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Repubblica Centrafricana #CAR, #Wagner controlla tutte le basi militari del paese
1/n Segnalati voli cargo russi da #Libia e #Sudan verso la Repubblica Centrafricana.
Cerchiamo di capire cosa accade...⬇️
@FocusOnAfricaEn @AntonellaNapoli…
La notizia non passa inosservata. Un aereo cargo Antonov An124 hanno preso il decollo dalla Libia e dal Sudan in direzione di Bangui. Sono stati segnalati in arrivo nel paese dalle 08.50 del mattino del 13 Maggio.
Le conferme visuali non tardano ad arrivare. Ciò che si ipotizzava stesse accadendo è divenuto ben presto un riscontro oggettivo. I cargo trasportavano, per conto della Wagner PMC, materiale bellico e sorprendentemente anche aerei da caccia militari di proprietà del gruppo: ImageImageImage
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1. oggi abbiamo la nostra inchiesta sulle #bombeAGrappolo che la #Russia usa in #Ucraina e che l'#Ucraina ha usato in alcuni casi, ma ora ha chiesto le #MK20 agli Stati Uniti,amministrazione #Biden è sotto pressione. L'Italia verrà coinvolta?…
2. l'Italia ha aderito alla messa al bando delle #BombeAGrappolo. Guardate i nostri arsenali come erano :
3. guardate come sono oggi i nostri arsenali di #BombeAGrappolo,grazie alla #ConvenzioneControMunizioniAGrappolo, prodotto di oltre 30 anni di lotte della società civile contro queste armi terribili
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I expect Tigray's children, nearly all of whom will have been brought up in faith like all Ethipoians make very poor killers when deployed as child soldiers by the TPLF forces in human waves. Which may explain why so few of them are given guns.
Which reminds me how much I have become desensitised simply by observing this war.

The horrors which will emerge once the true story is told of what has happened will have an enormous impact globally.
And the fact that all of this has happened with active Western IC - including #HRW and @amnesty support for the evil that brought this about in many ways makes the Western powers failures here worse than those in Cambodia and Rwanda.
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1/ It is said that those who forget their history are condemned to repeat it. If this is true, then we should always remember the Russian atrocities against civilians. Today I’ll focus on one of the most shocking, the March 16, 2022 Russian airstrike against the Mariupol theatre. Image
2/ #Mariupol was one of the first cities attacked by the Russians at the start of their invasion. Since February 24th, Mariupol residents have been under fire. This caused some to leave, some to stay put at their homes and some to find shelter in designated buildings. Image
3/ One of such places designated as shelters for civilians was the Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theatre. It was a multi-storied building at a relatively elevated part of the city. No other structures in close proximity. It made sense to shelter civilians there. Image
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@Jo_Singh_ If GOI av nothing to hide they'd let #Amnesty, #HRW & other #HumanRights Orgs. to carry out their independent investigations. Khalra exposed mass illegal cremetion grounds across Panjab, files which are sealed to this day. 6K in one of 13 districts alone!
@Jo_Singh_ Here's an honest unbias paper that provides an objective analysis of the religious, political, social and economic factors, which led to the sad and extremely tragic events in the Punjab during 1980s. No political spin unlike what's being propagated by GOI minions, but 360 view!
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Thread about Taliban war crimes 1990s.

Several massacres are documented by Human Rights Watch & other independent observers in which Taliban terrorists carried out targeted attacks against Hazaras, Uzbeks and Tajiks.

@hrw, July, 1999: Taliban bombed the town of Dara-i Suf, a predominantly Hazara enclave in Samangan, with incendiary cluster munitions; ground forces burned down the entire central market and destroyed wells and homes. Later 500 Hazaras were killed by Taliban. #TalibanWarCrimes
According to @hrw in May 2000 Taliban forces summarily executed at least thirty-one Ismaili Hazara civilians near #RobatakPass, northwest of Pul-i Khumri in Baghlan province.
#Ismaili #hazaragenocide
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Some ppl welcomed @hrw's latest report on #GazaIsrael fighting of May, saying it was appropriately tough on #Israel. I just gave it a close read & I'm not so sure (thread) >…
> One thing that leapt out at me was @hrw's reflexive both-sides-ism, e.g. in 2nd paragraph. Note too that the link they give there goes to a report on website of Israel's foreign ministry! Objective source?? I don't think so... >
> This claim that all rockets, mortars that the Palestinian resistance forces fired twd Israel were sent "toward Israeli population centers" is quite unsubstantiated. It's key 2 remember that all journalists filing from or through #Israel r subject to strict military censorship >
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#HRW's predictably anti-Israel report on #Gaza quotes the UN that Israel killed "260 Palestinians, including at least 129 civilians."
Uh, Who were the other 131?

