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15 Mar
A tweet⛈️ in the time of #COVID19... (☁️☁️☁️ but with a chance of #optimism ☀️)

There is a LOT of uncertainty / conflicting information, layered onto a LOT of speculation.

So, a roundup of links + charts (with links to sources) and some #SundayThoughts 🤔

A lot of 🗨️ asking whether people / biz / gov'ts are OVER or UNDER-reacting to #COVID19.

I think this Q drives
- emotional responses (anger, outrage, fear)
- inflammatory politicization (blame-based narratives)

Which I find unhelpful/distracting, bc this:

In fluid, rapidly evolving situations w/ incomplete info, vague critiques are just noise.

Better Q:
- WHICH actions are MOST LIKELY to be effective in protecting ourselves and each other, based on best available info re (a) #COVID19 (b) measures being taken in my area?
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5 Feb 19
A #data informed look at how the #human experience of #lawyering has changed over time.

Just as #clients need better #value propositions, #law firms need better business models. Meaningful #legal #transformation will occur where the two intersect.

H/T to @augierakow @robsaccone for the post #inspirelegal 🤓 email chain that #inspired this tweetable.

(Bc I’m a tweetable factory. 🤷🏻‍♀️)
Another reaction to this @wihender post: we NEED to deal with #automation anxiety in #legal.

Legacy models of law practice aren’t built for the pace of #business and volume of #information of the #digital age.

More #hours from more #lawyers can’t be the default answer.
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12 Dec 18
@christianllang Great question. Very open-ended, requires white space thinking. 🤔

Also very design thinking-y ✨ how might we capture, in a system of record, legal events oriented around value delivered?

⚠️ Impromptu mini ⛈️⚠️

(but first the source post)
@christianllang 1/ first assertion: traditional time-and-billing systems largely fail to meet the challenge, bc they are more akin to accounting records than records of legal events. here is a great post on the distinction (billing 💸 event vs legal ⚖️ event) biglawkm.com/2016/03/15/the…
@christianllang 2/ above post also IDs problems w the notion that "the atomic unit" of legal svcs is THE MATTER. sounds good in theory but in reality doesn't work so well. can attest to this personally after reviewing $8m+ pro forma in 12m & recoding/reorganizing time+matters for billing 😩😱🤬
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22 Oct 18
1/ Happy Monday Twitter. ⚠️ #tweetstorm 🌪️ #alert ⚠️

My #LegalGeek #FOMO peaked when I missed @nwaisb talk on #AI #hype which is still ALL OVER MY TWITTER FEED. Plus now I have #ACCAM18 #FOMO so here's a bunch of 🤔re #AI, #MachineLearning, #EmergingTech #hype, and #marketing.
2/ As @ZachAbramowitz thinks there's no fun in agreeing: no, I don't think @nwaisb / @KiraSystems & others have benefited (on net) from the AI hype. I'd say hype hurts us all, bc it trades short term gainz to a few players for long-term pain shared by all.
3/ New entrants can feel the need to build #buzz for brand awareness + brand lift. I wouldn't exactly disagree this may help new offerings generate leads + fill their pipeline. Piggybacking on an existing trend with #hype is a shortcut to buzz, BUT with many pitfalls ⚠️
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10 Oct 18
1/ Tweetstorm a comin' cuz @IvyBGrey really likes it when I "have a conversation with an article." First of all, super 💯 helpful and useful breakdown of varying #innovation approaches, so everyone trying to do all the innovation things, please read the article, like now thanks.
2/ Is "incremental" a dirty word? No. But to most people it #feels less exciting & flashy than "#disruptive." Yes, I said #feels. Bc most ppl probably will not read Ivy's excellent article or this tweetstorm bc they're not on Twitter. To them all this sounds/#feels like jargon.
2 / Exhibit A / From @DCaseyF who is now 5.7% as famous as @RealCarrotTop, who is in turn is now only 0.8% as Twitter famous as @EmrgencyKittens: geeklawblog.com/2016/09/im-wor…
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14 Sep 18
1/ What's wrong with #lawfirm compensation? Let @jordan_law21 count the ways.As predicted 🔮 (by me, about what I was going to do 😇), a #tweetstorm. First the link: law21.ca/2018/09/how-co…
2/ Next, my favorite #micdrop 🎤 quote: "law firms incentivize their lawyers to act in ways that are counter-productive to lwayers' happiness, clients' satisfaction and the firms' effectiveness." and 💥goes the 🧨-- more #truthbombs follow.
3/ 💯 agree that legacy compensation systems (and the attendant infrastructure of #tech, #process, #policy, governance as well as resulting #culture) emphasizes #lawyer effort over #client outcomes (namely, the billable hour). BUT I add here: what would be a better #alternative?
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28 Jun 18
Less mature today bc greater adoption means neophytes outnumber veterans. Controversial maybe but I think a point worth addressing bc 1/
It raises impt Qs re not only legal ops but all other new-to-legal (+ derivative) roles - as well as more established biz functions 2/
Will neophytes invest needed time effort into building technical skills & domain knowledge OR simply co-opt titles while oversimplifying? 3/
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