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Veurem més amb profunditat les solucions de capa 2 i altres conceptes relacionats en aquest segon fil d'aquest tema🧵

Per què parlar de SOLUCIONS DE CAPA 2 si l'actualització THE MERGE està al caure?

A diferència del què es pensa, l'actualització no disminuirà les comissions ni augmentarà l'escalabilitat d'#Ethereum suficientment (així ja ho ha avisat #EthereumFoundation)😬

Per començar, hem de diferenciar en les dues formes en que es pot augmentar l'escalabilitat d'una blockchain🌐
Hi ha dues formes essencials: 


És a dir, des de la pròpia xarxa (des de dins d'#Ethereum) o des de fora. Fins aquí senzill😁

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1/13 📅Here is the monthly catch-up of Global #DeFi market analysis. Last one is here below with some conclusions about Smart Money leaving Defi. Was it still the case on July? Quick thread but you'll get the general trend where ecosystems are exploding.
2/13 TVL on @Defilama is at 68b$ at 31/July, increasing by +21% since end of June.
3/13 On the other hand, #crypto total market cap just crossed the 1b$ threshold and sitting now at 1,075b compared to 848b end of June, so +27% increase.
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Qu'est-ce que LayerZero ?
LayerZero cherche à apporter une solution à l'un des problèmes les plus urgents auxquels la technologie blockchain est confrontée aujourd'hui : l'interopérabilité.
Il s'agit d'un protocole d'interopérabilité qui utilise une technique inédite pour faciliter la connexion de différents réseaux blockchain entre eux.
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#SpeciallyAbledChild #Mentalhealth Writing this thread against the backdrop of a very tragic event where a dentist mom threw her specially abled child from the 4th floor and the child died. My sympathies to the entire family. We don't know what made her take that extreme step.
Let me share a life experience from the other end of the spectrum and it's a tribute to them. My father-in-law's cousin gave birth to a daughter, who on account of various reasons, was born where she needed help with her daily activities. She can't stand and her hands are bent.
Both the parents, especially the mother, took it as a challenge and treated the daughter as a normal one. From a small age, this girl could move only in a wheelchair. This girl also took on the challenge gamely. #optimism #positivity #Grateful
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🔴🔴It's time for a summup of Cycle 4 voting round and tell you the #DeFi proocols that just won $OP grant, and how you can benefit from them. Former cycle rounds summary can be found just below

Let's see the winners of Cycle 4 🎉🎉
1/ @QiDaoProtocol : Got 750k $OP. 80% will be given to users:
- 20% to reward borrowers
- 60% to incentivize $MAI liquidity on Optimism through
I remind you that $OP rewards are backed 1:1 in $MAI incentives! DYOR!! or make your own calculation MYOC!! But see what you can get: Image
2/ @beefyfinance : Finally, after 2 against voting round, the protocol manages to update the proposal to get that grant. It's gonna be 650k $OP which 35% will go to incentivize $BIFI liquidity and 50% to boost farm of native protocols of #Optimism
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GTON Capital: reimagining the #utility and #scalability of #Web3

1/⚜️ The @GtonCapital team is building an ecosystem of innovative web3 infrastructure and products by synergizing the best achievements of decentralized web technology a brave little baby is expl...
2/⚜️ The vision of the $GTON team presents a new phase in the evolution of the #cryptocurrency landscape, with decentralized #stablecoins and scalable #smartcontract execution layers at its core, enabling millions of #dApps to improve the lives of billions of users
3/⚜️ We are currently facing a "Cambrian explosion" of alt-L1 and L2 protocols, #DeFi dApps and #NFT, #GameFi and X2Earn business models, and #Metaverses
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1/14 I've been deeply following @synthetix_io lately, and fundamentals + financials figures are touching the sky. So if you invested in it, here is a simple guide for #DeFi Noobs about #staking $SNX on @synthetix_io platform 🧵👇
And read it carefully!
2/14 First, staking is done on #L2 #Optimism #blockchain
Current APR is 57,21%.
Rewards are in $sUSD - #StableCoin & $SNX. Tokens MUST be claimed every week before the end of each epoch (Wed. at 09:00 UTC) -> Otherwise, rewards go back to the pool.
3/14 $SNX rewards do not go directly into your #web3 wallet, instead, claimed $SNX are escrowed on this webpage, and you can get them back in 12 months from the claim date. In the mean time, you can stake them, and increase your staked amount of $SNX
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/1 Are you looking for a DEX that allows you to earn >20% APR for providing stablecoins without impermanent loss risk?

You should take a look at @lyrafinance
, the best DEX for options on #Optimism🤩

A 🧵 on Lyra and the strategy I use to get traders' fees👇 Image
/2 Overview

Lyra is an options AMM that allows traders to buy and sell crypto options against a pool of liquidity.