HRW doesn't say it: they were combatants & commanders - legit military targets.
Some of those civilians...
#HRW continued...2/
Tragically, some civilians were #Hamas' human shields.
As I pored over lists of Gaza dead compiled in #Israel, I found a case that would repeat itself: a senior Hamas commander, his wife, & 15 y.o. daughter.
Legit in laws of war, but listed as 2 civilians.
#HRW 3/
It came as no surprise that .@evanhill, producer of the @nytimes hatchet job on #israel for the buildings that collapsed on Wehda St, is a former HRW employee. Wehda St is a major HRW report topic.
It becomes clear #NYT & HRW shared research, fixers, & cinematographer.
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Vorige week nog onderhandelde voor het eerst Arabische partij mee voor vorming nieuwe regering #Israel, nu wordt land verscheurd door geweld tussen beide bevolkingsgroepen. Hoe kon dit gebeuren? Een paar korte observaties vanaf de zijlijn. 1/10
Belangrijk om goed onderscheid tussen aanleidingen en oorzaken te maken. Aanleidingen zijn dreigende uitzettingen #SheikhJarrah, ingrijpen Israelische politie in Ramadan-regelingen Oude Stad Jeruzalem en mars van extreem-nationalistische Lahava door Oost-Jeruzalem. 2/10
Oorzaken liggen op dieper niveau. Palestijnse frustratie de afgelopen vier jaar op wereldtafereel niet gehoord te zijn, nu met regering-Biden kans op hernieuwde aandacht. Ook poging Palestijnse zaak hoger op agenda Arabische landen te krijgen. 3/10
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The eyes of #HRW, are like what John Locke calls 'understanding', which, 'like the Eye, whilst it makes us see, and perceive all other Things, takes no notice of it self: And it requires Art and Pain to set it at a distance, and make it its own Object' (rather unlikely ATM).
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Civilians in the #Sahel are increasingly threatened not only by radical armed actors and ethnic self-defence groups but similarly by national armed forces in the name of #counterterrorism. Thread on a few recent publications on #Mali #Niger #Burkina:
1/ This piece underlines recent summary executions and enforced disappearances by Sahelian National security forces in the name of counterterrorism.…
2/ As allies of #Barkhane – and trained by #EUTM #EUCAP, Sahelian national security forces thereby contribute to a dynamic that fuels recruitment of radical actors.
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24. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
1 to 20. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
21. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
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4A/ Vaka-I Şer Sonrası Yunanistan’da Yaşanan Hukuksuz Olaylar:
4B/Tuğg. Numan Yediyıldız darbe girişimi sırasında #NATO’da, Güneydoğu Avrupa Çok Uluslu Barış Gücü Anlaşması ile kurulan Güneydoğu Avrupa Tugayı (#SEEBRIG)’in komutanlığını deruhte ediyordu.…
4C/Vaka-I Şer sırasında #Yunanistan’da bulunan Yediyıldız #KHK 667'de yer verilen darbeye iştirak ve terörle mücadele gerekçesiyle ile 27 Temmuz 2016 tarihinde TSK’dan atılmıştı.
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Lets be CLEAR here
There is NO ceasefire
#Saudi #UAE #UK #US #HRW #EU #UN #UNSC #Yemen #YemenCrisis

Here is why👇👇
Here is some of #Saudi #UAE led CO violation of the ceasefire on 15/DEC/2015 1st pic.
#Yemen #UK #HRW #EU #UN
July truce was used by #Saudi #UAE CO to invade #Aden &S #Yemen
In last hours coalition R conducting a massive attack in Marib,Aljawof&Harad
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#Saudi #UAE jets double-tap strike on my village kild 2year old baby.2nd strike kild several ppl rescuing casualties frm 1st strike #Yemen
#Saudi #UAE double-tap strike on my village,most casualties frm2nd strike while ppl rescuing the injured #Yemen #HRW ImageImageImageImage
impact of #Saudi #UAE huge #US made bombs on my village today.2nd strike came aft20mins as ppl gatherd2Rescue #Yemen ImageImageImageImage
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