced the rise in cases & deaths ever since the UGC 1 guidelines.

2.65 million reasons: The Indian student community is fighting a solo battle against UGC

#StudentsInSCForJustice #StudentsInSCAgainstUGC #StudentsLivesMatters

Article -
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The thing is everyone holds secrets about others. Right now Modi-Shah have the upper hand, but if #ShivSena falls, it will take a lot of people down with it. Decades of secrets buried under Mumbai will come out. So yes, it is possible that Shah will enter into an agreement.
Just imagine the number of scams that will be exposed if Thackeray’s Sena dismantles. Every politician in #Mumbai & #Maharashtra will roam around like headless chicken. #BJP was after all an ally of #ShivSena, so they too have been part of some such scams.
This is why it is possible that right now, #AmitShah is getting into an agreement with #SanjayRaut, after which we will see the unfolding of one of the biggest gaslighting dramas. #ArrestRheaNow
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Some important, but valid questions arise as I reflect upon the protests that happened in opposition to #CAA all over the country. Collating my thoughts as a thread and sharing it. The questions are open for anyone to answer. (1/N)
@sakthi_ind93 @Swamy39 @MaridhasAnswers
The #CAA guarantees to instantly provide Citizenship to all persecuted minorities from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who entered India before 31st Dec, 2014. There are 30K+ such immediate beneficiaries who will now be granted Indian Citizenship. (2/N)
Now, questions are raised by few senior MPs and politicians about why Muslims have been excluded. Obvious reasons include:

1. Out of the 30k people who are awaiting Indian #citizenship for many years, there are Hindus, Sikhs, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist and Christians. (3/N)
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@Dell your employee Yousuf Mohammed, a Muslim, is sexually harassing women. Check the thread. This is women empowerment in Islam. Please do the needful.
So, in a group Yousuf Mohammed just threatened me to charge & sue me. Here is the link of the conversation in the group called New York Indians :…

@Dell: your employee continues to threaten and harass.
@ofbjp_usa @VHPANews @VHPDigital @RSSorg @RssWarriors ImageImage
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Malicious campaign about the health of @AmitShah Ji by some narrow minded people reflect their perverted mindset

That they have stooped to such a level is hardly surprising as thier history if full of rants & abuses for PM @narendramodi Ji & other @BJP4India leaders

Still,at a time when @AmitShah Ji was occupied in protecting India from Pandemic was highly uncalled for

Haters of PM & HM are a miniscule minority in India & a formidable majority in our neighborhood.

But still the love & affection of Indians won't let anything happen to them
In this context, I would like to quote from Shri Ramcharitmanas, written by great hindi poet Goswami Tulsidas ji, "होइहि सोइ जो राम रचि राखा" means only thing that will happen is whatever Lord Rama has set for us!

Both of them are set to change the face of India soon.
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A thread on..
- English language Indian films
- "Hinglish" films
- Crossover films
- International films with Indian theme

..on digital platforms..
#TheHouseholder (1963) by Merchant - Ivory.

Feat. Shashi Kapoor, Leela Naidu, Durga Khote, Achla Sachdev, and Harindranath Chattopadhyay among others.

#ShakespeareWallah (1965) by Merchant - Ivory.

Feat. Shashi Kapoor, Felicity Kendal @madhurjaffrey Geoffrey Kendal, Utpal Dutt, Pinchoo Kapoor and Partap Sharma.

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Fresh stone pelting was reported in Maujpur and Brahmpuri; #AmitShah held a meeting last night to discuss the law and order situation in #Delhi.

Follow LIVE Updates on the #CAAProtests:
#ArvindKejriwal will meet #AAP MLAs and officials from areas affected by the #DelhiViolence at 10.30 am at his residence; fire dept await police protection as fire rages on in Karawal Nagar's tyre market.

Follow LIVE Updates on the #CAAProtests:
Union Home Minister #AmitShah on Tuesday has called for a meeting at 12 pm to discuss the prevailing situation in National Capital after violence broke out in #NortheastDelhi yesterday.

