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17 Jul
It has been an unusual day today as I have reflected on 13 years of flying the #Boeing747 for #BritishAirways with a few people. I woudl ask for your indulgence as I take a short walk down memory lane from Boeing 747 No 1 to Air Force 1. #BA747 #BritishAirways747. >>>> Image
It all started in 1969 when Joe Sutter an engineer working for #Boeing launched the first #Boeing747 from Boeing Field in #Seattle. The aircraft was the first widebody airliner & over 50 years later it is still be flying. Join me visiting No1 here 👉🏻 Image
This year has seen @BoeingAirplanes announce the end of the line for the #Boeing747 as they will stop manufacturing the freighter version soon. The venerable aircraft hasn’t changed much since 1969 but it will be around for many years to come. Read here 👇🏻…
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16 Jan
Just received this #drone from @DJIEnterprise to get familiar with prior to an adventure in a week or so. There is so much in this little package. Searchlight (very bright BTW), speaker to communicate, zoomable 4K camera, and a long battery life. Built for #LawEnforcement use.
This #drone requires #pilots or operators to be registered with the @UK_CAA if used in the UK. If you use a #UAV over 250g then you are required to do this by law. This requires a short bit of learning of the fundementals and then your are off!! Click here
If you use your #drone for a commercial purpose, or u get any valuable consideration for your use of it; OR you fly your drone within 150m of a congested (urban) area. Then you will require a CAA permission for commercial operations. Click here to explore
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3 Dec 19
I have seen and commented about on a number of threads about this video and the low level manoeuvre of the 727. Whilst it is unusual, this airport also presents some risks which are unique. Let me explain here. #avgeek #B727 #aviation #africa
I first came to Mogadishu just before Xmas ‘92. It was dark and we landed at the airport the evening before the US Navy Seals were caught by CNN coming up the beach just to the north. It’s was then, and still is, a challenging place to aviate into.
Weapons are plentiful and when combined with the use of narcotics they are often fired randomly at anything, including aircraft. So it’s worth avoiding flying over any built up areas, period. This was the results of a food for weapons “swap meet”.A great way to mitigate threats
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22 Jul 19
This video has been doing the rounds for a week or so and the accident report is also available as this happened in September 2018. The aircraft crashed in a lagoon 1500ft short of the runway at Chuck Airport, Papua New Guinea. This was a totally avoidable accident. #AvGeek
During the video you hear several warnings, indeed the accident report cites that that pilots received 17 warnings during the latter part of the approach. I agree with others such as @miami_rick who state that any one of these would have necessitated a go around. Accident avoided
The official report cited the crews operating as “not at a standard that would promote safe aircraft operations”!! Sadly,the actions of the crew resulted in a totally avoidable death and 16 serious injuries and further losses were avoided by the locals rescuing those in the water
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8 Mar 19
The next critical thing we need for landing particularly is the Gear 😳🤭 Whilst this doesnt have GEAR written on the lever it is actually shaped like a wheel and has on this version the very groves that also appear as tread on the actual tyres. Cool use of symbology. #Avgeek
On this @BoeingAirplanes 747 the speed brake is on the left of the thrust levers and is shaped like a handbrake lever that you may have had on an old car. This is used to increase drag inflight or to “dump” lift and aerodynamically brake on landing. #AvGeek #Aviation
In the unlikely event of an engine fire to assist pilots the switches for the fuel cutoff and fire extinguishers will light up bright red and in the case of the extinguishers will also have the number illuminated. Note the APU extinguisher handle is at 90 degrees to the engines
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8 Feb 19
#StormErik has caused a few go arounds at #Heathrow today and the videos will undoubtedly produce some headlines that don’t actually reflect the reality for the professional crews or the measured & methodical way they make a decision to go around. Follow me on our approach >>
Most approaches start an long way from the airfield. The pilots will get the weather and assess the likely “threats”. In the case of wind they will verbalise & practice manoeuvres such as a go around as well as setting acceptable & safe parameters for the day #StormErik #Aviation
During extremes of weather it’s likely the Captain will plan to land the aircraft, to utilise their experience & exposure to these events. This increases the likelihood of landing but is never a guarantee. The team will always work to their parameters set in the brief #StormErik
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