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1. This is an excellent observation by @joshtpm. There's a very small faction of Democrats who think Obama was a catastrophe, a large chunk who love him, and a large chunk who love him but want to move on. The problem is personnel.…
@joshtpm 2. My premise, as someone who thinks Obama was a disaster, is that Obama systemically lied and had a group around him - call it the Bob Rubin mafia - who participated in those lies. This group sits at places like Amazon, Blackrock, Citi, #BigLaw, Brookings, and so forth.
@joshtpm 3. The Biden restoration is premised on the idea that we can just rerun the Obama Presidency with the Bob Rubin mafia executing different policies. But the Bob Rubin mafia is the problem. You cannot wish that problem away.
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1. Meet Debbie Feinstein, the head of enforcement at the FTC under Obama. And a total catastrophe. More than most, she is responsible for high drug prices for allowing pharma mergers through.…
2. I spoke with Feinstein once about her enforcement philosophy. She dismissed the concept that mergers, if they reduced wages, were anti-competitive. Where is she now after her stint under Obama allowing nearly every merger through? Of course, #BigLaw.
3. I bring her up because there was recently a merger in the dialysis industry which will raise prices on people with end stage renal disease. Yay price gouging for kidney failure. The FTC cleared it 3-2. And guess who represented the merging party?…
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The Democratic Party insider culture is weird, creepy, and super out of touch. It's basically the annoying people in College Democrats from the 1980s and 1990s who look down on others for not obsessing over Roberts Rules of Order.…
Unless you've worked on the Hill, it's hard to convey just how weird these people are. It's not that they are vanilla and lie to the grassroots, it's that they are incredibly proud of doing so and just loathe and distrust anyone who doesn't.
The culture is changing very quickly, but it was a fight - and people won't believe me when I say this - but it was a fight in 2008 to convince Democratic staff and members that Fox New wasn't an actual news channel.
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@jaesunum @christianllang @wihender @ronfriedmann @jordan_law21 @robsaccone @DCaseyF @jborstein @edsohn80 @dera_nevin @ZachAbramowitz @AlexHamiltonRad @CathJMoyn @cmkrow @ryanalshak Where to start on dealing with the infrastructure surrounding the delivery of legal services by the big platforms (#biglaw) to enterprise clients and the billable hour. Terrific thread by @jaesunum and I don’t want to get into the crosshairs or @DCaseyF 1/
@jaesunum @christianllang @wihender @ronfriedmann @jordan_law21 @robsaccone @DCaseyF @jborstein @edsohn80 @dera_nevin @ZachAbramowitz @AlexHamiltonRad @CathJMoyn @cmkrow @ryanalshak Bottom line from my limited view? The clients want it his way and the law firms like it this way. The legal industry has perfectly trained its client-public to expect to to buy “law by the minute” and law firms are happy to sell law by the minute 2/
@jaesunum @christianllang @wihender @ronfriedmann @jordan_law21 @robsaccone @DCaseyF @jborstein @edsohn80 @dera_nevin @ZachAbramowitz @AlexHamiltonRad @CathJMoyn @cmkrow @ryanalshak Selling law by the minute puts the focus on a bean counting exercise, looking at lawyer inputs, and not on the true issue - the outcome / solution needed by the client. 3/
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It's not possible to comment intelligently on #Mueller & the entire #investigation without reading LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, self-funded and published in 2014 for the purpose of educating the public on the need for #CriminalJusticeReform
2. It crosses @GOP & @DNC administrations but has come to expose serious political abuses of #DOJ. It's made a lot of powerful people very angry.
The @FedSoc has not let me speak on topic since the book came out.
My own #BarAssociation @TexasBarCLE won't let me speak on it. WHY?
3. The book is TRUE, reads like a legal thriller but NAMES prosecutors who rose to positions of great power on the backs of people they wrongfully convicted.
It NAMES federal judges who turned a blind eye to egregious injustices.
No one has challenged a word of it, nor can they.
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1. Destroying vulnerable families is a specialty of the Trump administration. I will point out that @AjitPaiFCC at the FCC made a below-the-radar policy to do this to the families of prisoners.
2. One of the more evil policies in America is to fund prisons by withholding contact between prisoners and the families of prisoners unless those families can come up with a bunch of cash. This is how a lot of prison services work, including phone calls.
3. Prison phone services are not delivered by companies like AT&T or Verizon, but specialty contractors. These contractors offer to pay prisons for the right to offer phone services to prisoners at insanely inflated prices. It's a bidding war for the right to gouge the poor.
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