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#SanDiego wastewater load exceeded 20M for the first time in this surge, with an uncharacteristically low reading of 17.2M the following day. The slower rise (from 18M) implies we may be nearing peak BA.5.X, with BA.4.X beginning to increase.
🧵: 1/12… Graph shows a steep rise in wastewater with a dip on the ver
The August 2nd reading, 20.8M copies/litre, was the highest since the Omicron wave in January, while the August 3rd reading was 17.2M. Same graph, with longer context, showing the 47M peak from O
The median estimate of R-effective is now 1.03, well down from last week's estimate of 1.11, which also implies that we're approaching the peak of this wave:… The latest estimate of R-effective is: 1.03 Spread of COVID-
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Results from our survey of #FixAndFlip investors are in. The fix-and-flip market is clearly cracking: higher rates have shrunk the # of buyers + the # feasible deals. Buyers are also cautious about overpaying given falling prices (cutting into flipper margins).

#Atlanta flipper: “Much higher risk environment due to rising rates. Sellers still have not reset expectations from earlier this year, so acquisitions have essentially come to a halt.” (2/19)
#Baltimore flipper: “The market for fix and flip has turned. It is now a buyer's market and there are a lot of investors competing for the same property. I have put in several offers on a few properties that have good potential but have not been able to get the contract.” (3/19)
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So far the drug market in July is SUPER rough, across the whole country and all classes of substances. Alerts are nested in this thread. #testit
One of the biggest things we're seeing nationwide is that MDA is being sold as MDMA with increasing regularity. MDA (sass) is dosed around 30-50 mg lower than MDMA. Taking too high of a dose of MDA or MDMA can increase your risk of overheating or electrolyte imbalance.
From #losangeles: Dipentylone sold as MDMA. Overamping (taking too much of) a cathinone - which are stimulants - may cause dangerous overheating. If you don't know you have it, you can't dose it, and we don't know the dose for dipentylone yet.
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June home builder sentiment and survey results are in. Top themes: 1) A lot more new home buyers cancelling. 2) Price cuts becoming fairly common. 3) Drop in demand finally cooling construction cost pressures (builder layoffs also happening). Market commentary to follow…
#Atlanta builder: “Someone turned out the lights on our sales in June!”
#Austin builder: “Sales have fallen off a cliff. We’re selling 1/3 of what we sold in March and April. Trades are more willing to negotiate pricing since market has adjusted significantly past 60 days.”
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Happening now: Most destabilizing factor in the world today - "There are so many" @ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines tells @SilveradoPolicy @Google Leadership & Service Forum
NEW: "The mismatch between what we perceive to be #Putin's even near-term military objectives & the fact that his military can't actually achieve them is a destabilizing factor" per @ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines "It has raised the potential for escalation"

