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Not sure who needs to hear this, but:
On July 11 #SanDiego will host a #Pride march and
the theme is #Resiliency

Related: I've learned a person who harassed/threatened me in 2019- until a court issued a restraining order against him- will likely be part of this event.

It's "likely" because he's been hired by an LGBTQ advocacy organization

Their Exec Director was not aware he's had 3 restraining orders in the last 15 yrs: One for harassment, two for #domesticviolence

I often relive this abuse & harassment since it happened in my home

I had wanted to attend the march w/friends- But the more I thought of being in public, surrounded by others who have been traumatized in recent years, the less appealing it became.

As a survivor: It's hard feel safe or be "resilient" when an abuser is marching with me.

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#BroadbandForAll is not only about online connectivity but it's also a job creator! It's a needed solution across sectors that impacts our health, education, jobs, and even remote family visits with elders. @CAGovernor @Rendon63rd @SenToniAtkins @NancySkinnerCA #BroadbandCantWait
In California, Gov. Newsom proposed $7B for broadband that the legislature should vote into action now to start closing the digital divide. We don't have time to waste anymore. #BroadbandForAll #CABudget #BroadbandCantWait @CAGovernor @Rendon63rd @SenToniAtkins @NancySkinnerCA
Sacramento set aside $7B to build high capacity broadband infrastructure for all, but might vote tomorrow to "think it over." CA's largest 5 foundations @calfund @TSFF @siliconvalleycf @sd_fdn @eastbaycf support entire investment w/out delay #BroadbandForAll #BroadbandCantWait
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My mom & dad bought their first house in #PaloAlto for about $16,000. At the time, it cost about 5 cents per hour to park downtown. Today, that same house would cost ~$3 million & it’s free to park downtown.

We have completely solved our affordable housing problem–for our cars🧵
In 2019, surveyors counted 313 homeless people in #PaloAlto, up 99% from 2013. They found no homeless cars.…
How did #PaloAlto become a city of expensive housing and free parking? In 1951, Palo Alto adopted a new zoning ordinance. The new law limited housing and required parking.…
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New home sales fell in May, Y/Y & M/M. Theme of the month was sales decline by builder design. Few comments on demand slowing or skittish buyers, even w/new home prices +18% Y/Y nationally (survey record). Builder commentary from across the country per our survey to follow...
#Nashville builder: “Gapped out. Sales resume in June as new communities & phases start to open. By moving ability to contract on inventory homes later to finished drywall stage (window installation stage previously), expect sales to show continued decline. Decline by design.”
#Charlotte builder: “Paused sales from mid-May to mid-June in all communities & will selectively release homes for sale in the last 2 weeks of June & coming months. Sales look lower vs. last month but was capped due to limited lot availability & no inventory.”
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Looking forward to an interesting discussion on the future of #Devolution and the UK's Governance Structures, in light of the @ISCProd_Matters final report #CFCDevolution
Chair @AndrewCities explains that the report explores how #Devolution has affected UK Governance Structures, and what lessons can be learned for further devolution, particularly in light of the #LevellingUp agenda #CFCDevolution
First speaker, former ISC Chair Andy Haldane notes that, while the ISC formerly has ceased to exist, the ethos & goals of the National Industrial Strategy continue to live on in the #PlanForGrowth and the #LevellingUp agenda #CFCDevolution
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There must be a @Padres game today. #SanDiego Police are trolling for homeless people around @PetcoPark.
Yep, there's an early game. Can't have homeless people hanging around.
They've now targeted this guy and I guess are just going to sit there and intimidate him into leaving.
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1/A #WilkinsonCounty Georgia cop was leader of White Supremacist terror group; called for bomb & assassination spree; made illegal silencers & guns "found in his patrol vehicle"; "intentionally beat black suspect in custody"; & "recruited" other cops, court docs show..more 2/
2/ #WilkinsonCounty GA Dep Sheriff Cody Griggers headed East Coast branch of CA Nazi group "Shadow Moses." On 10/19/20, FBI found a machine gun “w/ obliterated serial number in his patrol car...between (his) residence & duty vehicle, officers found 11 illegal firearms” 2/
3/ In Aug 2019 text msgs w/ members of terror group, Griggers wrote it was “sweet stress relief” when “I beat the shit out of a Nigglet Saturday. Fu**er tried to steal (a gun magazine) from the local gun store. ... Sheriff’s dept. said it looked like he fell,” court docs say 3/
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de la multiplataforma de #CanalCatorce: 📺 14.1 | 📱#MxplayTV|⏯️http|💻…
#ConferenciaCovid | Además de librera el primer lote de casi 1 millón de las #Vacunas de #CanSino, #México podrá envasar para su uso 1.5 millones de dosis a la semana.