The protocol uses Synthetix in 3 ways:
-options are quoted, paid for, and settled with sUSD.
-collateralizes the calls/puts with sETH/sUSD
-for delta hedging
/3 In order to establish the price of each option, Lyra takes into account 5 inputs:
• Asset price
• Strike price
• Risk-free interest rate
• Time to expiry
• Implied volatility

Lyra makes two-sided (buy and sell) options markets using the liquidity from ETH Vault.
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Is #OPSummer happening right now, or are we entering it? Can @optimismFND TVL flip @arbitrum?

Here is what's happening in @optimismFND and why you should start farming there if you haven’t already.

1/x 🧵
First why we are having this convo right now?

1. $OP has been outperforming $ETH the last 2 weeks by over 100%.
2. @optimismFND TVL almost doubled in July and up over 40% last week, the biggest increase in TVL among all major chains.
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📢We're pleased to announce that our Proposal to bring Gasless on @optimismFND has officially PASSED!

With 98.61% 'YES' votes @biconomy's proposal has the highest approval % to have ever been received by GF proposal on Optimism.

Check it out
🧵👇 Image

Gasless is now LIVE on 11 chains🦾

What does the future of dApp on #Optimism look like with Gasless?
Tapping into billions of potential users!

Seamless Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 transition is the key to user onboarding.

However, between web2 and web3 products, almost every interaction with an application is a ‘transaction’
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1/5 Welcome to the following projects who succeeded in getting the Grant Phase 1 from #Optimism and will receive $OP. Any chance this can be distributed to users ? Let's see that 👇
If you like to cover last round results, read that thread:
2/5 @Superfluid_HQ: Request 150k $OP, used to move project treasuries to L2 and paid salaries. That will bring large TVL on Optimism and more over real use cases. That should bring more TVL on $EUR a'd $USD #StableCoin
3/5 @HundredFinance: Request 300k $OP.
A lending protocol well known on #Fantom, fork of @compoundfinance with a veTokenomics a la @CurveFinance. Users will be incentivized with dual token rewards by #STAKING their #StableCoin on the platform.
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/1 @VelodromeFi TVL is up 120% in the last week!

But is there any reason for this spike? 🤔

A 🧵 about Velodrome #AMM, the next-gen AMM which prioritizes volume rather than liquidity! 👇

#Ethereum #Optimism
/2 A Solidly Fork

If you are a #Fantom degen, you've probably heard about @solidlyexchange, a new type of AMM developed by Andre Cronje.

Solidly was the first AMM that incentivized trading fees rather than passive liquidity.

But how did it work?
/3 Solidly implemented a veToken model in order to allow token holders to vote on pools emissions.

However, Solidly token stakers' rewards depended on the volume of the pools they voted for.

Their trading fees share came only from the pool they cast their vote for.
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1/11 It’s time for the 2nd 🧵listing the protocols that are applying for the Phase 1 grant of #Optimism and then maybe potential #Airdrops to #Optimsim users. If you would like to review the 1st thread, link is below:
2/11 @picklefinance : Request to distribute 200k $OP over 200 days, 90% Yes
Pickle Finance was the first yield aggregator to launch on Optimism. They plan to distribute $OP as a dual reward to their existing and new pools. They plan to issue new Jars key related to Uniswap V3.
3/11 @WardenSwap : Request to distribute 300k $OP, 52% Yes
Wardenswap is the real-time best rate #DEX aggregator using AI Power. 55% will be distributed to traders (20%), referral program (10%) and marketing (35%).
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1/10 #Optimism phase 1 grant is live (vote closes 6 July), here is the list of Protocols that apply for it and may #Airdrop users & also increase your chance for the 2nd #Optimism #Airdrop, please see below my personal strategy for this:
2/10 @candidewallet : Request to distribute 190k $OP over 8 months, 80% Yes
an open-source self-custodial wallet that enables cross-rollup transactions. Incentives will allow feesless fiat on-ramp. Check the demo below, great stuff:
3/10 @rotkiapp : Request to distribute 190k $OP only for product development, 82% Yes
it’s the only opensource portfolio tracker + accounting tool for crypto that protects your privacy and lets you own your data.
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1/13 Have you ever heard a world where #DeFi rewards are automatically harvested & reinvested? Welcome in the #YieldOptimizer World. Here is a 🧵why they are one of the first door to open for newcomers in #DeFi 👇
Concrete example on @optimismPBC with @beethoven_x & @beefyfinance
2/13 When you deposit into a Liquidity Pool, you receive token(s) reward based on the #APR of this pool. APR stands for: Annual Percentage Rate. On @beethoven_x , this pool is made up of 8 #tokens, with an APR of 139%
3/13 As you may know @beethoven_x is a friendly fork of @BalancerLabs coming from #Fantom who deployed their platform on #Optimism. Reward of this pool are split:
- 37% of swap fees => your LP token will increase in quantity
- 102% liquidity mining => Reward received in $BAL Image
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1/ 🚨🌊New Pools 🌊🚨
Our frens over at @fraxfinance are firing some juicy new pools across #Mainnet #Optimism #Arbitrum and #Fantom Deets in the 🧵→
2/ Learn more about the partnership here!…