Another destabilizing factor - "The way in which disruptive technologies are emerging in many respects, the kind of convergence of so many fields of science" per @ODNIgov’s Haines
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1/ Photo'd an encampment sweep downtown. Officers and aid workers went up and down three connected streets to cite unhoused residents and ostensibly offer aid.
From what I could gather, several people were issued citations, and one person was arrested—amid a shortage of shelter
2/ beds in the city. Further, housing is extremely hard to obtain for people living on the street.
A local business owner came out to confront me while I took photos. He accused me of taking photos to make the cops look bad, like they’re “picking on the homeless.”
3/ He also characterized the unhoused people in the area as “professional homeless.” The driver of an MTS truck yelled out to thank the officers and compare the street to a third world country. I can only imagine how the unhoused residents are treated when no cameras are around.
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1/ Photographed some moments from the @runforbreonna walk and vigil to honor Breonna Taylor on what would have been her 29th birthday. #sandiego #photojournalism
2/ Attendees walked to the mural of Breonna on university avenue, where they left messages in her memory. Then, attendees held a vigil at @sisterspizzasd where even patrons joined to observe a moment of silence.
3/ The officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor have still not been charged for her murder. Brett Hankinson, an officer who participated in the raid which killed Breonna, was acquitted of felony wanton endangerment. He was the only officer charged in relation to the raid
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1/ Photographed a rally and picket at the Town and Country resort off Hotel Circle. Workers with @UNITEHERE30 gathered to demand fair wages and a fair contract. #sandiego #labor ImageImage
2/ Picket signs carried messages in English and Spanish, with one of the signs reading “MI FAMILIA MERECE TENER ASEGURANZA Y UN FUTURO MEJOR! TOWN & COUNTRY EXPLOTADOR.” To translate, “my family deserves to have insurance and a better future! Town & Country is an exploiter.” ImageImage
3/ Another sign reads, “60 cents for 40 years on the job?!? Disrespectful. Fair contract now!”
Chants referenced the exploitative nature of the hotel’s refusal to raise wages as well. ImageImage
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April homebuilder survey results are here. Top themes: 1) Demand is slowing, namely entry-level due to payment shock. 2) Investors are pulling back. 3) Ripple effect of rising rates starting to hit move-up market. Market commentary to follow…
#Dallas builder: “Interest lists are shrinking or buyers are truly pausing.”
#Houston builder: “Many first-time buyers simply no longer qualify with the increase in interest rates, as their debt-to-income ratio gets out of whack.”
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Arizona, Alabama, Seton Hall, Texas Tech, TCU, Rutgers, Notre Dame, Montana State, Wright State and Bryant Basketball fans, are you coming to San Diego @ViejasArena for #MarchMadness this weekend? 1/2
There are no games Sat. night (3/19) making it the perfect time to go to the House of Blues San Diego @HOBSanDiego for Which One’s Pink? – a stunning live tribute to Pink Floyd! Tickets at the HOB box office or discount tix on Goldstar… 2/2
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We @JBREC just surveyed 400+ flippers about #fixandflip conditions in partnership with Flatiron Realty Capital and @SundaeHQ.
Key takeaway: There is a TON of competition for deals right now.
#LasVegas flipper: “Market is oversaturated with inexperienced investors due to an increase of “gurus.” Supply is low, demand is high, and prices are inflated 20%+ over ARV. Not sustainable.”
#Phoenix flipper: “Phoenix is a very active market with home prices on the rise. The competition is aggressive.”
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Home builder survey results are in for full month of December. Top themes: 1) Still a ton of demand for new homes. 2) Rampant construction material & labor shortages. 3) Bit of chatter on possible margin compression several quarters ahead. Market commentary to follow…
#Atlanta builder: “Have virtually no available inventory & huge backlog of 1,000+ units going in to 2022. Still metering sales in most communities, where the demand of waiting buyers still outnumbers our supply.”
#LasVegas builder: “Busiest orders for December I can remember in a long time.”
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Monthly pulse of resale housing market still rapid according to 4,500 agents we just surveyed. Top 3 themes: 1) Bit of market normalizing. 2) Skittish sellers fearing nowhere to move. 3) End of travel ban boosting international buyers. Commentary across the country to follow…
#Houston resale agent: “A lot of people are not listing because they don't know where they are going next. Seems that many people listed too high even for a sellers' market, so I am seeing more price reductions now than earlier in the year.”
#Orlando resale agent: “Our buyer pool is increasing. We see more buyers from the north connecting with us as they plan to visit the area from the fourth quarter to the first quarter of next year.”
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Fresh October home builder survey results. Top themes: 1) Builders are finally lifting sales caps (though not all). 2) Lack of lots & land development delays will hold back growth in 2022. 3) Most builders expect prices to keep rising. Market commentary to follow…
#ColoradoSprings builder: “One cautious trend to watch is single-family rental businesses paying more for land than builders. This will suck up trade capacity & supply at a time we can't afford it.”
#Denver builder: “Traffic & sales definitely slowing down, but also following a more seasonal pattern as compared to 2020. Resale inventory is still historically low. Rents are skyrocketing again.”
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How Big Pharma DELIVERED CAMPAIGN CASH to key lawmakers with surgical precision

The pharmaceutical industry there is one agenda: Heading off Medicare drug price negotiation, which it considers an existential threat to its business model.