➡️ Estas #VacunasCOVID19 solo requieren una aplicación, destacó el presidente @lopezobrador_
#ConferenciaCovid | Jorge Alcocer Varela, titular de la @SSalud_mx informó que de los poco más de 2, 400 municipios en el país, en 938 ya se han aplicado #vacunascovid. Esta semana se sumarán 125 municipios más.
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We currently have a #LaMesa School Board member forced into hiding due to hate and harassment she has received from a Reopen Schools group. 2
This also has happening in #Carlsbad, #Vista, and #SanDiego Unified. Many members of these groups do not even have children who attend the district they are protesting.3
We need to be wary of this Reopen Schools rhetoric as it is being coordinated nationwide and pushed by a far-right agenda, which can also be pro-guns in schools, anti-vaccine, anti-teacher, COVID denying. We need to counteract this rhetoric at every turn. 4
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This. Is. Horrifying.

Inside the Capitol siege: How barricaded lawmakers and aides sounded urgent pleas for help as police lost control…
When I was Assembly presiding officer I worked closely w/our sergeant at arms. And when I introduced the bill to end Open Carry I had to travel with armed escorts to public events. There is no excuse for this type of breakdown of security in a professional law-enforcement body
This reminds me of an event in 2017 #ProudBoys began harassing attendees at an event in #SanDiego at the @SanDiegoCounty Admin Bldg. Deputies stood & watched so I called @SDSheriff Bill Gore on his cellphone & asked him: Why are your Deputies letting Proud Boys incite fights? 3/
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Protesters Gather In #SanDiego #California Pacific Beach

Source: FOX 5 San Diego…
Antifa/BLM Clash With Pro Trump Supporters Pepper Spraying The Crowd In #SanDiego #California
On The Ground Footage Of The Situation #SanDiego #California

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#Goodnews aus den #USA

Das Oberhaupt der rechtsradikalen #ProudBoys, Henry #Tarrio, wurde in #Washington wegen Sachbeschädigung und Mitführung zweier Schusswaffen-Magazine festgenommen. /TN #TrumpTapes #Republikaner…
Der Chef der #ProudBoys wurde festgenommen? Kein Grund für seine Jünger, sich zu mäßigen - die prügeln sich in #Washington kräftig mit der Polizei. "Thin Blue Line" am Arsch? /MS
#Trump-Supporter haben die Absperrungen am Kapitol in #Washington (#USA) durchbrochen und versuchen das Parlament zu stürmen. Ach du Scheiße. /MS
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There are two large non-denominational #churches in my #SanDiego suburb. One is taking a cautious approach to services, the other is not and adding in political advocacy to that end as well. I am an active member of the former. #covid19
Without adding to the piling on of either side of this debate, the way I think about things on this is pretty clear. People and organizations are not equal partners in #pandemic response. Pandemics are systems of numbers and scale.
Organizations that facilitate large gatherings can have a disproportionate impact on success or failure of pandemic response. And while it's pretty clear we can't stop people from behaving the way they want, and we can't even really stop places like churches from operating...
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1/The response of #SanDiego Mayor @Kevin_Faulconer when it comes to #homelessness and/or reacting to people protesting his policies that increasingly criminalize families who are #homeless : Call the police

Now: he wants to be Governor of #California
2/But @Kevin_Faulconer has badly mismanaged #ProjectRoomkey a @Cal_OES program to provide emergency #COVID funds & hotel rooms for people at risk of #coronavirus