🔒Lock up your $SDL --> veSDL to vote on emissions. First Saddle gauge vote starts tomorrow (Weds Jun 29th)

The results and SDL emissions will be reflected in pools and gauges the following week.
3/ @ethereum Mainnet:
saddleFRAXUSDT, (saddleFRAXBP, USDT)
saddleFRAXsUSD, (saddleFRAXBP, sUSD) [synthetix]
saddleFRAXalUSD, (saddleFRAXBP, alUSD)
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The markets are dead, and we have killed them

Oh well, Here are some modular musings to read this weekend:

#StarkNet #L222 #Optimism #Arbitrum #Ethereum

@norswap shares his thoughts on MEV and a strategy to mitigate negative MEV

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0/ @MetisDAO is a hyper-scalable rollup-based layer 2 solution built on Ethereum. But $METIS is not just your average optimistic rollup 🌿

A 🧵 on $METIS and why you should pay attention (0/29)👇

#L222 Image
@MetisDAO 1/ But before we dive into @MetisDAO, let’s quickly take @optimismPBC as an example to see how $METIS tackles problems that other optimistic rollups face today
@MetisDAO @optimismPBC 2/ #Optimism uses a single node called Sequencer to generate blocks on #L2. This bears speed advantages as blocks are generated in seconds because new blocks do not need to be handed over to other nodes for verification Image
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Zerion supports tracking thousands of protocols and dapps and the list keeps growing.

Here's what we added this week 👇
🧱 Sturdy Finance (@SturdyFinance): Sturdy is a new kind of DeFi lending protocol on #Fantom and #Ethereum that enables users to earn high stablecoin yields or take out interest-free loans.
🐳 Phuture Finance (@phuture_finance): a decentralized crypto index platform on #Ethereum that simplifies investments through automated, themed index funds.
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What is $OP
기본적으로 #Optimism 에 대한 이해하려면
$ETH L2 에 대한 가벼운 이해가 필요하다.

L2 가 나온 이유는 알다싶이
레이어 1이 가진 대표적인 한계점 때문
$ETH Layer 1의 한계점
1. 블록체인 트릴레마
- 확장성
- 보안
- 탈중앙화
2. 가스비 ^~^

트릴레마는 최대 두 개까지 해결할 수 있고,
전부 해결하는것은 현재로서는 불가능한것 같다.
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1/ With recent $OP #airdrop, we present #visualguide for #Ethereum Layer 2 #Rollups Solutions. Why it's needed? How does it work? and the future of #scaling in Ethereum

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $ETH Image
2/ L2 rollups work by executing transactions outside of Layer 1, #Rollups #solution has two methods, Optimistic and Zero-Knowledge.

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $OP $ETH #Airdrop Image
3/ Optimistic rollups don't do any computation by default, all transactions are legitimate. #Fraud-proof #mechanism is set as a preventive measure.

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $OP $ETH #Airdrop Image
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GM! I have a fresh #airdrop info for ya 👋

Here are 2 protocols with READY products that might do an airdrop (both of them are in #beta and don't have the token yet 👀 )

$OP #viaprotocol #lifi

Here's what you have to know:

🤚 🧵 Image
1. Lifi ( @lifiprotocol ) is an advanced bridge aggregation with DEX-connectivity.

Recently, they launched TransferTo, which is a multichain DEX. Image
@lifiprotocol 1.2

For now, they support 9 bridges, 13 chains and all the DEXs. Image
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How to get the $OP token if you do not qualify for an airdrop?


👇🧵 Image
1/Optimism distributed some tokens to the protocols built on Optimism.

By using protocols, you might get an airdrop.
2/ Synthetix will airdrop 6M to $SNX stakers over the next 6 months and 3M to SNX/USD liquidity providers and other incentives.
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Last week, we covered the contagion effects of $UST's downfall on other (un)stablecoins.

This week, we look at some other #DeFi protocols that were affected 👇🏻
In its relatively short lifespan, $UST had been integrated into at least 12 other chains according to @DefiLlama.

For an ecosystem that was deemed too big to fail just weeks ago, this means the effects of its destruction were also felt far and wide...
Protocols that were hit the hardest includes @kava_platform, @stablegains, @alice_finance, @MushroomsFinan1 just to name a few (out of many, many others).
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