Campaign donations to members of Congress — which must be reported to the Federal Election Commission — are the tip of the iceberg, signaling far greater activity in influence peddling that includes spending millions on lobbying activities and advertising campaigns.

Pharmaceutical companies and their lobbying groups gave roughly $1.6 million to lawmakers during the first six months of 2021, with Republicans accepting $785,000 and Democrats $776,200, the Pharma Cash to Congress database shows.

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Plane crashes near #SanDiego area high school as witnesses report large plumes of smoke & a nearby house catches fire

Two people were rushed to hospital after plane crash in #Santee #California #US #BreakingNews
There are unconfirmed accounts circulating on social media indicating that the aircraft crashed into a #UPS truck parked just east of the school's football field, causing explosions and fires.
#Santee #California #US #BreakingNews

The school, which is part of Grossmont Union High School District, is just north of the airport at #GillespieField

Initial reports of a crash came in to authorities at around 12:15pm local time.
#Santee #California #US #BreakingNews
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While the Lucky Duck Foundation may want to direct how governments operate these shelters, the fact is Chula Vista made the safer choice of using hotel rooms vs. a more dangerous congregate tent shelter.

In #SanDiego county, the weekly health and human services reports show shelters are currently responsible for 353 #COVID19 cases among people experiencing homelessness- or about 25% of the total.


Finally- Chula Vista also made a better financial choice.

If they use hotels via #ProjectRoomkey it will cost nothing thanks to #FEMA and California Office of Emergency Services reimbursements.

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Several months ago a request to modify a downtown redevelopment agreement & remove installation of a "Portland Loo" restroom was pulled from a @SDCityCouncil hearing

Does anyone know what has happened to this project since then?

1/ ImageImage
Public restrooms are desperately needed throughout #SanDiego for people of all ages, housing status & ability levels

The current model (i.e.- only customers have access to restrooms, via hotels, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) impacts #publichealth & transit use
2/ ImageImage
A @SDSU study also determined the lack of public restrooms is a #publichealth issue

3/ ImageImage
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Just published September home builder survey results (sales, prices, costs, communities, etc.). Big themes: 1) Supply chain, supply chain, supply chain. 2) Monthly price hikes no longer the norm. 3) Some of the hottest markets sounding toppy. Market commentary to follow…
#Austin builder: “No end in sight for labor & material issues. Told by logistics guy last week that his company believes it will take at least a year to get the supply chain back to working.”
#Austin builder: “Availability of windows has limited closings this year & availability of appliances has caused closings to slide to a later month. Availability of paint is stressing Q4 closings & causing even more bunching toward late in the year.”
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Analyzing July new home trends from our just published monthly builder survey. Top 3 themes: 1) Frenzy phase for housing is over, but still solid demand. 2) Fewer builders restricting sales. 3) Hitting price ceilings in more markets. Commentary from across the country to follow.
#Austin builder: “Builders are starting to offer incentives again to drive traffic and sales.”
#Dallas builder: “We have hit price ceilings in the majority of our submarkets.”
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Not sure who needs to hear this, but:
On July 11 #SanDiego will host a #Pride march and
the theme is #Resiliency

Related: I've learned a person who harassed/threatened me in 2019- until a court issued a restraining order against him- will likely be part of this event.

It's "likely" because he's been hired by an LGBTQ advocacy organization

Their Exec Director was not aware he's had 3 restraining orders in the last 15 yrs: One for harassment, two for #domesticviolence

I often relive this abuse & harassment since it happened in my home

I had wanted to attend the march w/friends- But the more I thought of being in public, surrounded by others who have been traumatized in recent years, the less appealing it became.

As a survivor: It's hard feel safe or be "resilient" when an abuser is marching with me.

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