Follow LIVE Updates on the #CAAProtests:
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What if Muslims'll not give d required details 4 NRC.? Mr.Mathew Jeff clearly said this. "Don't play with NaMo & Amit Shah. They r from different GENUS."
So pls don't miss to read this.
Almost all Muslims r now saying we 'll not provide d required details 4 NRC👇
Let us see what happens? Let d BJP govt send us OUT. No 1 is going to send OUT the Muslims. But d following things will follow. .Almost every1 has Aadhar & PAN cards. If anyone denies to provide required details/ documents for NRC, Govt will release a letter without d names of 👇
those ppl who don't provide required details for NRC after Sept. 2020. No 2 will come to their homes. They'll hv to go to d specified offices & submit their details. If u don't give details, u will get a msg on ur mobile, mentioning this & after few days ur mobile will be out👇
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Watch Live: Home Minister Amit Shah speaks amid protests on #CitizenshipAct…
"BJP did not start #NPR. Rule was made by UPA in 2004": Home Minister Amit Shah.

Watch live…
"Want to assure Owaisi saab as Home Minister that there is no link between #NRC and #NPR": Amit Shah.

WAtch live…
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🔴🔴🔴Long Thread 🔴🔴🔴

Topic: The #NRC v #CAB Debate

Given the umpteen opinions and point of views surrounding NRC and CAB, I wanted to write a simple and neutral point of view on these 2 bills, covering pros & cons of the same.

#CABBill #NRC #RajyaSabha #LokSabha #AmitShah
Before I start. If any of you notice glaring errors or misjudgement in my thread, I'm more than happy to hear you. But let's keep the thread / replies civil.

#CABBill #NRC #RajyaSabha #LokSabha #AmitShah
Firstly, let's see what each bill stands for.

NRC - Now only limited to Assam focuses on deciding the citizenship of those living in #Assam by judging their residentship/presence (or that of their ancestors) before March 24, 1971.

#CABBill #NRC #RajyaSabha #LokSabha #AmitShah
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Telugus, oppose any #HindiImposition you find in Telugu states, especially in cities like Hyd, Vijayawada, Vizag. If a Hindian comes to our land, he should learn our language or speak in English, they shouldn't expect us to speak Hindi. #StopHindiImperialism #BiggBossTelugu3
Many South Indians have top trended #StopHindiImperialism #StopHindilmposition today on the eve of #AmitShah's statement to make the Mughlai Hindi, the unifying language of the country. If we allow his imposition, we'll lose our 2000 year old rich language to a Mughlai language.
Hindians who come to South esp. in Hyd, Blr are not learning a single word of local lang and instead expected the localites to speak their language. Precautions have to be taken before this spreads to Vijayawada, Vizag, Tirupati etc. also #BiggBossTelugu3 #StopHindiImperialism
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@pbmehta 1/x I feel the game is different here. #Modi & #AmitShah aren’t strategic geniuses - they are bullyboy street thugs with the usual incoherent anti-modernist crap that passes for #Sangh ideology, but with a masterful command of PR and media savvy.
@pbmehta 2/x This combined with the institutional capture that the #Sangh spent decades dreaming about, makes them lethal. I don’t think they have the slightest illusion that this will solve the #Kashmir problem - but the mistake is in thinking they care. This is in fact even better.
@pbmehta 3/x This creates the perfect excuse for a perpetual rolling national emergency. ‘When the country is at war, how can you talk about falling car sales?! Don’t you care about the country!?!’ Substitute with demonetisation, GST, recession, #BJP members raping minors, whatever...
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Breaking: Union Home Minister Amit Shah
moves a resolution in Rajya Sabha to revoke Article 370 @AmitShah #Article370
@AmitShah Breaking: Ladakh to get status of Union Territory without Legislature.

The existing state of Jammu and Kashmir a separate Union Territory with Legislature.
#Article370 #JammuAndKashmir
@AmitShah #Breaking: All provisions of the Indian Constitution as amended time to time will apply to Jammu and Kashmir #JammuandKashmir #Article370 #AmitShah
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