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0⃣#ZKRollup aşağı #OptimisticRollups yukarı herkesin dilinde 😉 Peki işin aslı astarı nedir merak ediyor musunuz 🤔 Haydi gelin her zaman ki gibi işin mutfağına bakalım👇

#Ethereum’u L2'de Ölçeklendirmede Optimistic Rollups ve ZK-Rollups Nedir?
1⃣Öncelikle Ethereum için gelecek vaat eden Katman 2 (L2) çözümüne genel olarak bakalım;
Merkezi Olmayan Finans (veya #DeFi) ve getiri çiftçiliği (#YieldFarming) çılgınlığı yeni kullanım durumları geliştirdi ve yeni oyuncular getirdi. Bu sayede Ethereum ağına daha yoğun akıllı ++
2⃣sözleşmeler uygulandı. Yeni DeFi uygulamalarının piyasaya sürülmesiyle ve Uniswap ve benzeri merkeziyetsiz borsaların artan popülaritesiyle, harici akıllı sözleşme çağrıları 2020'nin başlangıcı ile Ağustos arasında iki kattan fazla arttı. Daha fazla yoğunluk zincir üzerinde ++
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#AmericaIsOnTheBallot "Every democracy or many democracies in their histories have taken a flier on a populist fast-talking con man. I come from Minnesota, we have a governor we took a flier on like that, it happens in history. You can do it once but when you do it twice, then 1/
it's no longer about who he is. It’s about who you are. The whole world will look #differently at US if we were to reaffirm & re-elect this man, because then the world will actually start looking at us really how it looks at Russia & China. Just another #transactional country. 2/
They’ll look at us as a country that #decided to #change the #StatueOfLiberty from “give me your tired, your poor, those seeking & yearning to be #free, to get the #hell off my lawn… & that will affect the whole world. The world likes to make fun of America. 3/
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yes i have watched this tarot reading about #leejoongi & #moonchaewon relationship in RL. exactly as I thought before, this #joonchae couple really do have feelings toward each other. the different is, #chaewon wants to be with him, but.... (cont.)
she hides her overflowing feelings behind mask😧 she doesn’t want anyone to know bcs #leejoongi has not making any movement at all. what else she can do? she’s not a chaser anyway so she kept it only to herself. even though she already has thoughts about serious relationship...
like making a family of her own. #moonchaewon has fears too that in her age, she doesn’t want temporary relationship or anything with no clear purpose. also, based on the tarot reading, she’s worried about people judgement (maybe fans of #leejoongi or other shipper)
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Bapna also Bafana or Bapna or Bafna (Hindi: बाफना / बाफणा )is Indian Jain or Brahmin community. The name was used 4 for Brahmin in #Andhra. Derived from Bahufana & Bafanha. Phaṇa ( Sk. phaṇa) the hood of a snake. How did #Jains end up with #Sudra??This is major spiritual #fraud
#Brahmins are apparently meant to be one group with Jains-this is covenant system. They were imposed on Sudra in British era when Tirupati temple was set up. #Nemi (Jain/Jinn) statue removed and the Tirupati Jinn installed. This is not good news 4 Brahmins as #Nemi is #wrathful
"To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning". "So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead" (vegan) #Daniel 1:16 #JainBrahminAramic
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A tweet⛈️ in the time of #COVID19... (☁️☁️☁️ but with a chance of #optimism ☀️)

There is a LOT of uncertainty / conflicting information, layered onto a LOT of speculation.

So, a roundup of links + charts (with links to sources) and some #SundayThoughts 🤔

A lot of 🗨️ asking whether people / biz / gov'ts are OVER or UNDER-reacting to #COVID19.

I think this Q drives
- emotional responses (anger, outrage, fear)
- inflammatory politicization (blame-based narratives)

Which I find unhelpful/distracting, bc this:

In fluid, rapidly evolving situations w/ incomplete info, vague critiques are just noise.

Better Q:
- WHICH actions are MOST LIKELY to be effective in protecting ourselves and each other, based on best available info re (a) #COVID19 (b) measures being taken in my area?
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Despite the young average age @momentumhu, our movement has a youth section!

@MTizenx gathers young Hungarians from high school up,
who want to act to shape their future in a European Hungary full of #Opportunities, #freedom & #optimism!

Their visit to Brussels made my week! 💜 Image
And this is them doing their patriotic duty to try and #StopBrussels. 😂

#WhenHumorBeatsPropaganda Image
And this is them doing their patriotic duty to try and #StopBrussels. 😂

#WhenHumorBeatsPropaganda Image
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A #data informed look at how the #human experience of #lawyering has changed over time.

Just as #clients need better #value propositions, #law firms need better business models. Meaningful #legal #transformation will occur where the two intersect.…
H/T to @augierakow @robsaccone for the post #inspirelegal 🤓 email chain that #inspired this tweetable.

(Bc I’m a tweetable factory. 🤷🏻‍♀️)
Another reaction to this @wihender post: we NEED to deal with #automation anxiety in #legal.

Legacy models of law practice aren’t built for the pace of #business and volume of #information of the #digital age.

More #hours from more #lawyers can’t be the default answer.
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This entire story deserves to be threaded & tagged. In posting, my focus is not to dwell on the past but look at #Today with critical #EyesOpen. It’s a reminder to #Vote and act for the #betterfuture of our country.

Here it is:…
1/ Former Republican @MaxBoot spent eight years trying to stop Obama as an aide to both @SenJohnMcCain McCain and @MittRomney and as a longtime conservative columnist.

Boot, who is now a columnist for the @washingtonpost was never a Trump fan
2/ but he did write a column the day after the election in which he argued that a @realDonaldTrump presidency “might not be so bad” and encouraged optimism.

Now, in a new piece for the Post, Boot is prepared to say that, actually, it is that bad.
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