#SanDiego is LAST in CA to use these funds to provide safe, private, secure housing to unsheltered San Diegans
3/ Instead: under @Kevin_Faulconer the @RTFHSD @sdhousingcommision @SDConventionCtr has been re-directing funding to keep the Convention Center operating as a shelter for about 900 people- at a cost of $5.7 million/month
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Look at his profile: not one original thought as long as he has held the account. Not the hallmark of a guy who would choose to have a good faith argument about the #FrenchLaundry incident.
Here is my "yes, I believe that The Sun rises in The East" statement: Newsom was horribly hypocritical having that dinner party. There is nothing good about it. It's a magnet for the criticism of right wing ideologues like the outgoing mayor of #SanDiego and others.
It is a distraction from the conduct each person needs to adhere to to slow the #COVID19Pandemic
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More Major Changes, Four More Seasons, Archangel Michael We Thank You, The Fake Universe

The day is 144 hours and starts at 3 PM after hitting the 3 AM meditation bells six times prior.

This post’s launch time is the east coast US 8:08 morning gate, on the 3D date 111020 Image
💞💞💞💞#Archangels please read today’s #ArchangelicCalendar!!! 💞💞💞💞
#Diwali #NewMoon🌚 #Puja🙏🏼(#Prayer, #Intention, #Workshop) by #ArchangelicCalendar

*Instructions are in between the (((( )))), and the words to speak are in the”, “feel free to change this as your instincts tell you, allow your inner self to be the administrator. Image
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1. #TRUMP supporters across the country are turning out in HUGE numbers not only to see a #TrumpRally but also to participate in a #TrumpCaravan or a #TrumpParade this was ours a few weeks ago #TrumpCountry 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
2. Massive Jewish #TrumpParade passes by Trump Tower on 5th ave in the heart of NYC!! #Trump2020 #JewsForTrump
3. So many Trump parades in New York today! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #Trump2020 #TrumpParade #Trump2020Landslide
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HAPPENING NOW: Massive car parade for @realDonaldTrump in San Diego. I’m told hundreds of supporters are expected to participate in a boat parade that’s set to start real soon. More tonight on @fox5sandiego. 🇺🇸
the boat parade has started
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"For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the #trump of #God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first..."


#GodWins Image

1 JOHN 2:22

Who is a liar but he that denieth that #Jesus is the #Christ?
He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

😇🙏💪 Image

If you haven't read Part 1 here is a link😇

Also read the Book of Revelation please😇

Also download the Book of Enoch please😇

Enoch is an amazing text to have on hand Image
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#BoogalooBoys or some wannabes defaced @StPeterChaldean within the last few days…
people on $FB aren't able to add swatiskas + "wp"+ "#BLM"+ "#Biden2020” and come out with #Cult45. Let me help them figure it out:…
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here is the "yes,l agree that the sun rises in the east" disclaimer: no one should have to be shooting cops, cops shouldn't have to be shooting others (but there is a lot more to cops using deadly force)
But the way that @CBSNews @CBS8 & @nbcsandiego are covering the #ComptonShooting of LASD deputies lays bare broadcast #journalism's dependence on quick, easy content from reliable sources at the expense giving viewers a fuller context.
Context to why someone is this volatile world would shoot an LASD deputy could be explained by the suspicious death of #AndresGuardado…
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So #SanDiego's @GOP mayor is pushing QAnon conspiracy theories, the party's county chair used to make Nazi videos and his sons call themselves groypers and push "nationalism," and Tom Metzger patrolled the border with David Duke when he lived here.…
San Diego CBP is helping to disappear protesters in Portland (and elsewhere), the One America News Network and its Kremlin-curious staff have their HQ here, the #CalExit guy made his home here before moving back to Russia. Peter Navarro shat up the place for decades too
And yet, when I published this, I was told by local reporters that I was overreacting and casting San Diego in a bad light. Kinda feeling better about never really fitting in among the local press corps tbh…
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I didn't know this. YEAH! Need a cool place to go during the heatwave?? The San Diego Humane Society campuses are open to the public as designated cool zones.

[Locations/addresses are below]
San Diego Humane Society Campus
572 Airport Road
9 a.m.–6 p.m.

San Diego Humane Society Campus
3500 Burnet Drive
9 a.m.–6 p.m.

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